The Darkness

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In the darkness she couldn’t see him, couldn’t hear him, and couldn’t feel him. It was as if her senses were muted and she was left on a deserted island alone in the dark. She waited with trapped breath for him to touch her, talk to her, anything, yet he did not.

The anticipation was killing her and she started to squirm on the bed in frustration, fighting against her restraints which she had so lovingly let him put on her. He had been so calm and completely in control when he restrained her, never portraying even a slight smile. Once she had been fully restrained did he show any sign of emotion. With a grin on his face he pulled the blinds down and closed the door, the last thing she saw was him smirking as he pulled a blindfold down over her eyes. The blindfold was so complete she couldn’t see anything. After a few minutes of silence, she was even unsure whether he was even in the room anymore.

So when she felt his hand on her breast at last, it was such a relief and such a shock that she squealed for a second from the shock. Finally after what felt like ages he was touching her. She had no idea how long he had left her tied up, she had lost all sense of time. Everything was focused around his absence, where he was, what he was doing. Now he was there, yet he wasn’t as he pulled away leaving her alone yet again. This was complete torture and she begged a pleaded with him to come back. She heard a chuckle come from somewhere in the room, but couldn’t pinpoint his location.

Suddenly his mouth was on her other breast, sucking it, biting at it gently. This time she didn’t squeal, she moaned, in appreciation of his attention to her. Yet as she started to respond more to him again he pulled away. This left her completely flustered and she whimpered with her frustration at his teasing of her. This time the wait wasn’t as long though, soon his lips were on hers, kissing her with more passion that she had ever felt from him before. She wondered at the change, but put aside until later as she was too much in the moment now to care too much.

As he continued kissing her she felt his hand touching her pussy. She had half expected this as it was the one areas he hadn’t touched yet. She moaned into his mouth with the pleasure of the situation and tried to arch her back as much as she could to help him pleasure her pussy. He continued kissing her, their tongues doing a kind of dance between them, flicking against each other, roaming each other’s mouth and driving each other crazy. His fingers were being much gentler with her pussy. He was not in a rush at all, he took his time, gently stroking around her pussy with his fingers, stopping occasionally to rub a quick finger up the slit in her pussy.

Finally after what seemed like ages his fingers found her clit. His motions changed from teasing her, circling her pussy to a rubbing motion on her clit. She moaned into his mouth with the pleasure of it all. He was taking long slow motions on her clit. As he moved his hand down, his fingers would slide into her pussy, gently probing at her opening before slowly moving back up. She was going insane with built up emotion, anticipation of more to come, of lingering pleasure.

She could tell he was enjoying himself immensely. As she moaned into his mouth, she could feel a little chuckle come from him. After what felt like ages she could feel his attention change and he got a little more aggressive in his motions on her pussy. The long slow rubbing of her clit changed into the short rhythmic strokes on her clit. The change in the intensity of the situation had her moaning continuously now. She could no longer concentrate on the kiss, as much as she wanted to, she fought against the restraints, trying to get her hands on him, her legs were held in their current position. She signed in frustration and resignation while he continued to pleasure her clit with his fingers.

Suddenly on a downward stroke he didn’t stop. His hand continued and he inserted a finger easily into her wet pussy. She moaned with the pleasure of it. But she wanted more, 1 finger was just not going to do it now. She needed more, she begged, and pleaded with him to fuck her with his fingers. He listened to her pleading and used his other hand to stimulate her clit while he inserted an additional finger into her dripping pussy. He couldn’t remember the last time she was this wet, if she had ever been this wet with him in the past.

He continued this for a minute or so then he bent down to replace his hand that was on her clit with his mouth. This brought even more moans from her. His fingers were pushing in harder and harder now. His tongue was flicking her clit and licking at her pussy around the intruding fingers. Her güvenilir bahis excitement kept building and building as his fingers kept pounding her and his tongue kept licking her. Finally she reached her first climax and came very hard, grunting in her frustration at not being able to move. Her body was arching and thrusting as much as it could. He took it easy on her during this orgasm, pausing his ministrations but did not remove his fingers, feeling her pussy clamp down on her fingers. As her orgasm subsided he resumed his in and out motion in her pussy. His fingers slid in and out very easily now with the extra lubrication. He continued to pound her pussy while his lips found her clit and drew it into his mouth to lick it more directly. She squealed and moaned with the increase pleasure. In what felt like no time she could feel her body’s excitement reaching a climax again. She started groaning in her excitement, her hips rolling and bucking in her pleasure. With one final insertion of his fingers into her dripping pussy, she exploded into another orgasm, so much more powerful than the first. Her orgasm seemed to last forever, her body’s muscles all tensed up, fighting against her restraints, the waves of it pulsating through her body.

This time he let her have her orgasm in peace removing his fingers from her pussy. Instead of licking them himself he decided to tease her a little with them. Once she had calmed down, he brought them up to her mouth, one at a time to have her suck her own juices off of his fingers. She obediently cleaned his fingers for him with a lust craved look on her face. She wanted him so bad her body twisting in frustration at not being able to get out of the restraints. To placate her, he leaned down and kissed her, this kiss wasn’t a lust filled eager kiss. This kiss was a long lingering loving kiss that seemed to express volumes about his feelings for her. The kiss lingered for a while, letting her catch her breath, letting her body completely relax after her last orgasm. Finally when he could feel her body completely relax he broke off the kiss, moving his lips down to her breasts.

Her nipples were still hard from her orgasms and he utilized this to suck her nipples into his mouth and try to make them even harder. He used one hand to pinch and caress her other breast while he nibbled, sucked and licked her other. He could feel her arousal start to build once more but wanted this to last for a while so he didn’t rush it. Slowly and steadily he sucked on her breast, switching sides after a few minutes to make sure he paid attention to both, switching his hands to the breast his mouth just left as well. Her signs of appreciation were slowly turning back into groans of pleasure. After a few more minutes he moved away, and in her darkness she had no idea where he went.

After a moment she felt something touch her hand, she realized what it was a second later and grasped his hard cock. She could feel his arousal and the evident precum on the tip . She stroked him to the best of her ability with the restraints on. She yearned to taste him, to suck on his cock and give him the same pleasure he was giving her. After only a moment though, he pulled away, frustrating her to no end.

She had no idea what was coming next. She felt the restraints at her feet loosen and she yearned to be free, yearned to be on equal grounds with him, but quickly realized that he wasn’t removing the restraints, he was just repositioning them. She felt both of her legs being pulled up toward her and out, forcing her to bend her knees. Soon her feet were as close to her ass as they could get and pulled apart, forcing her legs apart, fully exposing her pussy more than before. She wiggled around some, testing the restraints, seeing what mobility she had… not much. She found she could twist her legs to almost squeeze her knees together, forcing herself to remember that in the future, it could prove useful.

She still had no idea where he was, he seemed to have the upper hand here, in more ways than one. She felt the bed shift with his added weight as he climbed up on, and wondered if she was going to fuck her already. This thought both sent shivers down her in anticipation and frustration at it all happening so quickly. His hands reached out and touched her feet; she jumped in a little surprise, but relaxed when he didn’t tickle her. She did not like being tickled and he was taking pain staking means to avoid tickling her. He switched both hands to her right leg, caressing her calf as his lips started to kiss her foot, and as his hands moved up on her leg, his lips followed shortly afterwards. As the hands got closer and closer to her pussy, she quivered in anticipation more and more. türkçe bahis Finally it seemed as if he was going to make contact but instead moved his hands above her waiting wet pussy. His lips followed, kissing her in her neatly trimmed bush. His hands moved quickly down her left leg now, only to start the excruciating process to slowly make its way up the left leg, kissing as he went. Finally after what felt like hours, his hands reached her pussy and as he traced her pussy with his fingers, she knew he wouldn’t skip it this time. Focusing on his hand she was subtly aware of his following lips only inches away from her wet pussy.

This time she could feel him settling in for a longer session as he laid down between her legs, his hand spreading her pussy, fully exposing her to him. She could feel his breath on her now as he exhaled. She could almost imagine him savoring the aroma as he smelled her arousal. Finally she felt his tongue dart out and touch her pussy. He touched her wetness first, nothing too probing, just a quick lick. She groaned in the pleasure and frustration. She wanted him bad and wanted desperately to hold his face against her pussy, forcing him to lick her, to touch her. She couldn’t take much more. This time when his tongue made contact it wasn’t quite so quick. This time his tongue started at the bottom, and licked her all the way up to her clit, she sighed with relief.

The wait wasn’t as long this time between touches. After his long lick, his tongue dived into her spread lips, probing her depths, tasting her juices as he probed her depths with his tongue. She could feel his tongue penetrating her and shuddered with the sensation. He continued to lick her inner depths while she moaned from the pleasure of it. Slowly he moved up her pussy, licking the entire way. As he approached her clit, he tried to avoid contact with it until the last possible moment.

Finally when he couldn’t avoid it any longer, he licked from bottom to top, her clit, in one exaggerated motion. She jumped against her restraints from the pleasure of it. She could feel his tongue now darting up and down her clit, at first very tender and gentle, slowly building in intensity and forcefulness. At some point he stopped just licking her clit and drew his lips around it, sucking it into his mouth. While in his mouth, he focus on the clit exclusively, flicking his tongue repeatedly across the head of it, adding to her excitement. Carefully he brought his teeth down to her clit, careful not to be too aggressive with his teeth on her clit. While sucking on her clit, he slowly reached down and inserted a finger into her waiting pussy.

The heat was incredible, his fingers felt like ice inside her hot pussy. The sensation was incredible. As he slowly pushed his finger in all the way as he continued to lick her pussy over and over again. He licked around his finger and especially her clit. He continued to slide one finger in and out of her pussy, trying to keep to a rhythm but finding it increasingly difficult with her bucking hips. He stops finger fucking her for a moment and slowly pulls her finger out almost all the way, eliciting a whimper of frustration. He pushes it back in slowly, he hears her groan with the pleasure. As he increases the tempo, he shifts his body so that he can reach her breasts. He starts licking her Nipples and sucking on them while he continued to finger fuck her. He could feel the heat building more and more within her, feel her motions become more and more erratic, trying to force more contact with him. As her orgasm continues to build he plunges his finger in as far as it can go, driving her over the edge to a tremendous orgasm. This orgasm wasn’t like the first two at all. This one seemed to take over her entire body, stimulating her nerve endings throughout her body. Wave after wave of surges went through her leaving her limp in the restraints when it finally subsides.

She feels him remove his fingers but is too satisfied, to care. Funny thing is, she is satisfied, but still yearning for more. Suddenly a light surprises her as he removes her blindfold. As her eyes adjust to the light she realizes that he is removing her restraints for real this time. She yearns to be free, to feel him, to control the situation. As her last restraint falls free, she seems to lunge from the bed at him. She locks her lips with him, kissing him passionately, hungrily. She tastes her own excitement on his lips and it only builds her own desire. Her tongue darts out and is met half way with his. While they continue to kiss, their tongues do their own sort of dance flicking each other, pushing, receiving and diving into each other’s depths. Her hands can’t seem to find a home while they continue güvenilir bahis siteleri to kiss. First they are on his back, moving to his head, pushing her fingers through his short hair. Then down to his ass and finally move around in front as she grasps his hard cock. As their kiss continues, her hand starts to slide up and down on his cock, savoring the feeling of it. She knows he is enjoying this too as he moans into her open mouth.

Slowly she pushes him back onto the bed and climbs up after him. She encourages him to lay down and slowly kisses a trail down his chest. The kisses move to each of his nipples, already painfully hard and give each of them a little nip before continuing her trail down to his hard cock. Her hand is still stroking his manhood from base to tip, smearing the plentiful precum down his entire shaft. She looks up into his blue eyes as she kisses the head of his cock, letting her tongue dart out and lick the underside of his head. Then while looking him in the eyes, slowly lowers her mouth around his hard cock. With this he closes his eyes and lays his head back onto the bed, enjoying every minute of this. She diverts her entire attention to his pulsating manhood and starts to slide up and down his shaft. She starts of slow and very methodical, making sure to hit every surface. Slowly she moves her mouth up and down on his shaft, sucking and licking the entire way. She pulls off of him, and drags her tongue along the entire underside of this hard cock, giving the head a little flick of her tongue as she reaches it, only to open her mouth and dive back down on him. Eventually she picks up the pace, focusing more on the tip and underside with her tongue, driving him wild. She can feel his cock get even harder in her mouth and is partially surprised by this. She is careful not to push him too far, she isn’t done with him yet.

She removes her mouth from his manhood and slowly positions herself, straddling him, facing forward so she can see his face. She reaches down and positions his hard cock at the wet opening to her pussy. Wanting to relish in this feeling, she doesn’t go fast, she slowly lowers herself down, letting herself adjust to his size. As she reaches the bottom she takes a moment to adjust to this new sensation, neither wanting to cum too soon. After a moment of this she starts to contract her muscles around him, feeling his hard cock respond within her pussy.

Slowly she starts to ride him, rising up until just his head is still in her pussy and coming down, repeating this over and over again thrusting up and down. She continues this motion, moving up and down, watching his face and she slowly lowers herself down. As she continues to bottom out on him, it almost looks as if his eyes will roll back into him in his enjoyment.

She eventually catches his eye as she continues the motion, and the desire is his eyes seem to ignite something inside her. She starts to pick up the pace, not a lot, but some. As her tempo increases so does the motion of her tits, swaying in front of her with each thrust. This sight seems to excite him even further and reaches up to grasp them while they sway. She takes his hands in hers and plasters them to her chest while she rides him, almost forcing him to caress her breasts. She bounces on him repeatedly, feeling her own passion rise even further, feeling the start to yet another orgasm and groans with the satisfaction.

Finally after what seems like forever she feels the pressure build even more. She learns forward into him pressing her hands into the bed besides his head and bucks her hips up and down on him. His hands searching for another place land on her ass assisting her with her motion, pushing and pulling with her. She can feel his excitement build as well as his cock seems to continue to grow inside her. As their excitement continues to build she rides him harder and harder, slamming up and down on his cock making the bed creak with each motion.

As the moment draws closer and closer, she moves faster and faster, seeming more fluid than before. Moving up and down, faster and faster until she sits up and leans back as her orgasm rips through her body. Her orgasm puts him over the edge as well, he forces his hips up into her out of reflex as his cock pulses with several spurts of cum deep into her pussy. Her orgasm seems to milk his cock, enticing every drop of cum out of his cock.

Exhausted and fully satisfies, she leans forward, smiling in his face and kisses him. This kiss isn’t the lustful kisses they exchanged earlier, this kiss is much more passionate, much deeper, full of compassion, of contentment of full satisfaction and possibly more. Finally she rolls off him, too exhausted to care about everything, from the look on his face, he might be in the same state of semi-comatose. She curls up next to him, completely spent, places her head upon his shoulder while his arm wraps around her and they both promptly fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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