The Day I Met Riya

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Introduction: The author is a Bombay-based 33 yr old married Indian male. Liberal minded, intelligence above average, this is his first foray into the world of adult creative writing. Any feedback, positive or otherwise, would be appreciated.


My heart was working slightly overtime as I knocked on the door that read room no. 304. The door was directly at the top of the flight of stairs, and despite the underlying excitement, I had this deep-rooted anxiety that all eyes are one me; everyone would know I was about to do something wrong!

Rewind: Riya and I first connected over the Internet about three months ago. It was a casual funny comment (which is my usual modus operandi) that got her to respond. Typically, internet chat yields a whole lot of rubbish for the most part, and not being one to suffer fools, my hit and miss ratio had not been very favourable in the past. But she was different! In less than 2 hours we talking on the phone, having reached an intellectual and humourous connect that I cannot possibly describe in a few words!

The thing was that we were in different cities: Me in Bombay and she from Ahmedabad (a smallish city in comparison to my raging metropolis of a home-city), which had me all the more impressed and intrigued when we hit it off the way we did, especially considering she was a good 12 years younger than I was. Still a student of architecture, she had an amazing command over her words and a mind more mature than one would expect from a 21 yr old. But this story is not about the mind, is it?

I am 33, married, and mostly above average in those departments that count. What I believe I have going for my is my quick wit, intellect, and disarming smile. I’d probably score an objective 7/10 in the looks department too, and my clean-shaven face and short crop hair let me pass off as 6-8 years younger than I actually am. I’m fair and tall (179), by Indian standards anyways, and weigh in at about 155.

I don’t get out there looking for sex or to cheat on my wife, it’s just that the Internet gave me an avenue to be intellectually stimulated and flirt at the same time, all under a cloak of anonymity, and no one gets hurt. I’d never hooked up with anybody of the net before — hell, I’d never hooked up with anyone at all, for that matter.

I invariably sought out women from other cities in chatrooms to lower the chances of meeting and temptation, but here I was, three months and numerous intimate conversations later, knocking on the door of a fairly small-time motel, about to meet the woman(girl?) whom I had wondered about for so long.

From our conversations, I had learnt that Riya was 170 cms– bloody tall for an Indian female. She is a long distance runner — so she was obviously going to have an athletic body-type. To add to that she was candid, forthright, vivacious and looked cute as hell in her photographs! And even though we did get overtly sexual in many of our conversations, I am too much of a gentleman to probe and figure how far this was going to go whenwe finally would meet. So, to be honest, I expected it to be awkward. A hug, a kiss or three and some fun and cozy moments, maybe?

Which doesn’t mean to say that my cock never throbbed at the possibility of what might happen. I am a horny red-blooded male after all, and my mind had been playing out all possible sexual scenarios in my head. Both the heads! But being a bit of a realist and generally conservative in my thinking, I wasn’t counting on any serious action.

The first thing my eyes fell upon when the door opened was a white bra. I was looking at her breasts!! I wasn’t expecting her to be so close to my height, and I must have surely let out an audible gasp when I saw her bra outlining her cute 32b boobs through the sheer white top that she was wearing. I looked upwards — again the gentlemanly thing to do — rather than stare at her boobs, and saw her dazzling smile and heard her enthusiastic “Rahul?? Hi!!!!!!!!!!”

She quickly shut the door behind me and gave me a nice tight hug! I was torn apart between being horny, scared, and nervous all at once!

“Let me check you out!” I said, after a minute of hugging her, pushing her about an arms length away to get a better look at her face and body.

Her radiant smile and shoulder length dark bahis firmaları wavy hair were way more attractive in real than any pictures. She was tall, and just like I expected, had an atheletic body type. She coulda been a few pounds lighter around the hips, but nothing looked out of shape or out of place — and I guess it wouldn’t, considering all the miles she out in on the track every morning.

I must confess I prefer bigger tits, but hers were cute and perky looking from through that rather transparent top. What made me hopeful and rather excited though, was the really short black skirt and the longggg legs that did more than just peek out from under it.

“You’e hot!” I blurted out, as I couldn’t help myself.

She giggled flirtatiously in response and said “Look who’s talking!!!”

And that’s when I felt relieved, that she liked me. That the awkwardness was done and over with!

We spent an hour sitting semi-intertwined on the bed, across each other. Sizing each other up. Boldly commenting on each others appearances and bodies. We spoke about what we thought of each other, how we differed from our expectations. Half an hour elapsed, and I have to concede that she was getting me very hot. Sitting so damn close to me. her long bare legs touching mine (albeit through my jeans), and her transparent top leaving little to the imagination. “What’s with your rather revealing attire,” I teased her. “Are you trying to seduce me??”

She laughed loudly and answered, “Maybe I am!. Actually, to be honest Rahul, I wanted wanted desperately that you find me hot, just like I knew I was going to find you hot!”

That was enough to get my already excited cock to spring up further against my jeans. She looked into my eyes deeply and came closer to me. I couldn’t believe it. Here was this 21 yr old hot leggy sexy female actually making moves on my in the private confines of a room! That too, on what was officially our 1st date (if you could call it that)!

Her large ‘Julia Roberts” mouth met with mine and lips felt soft and moist against mine! I returned her advances and we were soon lip-locked and breathing faster. I was getting harder by the second as our kissing became stronger and deeper! Moving my hands across the back of her sheer blouse, I felt the outline of her bra, my mind racing with doubt whether I should dare move my hand across her front. I didn’t need to wonder too long as she crept even closer to me and crushed her tiny lil titties up against me, and let out a small moan. I was encouraged by her response, and was ok with letting her take the lead. The last thing I wanted to do was to go over some limit she may have in her mind, and have this whole horny experience come to a crashing end!

I went with the flow and eased off from a sitting position to a supine one, her body in my arms. her breasts still crushed against me….until we were both on our sides…. kissing away…. the passion rising (in my pants, and in the room!). She moved her crotch closer to mine, and I pushed my now pretty well hardened cock gently against her.

It was terribly encouraging to feel her rub up even closer against me, showing me that she wanted more! I knew she could feel my hardness prominently now, and her kissing me even harder was all I needed to bring my right hand up to the side of her left breast and gently cup it through her padded bra. The reaction was instantaneous! A loud moan escaped her lips, and she ground her crotch even harder into mine. I squeezed her boob gently as we tongue-sparred our way into a passionate french kiss! This leggy lass was horny for me, and I was wondering how I’d find a way between her legs!

She helped me with my minor struggle to get her top off…and I ran my palm all over her bra and chest in an urgent manner. We were both now breathing really hard, and I could feel her nipples poking out in arousal from under her bra — even through the padding! I reached behind her back and unclasped her bra…slowly moving the straps down her arms and getting rid of the bra as a gasp escaped her lips! I looked down at her exposed boobs….and cupped the left one in my palm and gently started playing with her erect nipple. She now had her head back and eyes shut — the desire was plain to see on her face. She wanted more! And boy was kaçak iddaa I going to give it to her!!

“Tell me you like that Riya,” I whispered as I tweaked her nipple.

All I got in response was a very horny sounding “Hmmmmhhhh!….Ah!!!”

I broke away from her face and brought my face down to her right breast, which must certainly have been craving for attention by now. I kissed the nipple verrrrrry lightly, and watched her body writhing beside me, trying to rub her pelvis further into my now rock hard dick! I gently kissed her breast, ensuring that I stay away from the areole, for now, anyway!

She arched her breast into my face, willing me to take more of it into my mouth. I kept using my lips and tongue in small measures, so as to heighten the sensation for her! Then I flicked my tongue across her nipple really fast, and felt the shiver all the way down her body to her crotch, which rhythmically kept pressing against my crotch.

I knew that it was time to turn my attention to her sexy long legs, and the warm space between them! My hand left her breast and traveled down her thigh. I didn’t need to do much at all, and she quickly spread her legs apart to give me better access.

But I spent a fair amount of time stroking her inner thighs for a while..until I heard a mumbled “Pleaaaseeee”….begging me to touch her womanhood.

I smiled while I attempted to suck her full breast into my mouth, and let my hands go up that short black skirt and touch her through her panty. The point of contact on the soft (cotton) fabric confirmed what I knew all along. She was horny as hell. There was a nice wet patch which felt cold on my fingers, and I knew I had hit pay dirt! I immediately let her breast pop out of my mouth — looked longingly at her hard nipples, smiled at her…and semi got up from on top of her.

Very deliberately, I moved my attention to her lower body, and reached for the skirt fastener. She was arching her bums up before I even reached it — urging me to take that damn thing off and get to work on her! I purposely teased her by being slow about it, and she laughed at my cockiness (no pun intended). I helped her with her skirt, until she was lying there in just her white cotton panties, with a nice damp dark patch right highlighting her wet leaking pussy!

What amazed me was the fact that this 21 yr old virgin wasn’t shy in the least, and smiled up at me as I ogled at her almost naked body. I reached for my shirt buttons and undid them, throwing my shirt off. I saw her gaze travel to my jeans and notice the massive bulge in my crotch.

“Oooo! Someone’s excited!” she teased.

“Look who’s talking!” I winked back, staring hungrily at her wet patch.

She giggled in embarrassment as she waited for me to proceed. I went closer to her, and took her hand and placed it on my hardness. She closed her eyes and let a deep breath out..and with the other hand fumbled with my trouser button. She unzipped me..and yanked my pants down a few inches. I obliged her by helping with the remaining…. until we were both in our briefs, me with a massive tentpole, and she with a wet snatch!

She reached for the waistband of my underpants and yanked then downward as my cock sprang free from its bondage, and her eyes popped open in lust! I smiled as she reached out and enveloped my hard cock in her palm… the pre cum clearly oozing out from all the excitement. She touched the pre-cum and her mouth was half pen with excitement. I had to fight the urge to shove my cock down those parted lips! There was unfinished business here! With my cock still in her hand, I leaned over and pulled off her panties.. and for the 1st time saw her neatly shaved young pussy…glistening with her fluids……..inviting have a feel..a anyything I wanted.

I kneeled on the bed and decided that I’m going to go for broke. I straddled her face, my very thick and hard 7inch cock barely centimeters from her mouth, and buried my head between her legs and deeply took in her musky moist scent.. she arched up towards my mouth. And I knew instantly what she wanted. This horny virgin wanted me to eat her till I had my fill!!!!!

But I took it slow….and pushed my throbbing cock onto her nose and mouth. She gasped, and grasped it in her palm once again, and kaçak bahis started slowly stroking me. In the meanwhile I was nibbling at her inner thighs….kissing..licking…..ignoring her arching into me, making her wait for my mouth on her now begging-for-attention pussy. She finally understood that she would have to give in order to receive, and guided my rather oversized cock into her luscious, wet, waiting oral orifice!

I moaned a deep throated moan in pleasure as I felt that hot wet cave around my cock…and twitched as her inexperienced suck had her teeth graze against me. But I was ok with that, I didn’t expect someone so young and inexperienced to give the perfect blow job. I reciprocated the attention she gave me by focusing on her soaking pussy.

I saw that her juices had now become heavier in flow.. and some of the liquid was making its way towards her cute lil puckered up asshole. She was shaved all over, and I had never been with someone shaved before. So it was getting tougher and tougher for me to keep from burying my face deep into those folds and face fucking her all the way to heaven. The fact that my cock was swimming in a hot saliva pool and me in that 69 position wasn’t making it easier.

I gathered all my resolve and focused on her crotch. I inserted my nose superficially into her moist cunt, took her scent in deep, and started with gentle kisses on her pussy lips. Instantly, she got distracted and let go of my dick, and threw her head back in ecstasy. I didn’t mind, as now my sole goal in life was to give her a thrashin’ fuckin’ orgasm!!! I couldn’t believe that I had got to third base with Riya on our very 1st meeting! I wanted her to shudder in ecstasy. I wanted her to scream as she came! I wanted to please her, and how!

I spread her pussy lips gently apart as I planted kisses all over. Light nibbly kisses. And she was shaking and shuddering with each kiss as I alternated between the folds! I further exposed those moist folds and started to rub her clit with my thumb, while my tongue started finding its way into the depths of her oussy. She was moaning much louder now.

After spending a little time in the sweet scented folds, I let my tongue wander down the wet trail for one tiny flick of her moistened asshole,. And that drove her quite wild. Since her mouth was nowhere near my desperate cock, she engulfed my throbbing dick in her palm, and started working up a good rhythm stroking me, while I was tonguing her sweet, sweet pussy. The mildly acerbic taste and odour was getting me even hornier, and I ventured closer to the edge. I knew I was damn close , and started tongue fucking her hole like a wild dog.

She let out a throaty “Argh!!” and she spread her legs even wider and lifted her ass off the bed into my face, willing me to go even deeper into her cunt. Like that was possible!!!

I knew that she desperately wanted release when she brought one hand down to her pussy and started furiously rubbing her clit while I was tonguing her. At the same time she was furiously stroking my saliva coated cock, and I knew the end was near for both of us!! Fucking her would have to wait — I guess I should have been grateful that we got this intimate so quickly.

I let my control go to hell, as both our decibel levels were rising, our groans and moans now probably audible in the next room! She reached a furious pace with her pussy-rubbing as she shuddered around my tongue and arched her pussy upwards and came with a long scream. That distracted me for a bit, but before long she realized I was yet unfinished, and quickly took my cock into her mouth and started sucking me the best she could while touching my balls lightly with her fingers! Even the odd scrape of her teeth while she was passionately giving me head didn’t stop me from going over the egde!

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.” I groaned out loud as I came, gushing into her mouth while she was sucking me — the sheer force of my spurting making her stop abruptly as my jism flooded her mouth and dribbled out some.

I buried my face into her shaved cunt and rubbed myself into it while cumming, and she kept milking me until the sensations got so much to handle and I had to beg her to stop!!

I got out of our 69 position and turned around to look at her. What a sight it was to see a smiling hot chick with my semen streaming down the side of her mouth, giving me a wink and patting the bed next to her, urging me to lie down with her….until we ready to go…again…

…to be continued?

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