The Delaney’s Holiday – Day 02

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Female Ejaculation

All the characters in this story who engage in sexual acts are over 18.


After a torrid first day on holiday, the Delaney family had all managed a good night’s sleep despite how warm the night had been, even Mike whose mind had returned time and again to the erotic events of the day before. In that time he’d watched both of his sisters and his mother peeing. He’d been jacked off by his twin sister who had also watched him piss, he’d been watched masturbating by his other sister, and he’d ejaculated watching his mother in the shower.

In the early morning coolness, he awoke and took in his surroundings. His parents had the end compartment, separated by a curtain from where Lizzie and Sammie slept, then another curtain denoted his ‘room’. With the curtains pulled back and the camp beds and bedding stowed, the same area became the main room once the chairs and table had been moved back from the walls.

The curtains were quite thick, but anybody on the other side could usually be seen in silhouette. And they were old and torn in places. Mike peered through one hole and saw his sisters sleeping soundly. His heart ached. He loved them both so very much, but he was conflicted. He was in a sea of incestuous lust and he didn’t know whether he would sink or swim.

He saw movement and at the far end his mother’s silhouette was framed by the dawn light coming through. It was obviously his mother. His father didn’t have tits like that.

He groaned in his mind. He hadn’t even got out of bed yet and the erotic assault on his senses had started. He rolled on his side and peered under the curtain. His mother lifted off her nightshirt and bent over sideways. He could only see the curve of her back in shadow now, but she was only five metres away and he was shocked to realise she was bobbing up and down gently. She was giving his father a morning glory blow-job. Only once before had he witnessed intimacy between them, also in this place, but then his father had fucked his mother in the shower while he watched through the peep-hole.

He heard his father breathing hard and grabbed his own cock as it swelled.

As he watched he became aware that Lizzie had woken too and was looking straight into his eyes across their sleeping sister, still snoozing between them.

Mike gestured towards the other enclosure, and Lizzie turned to look. Her head shot back to look at him, her mouth wide open in shock, with a broad smile on top. She looked back and the twins watched as their mother went down on their father right there in the early light.

Mike was stroking himself and Lizzie played between her legs. Before long it was over. They heard Paul’s stifled moans as he unloaded. Just as he did Suzanne sat up and Mike guessed she was taking his cum on her ample tits. Lizzie mouthed “Oh WOW” then pretended to be asleep.

Lizzie waited long enough to maintain the illusion that they’d been asleep during the morning glory, then yawned and stretched, calling gently for her brother: “Mike? You awake yet?”

He whispered yes.

“Let’s go to the river. You know how lovely the water is this early.”


Then Sammie chimed in; “I wanna go too.”

They hadn’t realised she was awake, but within minutes the three of them were dressed in shorts and tees and pretending to sneak past their parents so as not to ‘wake’ them.

It was 500 metres to where the river negotiated a long, slow curve before increasing pace over a small rapid. The water was fresh, clear and cool all year round. Of all the things here, the family loved this spot most.

“Are you wearing your bathers, Sam?” Her brother asked.

“No, just my undies. It’s OK, I can swim in my undies and bra with you guys.”

Mike looked at his twin and she shook her head that no, she hadn’t brought bathers either. That made three ready to swim in their underwear.

At the inside of the curve, the river bank was almost flat. They had jumped from the high bank on the other side as little kids, until Paul had explained about dangerous underwater logs and things they couldn’t see.

In her innocence, Sammie stripped to her bra and panties as soon as they arrived and started gingerly into the water.

“Ooh, it’s cold!”

Lizzie and Mike were not far behind her. Lizzie managed to trip and wrestle her brother so he fell in, then sly Sammie did the same to her. Laughing like children at play, they splashed each other. Sammie was still standing in thigh-deep water splashing at the twins. She was oblivious to how the splashing she was getting back was making her plain white bra and panties entirely see-through. Lizzie tried to coax her in: “Sammie darling. Come on in. It’s really not too cold.”

Sam’s erect nipples poking through her bra said otherwise. Mike took his twin sister’s cue and to save Sammie embarrassment began to swim strongly across the river. Lizzie took the moment to gently point out the show she was giving them. Sam abruptly swished forwards to swim güvenilir bahis to Lizzie a few metres out. She asked her sister if Mike had seen.

“Oh, I don’t think so. I think he swam away first. It’s OK.”

“Yeah but. Well, look at you. I can see your titties through your bra too. And I bet I could see your, um, pussy too if you stood up! What will we do?”

Lizzie walked back to the bank and stood up facing her sister. “I’ll just check. Ooh, so you can. Never mind…” and she swam back to her sister.

“You’re really pretty Lizzie. All the boys say so. And, I don’t know if I should say but, well, Mike kinda looks at you a lot too. I bet he wouldn’t look at me like he does at you.”

“I bet he would. You’re gorgeous Sam. Very pretty. I wish I had your legs, my calves are too thick.”

“No way! If I could swap my legs for your tits maybe!”

Mike swam back.

“What are you girls giggling and cackling about?”

The girls swapped a sisterly glance, and in unison said “Girl stuff!” then laughed hard at themselves.

He smiled: “Oh OK. No boys allowed. I get it.”

Lizzie exaggerated a pout. “Oh poor Mikey-wikey been left out!”

Sammie giggled as Mike lunged at his sister and threatened to tickle it out of her, which he proceeded to do.

Lizzie’s squeals echoed along the river valley. Mike always knew she could not stand tickling for long.

“OK, OK. Stop. We were talking about how pretty we are.”

“And you are. Both of you.”

Sammie visibly melted. “Really? Am I Mikey? Lizzie’s real hot but, well, I’m not. Yet.”

Mike made sure she knew. “Like hell you’re not. If I weren’t your brother, geez, I dunno…”

She wasn’t convinced. “Yeah sure. You’re just saying that. I know you look at Lizzie, y’know, that way sometimes. Fair enough. But you don’t look at me.”

“Don’t I? Tell her Lizzie. What I told you yesterday.” He winked at Lizzie who immediately took the cue.

“Oh. Yeah. Just yesterday Mike said you’ve grown into a very pretty young woman and if he wasn’t your brother you’d really get him going. I think he was a bit turned on.”

“Oh bullshit! By me? No way…”

Mike was enjoying this. His cock woke up in anticipation of a naughty game. He looked at Lizzie and saw by her smile she was OK for it to continue.

“Sammie,” he said, “why do you think I swam away just now?”

“I dunno.”

“Cos your undies were wet and I could see, um, how pretty you were and I got turned on.”

“You did not!” She looked to Lizzie who simply said: “Show him again. I bet he’s excited now.”

Sam suddenly wanted to see her brother’s reaction so she stood up. Everything clung to her petite frame and nothing was invisible. Not even the split vee between her pretty thighs. She stood there for a few moments while her brother looked her over, then Lizzie said: “Now you show her.”

Mike stood and the two girls rested their eyes on his light-blue briefs which barely held his straining erection. Sam looked into his eyes then back to his erection. Mike wasted no more time. He pulled his briefs down and off and tossed them onto the riverbank. Sam’s eyes widened as her brother’s cock, now unrestrained, pointed straight at the morning sky.

“Told you,” said Lizzie, “you did that. He can’t even see me. It must be you.”

Sam beamed. She waded forwards and reached forwards for his manhood, then recoiled as she realised what she was doing. Mike reassured her. “It’s OK. Touch it.”

Sam touched her first ever cock. It was harder and hotter than she’d expected, it twitched, and the vein on the bottom throbbed. She looked at her sister, who was smiling her encouragement, then at her brother. His eyes were closed, enjoying the soft grip of his sister’s warm hand on his prick. She brought him out of his reverie. “You can touch me too if you want. Please?”

Mike reached down and undid her bra. Lizzie took it and threw it on top of Mike’s briefs, then reached down to pull her sister’s panties off too. Mike fondled Sam’s little titties while she gently stroked his shaft. She needed no lessons. She was a natural. Lizzie moved behind her sister at the same time as Mike kneeled. He put his hand between Sammie’s legs and touched her hot petal, causing her to gasp aloud. She kept up her stroking as Lizzie cupped her breasts from behind, gently pulling and tweaking at them as expertly as she did her own.

Despite being the ‘baby’, Sam took control.


“Umm Hmm?”

“Did Mike tell you I watched him through the hole by the pipe?”

“Oooh, no! Tell me more!”

Stroke, stroke.

“Well, he was doing this. To himself.”


Stroke, stroke.

“And I saw him cum. All over the place. Then he saw me. So he knows I watched. Right, big bruvver?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“And, dear Lizzie, did you know he was doing this to himself while mum gave dad a blowie this morning?”

More stroking.

They türkçe bahis both gasped astonished. She knew too! Lizzie spoke first: “You little minx. But here’s something you didn’t know. Mike watched while we peed beside the road yesterday. In the mirror.”

Sam stopped stroking, taking in the news, then the pleasurable sensations Mike was giving her with his fingers pushed her for more. She stroked some more.

“That true Mike?”

“Yeah. I saw you both. It was too sexy. I couldn’t bear it.”

Lizzie continued: “That’s why he was jerking in the shower. We got him so hot he couldn’t help himself.”

Sammie beamed at them, then set to jerking her brother with a will, all the time her sister played with her nipples and her brother fingered her little slit. He came first.

His thighs tensed as it approached. In concentrating on it he slipped his fingers out of his sister’s wet cunt and put both hands on her titties. Lizzie took over stimulating her sister, reaching up her from behind and burying her thumb in the little quim while she flicked Sammie’s clit with her fingers.

Mike’s jizz shot up and covered Sammie’s tits, thick and white, until he was spent. Sam didn’t much notice. While it dripped into the water from her erect nipples, her sister’s fingers brought her to a delicious climax. She leant back, craning an arm over her shoulder to hug the loving girl behind her, then spasmed and bucked as she came on her Lizzie’s invading thumb.

Moments passed as brother and sister retreated from their erotic peak. Sammie nonchalantly washed her brother’s cum from her chest while Lizzie kissed her neck tenderly.

“Wow,” said Sammie. “Much better than my own fingers!”

“Same here” agreed Mike. “But now, I gotta pee.”

Sam piped up gain. “Oh no you don’t big brother. You watched us, now we get to watch you!”

“Fair enough.” He was in thigh-deep water. He decided to put on a show. He put his hands behind his head, relaxed his muscles and let rip, his pee splashing into the river loudly. Lizzie watched giggling, Sammie squealed with delight. He shook his hips to splash it about, then an idea flashed into his head. Grabbing his now-flaccid penis, he aimed it at Sammie’s chest then quickly at Lizzie’s. Before they could do anything, he’d pissed on them both. Squealing with indignation, the two sisters lunged at their brother and hauled him down into the water. He tried to protest: “Wait! Wait! I still got to pee some more.”

They tickled him mercilessly, he evaded them and went towards the river bank. Turning, he made as if to pee at them again but they were on him in the thin mud instantly. Sammie sat astride his stomach while Lizzie wrestled with his arms. He could easily have bucked his little sister off but her hot little pussy on his cool flesh stopped him.

“Wait. No seriously, stop a moment…” They did. “I think I spot an anomaly here, right Sammie? We’re naked. Lizzie isn’t! Get yer gear off sis!”

Lizzie looked at her siblings. Mike had a sly grin on his face, Sammie looked intently back at her sister: “Yeah Lizzie. Get naked!”

Within seconds Lizzie’s wet underwear was on the pile and she knelt there hands on hips, knees apart, while they each drank in her nudity. She lapped up the attention, until Mike said: “Still gotta pee!”

Both his sisters at the same time said, “Me too.”

Could they have planned it any better? All three knelt in a little triangle facing each other, giggling at their own naughtiness. Nobody touched anything – they just pissed into the water in the space between them looking at each other’s gushing holes and giggling hard. The hiss and splash were so loud that Lizzie said afterwards she thought she heard it echo along the valley.

As they finished Mike gathered these two lovely girls into his arms and kissed them both hard on the lips.

“We’re gonna have soooo much fun on this holiday!”

After their taboo frolic in the river, the three siblings washed off in the cool clear water, dressed and went back to the cabin with their underwear still drenched.

Suzanne always made breakfast on these trips, every day. Today it was hot pancakes.

The first full day of the holiday usually meant the hike up the mountain to look down over the river and to the little hamlet of Sheepyard Flat with its ten houses, pub and general store, and beyond towards the plains.

It was quite an effort to climb up there. Sam got there first, Lizzie a minute behind, with Mike and the parents gasping three or four minutes back.

Sam was glowing with self-confidence at the sudden realisation that she was a perfectly sexy and desirable young woman. She spoke first.

“I think the river looks different this time. Looks like there’s more water in it today…”

Mike and Lizzie stifled a giggle at their sister’s in-joke.

“Especially over there, near our bend. Don’t you think?”

Paul put on his suburban farmer act. “Yeah, maybe. Been a lotta rain in these parts. güvenilir bahis siteleri Good grain-growin’ weather I reckon.”

“Like you would know. You’re a warehouse manager!” Suzanne teased.

“Yup. Been a-farmin in the old days though missy. Reckon I know a thing or two about…” And he lunged at his wife, yelling “TICKLIN!”

He grabbed her and tickled her ribs. Like mother like daughters, she could not bear tickling for long and squealed in her efforts to get away. Paul ended up gripping her from behind, one arm under her breasts and the other holding a tit firmly. She slapped his hand away as Lizzie giggled “Jeez you two, get a room!”

Her mum giggled too. “Already got one. Not private enough!”

The three siblings looked at each other and grinned, acknowledging the truth of what their mother had said because they’d all seen her blowing their dad in the pre-dawn of that very morning.

The day ran past as they settled into familiar surroundings. After the evening meal, which Paul cooked, and the usual warm-or-not lottery in the shower, the parents went walking in the woods.

As they prepared the room for sleeping, Mike spoke up. “Well. I wonder who spied who in the shower tonight! And I thought it was my secret…”

“Pah,” said Sam. “Lizzie showed me years ago. I was too young to be interested at first though.”

“And now?” Lizzie asked.

“Well I don’t need to spy on Mike any more since he keeps waving his cock at us anyway,” (laughter), “Who else is there? Oh wait. Dad. I dunno if I want to see that. You guys is one thing, but dad? Whoa!”

“Mike watches mum. Has for years. Right Mike?”

She knew? “How did you know?”

“Well usually you’re so busy pulling yourself you don’t know what’s going on around you, like all boys!”

“You saw?”

“Little brother yours is the only hard cock I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen it heaps of times up here!”

“Did you ever look at dad?”

Now she blushed. “Um, yeah. Cuppla times.”

They were intrigued. Sam demanded to know what he was like. “Well, he’s circumcised. Mike isn’t. Jeez Sam. Take a look some time. He’s hung!”

“Like Mike?”

Mike peaked his interest. A discussion about relative size is sure to do that for a bloke.

“Different. Mike’s is quite thick, dad’s is long.”

“But you never saw it hard?”

“No. OK that’s enough. What about you Mike. What did you see?”

“Well, last night I saw mum pee in the shower then frig herself. But dad interrupted.”

“Wow! Mum pees in the shower! Cool” said Sam. She continued: “I like peeing. It gets me tingly. I get why mum got horny from peeing, especially in a naughty place.”

The twins closed in like sharks on a blood trail. “Tell us more!”

“Well, I like peeing where I’m not supposed to. Ooh Mike. Are you getting a hardon again?!” He was. There was no shyness left for him now, he simply pulled it out and started stroking. “Go on. Like where?”

“OK. My favourite is peeing my panties. Especially in a dress or skirt so it runs down my legs…” Lizzie began lazily stroking her nipple with one hand, saying “Oooh, that’s hot! I’m thinking I’ll try that. I think I can imagine…”

Sam became a little more animated: “Yeah I know. And I like peeing when I think somebody might see. That’s why I got horny when you told me Mike had watched us yesterday. And now I’m all wet and tingly again.”

She opened her legs and the others saw the damp patch there. Sammie touched herself through her cotton panties, looking intently at her brother’s erect penis just an arm’s length away. Again they were in a triangle facing each other and Lizzie joined in. She pulled her shorts and panties off, spread her legs wide and began pleasuring herself too.

There were no other words. Sammie had pulled the leg of her panties aside to allow her fingers inside her downy pussy. Mike was in heaven already and Lizzie was catching up. Her siblings had climaxed together in the river earlier, but Lizzie had to wait until now. She rubbed her swollen clitoris and squeezed her breasts, alternatively looking at her brother’s engorged cock and her little sister’s fuzzy pussy then down to her own hairless snatch, glistening with her vaginal juices. Her inner walls gripped at her fingers as her ecstasy overwhelmed her and she came. Mike was more selfish. He wanted to come on Lizzie’s tits like he had on Sammie’s that morning. As Sammie’s panting grew and her fingers increased their pace, Mike knelt and moved his cock towards his other sister. He looked at her for permission, and she understood. She pulled her t-shirt up, cupped her braless breasts for him, and he exploded on them gasping and grunting as his seed splattered onto his twin sister’s tits.

Seeing that, Sammie got bold. She knelt too, wanting to taste her brother. She bobbed her mouth down over the head of his cock, still with her fingers inside herself to the third knuckle, tasting his salty essence. Mike groaned as Sammie came, humming her cum-tune onto the head of his cock.

The three spent siblings collapsed back onto their haunches, then realising the mess they were in began to wipe themselves down with wet towels from their showers.

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