The Dreaming

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Another of my early pieces for your perusal…


You are feeling tired and weary, you feel like the weight of the world is bearing down upon you and you just don’t think you can cope any more. You decide housework be damned and slink off to your bed and within moments of your head touching the pillow you drift off to sleep.

You don’t think you have been asleep long when you start to feel a breeze. Hang on, a breeze? You didn’t leave any windows open, but you can definitely feel a breeze. A rather lovely soft and warm breeze, but none the less it is a breeze. You also realise that even though it should be dark, you can see light even though you have yet to open your eyes. You decide to open your eyes slowly and are quite startled by the brightness around you. When your eyes become adjusted to the light you realise you are lying on soft lounge on a beach somewhere, a palm tree beside you casting a light shade, and from what you can see there is no one else around.

As you become more adjusted to what you can see you realise that all you are wearing is a small red bikini that really doesn’t cover very much at all. Your skin has that sheen to it that tells you sunscreen has been applied at some point. This is just the most vivid and realistic feeling dream you have ever encountered. You think if you stand up you will wake getting out of your bed. As you lift a leg over the side of the lounge you hear a voice behind you. “Is there something you require?” says a husky male voice. You look over your shoulder and there is a very well built man wearing a bathing suit that leaves nothing much to the imagination and what a man, he is well tanned and muscled and seems to be waiting for something.

All you can do is stare for a time and enjoy the view, eventually he repeats “Is there something you require.”

You snap from your staring and look him in the eyes and say “Well I am a bit thirsty, could I get a drink please?”

“Certainly ma’am,” he says and turns and heads over to a small bar and starts working on a lovely looking cocktail. Your head is still spinning from how real this all seems and just lie back and soak in some rays waiting to be woken.

You start to doze off again just as a voice says “Your cocktail is ready,” and you look up and there he is leaning over you holding a very interesting looking drink, lots of colour and fruit and so large, this thing is poker oyna going to take a while to drink.

You look up at the waiter and ask “Where exactly am I?”.

He looks down at you with a strange look on his face “Why, this is your island ma’am, you bought it some months ago remember? You had it all set up for your private use from your winnings.”

You are startled “What winnings exactly? Sorry if I seem a bit mindless today but I am just a bit overly relaxed perhaps,” you giggle.

He squats down beside you and says “You have maybe had too much sun, you did fall asleep out here. You won a large lotto jackpot and bought this place to be able to get away from things whenever you wanted to.”

You nod at him, still enjoying the sight of him “And I hired you to get me drinks?” you ask. “Well not exactly ma’am, you hired me to keep the gardens and surrounds clean and tidy. I just noticed you had dozed off as I came back from my swim so I thought I would just wait on you to wake up.”

“Oh,” you say a little disappointed. “Well thank you for the reminder, I will promise to not spend too much time in the sun again.”

“Okay ma’am, please do be careful.” he says and heads off grabbing his towel as he goes.

Wow, what a wild dream this is becoming, you hope no one wakes you any time soon. Well as long as it is going to keep going you decide a swim would be nice and head down the soft glowing sand to the water’s edge. The breeze from over the water is lovely and the water looks so crystal clear and inviting. You step slowly into the water and it feels cool and refreshing. There are no real waves just small swells washing in so you keep walking in until you get to about waist deep and then dive in under the water. The sudden rush of coolness from going under quickly shocks you a little but it feels great awakening you from the daze you had been in.

You break the surface and roll onto your back and just start to float around. The feeling of weightlessness is wonderful and you feel like you could just float like this forever, but of course you may need more sunscreen soon. Hang on, why bother when this is just a dream? Oh why not, may as well slip back to shore and rub some lotion back on, since you are here in this dream you may as well do whatever you would normally do. You step up from the water and the warm breeze starts to dry you as you walk back to your lounge, by the canlı poker oyna time you get there you are almost totally dry. Before you lay down you realise your bikini is still damp and think why bother with it and wet the lounge so you quickly with a glance around you remove it and lay down.

Not wanting to get any burns or tan lines you take your time with applying the lotion over every inch of your body, and my, that is feeling rather good. You take great care of certain areas of your body that usually don’t see much sunlight, first across your breasts, smoothing the lotion over them with your fingers rubbing and pulling a little at your nipples. This brings a small surge of pleasure to your body and you move one hand down to apply lotion to your smooth landing above your love tunnel. You start with small circles swirling the lotion around as you increase the size of your circling until your fingertips brush over your love button which brings a small gasp of breath from your lips.

You slowly part your legs to allow your fingers better access and slide them down until they feel the heat that has started to build between your legs. Your other hand is still playing across your nipples, alternating between each one, tugging, rubbing, pinching each nipple until they are so very hard. Your pulse is starting to rise and the gasps from your lips are becoming louder and turning to moans. The fingers of your other hand work their magic upon your button, which has become rather hard itself now, and rub further down towards the moistness starting to exude from your opening.

Your eyes are now closed and you are becoming lost in the pleasure you are giving yourself. “What a dream this has turned out to be,” you think to yourself as another moan escapes from your lips as you slip one of your fingers inside your warm damp opening. You drape your legs off either side of the lounge now to allow even better access for your finger and you slowly start to work it in and out as you other hand continues to pay full attention to your rock hard nipples. You now slip a second finger in with the first and as you rub them in and out you rub your thumb against your love button which sends small shockwaves of pleasure throughout your whole body.

Your gentle moans are becoming louder and you lift your head as you pull your breast upwards and lick the nipple you are offering yourself which builds the pleasure internet casino caressing through you. Your fingers continue to slide in and out, working to a lovely rhythm that is slowly building in speed, your thumb still brushing across your love button with each thrust of your hand and your mind is starting to spin from such pleasure. You take the other nipple into your mouth and suck gently on it as you run your tongue back and forth across it, your mind now feeling like it is going explode.

You slip a third finger inside your love tunnel and increase the tempo, making sure your thumb never misses a pass across your now rock hard button. You gasp for air and can no longer hold your nipple in your mouth but your fingers continue to rub and caress them. You feel that familiar surge in your body telling you that you are so close now to an exquisite orgasm and you can’t help but yell out loud, not caring at all if anyone can hear. This is your island in your dream and you can do what you want.

Your body is now flushed and you feel such a heat rising inside you, your moisture is escaping from around your fingers and you are now thrusting your fingers in and out so fast you cannot believe you are doing it. Your thumb almost feels like a vibrator pressed to your button, your hand is moving so fast now and the hand at your breasts has gone almost still as it holds one breasts firmly with the nipple pinched between two fingers. Just when you think you can take now more your mind and body explode from a tremendous orgasm, your hips lift from the couch pressing up against your hand as your fingers find their way deeper inside of you. You scream out loudly as waves of pleasure wash over you, your hips rising and falling as each wave hits you and you just never want it to stop.

But slowly the pleasure fades away, your body goes limp, your fingers still inside of you feeling so good there. You are spent and can’t even move to try and cover yourself in case someone comes along, but right now, with the afterglow of such a wild orgasm you just couldn’t care and with one hand still holding your breast and your fingers resting inside of you, you start to doze off right there.

Some time passes … you open your eyes slowly. You are in bed, some light shines thru the curtains and you know it was all a dream, but you realise, as your mind comes out of its sleepy drowsiness, that you have one hand one your breast and your fingers are inside of you. “Oh my … that is what I call a dream,” you say to yourself and roll back over with a smile on your face hoping that perhaps tonight the dream will come back again.

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