The Exchange Student Ch. 03

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Note: All characters are at least 18 years old.

It was sod’s law that myself and Andi were talking to Lily when Laura arrived home. As soon as I heard the front door open and my daughter announce her arrival with a loud “hey!” I knew what was going to happen. A quick look at Lily confirmed it as she got to her feet and ironed the creases out of her clothes with her hands.

Laura walked into the kitchen and dropped her bag on the floor. She looked at the waiting Lily, then to my wife, and then finally to me.

“Hello Laura,” said Lily, slowly walking towards her.

“Umm… hey.”

Laura was nervous and suddenly seemed very panicky, because she knew exactly what was going to happen next. I had already seen their ‘greeting’ but Andi hadn’t, and both myself and my daughter knew that she was about to get an eyeful of it.

Before Laura could disappear Lily was standing expectantly in front of her, resting her hands on Laura’s hips. I took a fleeting look at Andi who was looking as shocked as I must have earlier, as Laura reciprocated Lily’s embrace. Another affectionate kiss passed between them, and then Lily sat down as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened. Laura once again seemed ashamed, looking down at the floor.

I turned to Andi at exactly the same time as she turned to me. She must have known from the look on my face that I knew what had just gone on, and got to her feet. I got up as well, guessing she wanted me to follow her.

“Hi honey,” said Andi to Laura after clearing her throat. “Good day at college?”

Laura nodded as we walked passed her. I followed Andi upstairs and into our bedroom. She held the door open for me then closed it behind her.

“What was that?”

Her tone was accusing, as if I had somehow been involved in it. I shrugged, and tried to play it off as nothing.

“Just Lily’s way of saying hello. Friends do it all the time in Romania, apparently.”

Andi put her hands on her hips and narrowed her eyes at me. I wasn’t sure whether she was weighing up the answer or my sincerity; was she considering if the greeting excuse could be true, or had I somehow given her a reason to doubt me?

“Don’t you think it’s a bit… odd?” she asked, relaxing a little. I breathed a small sigh of relief.

“To us it is, I guess. But if it makes Lily feel more at home and Laura is happy with it then I don’t see a problem with it.”

I could tell my wife was still worried, so I walked towards her and cupped my arms around her.

“Do you think we should talk to them?” she asked, pressing her head into my chest.

“What are we going to say?”

I was hoping she’d drop it, knowing that if we confronted Lily about it – even though in Andi’s mind it was an entirely innocent gesture – that I’d once again be at the mercy of our houseguest, the girl who could bring my life crashing down at any minute.

“Just, I don’t know… warn them to be careful where they do it?”

Andi craned her neck up and looked at me, hoping for approval. I took a deep breath in, raising my shoulders, and then released her slowly.

“If it’d make you feel better,” I replied. Andi smiled softly. She led me back downstairs and into the kitchen, where Laura seemed to have gotten over her embarrassment as she chatted with Lily across the table. That awkwardness soon returned though as she saw my wife and I entering the room and moving to stand in front of them. The typical parent double team – Laura knew ‘a talk’ was coming, she’d had plenty of them.

“Look, girls, you need to know that there is nothing wrong with your little… greeting, but…”

Andi paused and looked at me for help. Laura was staring up at us, mortified that we were having this discussion. Lily meanwhile came across as completely innocent, which my wife bought completely.

“Just don’t do it in public, okay?” I said, finishing Andi’s sentence for her. I was trying to support my wife, but only made the situation worse. Andi’s expression changed to shock before she rolled her eyes at me. Laura’s head fell into her hands, and although it took a moment or two Lily eventually managed to look hurt as well.

“What he means is that some people might get the wrong idea,” said Andi, trying to undo my damage. It didn’t help Laura, but Lily was happy to play along.

“What wrong idea?” she asked, convincingly. I added ‘actress’ to the list of her talents.

Andi sat down and explained that some people over here might interpret their greeting as something more… intimate. Lily played dumb at first, forcing Andi to explain further. Every now and again she glanced over at me, making sure I was still paying attention to the increasing control she seemed to have over the three of us. Not just me anymore, but my youngest daughter and wife as well.

“So people might think we’re… gay?” Lily asked, finally having ‘got it.’

“Well, yes, some people might think that. Not that that’s wrong, just… be careful, is all I’m saying.”

I thought sincan escort it was over as Andi got up and Lily nodded. Laura also removed her face from her hands; she had turned beet red and could barely look at anyone.

“Do you think it’s weird, Craig?” said Lily.

My stomach suddenly seemed to empty as the three of us turned to Lily. Laura and Andi then turned to me, forcing me to come up with a quick answer. I’d soon regret what I said.

“Not really, it’s quite sweet, I guess.”

I have no idea what possessed me to say that, and Lily’s face seemed to light up.

“Maybe you should try saying hello to Andi like that whenever you see her?”

Now I looked at my wife, who looked slightly taken aback.

“Well, I guess we could…” I tried to appease Lily’s desire to toy with me, but it only drove her on.

“Why don’t you practice?” she asked, knowing she’d got me – again.

Both Laura and Lily were watching my and Andi keenly. I glanced over at Andi and saw the slightest look of concern on her face. Lily had managed to trap us – if we did it then she had got what she wanted, even though my wife wouldn’t know that. If we didn’t my wife would thought she’d hurt Lily’s feelings or made her feel weird.

“Look, we’ll show you.”

Lily got up and grabbed Laura’s hand. She pulled my daughter to her feet and then looked to me and Andi, waiting for us to get in position. With resignation we moved so we were standing just in front of each other, just like Lily and Laura. I could already feel my cock beginning to grow, and began praying that Andi wouldn’t notice.

Lily placed Laura’s hands on her own hips and then held my daughter.

“Just put your hands like this…”

We both did, slowly.

“And kiss, like this.”

The two of us watched as Lily and Laura kissed again. At first it was no different to the last two I had witnessed, but then Lily’s tongue darted into my daughter’s mouth. It only lasted for half a second, but it was long enough to make my heart skip a bit. When they broke the kiss Laura’s eyes remained closed, as if she was still lost in the moment. Lily looked over at us and smiled.

“Now you.”

I kissed my wife just like I had seen Lily kiss my own daughter. Now my cock was pretty much throbbing, and I knew Andi could feel it when she pushed her crotch forward slightly. Was she as turned on by this as I was?

“Ok, you can stop now.”

I heard Lily’s voice in the distance and broke the kiss. Andi’s eyes were glazed over as she looked up at me, and as if by telepathy I knew we’d be upstairs a few minutes.

For now though I continued to hold Andi as Lily held Laura. The silence was deafening, and I wasn’t surprised when Lily finally broke it.

“See?” she said, finally releasing my daughter. Laura sank back down into her chair, flushed and breathing deeply. “It’s nice, isn’t it?”

My wife mumbled that it was and then dragged me out of the kitchen. My eyes met Lily’s, and they seemed to laugh at me as she sat down herself. Then I was practically running up the stairs behind my wife, and she dragged me into our bedroom, slamming the door and locking it behind us. We both stood facing each other, panting, not entirely sure what had just happened.

“Oh my god, Craig…” said Andi breathlessly, and I immediately reached out and kissed her; deeply. She responded my pressing herself into me, then ripped my shirt off over my head. I did the same to hers before unfastening my belt, letting my jeans fall down my legs.

We both stripped and then climbed onto the bed. Andi was like an older version of Laura, just slightly bigger but still in good shape. My raging hard-on pressed into her stomach as I forced her down onto her back, then took a large bite of right tit into my mouth. She squirmed underneath my body pretending that she was trying to get free, but I didn’t play along today. I climbed off my wife and positioned my cock at the entrance to her cunt, then slid myself inside her. I had been spoiled by Lily, I realised, as I found myself feeling disappointed at how easy I slipped inside of Andi in comparison.

I fucked her missionary style until I came, my mind telling me that I was shooting my load into Lily. I pumped until every last drop of cum was inside her, then I collapsed down onto the bed. Andi rolled on top of me and kissed me as I ran my hands through her hair.

As we lay together I suddenly realised I had been partly turned on by my daughter. Fuck, I thought, what was happening? It wasn’t just me though – Andi had been just as excited but what had taken place in the kitchen. For the first time since I had first fucked Lily, my guilt subsided slightly. And then I heard the footsteps running away from outside our door.

“Do you know what I think?” asked Lily, reaching out to touch Laura’s hand. Laura looked up. “I bet your mum and dad are upstairs.. you know, doing it!”

Lily giggled, both because she was playing the part of gossiping sincan escort bayan teenager but also due to the look of shock that appeared on Laura’s face.

“No way!” exclaimed Laura.

“Come on, they couldn’t get upstairs fast enough!” Lily said, lightly squeezing Laura’s hand. “And didn’t you see you dad when he kissed your mum? His… you know, it was hard!”

“Jesus, Lily!” said Laura as she pulled her hand away. This might have been a bit too much to soon, Lily though suddenly. “I don’t need that image in my head,” Laura added.

“Oh come on,” said Lily, deciding to see just how far she could push this. “You must know your parents still do it, right?”

“I don’t care, as long as I don’t have to think about it. Ever.” She was trying to sound serious but the slightest grin had crept over her face. Got you, Lily thought to herself.

“I had no idea people here were such prudes,” said Lily.

“So your parents fucking is just a normal topic of conversation back in Romania?”

Laura’s bluntness – never mind the swearing – threw Lily off, just for a moment.

“Well, not quite, but… it’s natural, Laura. There’s no use pretending it doesn’t happen. You must have heard them doing it before?”

Laura looked disgusted.

“No!” she said incredulously. “As if I’d listen out for that.”

“Not on purpose,” said Lily. “Just, it’s a small house, you know? I’m sure I heard something last night…”

This was just testing to see if Laura had heard anything over the last couple of nights. Of course, Lily knew if she had it wasn’t Andi and Craig fucking – it was her fucking Laura’s dad.

“Well I didn’t hear a thing,” Laura said defiantly.

“Would you like to?” asked Lily, playfully.

“You’re disgusting,” said Laura. That wasn’t a no, Lily thought.

“Come,” she said, pulling Laura up.

“Lilyyyyy…” Laura protested half-heatedly, but she didn’t make any effort to actually stop as Lily guided her up the stairs.


Was all Laura could hear, her heart practically rattling her ribcage as she crept along behind Lily to her parent’s bedroom. Already she could hear it, the creak of the bed, her dad’s soft, rhythmic grunting and her mother’s groaning, her purring, her ragged breathing.

“See?” asked Lily, turning back to her with a grin on her face. “I told you!”

Laura didn’t – couldn’t – respond, instead she stood and just listened. She found herself almost cuddling up to Lily, who stood in silence with her, as the creaking became louder, her dad’s grunting picked up pace and her mother’s moans became loaded with more and more pleasure.

And then suddenly it had stopped. How much time had passed? Laura had no idea. She was acutely aware of Lily’s body pressed against hers, of her hand squeezing Lily’s, her other hand slowly rubbing her tingling pussy. God, what was she doing? She looked at Lily who seemed to be lost in a dream world of her own.

“Lily?” Laura spoke softly, praying they wouldn’t be heard. Lily didn’t respond. “Lily!” she said sharply and as loud as she dared.

“Lily!” she heard Laura’s voice and snapped back to reality. She had been thinking of Craig, of how he had fucked her, and had suddenly been overcome by jealousy. I don’t want him touching her, she thought to herself, aware of how ridiculous it sounded but unable to help it. Of course he was going to fuck his wife, especially if she carried on teasing him in the way she had downstairs. He was hardly going to drag her upstairs, was he? At least not with his family around.

“Come on,” Lily said, hauling Laura to her bedroom.

“Did you hear that?” I said, not for reassurance but just to know if Andi had heard it – I already knew exactly who it was.

“Hear what?” she asked, sleepily.

“Nothing,” I replied, closing my eyes and hoping it had just been Lily outside my door.

When we all gathered for dinner the atmosphere was odd, to say the least. Barely a word passed between myself, Andi, Lily and Laura, so it fell to Sasha to do most of the talking. She was heading back to university in a couple of days and was giving us a little introduction to all her housemates for the next year, telling us which ones she actually liked and those she didn’t, until she eventually noticed the silence that seemed to engulf the rest of us.

“Have I missed something?” she asked, looking around at us all one by one. “Why is everyone so quiet?”

Of course, the atmosphere was odd because Andi and myself had become so turned on by watching Lily and Laura kissing that we’d had to rush upstairs to fuck. I looked at Lily, who was staring at her food with the slightest of smiles on her face. Laura – who was sat next to Lily, her chair having inched closer and closer to our exchange student’s over the course of the meal – was also focused on her food, but it was a look of embarrassment on her face rather than a smile.

“I’m sure they’re escort sincan just enjoying my food too much to talk,” I said, cracking a joke to try and throw Sasha off the scent. “Right, guys?”

“Mmm, definitely,” Lily suddenly piped up. “It’s delicious, isn’t it Laura?”

“It’s great,” Laura said bluntly, not looking it up.

“We could hear you working hard at it all afternoon,” said Lily, that devious, naughty smirk spreading across her face and aimed in my direction. I didn’t dare look at Andi, and just hoped she hadn’t picked up on it. Now I was sure Laura had been outside my bedroom earlier, not just Lily, although deep down I had known it all along. I also knew I’d hear all about it later when I inevitably snuck off to Lily’s bedroom yet again, and that hearing about how she’d forced my daughter to listen to me fuck my wife would be my punishment, my penance, the price I had to pay for fucking her tonight.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it,” I said, trying to sound as normal as possible.

“I wish I could cook like you,” she said, not taking her eyes off me. “Do you think you could teach me?”

I smiled at her with my mouth but not my eyes. “Of course,” I said, “I’d love to.”

Lily beamed triumphantly. It was just a little victory, but a victory all the same. Craig would soon understand he’d never be able to say no to her, not even in front of his family. The way he’d caved earlier when he told him to ‘greet’ his wife like she had greeted Laura had been a big step, and Andi’s reaction also offered her encouragement – she’d expected a little resistance, maybe even a bit of admonishment at first, but Andi had gone with it eagerly, and had been as turned on as anyone by what had happened.

“I can’t wait,” she said, at the same moment as she placed a hand on Laura’s thigh. She had planned on leaving the girl alone for the rest of the day – getting her to listen to her Dad having sex had been a big step and Lily didn’t want to push things too far too quickly, but when Laura had started moving her chair closer and closer to her own Lily knew the poor girl was still desperate for Lily’s attention.

“Has your Dad ever showed you how to cook?” asked Lily, and Laura shook her head. “Oh. Maybe you could join us?” she suggested oh-so innocently, turning her head towards Laura and squeezing her thigh ever so slightly. Laura gasped softly and shook her head, Craig nearly choked on his mouthful of food.

“Are you feeling ok?” said Andi.

“I’m fine, mum,” said Laura breathlessly, “just got a little dizzy.”

Finally Laura looked up, first at her mum, then dad and then finally at Lily. Offering her a reassuring smile Lily removed her hand from Laura’s thigh.

“Do you want to go and lie down?” asked Andi, still concerned.

“Honestly I’m ok,” said Laura, her hand slowly moving across to Lily’s leg.

“Would that be ok?” Lily said turning to look at Craig, feeling Laura’s fingertips slowly tracing her thigh. “If Laura joined in?”

Craig looked dumbstruck, barely capable of forming words let alone answering. Nobody else seemed to notice, Andi and Sasha had gone back to eating whilst she knew Laura’s entire mind was focused on the feel of Lily’s skin on her fingers. She doubted Laura had even heard the question.

“Yes,” Craig finally said, looking away from the two girls. “If she wants to.”

Lily reached down just for a second and gave Laura’s hand the briefest of squeezes, firstly to get her attention but also in the hope of letting her know what she was doing was ok, that Lily was happy with it, and in the hope that she’d become even bolder in front of her family.

“Wants to what?” she said, almost in a dreamlike state.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” asked Andi, and suddenly Laura snatched her hand away. Don’t worry, Lily told herself, it’ll come back in a moment, once her mum butts out again.

“Mum I’m fine,” Laura said sternly, and sure enough her hand found its way back to Lily’s leg, this time even further up than before.

“Do you want your Dad to teach us how to cook?” said Lily.

“That’d be nice,” said Laura turning to smile at her father, her hand tracing patterns on the inside of Lily’s thigh, just inches away from the Romanian girls pussy.

“Ok, just let me know when,” said Craig, nodding and smiling back.

Laura’s hand settled on Lily’s inner thigh, squeezing the soft, warm flesh ever so slightly. Lily continued to eat, feeling herself getting wet, and she hoped Craig wouldn’t be too late tonight.

The clock next to me read 00:34. Andi should have been asleep hours ago but was still wide awake, wanting to talk about Lily, about what had happened earlier in the front room with Laura, and whether that was the reason for Laura’s ‘weird’ behaviour during dinner. I had spent the best part of two hours trying to bat her off, pretending at various points to be asleep, or getting up to use the bathroom in the hope that she might doze off with nobody to talk to. I couldn’t really blame her of course, what had happened earlier had been her first glimpse into Lily’s true nature – not enough of a glimpse for her to truly understand, but just a seed that had been planted somewhere in her mind and enough to keep her awake, trying to talk it through, trying to figure it out.

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