The Face-Painter Ch. 09

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“Do you always cum that much?” my mother’s sultry voice came to me from the passenger seat of my car as she reached over and started to slide her hand over my thigh.

“Yeah,” I replied as I looked over at her quickly. “Is that a problem?”

“Oh God no…….I loved it. I just thought you were going to drown me there for a second.” She shifted over in her seat slightly and as my eyes flicked from the road back over to her, I could see the deep dark line of her cleavage dancing in the flickering glow from the passing streetlights. Man, those were an impressive set of tits—and that semi-circular opening in the front of her dress had me drooling with anticipation. As I drove, her hand slid further into my crotch until I felt her fingers wrap around my recently drained prick and give it a gentle squeeze. “And it was so big and hard; I’ve never seen anything like it.”

It was difficult to keep my mind on the road with her warm hand sliding teasingly over the front of my pants. With what had happened at the show we’d just been at, I was in a hurry to get her home, but I definitely didn’t want to get pulled over, so I kept it to about ten miles per hour over the speed limit; and no more than that. I took another quick glance in her direction and could see a wicked little twinkle in her eye as she looked down at her delicate hand exploring between my legs. She’d said something back in that washroom that I had to ask about. “You said Dad was pretty big?”

“Yeah, I always thought he was big; but you’re probably at least two to three inches longer—-and he was nowhere near as big around as you.” She closed her fingers around my spent dick, once again as if measuring it. Her gripping hand started to slide along the length of my reviving member as she leaned over and I felt her hot moist tongue teasing at the opening of my ear before she whispered, “I can’t wait to feel this huge thing splitting me wide open.”

“Ohhhnnn,” I groaned as my foot instinctively pressed harder on the gas pedal.

“Easy there, Tiger,” she whispered calmly, her warm mouth still close to my ear. I eased up on the gas and brought the car back down to a reasonable speed. “That’s better, there’s no need to hurry; I’m not going anywhere. I want you home safe and sound so you and this beautiful cock of yours can take care of me all night long. And like I said, I’ve got three years of lost time to make up for, so I hope you can keep up with me.”

Oh Jesus, I could feel my cock quickly stiffening as her words sizzled into my tortured libido. Her hand stopped its teasing stroking for a brief second as she felt it growing beneath her fingers.

“Mmmmm, that’s better.” She reached up to the top of my pants and I sat speechless as she slowly and insistently drew down my zipper. I felt her hand slip into my pants and push down past the waistband of my fitted boxers until she encountered the broad root of my beefy member. Her fingers slipped around the thick base and she tugged upwards until she pulled my burgeoning peter through the opening of my pants.

“Yeah, that’s nice.” My eyes flicked over and I could see her looking down, her eyes glued to my stiffening prick dancing in the repetitive glow from the passing streetlights. Her warm hand started to slide back and forth as the blood inside me rushed to my midsection. It didn’t take much for my mother to get me hot; it had only been about ten minutes since I’d filled her mouth with a massive load and my lengthy dong was rapidly snapping back to attention already.

“Mmmmm, it’s beautiful,” she cooed as my rapidly stiffening member quickly achieved the status of brick-hard erection under her stimulating grasp. “You say it’s a little over 10″?”

“Yeah,” I replied breathlessly, barely able to concentrate on the road in front of me. She had me so turned on that I was almost squirming with anticipation in my seat. The idea of trying to come up with any clever repartee went right out the window.

Her magical hand made a long slow stroke from the base all the way up to the engorged head. “Oh God, it’s so thick and hard. I can’t wait to feel all 10″ way up inside me.” Oh Jesus, I thought I was gonna cum again right there. As her words hit me, a throbbing jolt went through my turgid cock and I looked quickly down to see a glistening drop of pre-cum pulse to the surface. I pulled my eyes back to the road just in time to avoid a car dangerously changing lanes in front of us.

“Mom, you’re gonna get us both killed.” I braked slightly as the speeding car seemed to slip by us with just inches to spare.

“Alright, I’ll behave,” she said as she shifted back over to her side. I noticed she left my baseball-bat like prick hanging out though, the glistening tip rearing up before me. She kept the fingertips of her left hand resting gently on the surface at the base of my pulsing rod; not stroking it, just casually sliding a half inch or so back and forth; as if I actually needed this little bit of attention to keep me fully erect. With her acting like this, I was so sincan escort turned on; I knew there was no way my surging cock was going to go down until I’d blown this load.

“Can I have just another little taste of this?” she asked demurely. I watched as she reached over with her other hand and ran the tip of her index finger over the shiny droplet of pre-cum shimmering at the tip. My eyes followed her retreating hand as she brought it to her mouth and closed her soft lips around her finger.

“Mmmmm,” she purred and I saw her eyes close in rapture as she sucked gently. Holy fuck! It wasn’t difficult to remember how heavenly that mouth had felt with my prick buried to the hilt inside it just a short time ago. Did she ever look hot; just watching my sexy mother behaving so lewdly had me almost ready to blow my load all over the steering wheel and dashboard.

“Do you think my legs look nice in this dress?” My eyes were drawn away from the road as I saw her turn slightly towards me in her seat. As I looked over, she let her legs roll open to each side, the hem on her dress rising enticingly as the gap between her smooth creamy thighs grew wider and wider. The flickering from the passing streetlights gave me a teasing glimpse way up beneath her skirt as her legs continued to drift apart. I could see those teasing slits at the sides of her dress splitting as far apart as they could get as the hem rose higher and higher. With my eyes drawn hypnotically to the dazzlingly erotic display she was giving me, I felt another lurch in my groin as my cock seemed to get even harder than before; something I thought wasn’t even possible!

“I think somebody thinks they look nice,” she said with a warm purr, her fingertips touching the base of my prick feeling the flexing pulse from within. “Oh, it looks like you’ve got another little treat for me.” With her gorgeous legs spread wantonly open, she reached forward with her other hand and gathered up another glistening gob of pre-cum from the tip of the broad crimson cap. She sucked her finger clean once more as my eyes kept flicking back and forth between the road and the sensuous exhibition going on beside me.

“What about my breasts…….do you think this dress is too tight for them?” She drew her teasing hand away from the base of my throbbing erection and placed it on her stomach. With her gorgeous lush body still turned towards me and her legs spread wide, I watched as she slowly ran both hands up the front of her dress until she was cupping the undersides of her massive tits. I watched her pull her elbows back and thrust her huge chest out even more as her cupping hands gave a gentle squeeze. The squeezing action caused the upper swells of her tremendous knockers to all but ooze over the teasing edge of the provocative opening in the front of her dress. Oh my God………did those tits of hers ever look incredible! I felt myself flushing all over with the heat of passion and knew if I touched my cock I would cum for sure. My eyes flicked back to the road and I noticed I had almost drifted off the side of the paved lanes. I quickly corrected, but the car jerked noticeably as I did.

“Oh dear,” my mother said languidly, “maybe I should have waited until we got home to ask you those things.” I saw her eyes look at where we were as she reached towards me and wrapped her hand around the thick base of my throbbing cock once more. “Honey, you are so hard. I think you’re gonna need to give me another one right now, before you kill us both. Why don’t you just pull behind that store over there?”

I noticed the closed carpet store she had motioned toward and quickly angled the car towards it. I pulled behind the building and stopped in front of some bins at the rear. There was a large sound attenuation wall between this service lane and building, so we were almost totally secluded; which was just what we needed.

“Now, I don’t want you to get into an accident on my account,” she said as she looked at me with innocent doe-like eyes. “So I think I better take care of you so you’re okay to drive.” I just sat back, my engorged prick as hard as I’d ever felt it as she twisted her legs beneath her and leaned over me. With her left hand wrapped around the base of my pulsing erection, she reached into my pants with her other hand and drew out my spunk-filled nuts.

“Mmmmmm, these feel nice and full,” she mewed as she cradled my heavy balls. “Are you ready to give me another big mouthful, son?” She looked at me with a mischievous glint in her eye and a playful smile at the corner of her soft red lips as she started to lower her head towards my painfully-engorged cock.

“Oh fuck…..yesssssssss,” I hissed as her soft lips made contact with the hot red head. I was so turned on and feverish with need that I’m surprised it didn’t burn her mouth as she let her lips slip open and follow the flared contours of the huge mushroom cap. She bathed the fiery tip with a soothing bath of saliva as her tongue circled the sensitive membranes while sincan escort bayan her lips slid lower.

“Mmmmmmm…..” She gave of a pleasurable moan as her lips slipped down over the thick rope-like ridge of my corona and kept going. Oh fuck, her mouth felt amazing; so soft and warm, like melted butter. She got about halfway down and then slowly withdrew until just the oozing tip was trapped between her soft pillowy lips. With most of her hair still pulled up away from her face, I was able to see most of her face in profile as she leaned over me. It was a sight I thought I’d never see; my own mother enthusiastically sucking my huge cock, her warm eyes closed in bliss, her velvety soft lips pursed forward as they clung lovingly to my thick upright prick while soft moans and groans purred continuously from within her.

She bobbed up and down on the lemon-sized head a couple times, as if testing the size and feel of it in her mouth. She paused for a second with just the tip in her mouth once more. She shifted backwards slightly, and then pulled my tingling pecker towards her. She tilted her head slightly as she did and I wondered what she was doing. I heard and felt her breathe deeply and then I watched as she slowly but insistently drove her face downwards. Holy fuck, I thought as her hot sucking mouth moved further and further down my cock as she eagerly tried to take it all. As her soft red lips slid down my turgid shaft, I realized she’d shifted herself and pulled my prick into just the right position to allow her to try and deepthroat me again! Her smooth consistent downward motion was unrelenting as I watched inch after thick hard inch disappear within her hot wet mouth. I sat there aghast as she finally reached the thick base, her pillowy lips nibbling around the taut skin of my shaved midsection as over 10″ of rigid cock filled her face. I had never felt anything like it; the full length of my rock-hard erection was deliciously enveloped by the hot buttery-soft tissues within her mouth and throat. She swallowed, and I felt a wonderful rippling sensation along the full length of the rock-hard shaft. She kept her lips nestled against my groin as she swallowed again, the massaging muscles lining her throat teasing me deliciously.

“Oh Mom,” I groaned in amazement as she slowly started to lift her head, her pursed lips drawn downward as they clung delightfully to my stiff shaft. She got back the tip and took another deep breath before descending once more, my entire shaft being warmly engulfed by her talented mouth until she nuzzled up against the hilt once more. Oh man, she had only started; but she’d gotten me so turned on before, I knew I couldn’t take much more of this.

“Mmmmmm,” she purred warmly into my throbbing cock as I watched her hot sucking mouth glide smoothly up and down the full length of my thrusting erection, her neck muscles continuing their stimulating rippling massage as she swallowed with each downward stroke. I could feel the sperm boiling over in my nuts as she rolled them teasingly in her cradling hand. The delicious contractions were starting as I felt the first rush of semen start to speed up the shaft of my wetly-engulfed prick. Her beautiful hot mouth and throat felt amazing, and I wished I could just sit here and let my mother suck me forever, but I had quickly reached that point where there was no turning back.

“MOM……..I”M GONNA CUM,” I warned as my hands gripped the sides of my seat tightly. She bobbed her head a time or two more and then seemed to instinctively know exactly when I was going to cum. At the last second, she pulled her mouth back until just the engorged helmet was trapped within her hot vacuuming mouth. The first powerful shot spat forth against the soft tissues at the back of her mouth as I started to unload.

“OH FUCK,” I groaned loudly as I started to fill that soft buttery mouth of hers with my thick creamy semen. I could feel her draw in the sides of her cheeks to press warmly against the sensitive membranes of the helmet as she warmly sucked inwards at the same time. My cock felt like it was twitching and bucking in her mouth as I continued to shoot, gob after thick pearly gob flooding her mouth.

“Mmmhggnngphh,” I heard her gulp as she swallowed, the creamy nectar coating the silky tissues of her throat that had just been pleasuring my engorged prick. I continued to flood her mouth, spurt after spurt of gooey fluid eagerly being gathered within the hot confines of her sucking mouth. I saw her swallow a second time, and then a third as I continued to shoot. Her mouth felt incredible as she continued to suck at the spitting head of my pulsing meat, her tongue and lips drawings out every savory morsel or my precious cream she could get. Finally, the last remaining twinges pulsed through my pecker as my intense orgasm slowly started to subside. She continued to nurse gently with the broad head trapped within her mouth, her magical lips and tongue drawing out the last few drops of my silvery nectar. escort sincan

“Oh my God,” I said softly as I sat there, my chest heaving as I drew in huge gulps of cool refreshing air. “Mom, that was amazing.” I felt her tongue take a last slow bathing circle around the pebbly membranes at the tip of my slowly dwindling rod before giving it a final loving kiss and then sitting back in her seat. I looked over at her, more of her expensive coiffure having fallen out of place as additional strands of her soft blonde hair fell sensually about her neck and shoulders. Her glistening lips looked puffy and swollen, her face was as flushed as mine, and she had the most blissfully wanton look in her eyes that let me know she wanted more. I had never seen her look more beautiful and alluring in my entire life.

“Are you okay to take me home now? I’m gonna need a lot more of that before we’re done for the night.” I looked at her sitting there in that gorgeous dress, her sexy legs and massive tits opulently on display, and I couldn’t wait to get her home. I knew now that all the things I had dreamed and fantasized about doing with my mother were about to come true.

I stuffed my spent member back into my pants and zipped up. I was so frazzled from the two incredible blow-jobs she’s just given me that the short ride the rest of the way back to her house was nothing but a blur. I couldn’t stop looking over at her, now seated back properly in the passenger seat, but with a contented smile of satisfaction on her face as she watched the road ahead. My navigation system shifted instinctively to autopilot as I followed the familiar route home, allowing my mind to drift.

After our flirtatious conversation, I’d been excited at the suggestiveness of what we’d discussed; like her referring to me as her paid escort, and what she might expect of me at the end of the night. But nothing had prepared me for her sly direct approach when she’d put her hand on the inside of my thigh in the theater and slid it upwards until she’d encountered the stiffening piece of muscle extending down my leg. I thought when she’d touched my growing member, she might draw her hand back in shock; instead, it only seemed to inspire her to continue with her provocative ministrations until she drove me absolutely ravenous with desire. And then the same thing had just happened in the car on the way home. My sexy busty mother was even hotter than I had anticipated. She had eagerly deepthroated my huge cock each time; her wondrous magical mouth bringing me more pleasure than I ever imagined. There was no way any pornstar could have done better. She’d been incredible. It had quickly become obvious that the illicit thrill behind our stolen kiss a couple of days ago hadn’t just been a figment of my overactive imagination. It was clear now that my mother wanted me as much as I wanted her. I was shaken but thrilled on how fast this had all happened. I had dreamed of something happening like this forever, of making love to my sexy stacked mother, and already, she’d sucked two loads out of me in the blink of an eye. And now, she wanted more. She wanted to feel me deep inside her…..all night long. I only hoped I could keep up with her, and I knew I was willing to die trying.

I pulled into the driveway of our family house and hurried around to the passenger side to let her out. She took my hand and gave me a tantalizing glimpse of her long glistening legs again as she spread her thighs teasingly, with one leg following the other as she stepped out of the car. A shudder went down my spine again as my eyes were magnetically drawn to her slim toned legs and sexy stilettoes. God, she looked great!

She took my arm and I felt the side of her large full breast press against me as we made our way into the house. As soon as we were inside, she turned and pushed me back against the closed door. She moved close against me and turned her face up to mine, a look of rapturous longing on her face. I took her in my arms and lowered my mouth to hers, our lips meeting in a long lingering kiss. She nibbled at my tongue teasingly as I feathered it deep into her welcoming mouth, and then she followed mine eagerly as I sucked her tongue back into my own mouth. Her warm fragrant perfume enveloped us in a tingling miasmic embrace as our tongues pressed and rolled together sensually.

“Mmmmmm,” she mewed contentedly as her arms slipped around my neck. I let my hands slide down the smooth flowing curves of her hourglass figure before coming to rest on the delightful swells of her lush curvy bum. The smooth silky material of her dress felt exquisitely cool under my fingertips as she continued to kiss me.

“Oh, that’s nice,” she whispered softly as she drew back and looked at me through lust-filled eyes. “Lock the door, sweetie……..I want to make sure we don’t have any interruptions for the rest of the night.” I turned and flicked the deadbolt closed as she set down her little clutch purse on the side table and started towards the kitchen. I followed her in, my eyes feasting on her shapely backside as it swayed provocatively from side to side as her stiletto heels made that sexy “click-clack” sound on the hard tile floor. She walked past the kitchen and stopped beside the dining table. She reached up and started taking some bobby pins out of her hair.

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