The Floor Needs Painting

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“Find me a job!”

She sent me a text message. She took time off to raise her kids but now it was time for her to go back to work.

“I’ll do anything.”

“Well I have this floor I need help painting. I’ll pay you $100 to help. It’s going to be a pain in the ass job but I think we could get it done in a day.”

“Yeah I’ll do it. When should I come over?”

“I told my wife I’d be doing this job, that it’s going to be dirty and smelly. She said she was going to visit some friends next weekend, so do it then. She doesn’t have to mess with any of it then.”

“All right. I’ll be there Saturday morning. 7:00 AM too early?”

“No that will be fine.”

Saturday rolls around and she shows up in a tank top and jeans. I check out her finely toned bod. 5’6″ petite blond and definitely works out. Looks great for having 3 kids.

“I was checking out the weather. Looks like it’s gonna be a cooker later.” I tell her as we head downstairs.

“All the more reason to start early.” she replies.

“OK so where too?”

“Down the stairs and take a right”

I so totally check out her ass as she walks in front of me. Damn I’d tap that…

“Oh shit! You weren’t kidding when you said this was going to be a pain in the ass! What’s the plan?”

“We need to haul all of the smaller stuff down the hall and get it out of the way. Then roll up this god awful vinyl floor that is just laying here. Clean the floor and then paint. Wait for it to dry, move stuff and finish in the corners. Finally move everything back in.”

“Well let’s get started!”

We get it all moved and we need to take out the vinyl floor. At this point I’ve been stealing glances at her perky tits, and wondering what they would look like.

“Tell you what. I’ll pay you an extra $50 if you take your top and jeans off.”

Knowing her, I figured she wouldn’t do it, might even slap me.




She pulls off her top revealing a green bikini top. Off come the jeans and there is the matching bottoms.

“hahahaha” she laughs. I didn’t care, I got to see more of her at least.

We roll up the floor and haul it out to the garbage. Again she walks in front of me. The bottoms are starting to ride up her hard ass.

“OK what’s next?”

“OK we need to sweep and clean the floor as much as possible.”

I was a little nervous about what I was going to ask her next.

“OK if I give you another $100, would you take off the bikini?”

“Are you serious? You would pay me that much to take this off?”


She thought about it for a bit. “OK what the hell. Nothing you haven’t seen before.”

She turns her back on me, reaches behind and unties the bottom tie of the top. I was already starting to drool. She then untied the top and threw the top at me. Next she pushed the bottoms down and stepped out of them. and threw those at me . Oh what a fine ass!

She then headed off to one corner and started cleaning the floor. I headed to the opposite corner. I kept glancing over to her but could only see her naked thigh or a little side boob action. The teasing was driving me crazy!

We worked our way back towards the doorway, finally meeting up. By this time she had gotten comfortable being naked and didn’t even think about it anymore. She sat up, back on her ankles. I could finally see her perky tits full on! Oh my god. They were small handfuls with cute little pink nipples. You could see that she has a smaller suit she uses for sun bathing. There was a tan line but not much was not tanned. I could catch a glimpse of her bush. Light brown and wispy.

“That looks much better don’t you think?”

“Oh yes!” I said not necessarily looking at the floor.

“Now to paint” She crawls back to her corner. I get a glimpse of her snatch as she crawls. I was going to have problems bending down. So same process. Opposite corners, work our way back to the door. It’s almost noon by the time we get back to the door. Hot, sweaty, dusty. Finally we both stand up. She puts her hands behind her back and stretches backwards. I get to see her completely for the first time. It is very obvious she works out. I could sit and check her out all day. Right then the A/C kicks in. She is standing right in front of a vent. The cold air hits her sweaty body. She erupts in goose bumps. Her nipples harden instantly.

My mouth goes dry. “Umm… umm… OK I’ll pay you another $100 to take a shower with me.”

“No hanky panky? Just a shower right?”

“Ummm… yeah…”

“So that would be up to $350 then? Yeah sure. I really need the money.”

We head to the downstairs bathroom, grabbing a couple towels from the closet. We close the door and turn on the shower. I pull off my sweaty T-shirt. Sadly I have a bit of a belly now and am slightly embarrassed about it. I then take a deep breath, unzip my pants and pull them and my underwear off in one shot. She could now tell why I was having problems bending over. I have a semi-erect cock sticking escort bayan out at her. She looks down at it and smiles.

“Remember no hanky panky!”

She steps under the water and lets it run down her body. Her head back, eyes closed. I grab the wash cloth and soap and start to lather it up. I put the washcloth on her shoulder and start washing her. She opens her eyes and just smiles at me. I work down her tight body, soaping up her tits. She just closes her eyes again and enjoyed being washed. I worked my way down her, rubbing and cleaning every inch. I get to her muff. I stop and work up more lather. I then continue, not going to deep… yet. Down the outside of her leg. After getting to the bottom, back up to her waist and down her other leg this time when I get to the bottom.

“Spread your legs a bit”

She does. I work up the inside of her legs. She lets out a little moan as I get close to her honey pot.

I clean up the inside of her other leg. She spreads a little more. I rub the wash cloth across her pussy lips. A bigger moan. I drop the wash cloth and reach up and caress her tits. My fingers rubbing the nipples. Her eyes are closed and head is in the spray from the shower. I lean forward and flick my tongue across the tip of one.


I suck on it a little.


I suck it in like a baby nursing. She puts her hands on my head and holds it there. I pull away and she looks a little disappointed.

“OK fronts all done! Turn around.”

She does so. I repeat the same process, all the way down her back, up her legs, spending a little extra time on her ass.

“All done!”

“OK your turn!”

We trade places. She does the same to me. My cock is rock hard at this point. She works her way down. When she gets to my crotch, she works up a good lather on the wash cloth.

“Your turn, spread ’em!”

I do as I’m told. She runs the wash cloth up my legs and reaches my balls. She gently starts cleaning them, my dick almost poking her in the eye. She moves up to my cock, wraps the wash cloth around it and starts jerking me off. With her other hand she lightly strokes my balls. I’m really enjoying this. She takes the wash cloth off and rinses off the soap, continuing to jerk me off. She learns forward, her mouth almost touching. She looks up with a mischievous look in her blue eyes, and then sticks out her tongue. She licks the tip. Licks it like a sucker. Finally she puts the tip up to her lips, and pushes my dick in her mouth and starts sucking on the tip! After teasing me for a bit she pulls off and stands up. My cock is just inches from her bush, like it’s reaching for it. I reach over and lightly pet her pussy.

“I’ll give you another $100 if you let me shave you bald and eat your pussy until you cum!”

“Yes” she purred.

We step out of the shower and dry ourselves off. I am almost shaking with excitement. I’m going to hear her have an orgasm. I almost lose my load just watching her.

She finally stands up, hangs the towel on the rack.

“Ok so where too?”

“Jump up on the counter. Yeah that’s it”

She sits down and spreads her legs. I grab a small scissor and start trimming her pubes. I start going across the top, trimming off the corners. The hair starts piling up between her legs. Snip snip snip. Soon all that was left was a landing strip down the slit. I slowed down, I needed to be careful here. Snip. Her breathing changes as I start to trim around her pussy lips. I can smell her. I continue slowly trimming away. I’m halfway down her damn cute pussy. Snip. Snip. There, phase 1 is done. I pull the waste basket around and sweep all her pubes in.

“Hmm.. ok need to wet those down first”

I pull the wash cloth hanging there and soak it in warm water. I put it over her pussy and rub. Then I spray on some shaving cream. I start working it into a lather. She moans with the attention her pussy is getting. I put in a new blade and move between her legs.

“Ever had your pussy shaved?”

“No, so be gentle”

I start on the top. They whisk off easily. Soon I work my way to her crack. I use the fingers of my other hand and start holding her pussy lips in place. Gently stroking. She spreads her legs wider. I keep working lower. I can see pussy juices mixing with the shaving cream and water. I look up. Her eyes are closed again and her nipples are still hard. She reaches up and starts playing with them. Taking the wash cloth I wipe off the mess. It needs inspecting now. I pass my fingers over her now bald pussy.

I shave off a few spots I miss. Soon she is smooth. I step back to take her all in again. She continues with her nipples. She opens her eyes and checks herself out. Finally looking up at me with a look that clearly says “Well?”.

“I’m going to eat you now. ok?”

“Oh god yes! Now PLEASE!”

I sit on the toilet and spin her around. I start flicking my tongue on her pussy lips. From the top of her crack to the taint. Up and down. Gradually escort going deeper. She moans louder now. I spread her lips and plunge my tongue deeper in her honey pot. She tastes so good. I fuck her with my tongue. In and out, flick around inside her. I move up and flick across her clit.


I lightly suck her clit. She grabs my head and holds it there.

“Harder. Suck me harder!”

I do as I’m told. She grabs my head with both hands and starts humping against me.


She clamps her legs around my head. She cums but doesn’t let go.

“Don’t stop!”

I continue sucking her clit. I reach up and slip 2 fingers into her hot box. She keeps humping against my face.

“I’m cumming again!”

I feel it run down my chin. She relaxes and allows me up.

“That was so worth it! OK how about we round this to an even $500 if you let me fuck you and cum in your pussy.”

“YES! Oh god, yes!”

She practically runs to the bedroom, throws herself on the bed, spread eagle.


I crawl between her legs and start sucking her rock hard nipples.


She grabs my head holding me against her tits. I suck the whole thing into my mouth. Rolling my tongue around the nipples. My dick is rubbing against her wet and swollen pussy lips.

“YES! YES! Do me!”

I put the head of my cock into her waiting pussy. When it’s in I shove it to the hilt.


I pull it all the way out. I now tease her. Pushing it in halfway, pulling all the way out, rubbing against her clit, push it in to the hilt. Out. In partially. She is going crazy.

“Fuck me fuck me fuck me! Please!”

Finally settle into a rhythm. She wraps her legs around me, trying to pull me in deeper. I grind against her pubic bone.


She likes that. I thrust deep into her, laying down on top of her, wrap my arms around and roll. She’s on top now. Now it’s her turn to torture me. She pulls off, then sits on my cock. Rubbing her clit on it but not letting me enter her. She gets off. Cums all over my hardon. She then gets up and turns around, reaches between her legs and guides my cock back in. She starts riding me. I grab her ass and spread her butt cheeks. I watch my cock enter her and her ass looking like it needs attention. I slip my thumb into her wet wet snatch. She moans as she has 2 things in her pussy for awhile. I pull my thumb out covered in juices and massage her back door. She continues riding my cock, I push the fat part of my thumb against the butthole. At first there is resistance but she relaxes and it slides in.

“mmmmmm… yes”

“oh god I need you to fuck me doggie style.”

She pulls off and gets on her hands and knees. I get behind and knowing I don’t have much longer, bury it deep in. I fuck her hard and fast. I feel her stroking my balls. The tension is building. I pound her as hard and fast as I can. Finally I bury it deep in her. I blast a load deep and lots. I hold it in and jerk and twitch the last of it in. I collapse on top of her. We both fall over.

We drift off to sleep. I have no idea how long we were out but I soon start having a dream. Someone is starting to suck my limp cock. It doesn’t stay that way long. Damn the girl in my dreams was good. Doesn’t take long and it’s ready for action. She keeps sucking, deep throating it, pulling off and teasing the tip with her tongue as she strokes it with her hand. She even sucks my balls. I begin to moan. It’s now that I wake up. It was no dream! She looks up at me with her baby blues as she takes it all in her mouth again.

“Swing you legs over here”

She does without hesitation. She places one firm leg on each side of my head and I get to see her pussy again. She continues working my dick, all I can do for the time is grope her ass, check out her love box and love what she is doing to me after a bit I lean forward and run my tongue up her swollen pussy lips, she moans. Sounds like “about fucking time” but she still has a mouthful. I flick my tongue over, around, through finally reaching her clit. I gently suck it into my mouth. This makes her suck me all the harder. I return the favor. I have my arms looped around her legs and I pull her ass cheeks apart.

I move a finger closer to her butt. She sucks my balls again. My finger tip massages the back door while I’m still sucking her. She sucks just the tip as I push the finger tip in.

“ohhhh” she moans “god you are making me cum again”

She grinds into my face then attacks my cock. This time it’s my turn. I feel it deep in my balls. I start humping against her. She is still grind on me. I thrust deep into her mouth and coat her tonsils. She keeps sucking and jerking it with her hand finally I’m limp again. She pushes up on her hands working her hips in a circle. I can hardly keep my mouth on her. She finally squeezes my head with the legs of hers and cums. She falls forward and lays on be for a minute. She rolls off and flips around bayan escort we are just laying next to each other, cum running down our chins.

“Hmmmm…” she sighs contently

I reach over and start to run my fingers down her side. When I get to her middle she giggles.

“Hey that tickles!” I run my fingers the other way.

“OK so I have a question to ask you. “It’s kind of personal”

She laughs “You mean after we did this? I think we are beyond that.”

I laugh too. “OK so I want to know. How many times do you masturbate? I mean once a day, once a week, once a month?”

“Actually not that often. Maybe once a month. Why?”

“I’d like to watch you get yourself off.”

She looks at me wide eyed. “Really? I’ve never done that.”

“Oh yeah! I’d love to watch! Ever had your pussy shaved bald before?”

“No that’s new too” she says with another giggle

“Well there ya go. I want to watch you feel your bald pussy and make yourself cum.”

She lays back and closes her eyes. I prop myself up on one elbow. I look her over. Perky tits with hard nipples, trim waist with toned abs, her now bald and throughly fucked pussy, and those long strong legs

her hands are at her sides but she starts to bring them up her sides and across her belly. They then head north. She cups her tits, kneaded them, finally rolling her erect nipples between her fingers. Her right hands starts to traveling back south. It reaches where her muff had originally start. All that was there was smooth skin, She hesitates for a second and then continues. She spreads her legs slightly as her fingers reach the top of her slit. Her hand again stops for a second. She spreads her legs further. She runs her fingers lightly across her freshly shaved pussy. She is exploring herself. Back to the top she presses her finger tip against her clit, and lets out a little moan. She works it faster. Soon she is rubbing 3 fingers across her clit. She spreads her legs wide and slips s finger into her cunt. Then 2. Her other hand comes down and starts on her clit as she finger fucks herself. She starts humping against her hands. She thrusts her hips up and moans loudly. She keeps thrusting. Finally she comes down and she pulls her hands away back to her side. She is breathing hard. She slowly opens her eyes and looks over at me with a sheepish smile.


“Oh my god that was wonderful. You look gorgeous when you cum.”

She blushes.

“OK now it’s my turn to make you cum again! But as you can see I haven’t recovered yet. So…”

I reach in the stand beside the bed and pull out a small vibrator. One of those little ones egg shaped about the size of a couple fingers.

“OK so what is that?” she asks.

“A vibrator! Of course! A nice little one you can take with you.”

“ummm… ok and you are going to do what?”

“Just lay back, relax and enjoy. Have I steered you wrong today?”

“Alright” she says not completely convinced.

I take the vibe in one hand and the control in the other. I put it tip to tip to one of her hard nips and turn it on. It jumps to life. She lets out a squeal as her nipple comes to life. This is followed by an “ahhhh” as she relaxes again. I circle her nipple and then go after her other one. She is really enjoying it. I flip it off and she looks at me like “Why?”

“shhh” I say as I drag the small toy down her tight bod. “spread you legs a little again…”

She obeys but looks a little scared this time. I work the little vibe down into her clit.

“Ready?” before she answers I flip the switch again.

“Ahhhh” it’s like an electrical switch was thrown.

Her legs push up against the toy. I have a hard time keeping it in place she is bucking so hard.

“oh god! oh god! oh god!”

Finally her hold body tightens and she cums. I pull it away and she collapses on the bed again.

“Hmm I think she liked that.”

“I HAVE to get me one of those things!”

“I told you, this one is for you. Alright one more personal question.”

“Really? Really? Do you even have to say that any more? Fire away.”

Her breathing is heavy, she is trying to catch her breath.

“Is there anything that you have done that you liked but haven’t done again? Or is there something you have always wanted to try but haven’t done?”

She blushes “Well my hubby did me anal one time. It didn’t do much for him but I liked it! He won’t do it again.”

“I can take care of that.”

I reach into the sidestand and pull out a plastic ziplock with to 2 plastic test tube looking vials.

“This is His & Hers KY jelly. Put one on you, one on me and then when they mix, wow”

“So I’ll put this one on you. You cover me and we’ll go from there.”

She grabbed the his opened it and started working it on to my now hardening dick. I grabbed the other and squirted it onto the top of her pussy and started working it in.

“Spread a little more. Need to get to the back door.”

She did and my fingers find their way to the butthole We are soon all lubed up.


I move between her legs and hook her knees at my elbows. I start by slipping my dick into her pussy. I feel her squeeze it again as she moans. I thrust into her for a little while to get her going.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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