The Fuck Wall

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It had been two weeks since I had fucked that beautiful blonde bombshell with the amazing ass. I couldn’t stop thinking about her warm, wet pussy wrapped around my pulsing cock; my hands rubbing her smooth cheeks. The way she desperately bounced up and down begging for every inch; her gorgeous tits swaying inches from my face…god I had died and gone to heaven.

Just thinking of her on my drive home made my pole stand at attention. I was getting so excited so quickly, I could already feel precum rising up my shaft. Damn gridlock! All I wanted to do was get home, turn on some porn, and unload inside my fleshlight. It wasn’t anything compared to Miss Big Tits but it was certainly miles better than ye’ ol’ hand.

She was the best fuck I’d had in a long time. It’s too bad she was only here on a short business trip. We could have turned it into something you only read about in erotic novels.

My phone rang. “This is Greg,” I said.

“Dude! Hey you’re never going to believe where I was last night! There were tits and ass as far as the eye could see. You’ve got to come. What are you doing Friday?”

“Uh nothing. Wait, slow down. What?” I asked eagerly. My imagination was running wild but I still had no idea what he was talking about.

“That new joint that opened up at the end of Route 6? It’s fucking amazing! We’re going Friday. You won’t be disappointed. Hey, I gotta go. Be there at 8.” He hung up.

What in god’s name was he talking about? My mind was reeling but all I could think about was getting home. My balls were aching. So many times I’ve thought about pulling my dick out in traffic on the way home to stroke it for some relief. Though I’ve never been able to bring myself to actually do it. Maybe I should leave the damn fleshlight in the car. I wish I had it now. I was dying.

My boxers were getting so tight, almost binding my pulsing rod. Oh fuck! I saw an opening in traffic and punched it. After another 5 minutes I was off the freeway and pulling into my driveway, getting out as fast as I could. I had never been this horny before.

I rushed inside and turned on my computer. I grabbed my fake pussy out of the closet and dropped my pants. Before they hit the ground, my computer dinged. An email from Miss Big Tits. Upon opening it, I found a link and the words, “I know you miss me. Hope this helps ease the pain.”

I clicked the link and it opened up a video. It was of her! I clicked play, she walked toward the camera. She was wearing a midriff shirt exposing her flat stomach with her belly button piercing. Her shirt was so short it was teasing me, knowing just a fraction of an inch higher were her beautiful tits. Below she had a pair of super tight, super short boody shorts. She spun 360 degrees and showed off her ass. Cheeks were spilling from under the fabric. My dick immediately stood illegal bahis at attention.

On a scale of 1-10, she was a 12. Her ass filled out the shorts, threatening to rip at the seams. It wasn’t a big ass but it was tight and firm. She was still clothed but she was driving me crazy. My cock started throbbing.

As she approached the camera, she put her hands on her hips and rocked them from side to side, bouncing a little, “I hope this makes up for me leaving. I already miss that big hard cock of yours.” She bit her lip. She slid her hands upward and underneath her cutoff. She gave her tits a squeeze and jiggled them in her hands. I instantly plunged the fleshlight over my dick and began pumping. God she was beautiful.

With one quick motion, she had pulled her shirt over her head, making sure to lift her mounds with it. She let go and they bounced and swayed. I pumped a little quicker.

“You like what you see? I want you to jack off to me. I want you to cum for me baby,” she said seductively leaning back onto her bed. She stuck two thumbs under her boody shorts and slid them down. In the process, she made sure to squeeze her breasts together with her arms. She tossed the shorts aside and spread her legs, exposing her bare pussy. She was clearly already wet herself. I could see her pussy was shiny and a droplet was forming under her lips.

She rubbed her clit hood with her middle and ring finger, moaning softly. I kept sliding the fake pussy over my cock. I was breathing heavily.

She slid her fingers down and spread her lips open, I could see all of her. Such beauty, such…oh god I wish I could put my dick inside her. I was so close to cumming that I had to slow down. I wanted to see where this was going and if she would cum, I wanted to cum with her but I NEEDED release.

She moved her left hand and slid something from under the covers. It was a vibrator. She clicked it on and held it between her mounds, “I bet you wish this was your cock fucking my tits.” She pumped the vibrator between her breasts a few times before moving it to stimulate her nipples. She moaned. After a few seconds of this, she slid it down her front until it reached her pussy. She toyed it around the opening and across her engorged clit. She pushed the toy to her opening and moaned again, louder, now using her other hand to massage her clit.

I had to consciously slow myself down again and again so I wouldn’t cum. She pumped the toy in her warmth and rubbed her clit faster. She was now moaning continuously, “I’m gonna cum. Cum with me baby. Spray that cum all over. Oh god. Oh God, OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD,” she shrieked.

I pumped furiously and grabbed my balls, massaging them. Tension grew. I could feel the cum starting to rise in me. I kept my eyes glued to her. An explosive orgasm was rising up in each of us. “OH illegal bahis siteleri FUCK!” she screamed one last time. We both came. Our hips were bucking and bodies convulsing. She leaned back a little further and let the vibrator slid out of her soaking pussy. Her legs were soaked from her natural lube.

I could barely move. I had cum so hard and so much that for the first time I had cum leaking from the fleshlight and down my balls.

“I hope you enjoyed watching me play with my clit but now you owe me. You will make a video for me. I want to touch myself while watching you jack off that amazing cock of yours. I can’t wait to see you. Bye Love,” she blew a kiss towards the screen and it faded black. She was gone.

I sat there for a minute trying to gather myself but still in the bliss of orgasm. Cum was now leaking onto the floor and I decided to clean up and take a long shower.

The water was hot and filled the room with steam. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. She was so amazing. What I would give to have her just one more time…

The week plugged along. All I could think about was that video. I would have to watch it again but tomorrow was Friday and I would be meeting my friend. I still had no idea what to expect. Something to do with tits though so I was game.

Friday night came and I drove to the spot. There were several cars parked outside. It looked like a small, square concrete building. Joe’s car was out front too. I parked and went to the door. I could hear moaning coming from inside. I turned the knob and went in.

To my right was a desk and a beautiful redhead said hello, “Welcome. We have stall 3 open at the moment. Do you have a particular act you would like? Tits, mouth, pussy, anal, or mystery? We have combo sessions available as well.”

“I’m sorry, what?” I asked bewildered. I was slightly overwhelmed by this rather abrupt conversation. This was unfolding rapidly and I tried taking it all in.

Just then, Joe slapped me on the shoulder, “He’ll have the mystery. It’s on me.”

“Thank you. Right this way sir. Stall 3 awaits. I’ll go back and let them know you are ready.”

Joe led me to a giant wall in the back. Along it, there were stalls with doors. The wall itself was divided in two, horizontally. The top half appeared to be glass but I couldn’t see through it. The bottom half was just a wall.

I opened the stall door and in front of me was a circular hole in the wall. To my left was a bench. “Put your pants on the bench. I’ll be a few stalls down. Enjoy!” he closed the door and was gone. I was slightly aroused already from hearing the moaning throughout the building. I pulled my pants down and my rod bounced free.

“Oh my,” I heard from behind the wall. The voice was soft and female. “Don’t be alarmed. Please walk forward, close to canlı bahis siteleri the wall, and close your eyes.”

I was reluctant but my body had other ideas. I was up against the smoked glass and my cock aligned perfectly with the six inch diameter hole. I briefly saw a woman’s hand reach through, grabbed my cock, and pulled me through. I stood there pressed against the glass waiting. I figured I knew what would happen next but didn’t know exactly what. I felt something warm and wet slightly touch the tip of my cock. It felt amazing, just the lightest touch. I couldn’t tell if it was a mouth or a pussy. It happened again but lingered. So warm. My cock was starting to throb and bounce by itself.

The third time it didn’t let up. Something so warm and wet was slowly sliding over my cock. A pussy for sure. But I’ve never had one this tight before. There was so much pressure pushing back against my head. More and more pressure until my head pushed passed her opening. I slid deep into her. “Oh fuck,” I let out, not realizing I had made a sound. I held myself against the wall and she slowly picked up her pace. Her dripping lips were dragging along my shaft and squeezing, almost sucking my cock.

I felt an orgasm creeping up on me and just before I came, the pussy slipped off my cock with a pop. I was almost disappointed that it stopped but then felt something different. A tongue. Licking up the full length of my shaft. It circled my head and I felt a pair of lips. She took me into her mouth and I started receiving the most pleasurable blowjob of my life.

Just then, the glass changed color, to clear. I could see through the wall. Standing there in front of me was this busty beauty. Long brown hair draped over the tops of her large boobs, completely nude and fair skinned. Her bright green eyes looked straight into me. She took her breasts in her hands and squeezed them. Boobflesh spilled through her open fingers. She pinched her nipples and moaned. She grabbed her massive tits again and began shaking them, making them bounce and knock into each other. Bouncing tits always push me towards an immediate orgasm.

Kneeled in front of her was the redhead I had met at the door, giving me the amazing blowjob. She too was naked. Her head bobbed up and down. She slowed and pushed my dick towards the back of her throat. She paused when I reached the end. She pushed and swallowed, I could feel my cock slide down the back of her throat. She was a natural. The redhead massaged my balls and I lost control. I came hard. Cum welled up inside my cock and exploded down her throat. I emptied every bit of cum into her. She slid back slightly and sucked every last drop of cum from my cock, licking her lips.

“Thank you for cumming to The Fuck Wall. We hope to see you soon,” she winked and the glass changed color again. They were gone. I stepped back and reached for my clothes. The smile on my face must have been prevalent enough because Joe stopped me coming out of the stall.

“I told you. You’re going to come back aren’t you?”

“Every day of my life,” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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