The Funeral Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

It was the phone call all adult children expect. We are never prepared for it when it comes though. Even when you are 45, you are not ready for the call.

I was working at my desk completing some bookkeeping duties for my in-home business when the phone rang. It was my mother. “Hello David. I have sad news. Your father died during the night.”

WOW!!!! I was speechless. Even though he had been sick, I was not ready to hear those words. Dad had several strokes about 8 months before that had left him pretty much a vegetable. His health had been declining since then. Now he was gone.

I told my mom I would be there in about an hour. I only lived about 30 minutes away. So I packed and left.

When I got to the house, mom was pretty quiet but I could sense a relief as well. The past few months had been very hard on her.

The rest of the day was spent visiting the lawyers, the funeral home and the bank. There are so many details to attend to. The funeral would be in three days with visitations the next two evenings.

Mom and I had a relaxing evening. Several of the neighbours and a few relatives dropped by or called to express their regrets. By 8 pm, everything was quiet. Mom and I spent a few hours sharing both some wine and stories of dad. It was a special evening.

About 11, mom said goodnight and headed up to bed. I told her I wanted to watch the news then I would be up.

I headed upstairs just after the news. My suitcase was in my old room. I unpacked then headed for the shower. I was in my pj’s afterwards as I headed to my room.

When I passed mom’s door, I heard her call out to me. I opened the door and stuck my head in. Mom said to me, “Would you come and lay next to me. I am having trouble falling asleep. I’ve not been alone in this bed for many many years.”

“Sure mom.” I headed over to the bed and got under the covers as I lay down. Mom was on her side facing away from me and slid backward so she was pressed into me.

The next thing I knew, the sun was shining in the window. I was “spooned” in behind mom. She had her head on my one arm. My other arm was wrapped around her with my hand on her breast. As I realize I was holding her breast, I slowly moved my hand and then rolled backward away from her. It was then I realized I had a huge hard-on!!!!

I could not believe I had been sleeping holding my mother all night and now I had this huge hard-on. Many thoughts came flooding into my brain about when I was younger and lived in this house.

You see, my mother used to walk around the house in her underwear. She loved matching panties and bra outfits and used to come down in the morning to make breakfast in just her panties and bra. It was nothing new to me but she gave me many a hard-on when I was a teenager. There was one outfit in particular that was unbelievable. It was red and sheer. I shot many a load even in my adult years, thinking about mom wearing that one.

As I lay there, mom woke up and got out of bed. I watched her walk to the on-suite bathroom. The shower came on and I heard mom get in. I just lay there thinking about her in the shower and the red outfit again. It was not long before the shower shut off. I could hear mom singing to herself. I rolled onto my side. I could see mom’s side of the room and the door to the on-suite.

A few minutes later, mom came out. She had a towel wrapped around her head for her wet hair and another towel wrapped around her body. She went to her dresser and picked out a dark blue panty and bra. Putting the bra on top of the dresser, she turned the panties over in her hands to find the top then quickly, she bent over with her bum facing me and stepped into them. Up her legs they went and she pulled them over her bum. The towel hid just about everything. I got a quick glimpse of her butt. She then picked up the bra, got it adjusted correctly then she dropped the towel that was around her body. She quickly put on the bra then did up the hooks. She bent over, got the towel and was back in the bathroom. All I saw was her back and panty covered ass.

I must tell you that mom was only 61 at this time and she had kept her figure in wonderful shape. It must have been all the tennis she played.

Why was mom so young? When she was 15, she became pregnant. My grandparents would not hear of an abortion. So when I was born, they became my surrogate parents. Yes mom was there with me every day while she finished high school but it was my grandparents that were my real parents early in my life. Mom went to college after high school and I stayed with my grandparents.

It was at college that my mom met dad. He was a professor so he was older than her. When dad died, he was 74. cebeci escort Now don’t start thinking that mom slept with her professor for marks. They met at a social one night and just hit it off. I know she didn’t sleep with him for marks because he taught physics and mom studied English and Journalism. You don’t sleep with a physics prof when those are your majors.

After mom graduated, she married dad. I was 8 at the time. I then moved in with them and we became a family. I loved my dad. Even though he was older, he did all the father things with me. A year after they were married, my brother was born. Two years after that, my sister was born.

I won’t go into details but my brother lost his life in Vietnam. My sister died 3 years before my father when a drunk T-boned her car. So now mom and I were all that was left of our family.

As mom had been putting on her panties and bra, I was laying there slowly stroking my cock. After she went back the bathroom, I was out of bed in a shot. My cock was leading the way. I headed for the main bathroom. As soon as the door was closed, I was on the can and stroking. I shot a huge load into the toilet.

I dressed after that and went downstairs. Mom was making breakfast. The rest of the day was spent with chores, visits from neighbours again. Phone calls from more relatives. The first visitation at the funeral home was in the evening. Everything went well. After we got home, we each had a glass of wine. Mom then said goodnight and I watched the news.

I went upstairs and got ready for bed. Again as I was passing her room to go to bed, mom called to me and asked me to lie beside her. She had a wonderful sleep last night and needed another one tonight. So I got into the bed again. Mom snuggled back into me and we were asleep.

In the morning, I woke up with my mom in my arms again. I did not move this time but enjoyed the feel of her tit in my hand. I gently squeezed it. I could feel the nipple grow hard under the palm of my hand. One big difference today was my cock. It had escaped the confines of my pj bottoms and was nicely nestled at the back of mom’s pussy crack. Her nightgown had ridden up so we had skin-to-skin contact. It felt wonderful.

After about 20 minutes, mom woke up. I still did not move. I did feel mom press harder into me though. We lay there for another 10 minutes then mom slid out of the bed. The tip of my cock actually slid up her bum crack a bit.

Mom went to the on-suite again. I heard the shower and lay there slowly stroking my cock and thinking about my mom’s tit, ass and pussy. I realized the shower had shut off when I heard my mom singing again. She came out with the towels wrapped around her like yesterday. She went to the dresser and picked out a black bra and panties. Without turning her back to me, she dropped the towel as she adjusted her panties. I could see the side of her tit and the bush of her pussy sticking out. Mom then put the panties on. She stood there for a few seconds and adjusted them into place. I was watching her tit. This was the first time I had see her bare tit. It looked very inviting. Now she picked up the bra and started to get it ready to put on. Slowly it went up her arms then she reached back and hooked it up. After it was on, she went back to the bathroom.

This time I set a land speed record making it into the main bathroom. My cock was super hard and I was shooting into the can in record time. What a vision my mom had been.

The rest of the day pasted like the one before. After we had our wine, mom was saying goodnight when she said to me, “Please sleep with me again. I really enjoy having your warmth all night long.”

“Ok mom. If you want. I’ll just watch the news first then will be up.” Mom had a little smile as she left the room. So again, I crawled into bed with mom when I was ready. She snuggled back into me. This time though, I rolled so we were spooning.

The morning sun woke me. I had mom in my arms and her tit in my hand. My huge hard on was firmly planted between her legs. I think my cock was partly buried in her pussy lips. I did not dare to move in case I woke her up. I did not want her to be upset. I felt her nipple harden again. I even think I could feel her pussy get wet. It was glorious. Slowly mom awoke. She did not move much but I could feel her pussy moving a bit along my cock. I think she was flexing her pussy muscles. After about 20 minutes I felt mom’s hand move between us. She grabbed my cock and slowly pulled it out from between her legs. I almost jumped at the softness of her hand on my cock. She then got out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

I just lay there. My cock was indeed wet along cebeci escort bayan the top side. Mom had been getting turned on with my cock pressing her pussy. I know I was really turned on. The shower stopped. Mom came out wearing the towels again.

Today her routine was different though. First she sorted through her bras and panties. A matching black set came out. She laid them on the bed. Then she went into another drawer and pulled out a pair of black stocking. These were laid on the bed carefully. Then a black garter belt appeared. Finally she pulled out a black slip. These were laid on the bed also.

Mom stood there facing the bed and me. She reached under her arm, unhooked the towel and then she just let it dropped to the floor. There she was, fully naked. The first time in my life I had seen her completely naked. She looked amazing. Her bush was still dark. Her tits looked perfect. My cock was a steel pole.

She picked up a stocking and slowly inspected it for holes or runs. Then she rolled it up in her hands. One foot came up and was put on the bed. It was the leg closest to me so I could not see her pussy. She unrolled the stocking up her leg and adjusted it into place. Her foot went down and she picked up the second stocking. Again she inspected it as I inspected her naked body. She rolled the stocking and then put her other foot on the bed. This time I had a perfect view between her legs. I could make out the outline of her pussy lips. They looked swollen and puffy. She then unrolled the stocking up her leg. This time she kept her leg on the bed as she straightened and adjusted it. I kept my eyes on her pussy and her tits as they swung while she worked.

Finally she put her foot on the floor. The panties were next. She stepped into them. When they were up, she put her fingers between her legs and adjusted the panties to smooth them over her body. The garter belt was next. She took her time putting the clips onto the stocking. Next was the bra. Mom took several seconds aligning it before putting it on. When it was done up, she walked over to the full length mirror and stood there looking at herself. I heard her say, “Harold, one last time for you my love.” Harold was my dad. She came back to the bed, picked up the slip and stepped into it. She then went back to the bathroom. I could hear her singing again.

If I thought I ran quickly yesterday, today was unbelievable. I was beating my cock in record time. My cum was shooting into the bowl. Only this time, my cock did not get softer. I had to beat it again and deposit another load before it started to soften.

Today was the funeral. Mom was in a black dress. She looked incredible. I could not get the image of her naked body out of my head. After the funeral and burial, everyone came back to the house. Mom sat in one corner of the living room most of the day. Late in the afternoon, people started to leave. By 6 pm, only relatives remained. The party started then. There was good food, good booze and many stories of my dad, his brother and of course about my mom also. It was great evening. My 11, everyone had gone.

Mom told me she was bushed and was heading to bed. “Please sleep with me again my love?” I could not refuse.

This time, when I got into her bed, mom immediately rolled over into me. This time she was facing me. Her head was on my shoulder so my arm was along her back. I put my hand on her side. Before I could register that something was different, I felt my mom put her hand on my cock. It instantly hardened. She began to slow stroke my cock through my pj pants. It was then that it hit me what was different. Mom was naked. She didn’t have her nightgown on.

“David, did you enjoy watching me get dressed this morning?”

I was shocked. She had known I was awake? I started to lie, “I didn’t see……”

“It’s ok my love. I wanted you to see me naked today. You had this magnificent cock between my legs and it felt wonderful. Your hand on my tit all night was incredible. So did you enjoy seeing me?”

“Yes mom. You have an incredible figure. You looked fantastic.”

“Thank you my love. I needed to hear that.” Her hand was still stroking my cock. “You know, your father has been sick for a long time. When he had his stroke, he lost the ability to have an erection. We didn’t make love for the last 8 months of his life. I’m going to ask you something out of pure love. Will you make love to me?”

“Mom? Tonight? We just buried dad!!!”

“I know my love but to me he has been dead for many months now. I have thought about this for a long time. When I used to walk around in my bra and panties, I would get very wet. I could see your hard-on escort cebeci and I would get turned on. I never did anything because I was married to your father. Now he is gone and I need you. I need you very much!!!”

With that said, she found the opening in my pants and fished my hard cock out. Her fingers were magical on my cock. She took one finger and smeared the pre-cum around the head. That made me even harder.

Without asking, she put her head under the covers and suddenly my cock was in her mouth. Oh my!!!!! She had a vacuum for a mouth. My cock was deep in there in no time and her tongue was doing things I had never felt before. I could feel my cum building quickly. Many years of fantasies were boiling up in my groin. “Mom I am going to cum.” I told her. Mom responded by sucking harder. Her hand was stroking the length of my cock. “I’m cumming mom!!!!” and I shot into her mouth. Mom did not miss a beat and sucked me until I stopped. She then licked all around the head until I was clean.

Mom then came out from under the covers. She kissed me on the lips. Her hand was still on my cock. I then felt her undo my pants. She worked her way up my top undoing the buttons. My top opened and I felt her naked tits on my chest. Our kiss did not stop the whole time she was undressing me.

“My love, I’ve dreamed about this night forever!!! I’ve wanted to suck you and then fuck you since you were a teenager. I cannot tell you the number of times I fucked your father thinking about you hard cock.” Mom then moved up and climbed on top of me. Her hand was on my cock. She moved the tip along her wet pussy lips twice then she put the tip at her hole. Mom let go of my cock. In one quick downward thrust, I was deep inside her. She felt tight. Hot, wet and tight.

She leaned forward and put her hands on my chest. She then started to ride my cock. “Oh David. This feels better than I ever dreamed it would. Your cock is amazing.” Mom then started to bounce up and down. Quicker and quicker she moved. I could feel my next cum starting to build already. Suddenly mom threw her head back and let out a scream. I could feel her pussy quake around my cock. That did it. I blew my load deep into her pussy.

When we were both finished, mom collapsed on my chest. My cock stayed in her. She flexed her pussy ever few seconds. I stayed very hard. When we had caught our breath, I rolled us over. Mom was on her back. I started to slide in and out of her soaked pussy. She was making squishy noises with my cum inside of her. After cumming twice, I was in no hurry. I didn’t want this night to end. I was slowly pushing in and pulling out and enjoying the wonderful feeling of her pussy. Mom used her muscles to grip my cock which only made me want her more.

After about 20 minutes of a nice leisurely fuck, I started to pump faster. “That’s it my love. Give it to mommy. Give it to me good. Slam my pussy. After all the years I teased you and made you hard, you deserve to fuck me real hard.” I had never heard my mom talk like that. It was turning me on. So I started to pound into her pussy. “That’s it baby. Give it to me good. Make you mommy cum again. Make you mommy scream with delight.” So I did. Harder and harder I slammed her. Her head was rolling from side to side. She then screamed out, “I’m cumming!!!! Fuck me harder my love.” It was then I felt my cum start. I pumped in hard and held still. I shot my load deep in her cunt. It felt incredible.

When I finished, I collapsed on the bed beside mom. My cock pulled out of her. I rolled onto my back and mom rolled on top of me. Her head was on my chest. We did not talk but just fell asleep.

In the morning, I woke to something touching my cock. As I became more awake, I realized it was my mom’s mouth on my cock. Her hand was stroking my balls. I was very hard.

Mom let my cock out of her mouth and said, “Good morning my love. My pussy and your cum taste amazing together.” My cock was back in her mouth. I reached over and put my hand between her legs. Her pussy was soaked and hot. We only lasted a few minutes like this. Mom then got on her hands and knees. “Come on my love. Give it to me good again. I need your cock in my pussy.”

So I got behind her. My cock found her hole and I pushed in. Her cunt felt amazing. Neither of us lasted very long before we came and came.

After our morning love making, mom laid on me again. Her naked tits felt incredible on my chest. “My love, I have something to ask you. We are the only two left now. You are divorced and I am alone. Why don’t you move back in here with me? You can be my lover. Before you object. There is no need for you to live in your house and me in this one. This is your house now or it will be when I die so you might as well stop paying your mortgage payments there and live here. Besides, we both need this good sex. Believe it or not, I need this EVERY day! So what do you say?”

My only answer was to roll her over and push my cook deep into her willing pussy.

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