The Game Ch. 034

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Josephine Ann van DeGroot surveyed herself in the mirror. She hadn’t worn this gown since they had returned from that cruise several months ago. She laughed to herself, recalling how she had nearly fallen when she had tried to take too long a step and the tight hem at her ankles nearly tripped her.

That was no longer a problem; as soon as they returned home, she had taken the garmet to her dressmaker and had slits cut on either side, slits that extended almost to her hip line. Now when she walked normally, her legs were visible, even to the tops of her stockings, showing just a trace of bare skin. Now it was a very sexy gown, far from the original prim design.

When she came downstairs, Harry gave a low, appreciative, whistle, then, “Wow, Babe,you look sexy as hell. It’s too bad we’re not stopping at Tony’s tonight. He’d really get a boner from looking at you.”

Jo whirled around, letting both front and rear panels of the skirt flair out. “How’s that, Love? Can you see anything?”

“Oh yeah, everything! Come on, let’s go before I lose control of myself.”

They left, getting into Harry’s Porsche for the twenty minute ride to the ‘club’. When Harry pulled into the parking lot, Jo was a little nonplused. It was a small ware-house. The parking lot held fifteen or sixteen luxury cars and Harry parked right next to a Lincoln Town Car. Leaving the car, he led Jo to a side door to the building.

Inside, in a small entry room, they were met by a tuxedo clad greeter. Harry handed him a card which he looked at briefly, handed back to Harry, then, wordlessly, opened a second door for them to enter the club.

The room was very dimly lit, Jo couldn’t make out more than several small cocktail type tables with people seated at most of them. As soon as the door closed behind them, a young waitress accosted them. Jo’s jaw dropped; the young girl was naked except for a miniscule thong that just barely covered her pussy lips.She led them to a vacant table, then took their orders for drinks. “My god, Harry, what kind of place is this,” she questioning whispered.

“Right up your alley, sweetheart, a sex club,” he replied. “It’s not for swingers, just married couples who enjoy all kinds of sex and, to do it in front of others. There are no singles here and no switching of partners.”

Now, as her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, when güvenilir bahis Jo looked around the room, she could see that practically every one was naked and they were all gazing at one end of the room. When Jo followed their gaze, she saw a small platform, no more than fifteen feet from them. As her eyes became more and more adjusted to the dim lighting, she could see a man laying on his back, a very skinny woman sitting astride him, her hips moving in a circular motion. It was clear that she was fucking him!

Jo had seen movies of people fucking, but never in the flesh and she began to get excited. “Let’s get naked, Dear,” Harry whispered from beside her. “I’m getting out of my stuff.” Jo nodded agreement and pulled the gown down off her shoulders, to her waist.

When they stood up together, Harry had already shed his trousers and under pants, showing a partially erect cock. Jo wriggled her gown down over her hips and stepped out of it, keeping only her elastic top stockings. Now, as they sat back down, both were naked. At just that moment, their waitress showed up with their drinks. She glanced at Jo and murmured aloud, “Nice titties, Mam.”

Jo looked up at her and replied, “Thank you. You’re not so bad in the tit department either, girl.”

Before Jo could return her attention to the couple on the stage, a rather plump woman at the table next to them, had gotten onto her table, spreading her legs, pulling her knees up nearly to her shoulders. “Fuck me, Frank,” she almost whimpered. “Fuck me!”

The man, her husband, his cock standing straight out from his groin, stepped up to the table and guided his prick to her cunt. She let out an audible sigh as he penetrated her. “Yeesss, Frank, Fuck me, fuck me.”

“Oh god, Harry,” Jo whispered, “I’m so hot. Finger me, put your finger in me.”

“Wouldn’t you like to go onto the stage and have me eat you?”

“Later, Dear, there’s not enough room up there and I need some relief right now.”

Harry’s fingers quickly found the source of her needs,finding her cunt flowing with her honey. With no trouble he quickly had two fingers buried in her cunt. Jo’s own hand was busy at her clit while her eyes remained glued to the couple on the stage.

“Oh god, Harry, she’s gonna cum! Look at her!”

It was true, the skinny woman was now bouncing up and down on her mate’s prick, her türkçe bahis head thrown back, her eyes closed as though in rapture. After only seconds, her face twisted as though in pain and she stopped all movement, to settle down on her partner, her head turning rapidly from side to side, her long hair flying. She made not a sound.

“Oh god, Harry, I’m gonna do it too! Oh god, oh god, oh god, YEESSS!” Jo was not as quiet as the woman on the stage had been and most of the audience turned to look at her. With her own eyes closed in her own rapture, she didn’t notice.

By the time Jo had recovered and could look back at the couple on the platform, the skinny woman was on her knees, giving her partner a blow job and it was obvious that he was about to cum, he was thrusting his hips up to meet her mouth and breathing hard. Then, “Aaauuuuhhhg.” The woman seemed to gag a little, then, began swallowing rapidly. A drop of his cum seeped out of the corner of her mouth as she drained his balls. There was applause from the audience.

As soon as they left the stage, Harry said, “Come on, Jo, let’s show them how a pussy is eaten. Then you can jerk me off.”

Harry stood up and offered his hand to her and she followed him up onto the small platform.

When they go onto the stage, Jo found it was covered by some sort of padding. She had worried that she’d be laying on a bare wooden floor.

Harry eased her down onto her back and she spread her legs as he knelt in front of her. He wasted no time and as he brought his face to her beckoning cunt, Jo lunged her hips up to meet him. “My clit, Love, my clit. Suck my clit,” she said, loud enough for the audience to hear.

As always, Harry didn’t disappoint her and after a quick lick from her ass upwards, his mouth circled her love button, his tongue teasing it. “Oh yes, Love,” she sighed aloud, “just like that. You do it so good.”

Harry had worked his thumb into her cunt and then, using some of her own juice as lubricant, pushed a finger into her ass. Her reaction was immediate and she began humping wildly. “Yes, damn it, oh god yes,” she sobbed, “make me cum, oh god, make me cum!” She was now oblivious of the fact that they were performing for an audience. All Jo knew was that Harry, her lover, was working his sexual magic on her.

With both hands, she grabbed Harry’s head, her fingers twisted güvenilir bahis siteleri in his hair, pulling him closer and closer, unmindful of the fact that she was all but smothering him. All Jo knew was that the ecstasy of cumming was almost upon her. Nothing else mattered. There was a loud slapping sound as her hipa bounced off the padding.

And then she was there. “Oh god, oh god,” she moaned loudly as everry muscle in her body seemed to contrict. She held her breath, savoring the waves of pleasure that washed through her.

As she slowly recovered from that wonderous feeling and fell back, flat on the mat, she heard the sound of applause and several cries of “Bravo”. She smiled, knowing that her ‘performance’ had met with such approval.

Harry was on his back his now fully engorged cock pointing to the ceiling. Jo took the rod in her mouth, not to suck, but, only to lather it with her saliva. She gripped it in one hand and began stroking it. “That’s it, Dear,” Harry whispered, “Just like that. It’s not going to take long.”

True to his word, it seemingly took only minutes before he began humping her hand. Jo began stroking faster and faster until a drop of cum oozed out of his cock head. She released her hold on his prick as Harry let out a groan and thrust his hips upwards, and a heavy white rope of cum erupted to fall on his chest. His cock jerked and a second rope of cum shot from it to fall on his belly. Jo could hear women in the audience gasp as a third, larger and heavier white rope erupted violently.

As Harry’s cock contiued its jerking motion, more cum oozed out and Jo quickly captured it in her mouth.

As Harry lay there, breathing heavily, Jo crawled up over him, licking the white globs off his belly and chest, winding up with her lips on his as she fed some of his cum to him.

They lay there for several minutes until Harry had recovered, then rose as one and left the stage. Again there was some applause.

When they had returned to their table, Jo looked around the room, seeing couples in all kinds of positions, fucking or getting or giving head.

Harry had picked up his trousers and pulled them on. “Come on, Jo, Let’s get out of here.” She picked up her gown and shoes and, not bothering to put them on, completely nude, followed Harry out into the parking lot.

It was after two o’clock in the morning by the time they got home. Jo couldn’t believe how much time had passed. “Just proves the point,” Harry said. “Time flies when you’re having fun. You did have fun, didn’t you, Jo?

“When can we go back again, Lover man?”

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