The Game Pt. 06

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Contains many different fetishes including gay, cuckold, exhibitionism, and more. No characters described are minors / under the age of 18, and the events described are fictional despite any events they may be based on.

Sleep didn’t come easily after Jay’s last question. I lie in my bed contemplating if I wanted to play the Game. It excited me, yet made me nervous as to what I had already seen. What could happen if I lose, yet, what would happen when I win?

I suddenly awaken to the sound of someone pounding on our door and then hear Norma just outside yelling “Out of bed Slave!” I hear Jay mutter “Shit!” and see him jump out of bed still naked from last night and run to the door. He pulls the door open trying to hide himself behind it in case someone was walking by.

“Get over to your bed!” Norma exclaims while still standing in the open door holding a small garment bag. Jay walks over to the side of his bed and stands at attention while looking at the floor. Meanwhile, Norma walks towards him and slaps his cock and balls with her upturned hand and begins to laugh. Jay winces at the pain, but remains at attention. “This is going to be such a fun weekend having you all to myself.” Norma says. Jays cock and balls appeared to shrink upon hearing this. Norma sits her bag on the bed beside Jay and pulls out a video camera and looks at me handing the camera to me. I slide out from under the sheets still naked sporting a semi hardon. Norma giggles saying “It appears that you like this?”. I just grinned and nodded my head in agreement.

Norma then pulls out a device I had never seen before. She waves her hand for me to come closer and once I’m within reach, she hands it to me and grabs the camera and turns it on. Norma then tells me that it’s a chastity device and showed me how to take it apart. Once apart, she then instructed me on how to put it on Jay. Jay continued to look at the ground as I slipped a plastic horseshoe looking plastic ring behind and around his balls and cock. The next part was a plastic piece that looked like a small penis and was hollow inside. “Put his little cock inside” Norma instructed. She then handed me a tube of vaseline and told me to lube his cock. I did as instructed which made Jays cock harden a little. Norma suddenly smacked Jays cock and balls with her fist doubling Jay over. When Jay stood up again, it appeared that his cock was shrinking again. I then pushed his softened little cock into the confines of the device and after being instructed how, pushed it onto the pegs of the collar. Norma then handed me a small padlock in which I could see where it was supposed to go to lock the device in place.

Once locked, I stood up admiring my work and heard Norma begin to laugh. Little did I know, I was now sporting a huge hard on and even had a little precum dribbling from the end. “Clean him up” Norma tells Jay while holding the camera. Jay immediately dropped to his knees and took my cock in his mouth. He licked the end and then the shaft. I felt like I was about to burst when Norma told him to stop.

Norma turns to me and tells me to get dressed while she set the camera on a dresser aimed at Jays bed. She then goes back to Jay and grabs him by the hair and pulls him to follow her on his knees back over to his bed where the bag lie. Once there, she pulls some lipstick and mascara and began to put it on Jays face. When she was done, Jay’s face looked like a cheap whore with bright red lipstick globbed on his lips, bright blue mascara on his eye lids, and his cheeks were bright pink with powder. And across his forehead, in bright red lipstick, WHORE.

“On your bed and on your hands and knees Slave” Norma then tells Jay. Jay immediately does as instructed with his ass facing us. Norma then began to write in lipstick above escort bursa his ass CUMDUMP like it a cheap tramp stamp. Norma then instructed Jay to put his head down on the mattress and to push his ass up. Doing this, Jay’s butt crack opened up revealing his asshole. Even after the ravishing it took last night, it still looked tight and closed, but you could tell that it was swelled a bit and red, and even had some white crust on his ballsack that I assumed was dried up cum from earlier.

Norma then pulled out a tube that looked like an over sized syringe. The one end was tapered and the syringe widened to about a three inch diameter and was about 12 inches long. Norma then pulled the plunger out and filled it with a lubricant of some type and replaced the plunger. Norma then pushed the plunger in a bit expelling a little out of the tapered in. Norma spread the lube on the end and put it to Jay’s upturned asshole. She then motioned me to take it in which she grabbed the camera and brought it in close.

“Push it in” Norma instructed. I did as told in which the syringe slid in easily at first. Jay’s asshole opened allowing it to begin to enter. Norma urged me to push it in further as I watch the skin around his asshole get tighter and tighter. Jay began to breath heavier as the girth was opening him up. “Give him some lube” Norma advised. I pushed the plunger in a bit and pulled the syringe back a little. “Now fuck his ass with it!” I began to work it in and out going a bit deeper each time. Eventually, Jay was fully impaled on the syringe. Norma told me to hold it deep inside Jay as she went to the bag and returned. Suddenly, Norma reached over to the plunger and quickly pushed it inside the syringe expelling the lube into Jay’s inner regions. Jay lurched forward in which Norma began to spank the cheeks of Jay’s upturned butt. Jay pushed his ass high into the air again knowing that would stop the spanking.

Norma then grabbed the syringe from me and quickly pulled it out of Jays asshole leaving his asshole partially open. With Norma’s other hand, she showed me a large chrome looking ball that had a flair on one end. As quickly as Norma pulled out the syringe, she thrust the chrome ball back into Jay’s asshole leaving the flared end visible. “This butt plug will keep everything inside now” Norma said.

“Stand up!” She exclaims. Jay jumps out of bed and again stands at attention. I now notice that from Jay’s little cock, cum has dribbled out of it and is now hanging from the end. Norma then pulls out a pink tube top and slides it over Jays head and under his arms covering his breasts. I smile while looking at him thinking how he used to make jokes about girls having no tits, and now here he is, more flat chested than any girl we’ve ever seen. But, even so, his flat stomach and absence of hair there looked kind of sexy. Norma then pulled out a thong and when instructed, Jay stepped in to allowing Norma to pull them up into place with a piece of lace going up his butt crack. Norma then pulled out some sheer bright pink shorts. They looked to be to small for a child and the material was so thin, that you could almost see through them without them being worn. Norma bent down and again, Jay stepped into them. Norma then slid them up Jays legs and pulled the shorts up tight into the front and back.

Jay stood again at attention and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Here stood an athletic young man that could fuck about any girl he wanted, now dressed to be fucked himself. Norma again reaches into her bag and this time, pulls out some bright red open toed, high heels. These shoes had the red lace that wind up the lower leg and the heels had to be at least 6 inches. Norma put them on Jay and again had him stand. Jay teetered as he stood but did well not to fall. I was görükle escort amazed how the shoes made the back of Jays legs tighten though. Then Norma again reached into her bag, and this time, she pulls out out a blond wig. She places the wig on Jay’s head and fluttered it around a bit. When Jay turned to face me, the wig reminded me of a blond actress who used to be on some of the old reruns. I think her name was Farrah Fawcett or something like that.

“Time to go!” Norma exclaims in which she then grabs her bag looks at Jay, and says “Meet you at my car.” Jay’s face went pale, but he quickly turns towards the door and walks out in to the hall. It was then that I noticed that the more he walked, the more the shorts creeped up into his ass crack in which the bottom of his butt cheeks became even more visible and the contour of his butt was even more visible. Norma and I followed a short distance behind giggling as we walked.

By the time we got to the parking lot, a few guys that were still on campus had noticed Jay and were trying to inconspicuously get a better look. This was the same time that we noticed Jay reach back and pull the shorts out of his butt crack and try to hide his rear end a bit. Jay finally makes it to the far side of the parking lot to where a red Mustang convertible was parked. There, he stops and stands beside it with his head down. The guys earlier mentioned were now closing in getting even closer and you could hear them laughing and making comments. We arrived a head of the guys and you could see that Jay was wanting to get inside the car as quickly as possible, but when Norma got there, she set her back on the trunk lid and began to dig for something eventually pulling a set of handcuffs.

“Hands out! She commanded and Jay did as instructed. She quickly placed his wrists in the cuffs and then spins Jay around facing the guys. She then grabs the back waistband of the shorts and pulls them high almost lifting Jay off the ground. Doing this, the shorts became even tighter across Jay’s encompassed cock and balls clearly showing every feature and the material went up into the crack of his ass now exposing half his bare butt. Norma continued to lift driving the butt plug deeper into Jay’s rectum in which he let out a little moan. A moan maybe of pain, or maybe it was pleasure. She continued to lift until I heard the sound of material ripping.

Norma clicks her remote and the vehicle unlocks in which Jay immediately jumps in the backseat. While Jay bent over to climb in, I notice that the shorts have ripped in the crotch and now Jay’s balls and the butt plug is visible when he bends over. I jump in the passenger seat as Norma slowly walks over and climbs in to the drivers seat. She starts the car and right before the guys arrive, we drive away.

Just as we get to the edge of town, a few short blocks away from the college, Norma exclaims that we’re going to have to get gas and pulls into a full service gas station up to the pumps. “Be a dear and fill the tank while we run inside and get something to eat.” Norma tells Jay. We then get out and walk inside with Norma reminding me to bring the video camera. Once inside, we notice that the only person working is an older gentleman who walked up from the back garage. He was short man, balding, who as he came near, you could smell the odor of old sweat. He was dressed in old dirty jeans and a white t-shirt that looked liked it hadn’t been washed in weeks.

We set our sodas and food on the counter and told the old man that Jay would be paying for everything when he comes in to pay for the gas. “What the hell?” the old man exclaimed as he looked out to the car. “He’s our slave for the week and will do about anything we ask.” Norma explained. The old man grinned and watched bursa escort bayan Jay as he finished filling the tank and walk into the store.

“That’ll be thirty five dollars and nine cents.” The old man says. Jay looks at Norma and I in which Norma advises that we don’t have any money. “Can he work it off?” Norma asks the old man. The old man then reaches over to the window and flips the open sign to closed and grabs Jay by the cuffs and begins to walk to the back of the store. We follow the old man and Norma tells me to start recording.

Once in the back room, the old man sits down on the edge of an old dirty bed and makes Jay stand directly in front of him facing him. The old man then reaches up and grabs both sides of the shorts and one swift move, pulls them down revealing Jay’s caged cock and balls. “Looks like he’s been a bad boy?” the old man exclaims. Bad boys deserve punishment. “Kneel over my lap!” He then instructs. Jay slowly laid over his lap which due to the bed being so low, forced his legs apart exposing his butt plug.

“And what do we have here?” the old man asks. The old man grabbed the butt plug and began to pull on it in which Jay’s little hole kept ahold of it trying to keep it inside. His rectum began to stretch tight around the plug as the old man continued to pull. Suddenly, the old man thrust it back into place and then began to swat each ass cheek. Jay cried out in pain after each swat eventually beginning to sob. The old man then struck him between the cheeks directly on the plug which caused Jay to try to squirm out from atop the old man’s lap, yet the old man had now used his extra hand pushing Jay back down keeping him in place.

“What will you do for me to pay off your debt?” the old man asks Jay. Sobbing, Jay replies “Anything.” The old man then pushes Jay off his lap and on the ground in front of him. “On your knees!” the old man says. Once Jay got to his knees, the old man lies back and points to his crotch “suck it!” he says. Jay reaches over and pushes the t-shirt up exposing the old man’s hairy fat belly. Under a layer of fat, Jay is able to undo the belt buckle, unzip the his zipper, and then unsnap his jeans. Jay then grabs both sides of his jeans and eventually gets them pulled down revealing the old mans old white underwear that were stained yellow form not being washed. Jay pulls the underwear down revealing a tiny little uncircumcised cock with a small set of balls nestled in a bush of hair. “Get to it! The old man yells.

Jay grabs the little cock with his hands in which the old man slaps Jay along side of the head “No hands!” he yells. Jay crawls up closer and takes the old man’s cock into his mouth and begins to work it around in his mouth. When Jay let it fall out, it had grown to about three inches hard. The old man then pulled his legs up revealing his dirty hairy asshole. “Lick it!” he demanded. Jay looked like he was about to puke but shoved his head into his ass crack and thrust his tongue in and around his asshole. The old man lets his legs fall and told Jay to get sucking on his cock again. Jay again took the old man’s cock into his mouth and began to bounce his head up and down on it. Jay began to slow down, in which the old man then grabbed both sides of Jay’s head and began to control the rate and depth. Suddenly, the old man began to moan in which he finally pushed Jay’s head down deep into his groin forcing the little cock as deep as he could into jay’s mouth. “Don’t swallow!” Norma whispers in Jay’s ear.

The old man lie there with his eyes closed and his little penis shrinking away as Jay stood up. “Show me your mouth.” Norma instructs. Jay opened his mouth in which I zoomed in with the camera. Inside, was a pool of cum on his tongue and around his lower teeth. “Now swallow it” Norma says. Jay did as told and then opens his mouth to prove he did it.

The old man looks up smiling and then tells Jay to come back tomorrow, as his debt is half paid. We grabbed our food and got back into the Mustang and headed for the interstate.

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