The Garden Shed Ch. 04

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All persons engaged in sexual activity in this story, are over 18 years of age.

This story took place in the 1970s in the United Kingdom when the ‘World Wide Web’ or Internet as it is known today, was barely an infant and not available to private individuals. As for mobile phones, they were only at an experimental stage. This meant that knowledge of sex was gleaned mostly by chats with ‘experienced’ friends or looking at adult magazines aka Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler and so on.

Boys and girls were nowhere near as mature or knowledgeable about sex at age 18 compared to many of today’s 14 or 15 year olds, thanks mainly to the multitude of internet ‘information’ that can now be accessed by anyone that can type ‘sex’ into a search engine.

All of this is to set the scene for you, to make you aware that in the 1970s, unlike the present, many boys and girls at age 18 were considerably naïve when it came to real sexual encounters.

Obviously, if you have read the previous chapters you will be more in tune with the characters.


Wednesday afternoon, with Sue in my shed, had been the furthest either of us had ever gone sexually with anyone. There was no doubt that we had both enjoyed it, but I think we were both reflecting on what we had done together and if it was wise to do more. We both knew the risk we were taking and the possibility of being caught by our parents, or even suspected of being sexually intimate, would have disastrous consequences. Although we hadn’t discussed or agreed anything, we both tried to act indifferently towards one another for the next few days, trying to just ‘act normal’, whatever that was.

It must have worked, because our usually astute mom, didn’t pick up any bad vibes between us and dad was his normal ‘oblivious to most things’ self.

Since Wednesday, I hadn’t really seen Sue much. I was on half-term break from college, she worked all day, and was at work before I even surfaced in the mornings. In the evening, we ate our meal as a family, then I might watch some TV with our parents or go down to my shed to tinker with something or other, while Sue often went to her room to play some of her records.

The thing I was tinkering with most often in my shed, while keeping a good lookout for anyone in the garden, was my cock. I spent considerable time with the panties that Sue had left with me on Wednesday, wrapped round my cock, while I read some of the growing collection of ‘men’s magazines’ that I kept in the two drawers, that I had fitted with false bottoms. I made sure that I didn’t buy the magazines from the local newsagent that my dad uses, but from one near my college. However, having been away from there for two weeks, I had visited a couple of other shops that I hadn’t been to before, and found one magazine that had more explicit photos than the rest. This one showed men licking girl’s pussies and the girls sucking men’s cocks, either before they had actual sex or sometimes instead of it. Some of the stories and letters pages also had some detailed descriptions of these things, that fuelled my imagination and wanking sessions. I had heard that both of these can be extremely exciting, but had not tried either, so it was left to my imagination as to how it might feel to be sucked, and how it would taste and feel to do it to a girl.

On Sunday in the late morning, Sue went with some of her friends to play tennis on the courts at the local park. I was therefore the only one there around lunchtime when Mom came down to my shed to say that she and Dad were off to visit grandma again, who hadn’t been well during the week. Fortunately, instead of my magazines, I was actually reading a college textbook to refresh my memory on a couple of projects, in preparation for my return to college the following day, which she was pleased to see. Grandma lived about forty minutes away, so they were leaving early, but like last week, had left me and Sue some sandwiches for lunch and would cook in the evening. We said our goodbyes, and they left me in peace.

I suppose it was just over half an hour later that I heard footsteps coming down to the shed. As I said, I was reading a textbook, so I hadn’t been checking to see if anyone was coming down, as I wasn’t doing anything that I didn’t want anyone to see.

I didn’t get a chance to look out of the window to see who it was, because suddenly the door was pushed open – I hadn’t bothered to put the bolt on – and Sue came straight in.

“Down here again then?” she said.

“I think that’s fairly obvious,” I replied, not even looking round at her.

“You almost live down here, if you had a bed here too, we could rent out your bedroom and make some money, couldn’t we?”

“Ha, ha, very funny,”

“They’ve gone then?”

“Who?” I asked.

“Mom and Dad of course, goodness, keep up Ben.”

“Oh, yea, they left about half hour or so ago,” I said, now that I knew what she was talking about.

She walked further into the shed so that she was standing in front of me.

My cebeci escort eyes opened wide when I saw that she was wearing the full tennis kit. White short-sleeved top, white, tennis skirt, that I couldn’t help noticing was very short, white ankle socks and tennis pumps. Her hair was pulled tightly back in a short ponytail. The exercise she had been doing had given her a rosy glow to her cheeks, and her tanned limbs contrasted beautifully with her all-white outfit.

My cock started to harden at the sight. “Wow,” I said, without thinking, “you look good today.”

“Well thanks bro, have you had a personality transplant or something?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you don’t normally say things like that?”

“I just mean that you look healthy and fresh?” I said. awkwardly.

“Hmm, well, healthy maybe, but ‘fresh’, maybe not, after all that running about,” she said, sniffing her clothes. “It looks like you are actually reading something useful today,” she smirked.

“I think reading all sorts of things are ‘useful’, don’t you?” I grinned.

She started to blush and moved to look out of the window, giving me a great view from my lower vantage point of her pert bottom, only hidden by an inch or so of skirt. “Mmm, I suppose,” she admitted.

Seeing her long bare legs and almost being able to see the globes of her bottom took my cock to near full erection. “Did you like the reading material we shared?”

“It was …interesting.” she replied, still not looking at me.

“Did you…like what we did last time you were in here,” I asked, wondering why she was hanging around in here today.

“Did you?”

“Yea, of course. You didn’t answer though.”

“Yeah, I did like it,” she finally admitted quietly, as she picked at a wood splinter on the rough window frame. “But,..I was a bit scared of how far we went, weren’t you?”

I thought for a moment, trying to say the right thing that would assure her I wouldn’t do anything she didn’t want, but also wouldn’t stop us doing things together.

“I was just a bit scared of how strong our feelings were, but it was sexy though wasn’t it? Him touching you there like that, and it wasn’t as if I would do anything without you wanting it, you must know that?” I said.

“I suppose I do deep down, it’s just that…those feelings sort of creep up on you and it’s like you can’t stop, do you know what I mean?”

“Yea, I do see, I feel it too, like it gets more intense each time we do something different.”

“Exactly,” she said, “and I worry that Mom or Dad might catch us or work out that we’re doing something.”

“They shouldn’t if we are careful, but even just talking to you about it makes me feel a bit…like randy, does it you?” I asked, hoping she would feel the same.

She concentrated on picking at the splinter, “It does a bit,” she mumbled.

“Are you like,.. in the mood to do anything?” I asked, gently rubbing my hard cock through my shorts, behind my book where she couldn’t see.

“I am sorta, but I dunno, I am all sweaty from playing tennis, I think I really need a shower.”

“I don’t mind I said, if you really feel like it,” I cajoled, seeing the opportunity slipping away.

I could just see her chewing her bottom lip.

“No, I feel too dirty, but…what about if you join me?” she almost whispered.

“Join you?” I said, stupidly, “in what?”

“You know, in the shower.” She was blushing heavily now and had almost picked a large bit of wood from the window frame.

“You mean both of us in the shower, together?”

“Yeah,…would you want to?”

“I would, but what about them, they might come back early or something, we wouldn’t be able to hear them.”

“Yeah , that’s true.”

“It would be very sexy though wouldn’t it, wash each other’s back, and stuff,” I said, feeling excited now at the prospect of being totally naked together with my sister.

“Definitely,” she said, probably having the same thoughts as me. “But you’re right, it’s too risky.”

“My brain was working hard now, “Well, what if we make up an excuse and you phone grandma’s, we’ll know then that they are there, and we might be able to find out when they are coming back.”

“Hmm,” she said, thinking about it, “how about if I ask them if they want me to prepare some veg for tonight, and I can ask when I need to do it for. Would that work?”

“Great idea,” I said, thinking she must want this as much as me to go to this subterfuge.

“Come-on then,” she said, “before I chicken out.”


I let her go first while I locked the shed door and watched that little tennis skirt flip up and down as she walked quickly up the path. When I got to the house, she was already on the phone. I heard ‘yes’, ‘ok’, ‘about six’, ‘I will’, ‘ok then, bye’ and she put the phone down.

“They won’t be home until about 6pm, but I have to have some time to prepare a few veg. So, as its only 2:30 now, we could do it if you really want to.” she said, slightly coyly.

“You cebeci escort bayan sure?” I said, a bit nervous now that it was possible.

“Yeah, I’ll just go to my room and get into my bathrobe, you do the same, see you in the bathroom?”

I nodded, and with that, she bounded up the stairs, giving me great glimpses of her panty clad bottom.


We met at the bathroom door, both in our bathrobes. It felt a bit awkward, being together like this in the house, almost like we were being watched. In the shed it had felt different, as it was more my private space, but here it was the family space, and it made what we were about to do seem much more daring and risky, but also more exciting.

We had one of those ‘over the bath’ electric shower units, that provided temperature controlled, instant hot water for a shower. It was placed on the wall almost centrally over the bathtub so that you could move left and right underneath the water spray. There was a shower curtain that you drew across on a rail, making sure the bottom was inside the bath and not outside otherwise you could flood the bathroom floor.

Having made sure we had towels and the curtain was pulled correctly, we stood there for a moment, not sure how to proceed until Sue made a decision and said, “I’ll get in first and adjust the water temperature, then you come in behind me.”

Self-consciously, she undid the belt of her robe, slipped it off and put it on the stool that was in the corner. As she walked the few paces to the bathtub, her face a deep pink, I could see her firm breasts and hard nipples; her tapering waist that then widened out into her hips, the slight gap between her thighs and her mound covered in neatly trimmed dark hair. Her shapely and toned legs looked even longer than I had thought before. We hadn’t been totally naked together before, although we had seen most of each other during our explorations in the shed. Now though, I could see what a sexually attractive girl I had for a sister and we were about to be naked together. Just that thought and the picture in my head sent my cock reaching for the ceiling.

She stepped into the bathtub and I heard the water start to run. I dropped my robe on top of hers and stepped over the side into the bathtub behind her. She moved up the bath a little so that we could both be under the spray and passed me the soap.

“You can start on my back,” she said, turning her head, then looking down at my hard cock. “Looks like he’s happy,” she grinned.

I rubbed the soap over her shoulders and down her back, getting a nice lather, then using my hands massaged the whole of that area until I had soaped it all. The soap kept being washed off when she moved and the spray ran down her back, but it didn’t seem to matter.

“You might need to go lower now,” she instructed, “I want to be really clean all over.”

I lathered her bum cheeks, taking my time once they were soapy to leave no bit of skin untouched. By now she was beginning to murmur a little, with a few ‘mmmmm’s’ thrown in so I knew she was enjoying it. They became a little louder when I let my hand drift between them and moved a couple of my soapy fingers around her little puckered ring.

“Ohh,” she said, “I didn’t think you would want to wash that bit of me.”

“I read that some girls find it very sexy to have it touched,” I said, “does it make you feel good?”

“Sort of, but it’s a different feeling to the other place,”

“Better or worse,” I said, letting my soapy fingers tease it a bit more. I could feel her little rosebud just expanding and contracting slightly as I probed it gently.

“I dunno, it feels a bit… weird, do people like it do you think?”

“I read that some women like a man to…you know, put it in there.”

“What? You mean right inside…all of it? God, I can’t see how that would work, I am sure it would hurt.”

“I don’t know either,” I said, “but don’t worry I am not going to try.”

“I hope not,” she said, forcefully.

“Does it make you feel more randy though, me touching you there?”

“I guess so, but it is a funny sensation and a very private part of me.”

Feeling that maybe I had gone far enough for now, I let my hand slide down the inside of her thigh from behind. Then, kneeling down in the bath, I soaped her right leg from her ankles to her bottom and using two hands gently washed and massaged her whole leg. At the top of each stroke, I let my wrist contact the bottom of her pussy, eliciting a little moan when I touched it. She opened her legs to give me more access and I repeated the same thing with her other leg.

She was standing with her legs spread now, her hands on the pole supporting the spray head.

I stood up, and with the soap, reached round her and started to soap up her breasts from behind. The result of this was that my cock was pushed against her bottom and I heard a little giggle from her as it made contact.

“Looks like he’s in the way,” she giggled, “put him where escort cebeci he was on Wednesday, but from behind.”

“You mean in-between?”

“Yea, but put some soap on him first,” she added.

I brought my arms back and made my cock slippery with the soap, then slid it between her thighs. When she felt it there, she closed her legs trapping my cock against her pussy. In this direction, the head of my cock was in between her pussy lips, but sticking out of her pubic hair at the front

“Ohhh, I can see him poking out the front,” she giggled again, “it looks like I have one now.”

For me, it was another exciting feeling, having my cock pressed against her labia, lubricated by the soapy lather. I could feel the water spray hitting my sensitive cock-head where it emerged out front. I put my arms back round her and began to massage her breasts, lifting them both up, separating them, gently squeezing them, and alternately pinching both of her nipples.

This made her groan more and she started to move her hips towards me and away, letting my cock slide across her pussy. I could feel the head rubbing against her clit as it excited out the front. It was very erotic, and the sensations on my sensitive cock-head from that, and the water, were quickly taking me on the route to orgasm, but it was too soon, and I wanted to savour more first. I ran my hands down from her breasts to her tummy then down to where her pubic hair started. Slipping my finger down to where my cock was hitting her clit, I started to use my finger on her pleasure button, gently rubbing round and round as I stopped the seesaw motion of my cock between her legs. I held her bottom tightly against me, my cock still trapped and concentrated on her clit. She was starting to make more noise, and I was worried that the next-door neighbours might hear.

I wanted to make her come, but I wanted to try what I had been reading about, so I let my cock slip from its snug place and turned her round to face me. By now she was very wound up and trembling slightly. She was in such a state that I was sure if I asked her to let me fuck her, she would probably say yes, but I didn’t want to push her too far and anyway, I thought it too risky.

I knelt down in front of her and a puzzled look came over her flushed face.

“What..What are you doing?”

“Trust me, just see how this feels,” I said.

I put both my arms around her, my hands onto her firm bottom and pulled her towards me slightly, then moving my head forward and extending my tongue, I licked from as low down her slit as I could reach, right up to her clit, parting her damp hair as I went with my tongue.

“Oh God,” she whimpered, when I reached her clit, “I didn’t know you were going to do that, ohh, Ben…”

She put her hands on my head and gripped my hair, holding me there as I licked up and down between her lips. My nose was pressed into her pubic hair that smelt of the slightly perfumed soap we had been using. I let my lips caress her clit from time to time, and then sucked the little hard bud into my mouth and played with it against my teeth with my tongue. It was having an astounding effect on her; she leaned her head back and began making soft mewing noises every time I paid attention to her clit. I managed to reach her pussy entrance and lapped my tongue around it, but because of our position, I could only just about get the tip of my tongue inside to taste her, and this brought on another bout of moans, and she gripped my hair tighter.

From the sounds she was making and her trembling limbs, I felt that she was well on the way to a climax. I loved her taste, sweet, and slightly tangy, the first pussy I had licked, and it belonged to my sister.

Leaving my left hand on her bottom, I brought my right hand round and up in-between her legs. While I concentrated on gently rolling her clit with my tongue, I slowly pushed my thumb against her entrance and it easily slid in all the way. I wiggled it around inside her and kept up the tongue lapping. Her legs were very wobbly now and I almost felt it was my thumb in her vagina that was supporting her.

Her breathing was more like panting, and I could feel her vagina starting to squeeze my thumb, which I remembered from before, meant she was very close to coming. In the position I was in, apart from my thumb, the rest of my fingers were between her bottom cheeks. Quickly, I sought out her puckered hole with my forefinger and as I sucked her clit into my mouth, I inserted it into her tight sphincter. She was so wound up and excited that she didn’t have time to wonder about it, before I had pushed it all the way in.

“Ben! Ben, Oh Christ, Ohh.” she cried out.

Continuing to suck her clit, I moved my hand gently up and down, so that I was finger fucking her vagina and bum.

This took her completely over the edge.

She shook; she cried out, she pulled my hair, her vagina became very wet, it sucked at my thumb, I could even feel the effects of her anal muscle on my forefinger. Every muscle seemed to go tense then relax multiple times.

As her orgasm and aftershocks gradually rippled through, she started to slump down on shaky legs. Removing my hand, I eased her down to sit on the floor of the bathtub, put my arms round her, and held her, the warm water still cascading down over us.

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