The Good Choir Girl

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Creampie Cleanup

Fay was getting ready for church in her upstairs bedroom, where she and her sister had grown up. Her skin was still a little damp from her shower, the only thing she was wearing were her favorite gold teardrop earrings and black sports thong and her semi-circle black framed glasses. It was a routine for her and her parents to always hit the gym after church. She had not seemed to grow out of her typical teenage habits yet of having her floor littered with used underwear, t-shirts and bras and of course schoolwork. Having just had her eighteenth birthday a couple of months ago she had no plans to move out anytime soon. Fay been home schooled her whole life and had a strong religious upbringing. She felt a strong bond to this house she grew up in and her parents were her best friends. Fay knew she couldn’t stay there forever, but it was the farthest thing from her mind.

To her it was just another Sunday morning, doing as she had done since she was a little girl. The door to her bedroom was cracked open but the females never needed to knock. Fay had been growing her hair out like her mother’s; down to her waist. It was brown, thick and reached just the middle of her back. She was half Italian from her mother’s side, and it took a lot more work to tame. They had about thirty minutes before they had to be on the road, and she stood in front of her full-length mirror viewing her silky curves. Fay was already a gym rat, in above average shape. Her legs and thighs belonged in a museum, where her ass sat like two large melons perched for display. Her hourglass frame continued to her full c-cup breasts, where her small chocolate nipples rested on almond colored areolae.

If she had gone to public school, the boys would be lined up around the corner, and her virginity would have been a memory. Her mental catalog of clothes seemed to come to her in her mind, rather than holding up clothes to see what worked. The night before she decided she was going to wear her new favorite white wrap top that contoured her curves so well. The only reason her breasts weren’t has big as her mother’s was because she hadn’t had kids, but they were well on the way to a full double-d size like her mother. Leah, her sister, didn’t get the same blessing of genes. Leah was taller, petite, slender and equally as radiant. Her sister was married and currently in medical school.

Fay put on a white sheer lace bra and the white top; she only ever went shopping with her mother Melody. She adjusted her breasts and top, to make sure nothing could be misconstrued as cleavage. After all she was the baby of the choir and everyone in the church looked at her as the beautiful innocent one. That didn’t stop her from fulling filling out her shirt. Fay had her left hand pulling up her right breast from inside the long sleeve top as she her a knock at the door,

“Fay, are you almost ready? You haven’t had breakfast yet,” Melody, knocked as she entered the room, leaving the door fairly open while Fay was still bottomless.

Her round perky cheeks peeked out from underneath her shirt bottom. Melody always took notice of her beautiful girl. From the looks of it, it appeared as if she wasn’t wearing any underwear at all. Melody traveled over to Fay and stood behind her.

“I am not that hungry Mom. I just need get some slacks on and I’ll be ready,” Fay was cheerful, looking forward to the day with her parents.

“Okay, baby, your dad is downstairs waiting,” Melody winked at her gorgeous daughter, kissed her on the back of her head giving her right butt cheek a tiny pinch.

Finished getting dressed, Fay slipped on usual black heels after her slacks and bounced down the stairs. Her boobs bounced with her and her father looked up at her from the kitchen table, he was playing on his phone. Her dad, Robert, a bald retired Navy man who now worked as a sheriff’s deputy, never missed the chance to see his little girl come down the stairs.

“Good morning kiddo,” her father said warmly as she grabbed just a piece of toast.

“Morning Daddy,” Fay took a bite with some breadcrumbs still on her lips as she gave her dad a peck on the cheek.

As she leaned in, Robert could feel her supple breasts press into his shoulder. Robert stood up and in the same way with his wife Melody, spun Fay around as he looked at her, “You grow more beautiful by the day,” he exclaimed.

Melody smiled warmly at her husband and daughter, wiping her hands on a kitchen towel. “Thank you, daddy,” smiling back at her mother.

The two women grabbed their purses and headed out the door, with Robert following behind them closing the door.

Fay sat in between her parents making small talk along the way, she had always sat between them; even though it was a double cab truck. She hated sitting in between them, because she always seemed to get horny at the worst times. Like clockwork, every Sunday in the truck, she first felt a throbbing in between her legs, followed by tingling sensation. Which is probably why she always wore black slacks; ataşehir escort that, and they hugged her sultry long legs. Luckily, she always had her phone in her lap, and adjusted her position. Her heavy religious childhood threw out most of a teenager’s self-discovery. Porn? – no. Toys? – no. All there was, was the occasional finger and hairbrush coupled with the fear of God’s wrath, knowing he was always watching.

Fay let out the faintest whimper and tried to exhale with bated breath, something only another woman would pick up on. Melody raised an eyebrow and noticed Fay fidgeting in her seat.

“Do you have enough room honey?” Melody’s smirked which went unnoticed by Fay as she stared straight ahead.

“I’m fine Mom,” Fay was blank in her tone and expression. They pulled up to church, and walked in. The greetings of fellow gatherers began in the parking lot and did not until the start of the service. Fay was uneasy, battling hugs with trying to relax her slacks in the crotch; which was now very wet. All she could think, was ‘Why now?’.

Since Fay and Melody were part of the choir, they didn’t filter into the sanctuary with the rest of the churchgoers. They retreated to the choir room and sat across the room from each other, because Fay was a soprano and Melody was an alto. Fay sat next to her friend, Carmen the Puerto Rican goddess of the choir. Carmen was in a black knee length pencil skirt that showed off her silky-smooth legs, heels and a red V-neck top filled complete by her enormously large breasts. Carmen had the whitest triangle smile and the curliest brownish blonde hair. Carmen tested more men’s faith in the church than any other women, seemingly jumping out of a centerfold of a Victoria Secret catalog. Fay was trying deep breathing, to gather her thoughts. After all she was about to go onstage and sing. Carmen too noticed her unease.

“Are you okay?” Carmen expressed concerned rubbing Fay’s back.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Fay just wanted to keep her mind clear.

All Fay could think her mind though is that she could fuck a fire hydrant if it made a pass at her.

“You don’t need a tampon, do you?” Carmen questioned, as she reached for her purse.

Fay seized the opportunity, snatched the tampon out of Carmen’s and ran for the bathroom. She didn’t need it. Carmen looked over at Melody and they both exchanged quirky warm smiles.

Carmen mouthed to Melody, “Time of the month?” Melody just shrugged.

Fay burst through the toilet stall, threw away the unused tampon and pulled her slacks and thong down. She wiped what wetness she could from her warm labia. She would have rather started fingering herself right then and there but knew she couldn’t be loud. Noticing the time, she knew the choir was about to go out. They always started every church service with upbeat worship songs. As she came out of the bathroom, Fay noticed the choir filing in. She fell into line behind Carmen and whispered a thank you.

“Anytime babe,” Carmen replied.

It was a very good thing that the choir had practice every Thursday, she couldn’t pay much attention to what she was singing. Was today different? Was it the pinch Melody gave her this morning, that got her hormones jump started? Was she that starved for physical attention that her own mother aroused her?

Fay’s body always seemed to move with the music. She really got into the beat. Her bra wasn’t the kind to really inhibit bouncing. The men in the congregation, always took notice and her father was no different. He always battled between watching his wife of twenty years and Carmen. Carmen always wore skirts to church, that showed off her toned legs. Now, his own daughter’s beautiful bouncing breasts, seem to be taking most of his attention – unknowingly. It was as if he was in a trance watching Fay’s boobs jiggle up and down with every move of her body. His thoughts started off thinking she should really wear a better bra for being onstage. Then his thoughts wandered. A bulge grew in his pants, unbeknownst to him, because of how captivated he was. Melody always smiled, making eye contact with Robert while she sang but today, he just a huge smile for someone on the right of the stage. She glanced over a Carmen and Fay. As the singing drew to a close, the congregation stood in applause and the choir were led off stage and filled the seats next to the respective families. Robert’s cock got the best of him as he tried standing, then realized if he stood; someone would notice. As usual, Melody sat to Robert’s right and Fay sat to Robert’s left. Robert put his arm around his wife and Fay snuggled into her father, leaning her head on his shoulder.

Melody quickly noticed his erection and gave him a slight elbow, followed by a devious grin, “I want your cock,” Melody whispered in her husband’s ear.

Robert gave a sort of dumbfounded nod, shaking off the notion of watching his own daughter, wondering if his erection was because of her. The rest of the church service went on uneventful. kadıköy escort The family of three said their long good-byes as it usually took about forty-five minutes to an hour to finally leave church. There she was again, back in the truck, between her parents. Just hoping her ravenous hormones at subsided for the day.

They made their way, about twenty-minutes away to their gym. They had four had been going there since the girls were in high school. Since Leah had moved out Melody and Robert wanted to be sure to keep the routine alive. Making their way into the gym with their bags, Robert went right to the men’s locker room; Melody and Fay went left to the women’s. The mother and daughter went to their rented lockers and began to disrobe. Kicking off their heels, Melody first unzipped her skirt revealing a lacy red tanga.

“Are you doing okay honey? You seemed a bit flustered in the choir room today,” Melody was tying up her hair in a bun, while Fay dropped her slacks.

“Yeah…,” Fay was being very sheepish and started to blush. Fay noticed her faint feelings, returning.

Her mother’s wide hips, and toned butt weren’t helping. “Oh my god!?” Fay thought, “Is my own mother’s body turning me on?!”

Both now bottomless, Melody pulled off her burgundy poncho style blouse. To the amazement of Fay, Melody wasn’t wearing a bra, just nude sticky bra over the nipples.

“Nice Mom,” Fay winked, “No bra?” Fay was putting on some cheeky booty shorts.

Melody, using her forearm lifting her hanging breasts to show Fay, “See this reddening?” Melody pointed out, “Wires are really starting to bother me.”

Fay looked under her mom’s boobs, “Oh man, that looks like it hurts,” removing her white wrap top and bra. Fay could really only focus on her mother’s perfect nipples.

“They do,” Melody released her boobs, giving way to a slight jiggle. In their current state of undress, mother viewed daughter, and daughter viewed mother. Both her slightly aroused, but neither could admit it to one another. In a room full of naked, fit women, only they existed to each other.

“You’re more beautiful, than I could have ever imagined,” Melody went in for a hug, wrapping her arms around her daughter. They both noticed each other’s erect nipples but kept it to themselves.

“Thank you, mom,” Fay’s smile morphed into a blush.

“Come now, we are wasting time, your father is probably wondering where we are,” Melody exhaled has she dove into her gym back rummaging.

Fay put a blue sports bra and purple sneakers and Melody donned a light-yellow V-neck t-shirt. Both of which wore cheeky workout shorts. Locking their gym bags away, the girls excited to find Robert in short thigh length shorts and a black sleeveless work out shirt. Fay always seem to perk up at her father’s muscular deltoids, pecs and forearms. It wasn’t as if those were the only part of the body he worked out, but that is what she liked.

“Where have you guys been,” Robert said exhaustedly.

“Girls just take longer,” Melody rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, we have to get all pretty and stuff!” Fay had to lift herself a bit to give her dad another kiss on the cheek. Robert felt like he was back in high school. Every bit of attention he got from his daughter, seemed to make him more and more horny.

Robert smiled and put his left arm over his daughter’s shoulder as they strolled into the weight room, “It’s not like you have to re-pretty yourself everywhere you go! You’re always pretty,” He lovingly gave her a kiss on the top of her head. Melody followed Robert and Fay smiling.

They always began their routine with cardio. It was always a good day when they could all get treadmills beside each, but today they had to split up. Melody and Robert found two empty ones, side-by-side while Fay drew the short straw. She put in her earbuds and briskly found a treadmill an emergency exit. This gave the parents some time for chit-chat.

“Fay has really blossomed, hasn’t she?” Melody turned up the speed as Robert plugged in his numbers.

“Yes, very much,” Robert tried to act like he wasn’t paying attention.

“She is your daughter, Rob! You can’t say you don’t notice!” Melody gave Robert a friendly backhanded slap.

Robert’s recent trance of watching his daughter beautiful tits bounce at church came rushing back to him. He looked down the rows of treadmills at her, only to find her chest doing the exact same thing. Robert gulped, turning back to face his wife, “You’re the only one I notice,” he said trying to change the subject.

“Not today you didn’t,” Melody fired back with friendly banter. “What do you mean,”

Robert knew he was going to get in trouble.

Better he admits he was looking at Carmen, than his own daughter. He thought, it would be easy enough to admit looking at the one woman who very blatantly turns heads everywhere, then to admit staring like a dumb jock at Fay.

“That’s okay,” Melody said with confidence, “I know what gets bostancı escort bayan your attention,” She winked.

Robert swallowed his thoughts again as they both jogged on the treadmill. As he got lost in his exercise, he imagined what the ‘after the gym’ time would be like his wife. Only this time flashes of his daughter kept getting in the way. One second thinking of him behind his wife on her knees, the next his daughter looking back at him. On and off, back and forth. His wife and him in the shower. Next his daughter’s soapy body. The soap sliding down her thighs. Running was the only thing keeping him from getting a full erection, but there was still considerable blood flow. He had to stop immediately putting the treadmill in cool-down mode. Melody was too into her run to noticed. He braced the slide rails, hanging his head, the sweat dripped from his bald head. A tap came to his shoulder, surprising him. His cock was still a little hard with his sexual daydreams. It was his daughter Fay behind him. Her skin glistened from sweat, wiping her forehead with a towel. He took considerable notice of her chest sweat, as it beaded down her boobs.

“Dad can you spot me on the bench,” she smiled catching her breath. “Sure, baby girl,” Robert was wondering how he was going to move clear across the room his bulge still full.

“Can you get me the spray and paper towel, so I can wipe down the treadmill?” Stalling was his only option.

“Sure!” She chipper and happy to oblige her father, she rarely disobeyed him. She bounced over to the paper town dispenser and bent over for the spray which was hanging from a small wire standalone frame.

Just his luck he had to look over to his daughter bending over to get the spray,

“Sweet Jesus what is wrong with me?” He prayed for guidance. Both his daughter’s bodies reminded him of his wife’s. Fay had the boobs and the hair; Leah had the hips and the legs. Both of them were man-eaters. Fay came back with the paper towel and he thanked her while wiping his machine down. For the moment his hard cock was in retreat. Rob and Fay walked to the bench press and put on some small weights. Fay was after tone, not bulk. Robert got behind the bench to spot Fay and knew immediately this was another recipe for trouble. Here he was, his cock about six inches away from Fay’s forehead. He looked up for another prayer.

“Are you ready dad?” Fay was wondering about her absent-minded father.

He looked back down, “yeah sorry honey.”

As she lifted the bar up, she too took noticed of the uncomfortable proximity of his member, to her face. Why was she now thinking of it? It isn’t like they hadn’t done this a thousand times before. Fay’s breasts reacted with her arms as she lifted the bar up and down, up and down. Robert held his hands to catch the bar at moment’s notice. He noticed her sweat intensifying, her boobs flattening a bit, raising a bit, her legs wide. He noticed her shorts were very much riding up in the crotch, making an obvious outline of her lips. It began again. The blood rushed downward and now he was sweaty. As a Navy man he was one to curse, but not so much anymore with two daughters. That didn’t mean he didn’t curse in his head, “Fuck not again!” He thought. “Why is Fay giving me such a massive hard-on!?”

He was barely paying attention. Fay finished her first reps and set the bar back down, only this time did she notice something up with her father’s shorts. The word, “big” was the only thing to enter her mind. Fay tried to keep her composure. After all, she too had been having some exciting yet unfortunately timed experiences today. His cock was now even closer to her face, he just hoped she wouldn’t notice. Or at the very least be an adult about it. They locked eyes, but Robert quickly looked away.

“Dad are you ready for the second set?” She licked lips masking her arousal for preparedness. An eager throbbing began to develop between her legs.

“Yeah honey, sorry,” Robert grumbled straining to compose himself.

Lifting the bar once more, Robert helped her. Fay couldn’t keep her mind on the weight and began to lose grip. The bulge seemed to be staring at her, seemingly growing closer and closer to her face. Fay was subconsciously licking her lips. In her mind she was ripping her father’s shorts down, letting his cock be free. “I want his cock,” Fay repeated over and over again in her mind. She never had a boyfriend growing up. Was her father her fixation because of religious depravity? Her mouth began to open as if to receive his large cock, all her actions were subconscious reactions to sexual desire. Fay knew she had to put the bar down, she couldn’t continue. Fay missed setting the bar back falling heavy to the left. Robert wasn’t mentally there to catch it. In a split moment all he could do to protect his daughter was guide the right side of the weight up so that it would not hit Fay. In a split second his cock bushed her forehead, it was barely noticeable.

“Honey!” he shouted. Fay lay with her arms outstretched on the bench, out of breath. The excitement of Fay almost getting hurt snapped Robert back to reality. He came around beside here and bent over, “You were killing it, darling,” Robert brushed her hair back behind her ear and off her forehead.

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