The guys love her body, ( pt 3 )

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It had been a few months since we had heard from Colin, so when he asked if we would like to meet as the guys were keen to have more fun, of course we said yes, he asked if we could arrange a place to meet at this time, as it was more a guys night out.

We told him our house was ok to use, and would he bring the dog again and roughyl how many guys, the day and time was set up.

Saturday two weeks later, Sue and I were ready and the house set for the group fuck tonight, our toys and some of our friends also got a invite to add more fun, as I wanted a fucking too.

Around 6 pm our friends started to turn up, quickly filling any holes they could, we both enjoyed a few good orgasms before the other guys arrived in a small bus, they had told the wifes etc, it was a pub tour, so they had till 3 am or so for fun.

Clothes hit the floor in a hurry, as Sue was picked up and fucked by them, our friends sat back a bit a couple used my ass to keep thier cocks wet, seeing this a few of the other guys watched, cocks in hand as my orgasm joined Sue’s filling the room with groans of delight.

It was while I was being dp that a new guy face fucked me saying, he had been curious to try bi, as I swollowed his cum, I knew he liked what he tried, my ass leaking cum as more guys took turns fucking me.

I saw Colin speak to Sue, she nodded yes, and he went out side, I guessed right, when he came back in with two dogs, a Shepard and a Dobberman, both sniffing the air sex smells filling the air.

After her ass and pussy had taken the cum from the two guys fucking her, she was moved ready to be mounted, the Shepard was first having fucked her before, this time he went straight to her ass and licked her to a tuzla escort great orgasm, his cock growing under him began to jerk in readiness for his fun, quickly he jumped her bones, this time, his cock found her pussy and rammed the first 10 inches into her, Sue jumped back, forcing it home, as the Shepard found his pace and fucked her fast and hard, her pussy lips glowing with the friction between them.

I wanted a fuck this time in front of the guys, so I pulled the Dobberman over, and began to wank his cock, he was keen, soon my hand was full of dog cock, and more still coming, I bent down sucking him, guys gasped seeing me do this, but his cock grew fully, now some 12 inches long, and no knot yet.

Taking a good sniff of the poppers, I asked one of my guys to aim his cock at my ass, bending over the bed, he did, my eyes shot open wide as the Dobberman shoved the full 12 inches in first go, gees he was good, thrusting fully my ass was forced to take it all, but then I wasn’t resisiting either wanting more, every time he pushed in.

Sue was now groaning loudly as her dog filled her pussy with doggy cum, I saw two guys lay under her, they knew she would soon drop his cum out, one licked her clit sending her over the top again.

I now felt the knot slapping against my ass, I held him out for as long as I could, loving the feeling of his huge cock deep in my ass, but then whilst I was having a huge orgasm, he shoved that bit harder, and his knot filled my ass to the max, 12 inchs of cock and a tennis ball sized knot was fully home, as more guys used my mouth to empty thier nut sacks,

I heard the sound of Sue gasp, her pussy had let go of the knot, the guys under her, now got thier rewards, a cup full of dog cum tuzla escort bayan ran free, her pussy making a farting sound as he pushed it out, two white faces lay under her, as the other guys laughed seeing them covered in dog cum, both eating some, one licking her pussy as the other took his mouth full to Sue to eat.

She didn’t have time to rest as cocks refilled her empty holes, she was impalled on two cocks as more face fucked her, my orgasm now began to take control of my mind, feeling the dog jerking and sprewing his cum deep inside my ass made me orgasm wildly.

I rested while I waited for the knot to drop out, watching now as Sue took more guys in turn, then with one good pull my ass was free of the dog cock, but just as quickly, one of the guys rammed his fist in, cum squessed out making weird sounds as he fucked my ass hard with his fist and arm, then some one pushed a cock in with him, sending me quickly into a orgasm which made more cum squirt out, this was replaced with human cum, as the guys fucking me came, and was replaced just as quickly.

We had left out toys laying around, the huge 12 inche didlo was pushed deep inside me, then I felt some one trying to fist me to, that was to much, as a few fingers found thier way in, but no more. I told the guys I wanted three cocks in me, my regular guys know, as one lay down, I sat on his cock, leaning forward to let the second one, gain entry too, now Tony straddled me, easing his cock in above the others, its not easy but it sure is filling, as three cocks found my ass more than willing to take them all.

They took me to new heights, my orgasms gripping thier cocks tighter inside me than ever before, this was to much for them as I was flooded with sperm, escort tuzla all three setting one another of, fell on top of us all.

While my ass was nice and open and filled with cum, I got them to shove the Shepards cock in my ass, he soon began to fuck me with speed, his knot didn’t take long to enter my abused as, and soon he to flooded my bowels with more cum, to my surprise, two guys got near me waiting for him to drop out, as he did they went down, allowing me to sit over them and push all the hot cum onto their faces and mouths, both swollowed a good load of doggy and human cum,I scopped up a hand full and licked it up.

The fucking carried on until 2 am or so, then the guys had to get ready to leave, so with Sue in hand, we took of to the bathroom, as two or three at a time, emptied thier bladders over us, washing off the sticky cum, I got a few to flush my ass with hot piss, as did Sue.

As we left them to shower, all the guys told us, they were more than keen to try and make this a regular event, Sue was balls deep with the Dobberman, which kept them waiting until he had filled her ass one more time with his cum, then I slide my fist in to keep her happy,

The guys kissed her and said goodbye, dragging the dogs away with them. Colin slipped us a envelope with the money in it, saying they had a great time again, and he would stay in touch.

Our regular guys stayed on longer, fucking and fisting Sue and I until the early morning, by then most had dry balls and soft cocks, we had one last session as they pissed into our holes, we took turns sitting over each other, to empty our loads, then after a shower they too headed off home.

Sue and I got cleaned up, then as she bent over to dry her legs, my cock found her ass open and wanting, all to soon my cock shot another load of cum inside her, a quick fisting to play in my cum, finished her off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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