The Hasty Hotel

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I’ve been waiting for this. Dreaming of it and counting down the hours until I could be here. Standing in the bathroom of the hastily booked hotel room I give myself a moment to breathe, meeting eye contact with myself in the mirror.

Inhale. Hold. Exhale.

The second exhale is long and slow, steadying my nerves as I fasten my new stockings to the garter belt. A quick straighten on the straps and then I’m cupping my breasts and adjusting the black lace of my bra.

I leave my hair flowing long over my shoulders and open a small overnight bag. Lipstick. Mascara. The only two requests you made of me before our meeting was arranged. I apply both and blow a kiss to my reflection.

As I slip a black silk robe around myself and tie it at my waist before opening the door and approaching you. The look on your face as you turn to me drink in hand brings a smile to my face.

“Is everything to your liking?”. The hunger in your eyes is the only answer I need as I take the glass from your hand and sit on the end of the bed, crossing my legs. I’ve barely taken a sip before you’re taking it back from me before placing it on a nearby shelf.

“You look stunning,” you start as you turn back to me and take a step forward “I’m glad we could meet up again”. You smile and reach down to cup my cheek. The familiar touch ignites the embers inside me, and I press my lips against the ball of your hand.

“I’ve missed you,” I say softly as you move around to the side of the bed, sitting down before resting your back against the pillows, your legs slightly apart. I turn myself and get onto my hands and knees, coming to lie next to you, your arm under me as I turn onto my side and my hand rests on your chest.

It doesn’t stay there for long though, and soon I’m fiddling with the buckle of your güvenilir bahis belt and pulling it open before slipping my fingertips into your waistband. I find you already hard for me and I can’t help but smile and let out a whimper as I wrap my fingers around your length as it throbs. You turn your head to the side and as I stroke you, our lips meet.

The slow smoulder in my belly ignites into a wildfire and my hand moves to fumble with the buttons of your shirt. You shake your head and instinctively my fingers find your cock again as you awkwardly try to undress. Soon your chest is bare, your shirt hanging open. Again I pull free and this time the kiss breaks. My lips meet your chest, kissing gently between playful nips of my teeth.

A stern warning is given as I catch you, and I have to calm myself before we continue. I’m going to regret that, but right now I don’t care. I continue to kiss your bare chest and work my way down your stomach. It doesn’t take me long to reach your cock, and as I wrap it in one hand and take the head between my lips, my core clenches.

Your hand meets the top of my head and the growl you release floods my needy cunt. Taking you deeper my hands rest on your thigh and I let my mouth fill with saliva as your arm moves mouth along your length.

“My little whore feels just as good as I remember,” you say with a grunt. I can only whine dumbly onto your cock as you push me down and force it into my throat. My eyes well with tears that drag my mascara with them as they roll off my cheek. I tap out for air and as you drag my head from your cock, I cough, sputtering and spitting up saliva that coats my chin before dripping to stain your pants.

“Good girl. Ready for more yet?” I don’t even have to think about my answer before I begin to nod, breathing türkçe bahis in deeply as I try to recover. You push me aside and I look to you, needy and aching as you get to your feet. You let out a frustrated sigh as you look down at the mess I’ve made. “It’s a good thing I brought a change of clothes”.

Without another word, you pull at your belt, the leather cracking the air as it’s yanked free. I know what this means, and as you fold the strap in half I turn away from you on all fours, pushing my rear into the air. Your hand brushes the still tied robe out of the way and reveals my arse, protected only by the thin covering of my underwear.

A crack fills the room as the leather makes contact and my body jolts violently. More tears swell in my eyes and I try to focus. Another strike meets my rear and I cry out, reaching for something to bite down on.

“No,” you speak sharply and I freeze “Use your safe word if it’s too much, you know the rules”. I nod and pull my hand back towards me.

“Again” I whimper, steadying my body for another strike. It arrives with little hesitation, my skin burning and giving my mind a point of focus. A fourth strike comes then. I realise I’ve been holding my breath and I exhale deeply as the leather is teased along my welts.

I feel you behind me, getting to your knees on the bed. You’re straightening out the belt as you speak.

“Give me your hands.” Your voice is calm and I balance myself cautiously before placing my hands on the small of my back, one wrist over the other. You take the leather and bind me firmly, my body aching for what I know is soon to happen.

I feel your hands then, grabbing me and putting me onto my back. Hair is strewn across my face, messily stuck to patches or smeared saliva. You reach to untie my robe and throw güvenilir bahis siteleri it open, laying me out before you.

“You look so pretty when you’re helpless,” you begin as you run your hands up the inside of my thighs “Such a shame for this underwear to be ruined when I’m done”. You grin as you sit back and look over my body. I see that hunger in your eyes again, and I squirm in anticipation.

You get to your feet again and slip your pants to the floor, your underwear dropping too, and I can’t take my eyes off your cock as it twitches. You rejoin me and as you kneel between my thighs I can’t hold back the whine as my hips rise to try and meet you.

“Please fuck me.” I whimper as your arms wrap my thighs and pull me towards you. One arm holding me you reach down and tug my underwear to one side before grabbing your shaft and aiming it at my wetness, pushing between my eager folds and forcing a groan from deep inside me.

The sensation as you push deeper and fill my core is intense enough to turn my thoughts to dust. Each deep thrust of your hips forces a groan from my lips and I feel the intensity deep inside me as my orgasm begins to build. Your hands meet my breasts and you tug at my bra clumsily freeing them. A few tweaks and rolls of my nipples follow and I feel you throb hard, growling for me.

I’m whining with you, biting my bottom lip. I know you’re almost ready. “Don’t stop” I whine, my hips now rolling to meet yours as we both begin to breathe heavily and our climaxes approach. It only takes a few more thrusts for me to begin shuddering as my orgasm waves over me and my hips buck as I writhe under you. It passes slowly, lingering in my core as you keep thrusting, pulling yourself from my folds as your cum erupts and splashes against my bare stomach as we pant heavily.

You run your fingers through it before pressing them to my lips and allowing me to get a taste of you. I happily and eagerly take you into my mouth, moaning hungrily. I know this won’t be the only taste of you I get tonight.

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