The Hen Night

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After the events of his Stag Night, the next day at work John found it difficult to concentrate, if 24 hours earlier someone had suggested that he would find it arousing to see his bride to be fucked by his closest friends he would have laughed, but the truth was he had, and still did, his mind kept slipping back to different scenes, her arriving in her wedding dress, stripping …… he shook himself Vikki clearly understood him far better than he did himself, she clearly had suffered no doubts as to how much he would enjoy the show and she was right .

More importantly tonight was her Hen Night and she had teased him listing the girls she knew he fantasised over and then inviting him, no commanding that he be there .

Suddenly his office door opened and his secretary walked in, God she was one of the girls Vikki was inviting

“John is it OK if I finish a little early tonight, I’m going to Vikki’s Hen Night and though its at her house she has just phoned and told me to doll up as though I was going clubbing, have you any idea what she has in mind “”

” I wish i did ” he answered truthfully his eyes straying, as they usually did to her small but perky breasts

“By the way how did your Stag Night go ” there was an impish gleam in her eye. God did she KNOW!

“Oh fine thanks, you know the usual ” he blustered

“No I don’t, it may be a shock to you but I’ve never been to a Stag Night ” She grinned pulling her top tighter at the waist stretching it over those perky breasts, the action brought a firm nipple protruding from her right breast . “Have you attended many Hen Nights?”

“Not yet ” he thought, God I wish I knew what Vikki had planned .

The day dragged with Vikki’s words returning with enticing frequency

“Tomorrow night I’m having a Hen Night, My sister Paula, Your secretary, the girl who lives next door to you, a few others, you will come along wont you?”

What the hell did she have in mind, he wondered and who else was she inviting, she had listed all the girls he had fantasised over with regularity, who was left?

Suddenly his phone rang, it was Vikki “Look the girls are arriving ast 8, I want you here for 7, give us a chance to organise things a little ”

“What have you… ” his voice trailed away as his ear detected the dialling tone, she had hung up before giving him a chance to quiz her, he called her back ” Hi Vikki here, leave your name and number and I’ll call you back, unless its John in which case Sorry Darling you will have to wait and see”

She seemed to be able to read his mind .

Finally 7pm arrived, at his flat another message awaited him, “Park your car around the back out of the way ” was all it said .

Knowing the girls had been told to dress as if for a night out he decided to do the same and arrived smartly attired at the back door of Vikkis small but tidy terrace house

“Good you made it ” He looked amazed, she was wearing a red silky evening dress which he had never seen before, it was split to high on her thigh revealing then concealing the mesh of her black stockings, hardly what he expected her to wear for a girls night in .She led the way from the kitchen, he blinked, the entire house seemed to have been redecorated with aluminum foil, it was covering every wall and ceiling, the usual light bulbs had been replaced with red bulbs, the furniture had been removed and scatter cushions and bean bags covered the floor .

He followed her speechless up the stairs, as he passed the door he noticed that the bathroom other than the kitchen were the only rooms left untouched .

She opened the door of the spare room . The big double bed monopolised the room, it was covered with a white furry cover, he could hear music, he realised he had heard the same music coming from the living room .

She saw the look on his face, “Baby alarm ” she answered to his unspoken question. Don’t panic I’m not pregnant but I thought you would want to listen in, in fact you MUST listen in or you will miss the cues I give you ”

He was more mystified than ever

“Its Ok its a one way baby alarm, you can hear us, we won’t be able to hear you, now I must leave you, the Ann Summers rep will be here in a minute .

Ann Summers …….. she was planning a lingerie and sex aids party tonight?

From the room, which she had thoughtfully equipped with food and drink he could hear her moving around and singing to herself . Suddenly the doorbell rang .

“Vikki is it? ” came a woman’s voice “I’m Jane from Ann Summers ”

“Great come in ”

“This really is against the rules, you know, I’m supposed to stay ”

“Don’t worry I’ll pay for anything which isn’t returned in good condition ”

“OK then, do you want me to lay things out?”

“No, I’ll see to that, now do you want me to sign a receipt of some kind?”

Seconds later the mysterious Jane had gone and John could hear sounds of packets being opened, the rustle of material and an occasional buzzing sound

The doorbell rang again fındıkzade escort

“Hi, am I too early?” It was Pam who had lived next door to John since he was five, they had played sardines and Doctors and Nurses together, when they were both fourteen she had been his “girlfriend”, at least they had kissed at parties until that fateful time he had placed his hand on her budding breasts, she had recoiled in shock and things simply had not been the same since .

He still noticed her though and they were good friends again, frequently she was the cause of fantasies when he saw her sunbathing in her bikini in the back garden or when on looking out of his window he saw various guys dropping her home, he could see the goodnight kiss, the hands laid on those same breasts, now fully developed and sometimes sliding under the hem of her skirt . None seemed to be rebuffed as he had been .. One precious night on returning home at about midnight he had glanced up at her window just as she was unclipping her bra, not realising her curtains were open . Her naked breasts were clearly visible to him for a good ten seconds as she stretched before the light went out and presumably she climbed into bed and fell asleep .

Sleep had not come so easily for him that night as he lay pondering on what could have been .

His recollections stopped as the doorbell rang again.

This time it was Carol who had been Vikki’s lifelong best friend. Despite this he didn’t really know her that well, she and Vikki had a regular night out but she never imposed herself on them as a couple

Within the next ten minutes the room was filled with girlish chatter as each new arrival added to the cacophony of sound .

By now the room contained, Vikki, her best friend Carol, His secretary Gail, his neighbour Pam, Vikki’s sister Paula . She had obviously decided to stick to small numbers, although 5 girls and him was a bit of a hair raising thought. He wondered again exactly what she had in mind.

The noise subsided a little . “Has everyone got a drink?” called Vikki

A chorus of “Yeah’s ” came in response

“Ok, here we have a selection of Anne Summers goods . Don’t worry I’m not expecting anyone to pay for anything. What I DO have planned is a game of truth or dare . The truth earns an item of your choice, paid for by me, The thing is there is only one question for each of you it involves stating your deepest darkest fantasy about my husband to be . No don’t laugh I have chosen each one of you because I have seen you all giving him that certain look at some time or another . Don’t worry I’m not jealous, I just think that everything should be out in the open before we get married, so lets have fun, who is first

John felt himself blushing even though he was alone, what the hell were each going to say

“Ok who is first? ” asked Vikki again when she got no reply

He could hear the girls giggling and whispering to each other

“Alright I’ll choose, Gail ” she selected his secretary ” Lets warm you into it, at say Christmas and Birthday time has he ever given you a kiss?”

“MMMMm yes, OK he has ”

“Good, I knew that already . Now still telling the truth was it an innocent lips closed kiss or were tongues involved ”

John’s mind was racing back to the previous Christmas Oh GODDDDDDD”

“Tongues ”

“Still with the truth, did you enjoy it?”

“Yes ” John couldn’t see the flush on the girls cheeks

“And, where were his hands?”

“Ehmmmm On my shoulders ”

“For the whole kiss?”

There was a long pause which Vikki allowed to linger until Gail finally responded

“No ”

“Tell us ” the other girls were silent by now

“On my bottom ”

“Inside your clothes or outside?”

“In my skirt, outside my panties ”

“Anything else?”

“No ” the answer was firm

“Now the cruncher, totally honestly, no problems for either you or John I promise . At that moment what would you have wanted him to do next ”

“The truth?”

“Of course ”

” I was aching for him to bend me over his desk, yank my panties to one side and ram his cock into me, fast and furious”

There now, that didn’t hurt did it, select your prize ”

The girls all began talking at once as Gail joined Vikki beside the collection of goodies left by the Anne Summers rep.

John was sweating, this wasn’t as bad as he had feared and at least Gail had told a little white lie or two with implying that his hand had been at the back of her skirt and not the front and that while his hand itself had stayed outside her panties, his fingers had definitely not .

” A vibrator ” announced Vikki “Gail has selected a 12 inch black vibrator, Ok it’s all yours I’ll let you name it John if you like . Just come with me a minute .

Again John heard the sound of voices through the bedroom door rather than through the baby alarm .

“Now what you’re going to see and so on is a strict florya escort secret, when you come back downstairs say nothing to anyone, is that agreed?”

John could hear the doubt in Gail’s voice “Yes ….OK 2

Vikki flung the door open ” Ok John you heard the poor girl’s fantasy I think any caring boss would fulfill it don’t you?” With a grin she closed the door on them .

Gail and John stared at each other, suddenly they heard Vikki’s voice from the baby alarm “Gail may be a while I said she can try out her new toy so just ignore any noises you might hear for a while”,suddenly John smiled and Gail burst into a fit of giggles as the baby alarm spewed raucous female laughter

“Thanks for not telling the truth” John said

“Well I didnt exactly lie… did she mean what she said?”

“About fulfilling your fantasy . Yes I believe she really did mean it, perhaps we should start as we began in the office last Christmas ”


“Happy Christmas, Gail ” began John taking her in his arms

They moved into a passionate kiss listening to Vikki insist everyone have another drink before the next round of the game

“Problem ” said John finally removing his lips from Gail’s ” You’re wearing a dress, not a skirt ”

“You’ll have to use some of your famous managerial ingenuity then wont you ” she smiled replacing her open mouth against his and darting her own tongue into his mouth as she felt her zipper being lowered .

The dress fell to the floor ” Another problem ” she said ” no desk”

” No problem” replied John “We have a dressing table ”

Seconds later Gail was bent at the waist feeling Johns fingers pulling the gusset of her panties to one side, just telling the girls of her fantasy had got her wet and realising that John had heard every word and that her fantasy was about to come true had brought a veritable flood so he plunged easily into her.

” Damn good job she chose the vibrator” thought Vikki as Gail’s moans permeated through the ceiling above her and the other girls .

Fifteen minutes later Gail reappeared looking flushed and tousled ” Feeling better now? ” teased Carol, Vikki’s friend .

” Leave the poor girl alone ” admonished Vikki ” Can’t you see she’s had a hard enough time?. OK Pam we’ll pick on you next ”

” Well I dont know what you expect me to tell you ” replied Pam nervously

” What the girl who owns the first breast John ever touched, he did tell me you know, surely you have thought about that since then, I know I remember my first groper ”

” Well yes of course he was the first guy to touch me like that ”

” So you must have fantasised about it ”

” Not for a long time, I was too shocked and embarrassed”

“And then, ”

“Well by then he was going out with you and I made a decision a long time ago never to have anything to do with another girls guy

Vikkis heart sank as Gail blushed beetroot, luckily no one noticed

“But you did fantasise ”

“Sort of but not about actually doing anything with him ”

“So what then? ”

“Well, I dont know if I’m an exhibitionist or what but for a while I had this urge to let him see me naked, you know now that everything is fully formed, she glanced down at her healthy bust which on her slim frame was even more obvious than it would have been on the others .

“And did you ”

“Once, when i knew he was due home I stripped off in my bedroom with the curtains wide open, hoping he would see but then I lost my nerve and switched the light off ”

“Did he see ”

“I have no idea I dived into bed and curled up in a ball half hoping he had but terrified he would mention it if he had ”

“Is that all ”

“I’m afraid so, sorry if it isn’t as exciting as you expected ”

“That’s OK, so really you would love him to see you naked just as long as you never knew for certain that he had”

John began following Vikki’s train of thought

“Ok then you told the truth, come and choose your prize, I think this negligee would really suit you . But the value isn’t anywhere near the vale of Gail’s black John, why not take the Japanese love balls too?”

Obediently, glad her truth and dare was over gratefully accepted the offering

“Why not come upstairs and try them on, well it, no I was right the first time, here take your drink with you, there is no rush ”

This time Vikki opened the bedroom door saying loudly ” Let me just check its tidy first ”

Glancing in she realised John was hidden behind the floor to ceiling curtains, thank goodness he had taken the hints she had been frantically signalling, a stranger to the room would notice nothing unusual but Vikki knew there was nowhere else to hide. Luckily he had for the time being disconnected the baby alarm

As she closed the door leaving Pam alone John could hear his heart pounding, wandering around the room Pam began slowly unbuttoning her blouse, beneath it she wore a shiny göztepe escort white bra,

Leaving that on she reached behind her to unclasp and unzip her skirt, the action emphasised still further the generous contours of her breasts, sitting on the bed now dressed in just bra and panties she unclipped the bra letting her magnificent orbs come into clear vision for John peering through a tiny gap where the curtains met, her nipples were hard

She was in no rush to try the negligee on, instead she picked up the box containing the Japanese love balls, opening the box she dangled them in front of her face, biting her lip she seemed to be reaching a decision . Suddenly she lifted her legs high in the air so that she was supported only by her back, she slipped the panties up her thighs unwittingly treating John to her shaven peach at the top of her thighs, opening these wide she toyed the balls over her separated pussy lips and then her clitoris, with her free hand she slipped two fingers inside herself . parting them a little so opening her pussy wider,

Smiling a secret smile to herself she slipped the balls slowly inside before clamping her thighs tightly shut and bouncing on the bed, clearly dissatisfied with the effect she stood up and began dancing around the room to the beat of the music rising from the living room below .

After ten minutes she flung herself back onto the bed and plunged her right hand between her thighs rubbing her clitoris furiously until she finally groaned in pure pleasure.

Recovering she pulled the balls from her pussy and slipped them into her mouth tasting that same pleasure, she then reinserted them and began dressing, she still had not tried the negligee on .

Once John was satisfied that she had returned downstairs he reconnected the baby alarm to hear her say “….. if I leave, I know it’s early but I need to be up early for work ”

“No fine ” came Vikki’s response “Have you got everything? ”

“Oh yes” came her voice now obviously leaving the room and heading for the front door

John didn’t hear as Pam kissed Vikki on the cheek ” Tell John to clean his shoes and teach him how to hide behind a curtain, bye see you at your wedding”

A few minutes later Vikki called her own sister up for Truth and Dare “OK Paula what is your fantasy about your future brother in law?”

“God you make it sound incestuous ”

“Not yet he aint your brother in law yet ”

“OK then, I’ve never told you but I walked in on you once ”

“Really? ”

“Yeah last summer when Mum and Dad were away, you had him in your room, I’d forgotten he was there and I pushed the door open to ask you something and there he was stretched out on your bed stark naked and your head was bobbing up and down sucking him like mad ”

“Wow you must have been quiet I never knew, so where does your fantasy fir in with this voyeurism of yours?”

“I was as jealous as hell of you, there you were with that hot cock, it looked huge against your little pixie face, I just wanted to push you aside and swallow it myself I ached to feel him pumping his spunk against the back of my throat, sorry sis but you did ask ”

“I did and i don’t mind it does taste good in my mouth I find it easier to control the pace too ”

By now Gail knew what would happen next and somehow she felt like an intruder with one sister about to share her fiance with the other . “Look I’ll have to go, John will bawl me out if Im late tomorrow and I don’t want to get on the wrong side of my boss do I ”

“Ok but don’t go bending over any desks when he is around” teased Vikki . “Paula select your present while I see Gail out ”

Paula had selected a pussy cream when Vikki returned .

“Look, Paula While I remember I’ve been meaning to show you what I’ve done with the spare room, excuse us a minute Carol

John was already excited by watching his neighbour stripping and masturbating feet away from him and knowing his fiancee was now about to present him with her own sister to suck him off had him fully erect, quickly he stripped and lay on the big bed

As Carol walked in she laughed “I knew you were up to something you kinky bitch, you still havent told me where you were last night, were you at John’s stag night by any chance?”

“Shut up and get some vitamin D inside you ” laughed Vikki pushing her sister to the bed before going off to rejoin Carol

“She will be down in a few minutes” she told her friend “now you never told us your fantasy”

“You know my fantasy ”

“Yeah well you’ll have to wait till Paula has gone ”

Ten minutes later Paula returned to the room, ten minutes after that she too had left declining to kiss either Vikki or Carol ” I think I have indigestion, I’m frightened my breath smells, ” she winked at Vikki .

“Now about this fantasy of yours ”

“You know it ”

“Tell me anyway ”

I want to kiss you like we did when we were fifteen, but this time I want to kiss you all over and i mean ALL over .

“Just suppose John walked in while you were doing that ”

“Really I couldn’t care, he can watch, he can join in, if he wants he can ram his cock deep in my cunt, make me a bridal sandwich just let me kiss you”

“Well as long as you are prepared to take the consequences, now shall I undress myself or shall we undress each other ”

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