The Homecoming

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Matt and Ava had been together for almost two years. The night he told her he loved her was one of the best nights of both their lives. Time wore on and the former “best friends” fell into a boring routine. They’d moved in together and time simply took its toll.

It was summertime and Matt had gone back to his native Wisconsin for a while. Truthfully, he needed a break from Ava, they’d been fighting constantly and he needed some time away. She’d been so sad when he left. He hadn’t called much while he’d been gone. She fought with him about it for the first few weeks, but then her calls stopped being as frequent, and her voice was hollow when he did speak to her.

He thought they might break up when he got home. The sixteen-hour drive was longer than usual. He didn’t feel like he had much to go back to. When he pulled up to their apartment building he sat staring at the steering wheel for almost ten minutes. He was almost afraid to go upstairs. He wasn’t even sure if she was home.

He decided not to unpack the car quite yet, and headed upstairs with only one bag. He unlocked his front door, feeling his nervous anticipation grow as he pushed it open.

“Ava?” he called out.

There was no answer. Matt walked down his front hallway into the living room. He wandered around their home like a man in a trance. Her things lay around carelessly.

She hadn’t been expecting him to be home. In their bedroom he picked up a pair of her earrings and touched the delicate beads tenderly. He was so entranced by them, and his own empty sorrow that he did not hear the door open and the rustling of bags.

“Oh my God, Matt!” a woman’s voice cried out.

Matt turned sharply away from the dresser to see Ava standing in the hallway. Her hair was longer than when he’d left, falling far past her shoulders. Her body was covered only by a thin, white sundress. It was cut low and hugged her generous curves. The light color of the dress contrasted beautifully with her tanned skin and dark hair. It was almost as if she were glowing in the dying light of the evening.

Ava rushed towards him, then stopped dead just out of canlı bahis arm’s reach, as if she’d just reminded herself of something.

“It’s good to see you,” she said coolly, looking down at the ground.

The lack of warmth in her voice hurt him. Her huge hazel eyes were turned towards the floor and he longed for her to look at him. He stepped forward a little and touched her face, gently coaxing her chin upwards.

Their eyes met. Her pupils grew dilated as she gazed at him and her entire body seemed to open. He was stunned a little by how beautiful she was. He’d somehow forgotten exactly what her face looked like.

He moved towards her and gently hugged her. He felt her relax a little in his arms. She hugged him back. One of her hands stroked the back of his head and her breath was on his neck. He felt her lips brush by his ear. He didn’t know if she was trying, but she was arousing strong feelings of lust from deep within him.

When she pulled away from him he could see that she hadn’t been trying. Ava was never trying to be sexy, she just was. He’d forgotten that too, and somehow the fact that she hadn’t been trying made him want her even more.

Before she could say a word, or move too far away from him he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her against him. She let out a surprised gasp and her body almost instinctively leaned into his. In a flash she felt what he felt. Her skin grew hot and her fingers shook a little.

He kissed her hard on the mouth. He didn’t give her time to breathe, kissing her over and over. He thrust his tongue in her mouth and she tightened her grip on his arms. She moved one leg between his and felt how hard he was getting. He groaned in her mouth as her leg pressed firmly but gently on his growing cock.

It was lucky they were in the bedroom. He pushed her on the bed, on her back, pinning her arms above her head as he dragged her body towards the headboard. When he’d maneuvered her so that her head was resting on the pillows he spread her legs and kneeled between her knees.

Slowly, he pushed her dress towards her hips. He almost passed out from desire when bahis siteleri he saw that she hadn’t been wearing any panties. He ran his hands up the inside of her thighs. As his hands grew closer to her pussy he felt some of the wetness that had grown between her legs. He knew then that she’d been as turned on as he had.

He spread the outer lips of her pussy and ran his finger from her clit to her asshole dragging the sweet, lubricant that she was producing from one end of her pleasure center to another. He leaned his head towards her pussy and simply breathed on it hotly. Her body shivered and she grabbed one of his shoulders. He looked up at her face. Her lips were parted slightly and she licked them. Her eyes were wide open and a little teary.

He licked her pussy a few times, broadly. Then he sucked gently on her clit, biting it ever so tenderly until he felt her start to shake a little. Then he slipped two fingers into her continuing to assault her clit with his lips and tongue. She tasted so good. Her smell filled his nostrils and he felt almost drunk.

He began to feel as if his cock was going to burst out of his skin he was growing so hard. She pulled at his arms again and he sat up. He pushed her dress up further, then drew her into a sitting position and pulled it off over her head. She hadn’t been wearing a bra either and her large breasts bobbed at him when the dress pulled past them.

Her nipples were hard and he had to suck them. He pushed her back on her back, sucking at her nipples and fingering her pussy at the same time. She was breathing hard, in pretty little gasps. He knew how much he was torturing her. Ava had always been the kind of girl who didn’t need much foreplay and she wanted him inside her. He could just tell. Somehow, they were forging their former connection without even speaking to one another.

She pushed her naked body against him and he was dying to feel his own skin against hers. She seemed to read his mind and yanked at his t-shirt, pulling it over his head. His muscles tensed as she stared at him hungrily. She kissed him, greedily tasting her pussy in his mouth as she bahis şirketleri easily pushed him out of his pants. As she pushed off his boxers his large cock sprung towards her.

She pushed him onto his back in the middle of the bed. She straddled him, lowering herself easily onto his cock. Her pussy was so wet that he slipped in without trouble. But she wouldn’t let him push into her quickly. Slowly, she contracted the muscles inside her around him as she took him in inch by inch.

When he was finally fully inside her she ground her pelvis against his. He pulled her towards him so that he could kiss her; he grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed while using another hand to pull her ass closer to him so that he could thrust more deeply inside her.

He sat up and dragged himself, with her still on top of him, into a sitting position. Now they were face to face. They moved against one another and he looked in her eyes. He placed a finger in her mouth. He felt her tongue and her teeth. She sucked sweetly on his finger, much the same way as she might on his dick. This turned him on more, if that was even possible.

He drew the finger out of her mouth slowly, making sure to push down on her jaw a little so that it would retain her saliva. He then used his other hand to spread her butt cheeks a little while using his wet fingertip to massage her asshole.

The response was amazing. Her pussy contracted around his cock, pulsing as she moved up and down on it. She pushed her ass against his wet finger and the tip slip into her hole.

He could feel her body tense and she smiled widely at him and nodded. Then he pushed his finger into her asshole completely. She came almost immediately. Being filled in both holes at the same time simply pushed her over the edge. He kissed her hard and she screamed in his mouth.

The vibrations of her entire body as it shook violently against his brought him to his own orgasm. As his warm cum flowed into her he felt how hard her entire body was pushing towards his own. Long after he’d finished she shook against him, still having little aftershocks of her orgasm. She rested her head on his chest and rolled off him.

“It’s good to see you too, Ace” Matt said, with a happy smile on his face. “I can’t tell you how much I love you.”

He felt her whole body smile. Things were going to be ok.

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