The Hospitality Suite

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There are two types of people in the world; those that enjoy conventions, and those that do not. Sean fell into the latter category. He didn’t mind the free hotel room or the company expensed food and drinks, but he hated everything else. He disliked the long presentations and the phony salesmen hawking their wares. More than anything else, he hated the other conventioneers. Every profession has them. They are the men and women who live for nothing else but to attend conventions. You will find them on the road more than in the office. They’re typically loud, boorish and always looking for someone whose ear they can bend with tales of their fabulous life.

Sean was stuck in the corner of a meeting room with such a man. Had it not been for the plastic name badge he wouldn’t have remembered his name. Vito was his name, and he had been talking for almost ten minutes straight. He was a computer technician or something like that, and he worked for an investment firm, or perhaps it was a phone company. Either way, Sean wished the man would disappear. Sean’s boss was big on new technology and had insisted he attend the conference. Sean had filled his bag with all of the flyers and information pamphlets that he could find but had decided to attend one presentation that interested him. The product was good, and he actually found himself enjoying the presentation. Sean had enjoyed it up until the time Vito introduced himself.

“So I switched to wireless access points and that allowed us to increase cue space by over twenty-five percent.” Vito was droning.

“I’m sorry, but I need to get something to drink. I’ve got a Headache and I need to pop an aspirin. I’ll see you later.” He said and quickly headed for the exit. He knew his departure was somewhat rude, but he needed to escape Vito or he would have gone crazy.

The day was winding down, and most people were heading to the hotels bars and restaurants to knock back a few drinks. Sean planned to head back to his hotel room for dinner and a movie and then hit the bar later when it wasn’t so crowded. He decided to stop by the hospitality suite to grab a few cans of soda and bottles of water. Most conventions operate a room where refreshments and snacks are provided, and it’s almost always called a hospitality suite. These rooms are usually far from hospitable. The people working them don’t want to be there, and Sean sympathized with them. The company hosting the event, instead of the usual hotel staff, operated this particular hospitality suite.

It was almost 7:30 and the suite was about to close. Sean picked up his pace and stepped into the room. It was empty except for two ladies who were busy straightening stacks of promotional booklets. He could hear them talking as they worked.

“I am so ready to get out of here. If I have to smile at one more geek I’ll go postal.” One woman said. Sean almost laughed. The woman was petite with short blonde hair and she wobbled on her high-heeled shoes as she made her way around the tables.

“No shit. I am so tired. I think I’ll eat a couple of bags of chips and then hit the sack. We have more of the same waiting tomorrow.” The other woman complained. She was taller than the other woman and sported short red hair.

Sean walked into the room, and cleared his throat, causing both women to spin around. “Is it too late or can I grab a few drinks.” he asked.

The women quickly regained their hospitable voices and smiles. “No problem sir. Go ahead and take what you need. ” The red head said with feigned cheeriness.

Sean chuckled and walked over to the drink table. “You don’t have to be so civil. I don’t envy you guys. I would lose my mind if I had to stand here and be cheery with all of the idiots that come through here. It’s hard enough attending these things. ” He said as he gathered his drinks.

“At least you get to go home after this. We have two more of these conventions before we’re done.” The blonde said.

“Ouch! I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully you’ll survive until then.”

Sean smiled back at the two women and left for his room. He kicked back and watched a movie while he ate dinner that he ordered through room service. Sean checked the clock when the movie was over. It was almost istanbul escort ten o’clock and he figured that the hotel bar would have cleared out. Sean was right, and he was able to get a comfortable seat in one of the bars lounge chairs. He ordered a drink and settled back to enjoy the jazz that was floating through the bar.

Sean finished his first drink and stood to look for the waitress. He caught the waitress’s eye, but also noticed the two women from the hospitality suite. They were sitting in two chairs across the bar, apparently blowing off some steam. When the waitress came over, Sean ordered another drink, as well as drinks for the two women. He instructed the waitress to not disclose who was purchasing the drinks. He didn’t want the women to thing he was trying to pick them up. He was interrupted midway through his second drink.

“We’re betting that you’re our secret bartender. ” The blonde said as she and the redhead approached where Sean was sitting.

“I didn’t want to offend you so I thought an anonymous drink would be a nice gesture. You guys seemed quite stressed out.”

“Thanks, we do appreciate it. Mind if we join you?”

“Sure, take a seat.”

The women each took a seat and sank back into the cushions. “I’m Rita and this is Edie.” The blonde introduced them.

“I’m Sean.”

The conversation started out about the convention and soon turned to other topics. Sean had spent more time outside of the hotel than the two women, and was able to provide them with information on a few of the local attractions. The women ordered Strawberry daiquiris for the next round while Sean ordered another margarita. He had loosened up, and did not realize that he had begun to ogle the two women. Sean found both of them attractive and had not failed to notice their nylon clad legs or the way their skirts had ridden up.

“I think I am going to be in trouble tomorrow.” Edie groaned and rubbed her eyes.

“Why?” Sean asked while sipping his drink.

“I didn’t eat much today and these drinks are gonna hit me like a rock. I’ve got to be in the suite for six o’clock, and I’m so horny that it’s gonna be hard to get to sleep.”

“You can always use on of the shampoo bottles.” Rita said with a laugh.

Sean couldn’t believe that the two women were talking like this in front of him. He was pretty sure that the liquor had taken hold of both of them. As much as he would have liked to stick around, he didn’t want to get himself in trouble. What someone does when intoxicated can be costly when they sober up.

Sean spoke up. “I think you guys need to get some rest.”

“Actually, I need more than just rest.” Edie continued.

“If my boyfriend were here he would be having a very lucky night.”

Rita flashed Edie a smile then looked over at Sean. “I don’t see a ring on your finger. Are you single or just pretending?” She asked.

“I’m single.”


“Of Course!”

“Good. Then you’re just what the doctor ordered.”

“You’re not serious are you?” Sean asked with his eyes wide open in shock. He had never been propositioned before.

“You can’t expect us to get ourselves off. You said you were sympathetic towards us, so I would think that this is the perfect chance to prove it.” Edie said.

“But if you don’t find us attractive…” Rita began. She had pulled the toothpick from her drink and was licking the cream off of the three large strawberries that were used as a garnish.

“Yeah, I do find both of you attractive. I just don’t want to take advantage of you after a few drinks.”

“Trust me. A few drinks are not going to make us loose all sense of what we’re doing.” Rita responded.

Rita placed the toothpick in her mouth and pulled one of the strawberries off. She rolled it around in her mouth then pushed it back out, making sure that Sean was watching as the ripe fruit slid between her parted red lips. She held the toothpick between her teeth and slid her hand under her skirt. Sean was surprised to find that her pantyhose were crotch-less, and that she was not wearing any panties. Rita smiled through her clenched teeth as she pulled her skirt high enough to access pussy. Sean kadıköy escort watched as she placed the strawberry against her slit and slowly drew it up and down. She pressed the fruit and hummed as it slid between her lips. The room was dimly lit, but Sean could still make out her folds as they slipped around the fruit. Rita sighed and with another push, the strawberry disappeared inside of her.

Rita pulled a second strawberry from the toothpick and stroked it along her slit. Sean could make out the moisture that was glistening on her lips as she moved the piece of fruit. She only made a few strokes before pushing the second berry inside to join the first. Rita pulled the final strawberry from the toothpick and rolled it around in her mouth before bringing it, sticky with juice and her saliva down to her slit. She didn’t waste any time as she pressed the final berry into her pussy. Rita brought her hand to her lips and slowly licked each sticky finger. She slowly slid each digit between her red lips and sucked firmly on each as she withdrew them.

“You are such slut.” Edie laughed. Her hand had slipped down under her skirt and she was slowly rubbing her own cunt.

“So what’s it gonna be Sean? Are you just gonna leave us hanging here all hot and horny?” Rita asked.

Sean downed the last of his drink in one shot. “I guess that’s an offer I can’t refuse.” he replied.

Sean paid the tab and walked the women back to his room. He couldn’t help but examine them more closely as they walked. Rita was fuller in shape than Edie and he was drawn to her well-rounded rear. Edie was thinner, but had a very seductive swing to her hips. Rita’s breasts were larger, but Sean could clearly see that Edie’s nipples were quite large as they pressed against the fabric of her blouse.

Rita giggled as they walked through the lobby of the hotel. “The strawberries are getting a little squished. I’ve got juice dripping down my thighs.” She said.

“Sean can take care of that when we get to the room.” Edie said while giving Sean a wink.

The room door had yet to close but both women were already sprawled on the bed. Sean threw his room key on the nightstand, but was instantly facing the dilemma of where to start. Rita took the decision out of his hands when she grabbed him and pulled him onto the bed. He landed on his back, and she quickly scrambled up his body. She straddled his face and pulled her skirt up to watch. The scent of her pussy mixed with those of the strawberries filled his nose, and he could see the thick syrup leaking from between her lips.

“Mmm.I think those strawberries have gotten a nice squeeze. Take a taste.” Rita said and wiggled her hips.

Sean ran his tongue around the bottom of her slit, and then licked upward. His tongue parted her lips, and he was rewarded with a tongue full of cream. The taste was feminine, musky and fruity all at once. Rita wiggled her hips and lowered herself, causing Sean’s tongue to thrust deeper inside her wet slit. His tongue collided with the berries, which had become pulpy and warm from being crushed by her muscles. Sean rammed his tongue into the berries and spread them around as much as he could, causing Rita to buck from the strong sensations.

“Oh shit.” Rita moaned. She gripped the headboard of the bed for stability as Sean began to lap roughly at her clit. The strawberries became an oozing flow that leaked from her cunt as her muscles convulsed. Sean felt a rush of air as his belt was undone and his pants were hastily pulled down. Edie had spent enough time watching and decided to join the party. She jerked his pants down and wasted no time in grabbing his already stiff cock. She knelt over his hips and lowered herself, guiding him inside of her wet cunt with one steady movement. Sean groaned as her hot cunt enveloped his shaft. His mind was reeling as Edie used him to get herself off. She bounced up and down with force enough to unseat Rita from her perch. Sean gripped Rita’s hips to keep her in place, and continued to suckle her cunt.

It was only a few minutes before Sean could feel Rita’s hips rolling, and her muscles clenching. She teetered on the edge of a climax before the kağıthane escort sensations became too much. He dug his fingers into her ass as she began to buck. She sucked in air as her orgasm pounded through her body. Her cunt convulsed, and Sean’s mouth was flooded with a mixture of her cream and strawberries. He continued to suck as Rita slumped in exhaustion, her cunt mashing tightly against his mouth.

Sean couldn’t move if he wanted to and was trapped beneath two heaving bodies. Edie’s pace had not slowed and she began to bounce even harder. His body jerked every time she plowed down onto his cock, and he didn’t know how much more he could stand. He was trying his best to outlast her but it didn’t seem he would be able to. He was just ready to succumb to her when her felt Edie’s pace become erratic. She bucked wildly and her cunt gripped him with impossible force. He heard her grunt and moan as she thrashed about on top of him. Edie’s cunt flooded him and her juices ran down like a river between them. It took minutes before Edie finally slowed down, and slumped forward to lie on Rita.

Rita rolled off of Sean and let him finally catch his breath. He lay for a few seconds and enjoyed the feeling of Edie still impaled on his cock. She was still draped over him and her breathing was heavy and moist against his chest.

“Oh god, that’s what I needed.” Edie exclaimed as she slowly rose. She let out a small yelp as she lifted herself free of Sean’s cock. It was still hard and ready for more action.

“This thing is still ready to roll.” Edie laughed. She grabbed his slippery cock in her fist and gave it a few short strokes. “I guess it’s your turn Rita.”

Sean shook himself back to reality. He pulled himself to his knees as Edie kept a firm grip on his cock. “Lay down on your back.” he instructed Edie.

After Edie was situated, he pulled Rita toward him, giving her a deep kiss scented with her pussy and strawberries. Rita let him turn her around and guide her into a sixty-nine position with Edie, who lustily attacked her berry filled slit. Sean moved forward and nudged the head of his cock between Edie and Rita, and sucked in his breath as Edie’s tongue lapped against the underside of his prick. He enjoyed her tongue for a few seconds before wedging his cock between Rita’s lips. He gave a good thrust and buried his cock into her cunt, causing Rita to arch her back for more.

Foreplay was not needed, and Sean pounded his prick into Rita without any thought. He could feel the strawberry pulp surging around his prick and oozing down his shaft. It didn’t get far as Edie’s tongue swirled lie a tornado, collecting the gooey fruit and cream. Edie sucked his balls into her mouth and sucked them noisily, causing Sean to slam into Rita harder. He dug his fingers into Rita’s ass and slammed into her as hard as he could, leaving Rita moaning and gasping for air. When the familiar sensation came, he didn’t fight it, and growled as cum burst from his cock. He continued to hammer Rita as her cunt became gooey and cum spewed around his cock until he began to soften.

Sean sat back and his cock slipped from Rita. He closed his eyes as Edie sucked his cock into her mouth and licked him clean. He kept his hands on Rita’s ass to keep her from moving and watched as a thick mixture began to ooze from her open slit. He reluctantly pulled his cock from Edie’s mouth, and directed her to the oozing flow. He moved off of the bed as Edie slurped at the sticking cunt that hovered over her face. He quickly snatched his camera from the dresser drawer and snapped pictures Edie’s mouth covered in goo with strands of cream connecting her lips to Rita’s spewing cunt.

Sean finished by moving around to Rita and taking shots of her sucking on his soft cock. He finally stopped and sat the camera on the dresser as the two women rolled on to their backs, fully sated.

They spent the rest of the night curled up in the bed. None of them had the strength or inclination to remove their clothes. The women were gone when Sean woke up in the morning, but they left a note thanking him for the night. They also left a brief schedule of the next conventions that they would be hosting. After showering and having a quick breakfast, Sean called his boss. He told him how he had found a few new products that he was interested in, but that he needed to attend another convention. He waited in the hotel room as his office made the arrangements. It seems like he was of to another convention, and he was sure that he would stop by the hospitality suite again.

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