The Impossible Dream

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Oh, my God! As she swept her skirt aside to enter the cab, it was all I could do to keep my heart inside, that brief glimpse of her white flesh or her butter-smooth thigh, it aroused the animal passion in me in that split-second. Me being a sucker for white flesh, could readily understand my instant attraction towards her but I could also easily understand something else – she was way out of my league! The fact that I was picking her up from in front of the country club directly led to the conclusion that she was probably the daughter of a rich millionaire and girlfriend of some other rich millionaire-offspring.

“Esplanade,” she said, and man! You had to hear that honey-sweet voice to really understand why it made me feel like I wanted to do anything for her. Out of my league she maybe, but I could not help watching her through the rear-view mirror all the way to the new fancy 5-star hotel that she had named. Soft, tempting cheeks, full luscious lips that could make you understand what heaven tasted like and long blond hair that reached past her shoulders. As I moved my range a little lower, the soft but full mounds of her shapely breasts slowly started to arouse the beast in my pants. And the fact that she seemed to be angry and the mounds rose and fell with her heavy breathing, didn’t help me any. Believe me, I never wanted that journey to end. But end it did and just as I stopped in the marquee of Esplanade I heard her curse, “Damn him, now I forgot my purse at his table!”

There was nothing I could do or say so I didn’t say anything. As I opened the door of the cab, she had the solution all ready, “Come up to my room, I’ll pay you your fare.” I let the valet move my cab from the marquee to the back parking, hell, he could have move the hotel to the parking for all I cared. I was too busy watching her full figure, not an inch out of place, those lovely curves, the skirt moving in and out of between her legs with the gentle breeze, it was too much for any hot-blooded guy. “Good thing I put on these tight pants today,” I was thinking even as I said, “Yes, ma’am” and followed her across the lobby. And you would be kidding yourself if you think I did not watch her nice firm ass as I walked behind her.

She opened the ultra-modern lock on her hotel room with her fingerprint and bid me come in. She started looking around for some loose money to hand to the cab driver, yours truly, and finally found it on a table beside the couch. I don’t know what happened but one moment she was handing me the money and the next moment it fell out of my nervous hands and the currency scattered on the floor. We both bent down to pick up the money and with my knees bent so much and her eyes on the same level as mine she noticed the hard-on inside my jeans. Suddenly she was not angry or anything, simply fascinated by that hard rod trying to poke a hole through my tight pants. As we both started to get up, she put her hand on my thigh right under the cock and let her hand rub on my cock as we straightened up. The hot touch of her palm, her long smooth fingers clawing on my thigh, now this was too much……

Even as she kept rubbing her hot palm on the hard rod, I grabbed her in my arms and closed that soft, warm body so tight against mine that I could feel her soft shapely breasts going flat on my chest, her nipples Avcılar Escort digging into my flesh. In a second my left hand was on her back pressing her into me, crushing her soft breasts on my chest, and the right hand grabbed her butt and started feeling the curves of her perfect ass, squeezing the soft ass cheeks and felt her press her self more into my groin, my hard cock pushing against her hot pussy. I pressed my hot lips on her soft, sweet, lips and licked them a little, pushing my tongue into her mouth, licking and massaging her tongue with mine. She put her hand behind my head and pressed and guided me making the kiss even more deeper and hotter. My hungry tongue was exploring her sweet, hot mouth and it really was the taste of heaven! Our bodies were so hot together it felt like burning, I don’t know how long we kissed like that but I was aware of only one thought that I mouthed, “I want you, right now, right here.” She did not speak but her response was awesome. She took off her top and dropped it slowly to the floor, and damned if she was wearing a bra. Her proud firm breasts standing there inviting me to squeeze them hard, I all but ripped off my shirt and grabbed her again, pressing her hardening breasts on my chest, crushing them hard, rolling them on my bare chest, the nipples so hot and hard on my chest pressing and digging as I put my lips to work on her neck, kissing and sucking the soft flesh at the base of her neck. As I touched the tip of my tongue on the base of her neck and traced around, she was moaning with passion, every bit as hot as I was.

I didn’t think long before moving on, shedding her short silky skirt letting it drop down to the carpet, I was aware of another delicious reality. She was not wearing any panties. A girl after my own heart. Her shaved pussy was already flooded with juices almost dripping, the sight of that tight slit made my moth drier and my cock harder. But that was not something to see, I put my hand on it immediately, feeling the hot slit wet on my palm my finger in the tight crack of her butt, I started rubbing it up and down, feeling her push it into my hand, moaning and whimpering. I slowly parted the tight pussy lips with my long hard middle finger and slipped it all inside. Her cunt was so tight on my finger it made my heart race to think what it’d be like to push my thick cock in there. She, obviously, was thinking the same thing, as I felt her hands opening my pants and pushing them down without bending so I could keep fucking her pussy with my long finger.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, “Fuck me hard, now.” This hot-blooded stud needed no more invitation, dropping my shorts to the floor in one quick instant I pushed her back on the bed even as she gasped at the sight of my hard, erect cock. I am not phenomenally huge, but well, I get by.. he he. She was on the bed on her back, legs open wide, to show me what I wanted to see, her tight pussy, wet and oozing hot juices. I didn’t take more than a half-second to get on there, putting my cock on her hot pussy, rubbing its wet head on her tight slit, she moaned again as my hot cock touched her excited pussy. I started pushing slowly and firmly, opening her tight cunt with my long thick cock, every throbbing inch going deeper and deeper in that tight hole made her Beylikdüzü Escort moan louder and louder. Just when half my cock was in I stopped and started caressing and fondling her breasts, squeezing them and kneading them hard in my strong fingers. Then grabbing her shoulders I slammed my cock so hard and fast in her tight cunt without any warning that she gasped and screamed. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!”

That scream was so horny I can’t put it in words, but it made me wilder, and so much more hornier, I leaned down to kiss her lips and lick her tongue out of her mouth, pulling out my cock, feeling her pussy lips closing, trying to keep it in, and just as only the head was left to pull out, I stopped and rammed it back into her pussy, deep and hard, making her scream even louder and longer. Now I started fucking her with long deep strokes, opening her tight cunt with my long huge cock, filling her wet hole completely. As she got wetter and hotter I started fucking her harder and harder, my long hard cock so hot inside her, going in and out, she could feel it throbbing in her tight cunt, the vibrations sending chills of excitement up and down her body. I kept fucking her hard, making her scream at every deep stroke, in and out, so long and deep. The huge hard cock hurting her tight cunt as it went in and out fast and deep and the pain made her wetter and hornier, wanting to have more and more, pushing her hips up into me helping me penetrate deeper.

My throbbing cock was so hot inside her she could feel the throbbing all over her body, every pore of her body hot and horny hungry to be fucked. I had her shoulders grabbed tight, giving it to her really hard in the cunt, feeling her tight pussy get wetter, she was screaming louder and louder, “Oh yes, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard,” it was making me even wilder and I was ramming it deep into her pussy. Suddenly she came, flooding her hot pussy with her cum and just as I drove my long hard cock deep into her soft cunt, I exploded, shooting my hot cum in her pussy, filling her with it. I kept fucking her in jerks and spasm as I came. Squirting my wet hot fluids in her tight pussy, fucking her in and out. We both came a lot, our hot juices mixing and splashing on the bed as I fucked her even as we came. Eventually I slowed down and pulled out my spent cock from her.

As I lay there beside her, spent but satisfied, she said, “Thank you. By the way, I am Sophia.”

“You are welcome. I am Romeo.”

“Nice to meet you” She said with a naughty smile, and leaned over to kiss me gently on the lips.

We lay there talking, she told me she had had a fight with her boyfriend in the country club and a good fuck was what she needed. We were still talking when suddenly she turned over on to her belly and spreading her legs she said, “Romeo, fuck my ass please.” My dick had been getting back to hard but as I heard her say that it jumped and stood at attention, fully equal to the task.

I quickly got on top of her and putting a pillow under her waist raising her ass so I could touch my hot cock on her ass and her pussy. I put my hands on her waist and ran them up her smooth soft back, feeling her soft silky skin under my hot palms, she responded with soft sensuous moans. I caressed her back and up on Esenyurt Escort to her shoulders. Her moans turned to urgent whimpering as I started rubbing the head of my hot cock on her asshole, making it wet with my pre-cum. Holding her ass cheeks firmly I parted them wide and started pushing the large head of my cock into her tight small ass hole. As the throbbing hot head penetrated into her hot ass, she grunted and begged, “More, more, fuck me, please. Fuck my ass. Hard, Hard and deep..”

I kept pushing my long thick cock opening her tight ass, going all the way into her soft, hot ass. As it went deep all the way into her ass, I left it there, the hot throbbing making her whole body hot and horny, I caressed her back again, squeezing her sides, her arms, leaning down to kiss and lick the back of her neck. All the while her body getting more and more horny and she kept begging, “Fuck me, please fuck me, fuck my ass hard and deep. Now.” Finally I started to pull my cock back, all the muscles of her ass trying to keep it in, squeezing on it, but when it was half out, I stopped and slammed it hard into her ass, so deep and hard that she cried out loud, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!” The pain making her whole body shiver with excitement, her pussy already wet, started to drip with her juices.

That was just the first scream, she screamed again and again, as I fucked her tight ass with my thick, long cock, driving it into her fast and hard, my cock reaching deep into her hot ass. I grabbed her shoulders and gave it to her really hard and deep, my cock going in and out of her ass like a hot throbbing rod, fucking her again and again, making her scream ever so hard,

I moved my hands down her arms, grabbing them just above the elbows, I lifted her body up, her face arched up with pain, excitement and passion, I increased my speed, fucking her so hard and deep, faster and faster, my powerful strokes breaking her screams into shreds, as I held her there, her breasts tight and erect, the nipples like hard steel points. I let her take support by putting her hands on the head board and grabbed her breasts, as I fucked her tight, hot ass, I kneaded her perfectly shaped, tight, hardened breasts in my strong fingers. She writhed with pain but arched her body, pressing the hot nipples harder into my hands. I crushed and kneaded her breasts totally with my forceful hands and the pain made her pussy so much more dripping, soaked in her own juices.

My cock was fucking her ass hard and fast reaching ever so deep in her wet ass when all of a sudden it exploded into a flood of hot lava, filing her ass with my hot cum. Her own juices were flowing now and she was screaming, “Oh my god! I am cumming, yes, yes, fuck me, make me cum, yes!” I kept fucking her in the ass with my wet hard cock, every time I came I fucked her with a hard jerk going deep into her ass and squirting my hot cum in her deep hole. Gradually, we both slowed down and I dropped her, letting her slump down exhausted on the bed, and slumped myself beside her. In a minute, she lifted herself on her elbows and leaned over to kiss me gently on the lips her tongue quickly darting in and out my mouth and smiled, “Thanks you Romeo, no one has ever made me cum like this before!” In response, I just grabbed her head and kissed her harder, using my tongue to suck her in and out.

As I stepped out into the warm April air, I was smiling and thinking to myself, “You are one lucky bastard, Romeo, you saw an impossible dream and it came true so fast and so beautifully. What else can you ask for?”

“Nothing,” I replied to myself and went on to unlock the cab door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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