The Inspection

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Double Penetration

Copyright (July 2014) © Sweetleaf

All rights reserved. Content may not be copied or used in whole or part without explicit written permission from the author.


Relaxed and captivated by the action unfolding on the television, Jenna was oblivious to the smoldering flame burning low in my belly.

Partially naked in a hoodie and panties, the image drew me in like a rabbit caught in the magnified lens of an eagle’s eye. She was irresistible. Her lithe and supple body languidly draped over the velvet burgundy, cushions was enough to bring any man to his knees. I spied the parts of her exposed and appetizing flesh. It initiated an internal rush of hunger; a hunger to feast on her sex.

Breaking the spell cast by the heavenly female form seducing every fiber of my being, I tore my eyes away and entered the living room with two replenished glasses of wine. Without glancing up Jenna extended an arm, fingers wide and awaited the cool rounded glass to press against her skin. Game of Thrones had become a habit of late. It had been a delightful revelation to discover a show that included erotic and risqué scenes.

I sat beside her and carefully lifted the hem of the grey hoodie as it interfered with the spectacular view of her sculpted lower abdomen as it angled from sight into the shadow of her panties. The exquisitely formed navel, pierced with a diamond, reflected tiny sparkles of light from the television. By shifting the hoodie to reveal more of the taut and sensual torso, a small but perky breast became partially exposed and I could see the tip of a dream inducing nipple.

Momentarily glancing away from the screen Jenna’s golden, hazel eyes bracketed below an arched brow questioned me wordlessly. An inkling of what was going on in my mind became abundantly clear as my next move spurred the corners of her mouth to twitch and curl into a smirk.

“Ah, what do you think you’re doing?” The smirk broadened into a full-blown grin. “Can’t you see that I’m watching T.V.?” she teased.

Without verbally responding, I bent over and inhaled deeply of the ambrosial sent of the tanned expanse exposed below the cotton hoodie, lightly dusted with an almost imperceptible fuzz of blond hair. My hands angled between her thighs and applied a light pressure encouraging them to part. A hot breath of air ruffled the hair lining the nape of my neck as I tugged at the top of her panties. They were short, skimpy briefs; white, plain and thin. The sight of them pulled tight against her vulva slammed open the blood tributary leading from below my anus to the tip of my cock. I could feel my jaw ache as my salivary glands erupted causing an involuntary swallow reflex.

Regaining control of the burning sexual fire inflaming my manhood I held my breath and drew small circles on Jenna’s lower abdomen with a warm finger. Lightly running it over the bare skin, in and out of the feminine dips and valleys across her waist, triggered a fractional tremor and it rippled down into the gap between her legs. Caressing her hip bones with the raw, calloused hands of a woodworker, I carved into the spaces that led to her mons Venus. Intuition guided me to create a titillating pattern that alternated between soft hot breaths blown directly over her sensual abs and light soothing sweeps of her belly.

A quick fluttering pass over her crotch using a fingernail, I lightly skimmed the fabric stretched over her cunt and induced a small spasm. Exultant and buoyed by the response, I duplicated the action and was rewarded with the slow sliding of Jenna’s feminine frame as it slouched a little lower on the couch. I repeatedly tantalized her, a small bahis firmaları pout on my lips. I refrained from direct contact with her most sensitive, hooded bud, in order to tease and stoke the fire of sexual desire. I sensed rather than heard a throaty gurgle from deep inside her. The firm and shapely legs of my lover were slowly slipping apart of their own volition. The expression on her face told me everything I needed to know and was confirmed a moment later.

Softly whimpering, she cooed, “Mmmmmm.” Followed by a sigh. “Ahhhhhhh.”

The grin on my face spread wider; it brought me joy and satisfaction to know she was game; that my intuitive foraging was bringing on the desired effect.

It was time to push those legs further apart; I needed an unobstructed view of the gap between her legs, the gap that attracts the focus of men’s and women’s sexual fantasies. Velvety and plush folds of skin curtained behind her panty-clad crotch were clearly open to an inspection.

A closer scrutiny of the white of her panties revealed a little spot of moisture. Voicing my discovery, mocking and sarcastic, I said, “Oh my, you’re leaking. I’m so sorry…” A few more light vertical strokes coupled with pulls on the waistband snugged up the fabric nice and smooth against her flesh and spurred the wet spot to bloom larger. The guttural cooing had now become little whimpers of ecstasy.

“Oooohhh. What are you doing to me? Aaaannnggghh.”

This encouraged me to further explore as she readjusted her position. Jenna’s focus on The Game of Thrones was quickly dissipating, losing traction to the gathering storm brewing between her legs and it was cancelling out all other distractions.

Bending deeply over her abdomen I blew little puffs of hot, moist air between her legs. Leaning over to kiss the rich, luxurious skin with my lips, I nibbled languidly around the pierced navel murmuring softly. Gently brushing the white panties with my nose, taking care to stay away from her clit, I inhaled deeply of the subtle yet rich aroma of her sex. The edge of the waistband stretched upwards as I pinched it between thumb and forefinger and peeked under it. Turning my head sideways, I got down level with her delicious mons Venus and lifted the elastic higher. The view was intoxicating: a beautiful smooth crest, cleanly shaved to expose the top of the dimple created by the hooded little focal point at the apex of the labia. I could feel heat emanating from her hairless and luscious pussy. The aroma was enough to drive me mad and my cock strained tight against my boxers.

The glass of wine was nowhere in sight and her slender hands were on my head pushing me down in an attempt to press my face flat against her cunt. I resisted, took hold of her hands and held them to the side. This was an inspection, not a quick release; a five-course gourmet meal, not fast food. To have her urge satisfied, she was going to have to be patient. Luckily I was knowledgeable of her folds, ripples of hot, pink flesh and valleys of lubricated, silky softness; I had confidence in my ability to drive her wild. Jenna’s pink cloaked button, as well as the deep canal of creamy unctuousness all concealed behind the thin wall of fabric, was to be inspected millimeter by millimeter. It was my goal to make her ache and crave intensely for full contact, for completion; for her to beg and plead for release.

Positioning myself between her outstretched thighs my lips grazing her navel, I blew hot breaths directly on her pussy as I moved down over her mound. Lifting the edge of her panties to the left of her labia, light was cast and fully illuminated the tantalizing and tasty treat kaçak iddaa I knew so well. Saliva was building in anticipation of her juicy flavors. A deep thirst had ignited in the back of my throat, a dryness that needed oiling. I had to fight the urge to simply clamp down on her cunt and lick like a dog going at a bowl of gravy. An erection had long since been unrelentingly hardened against my boxers. I was stiff and excited.

Jenna’s legs had simply fallen apart, one east, the other west. The TV was a distant fading echo; what she had been watching she could no longer have said. Her panties were soaking wet. The whole lower area was drenched in her juices; there was very little cotton left that was dry. It was time to inspect the thick, plump, blood-engorged labia lips directly. Delicately I separated them fold after fold and exposed the slick, shiny flesh. Her naked cunt half an inch from my face. I imaged tasting her, teasing her and running my fingers and tongue in and around that spectacular gap of lushness. As the seconds ticked by I simply let my eyes feast on the wonder of the female genitalia in all it’s beauty and splendor.

Taking the edges of her waistband, I teasingly pulled and pushed her panties down around her ass. Her hips instantly bucked upwards, ardent hands quick to assist in their removal and almost shredded them in her haste. Again, I had to patiently restrain her actions, much to her chagrin.

Jenna’s pleading had become more vocal. “Please, please touch me! Please? I’ll do anything you want, I promise! I promise I’ll do anything. For God’s sake, fucking eat mmeeeee!” she shrieked and growled thrusting savagely at my face. The transformation was a success. I knew I’d be rewarded with her complete surrender. I was to be a witness to her primal urge to orgasm; a willing participant anxious to have her blow all over my face.

Chuckling, I acquiesced and tongued gratefully and tenderly lapping at the outer edges of her pussy lips. Initially I let my fingers lightly flutter and stroke the entrance to her most intimate core. Coupled with small incursions into the deeper folds of her labia my lips gently kissed her hole. Jenna’s legs were as wide as she could get them; straining to spread them from one ocean to the other, she wanted me to have full access.

“There. You happy now? I know you’ve got me right where you want me!” she half whimpered and laughed.

“And what? Is this not where you want me?” I chuckled.

There wasn’t a fold she didn’t want me to clean out and inspect using my tongue and fingers. Sweaty encouragement was mumbled and moaned between gasps and spasms of ecstasy. The splayed reddened lips of her cunt opened like a dam and gushed.

It was with a sense of submission when I finally decided to relent and permitted her pelvis to latch onto my thirsty mouth. Tirelessly my tongue flicked up into her hole and foraged for her enjoyment. Every thrust of the thick taste-budded muscle that stretched out from between my teeth sought to bring her gratification and pleasure. She was in heat. Her cunt was engorged with hot blood. Finding the source of the fountain of juices, sluicing like a river from deep inside her, I curled my tongue and funneled the liquid greedily into my mouth. It quenched and lubricated my dry throat. It oiled the hinges of my jaw and enabled me to open wider like a boa swallowing a horse. It had become my duty to excavate and flush away any lingering doubts Jenna may have had about what was to come. Unearthing a deep desire to be freshly tilled and mowed into a garden ripe and bursting with the fruit of her orgasm was my raison d’être in this moment.

Panting wildly, kaçak bahis she attempted to grab my hair and drive my face into her cunt, though the control she had over her limbs was erratic. Jenna alternated between keeping her balance and working to drive my head deeper in her pussy while keeping my face perfectly aligned with her clit.

The resolve to maintain control of Jenna’s destiny was quickly fading, I couldn’t hold her back any longer. It was all I could do to breathe and not suffocate. She ground her pulsing, sloppy, wet cunt against my face and rode me in great convulsing waves. Grasping my head, she slammed my mouth against her vulva not caring whether I was maimed in the process. The primal force of sex had fully consumed her. Jenna humped and stroked herself against my lips, nose and chin. The guttural moaning and the throaty exclamations pulsing from the center of her core were rising in pitch and her breathing had become irregular and shallow. Sweat beaded her every pore and scintillated on her bare skin.

While mashing my face and tongue deep into her cunt, she erupted and convulsed in her first orgasm. It was like she was fucking herself with my head as she did her best to shove it deep into her slit. How to get her cunt to wrap itself around this large and living vibrator and stuff it whole inside her, seemed to be her focus.

Hot fluids were spurting from Jenna’s hole. My mouth angled advantageously to drive the current of her pussy goo directly down my throat and hungrily absorbed it all. Her climax kept mounting and mounting, exploded and soared again. A series of contractions twisted her body, contorting it wildly. A second agonizingly ecstatic release that consumed her entire world, my face vacuumed to her cunt as it sucked me deeper, shook the foundation of her being. Holding my head directly on her clit and growling ferociously, she forced my face up and down her raw and slippery pussy. There was no denying the final collapse of her self as it imploded within and set off a series of burgeoning spirals of relief like a flower eternally opening its petals to the morning sun. Like a towel rung dry in the hands of a giant, the love flood exiting her cunt drowned me in the rewarding solution of her orgasm. Explosion after explosion of cum erupted from her hot throbbing cunt, as she growled and cried.

“Jesus Christ Mark! Holy fuck! Oh my god. I’m so shaky right now!” After a moment my head still happily lodged against her vulva she continued, “I’m so, like, without words. Oh my god. That was beyond wild. That was awesome!”

Placed directly and intimately between her naked thighs, I experienced the purity of her surrender to the ebb and flow of a climax. Just like her, I was in pure ecstasy. To know how badly she wanted this, how badly she wanted to cum in my face, to let me have it all – that was my reward.

I couldn’t stop smiling even while pressed against her cunt as the last of her hot, slick juices ran down my chin and neck. My face, throat, hands and the top of my forehead were covered in her slippery pussy goo. It felt like I’d just taken a dip in a sweet pool of warm syrup, a delectable solution made for lubricating human parts and feeding hungry desires.

Her contractions reluctantly subsided and breathing slowly returned to normal. The massive, lethargic grin stretched across her flushed cheeks was one of pure satisfaction. Taking my face in her hands she drew me up to her mouth. With a palpable emotion of pure gratitude, she cleaned me. Jenna licked her juices from forehead to the bottom of my chin as she sucked, nibbled and kissed me affectionately.

“Anytime you need to inspect me, you have my permission. No need to ask,” she beamed a mischievous glint in her eye.

Tumbling and stretching out on the couch, we kissed and pressed our bodies tightly together arms wrapped around each others waist.

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