The Kiss

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She awoke to the light pressure of his nose gently bumping hers and knew he must still have his eyes closed, so she kept hers closed too, sensing the light streaming in through the curtains and knowing it was almost time. His mouth found hers and they kissed, lazily and long, savouring each soft tangle of their tongues. Gradually their kiss became deeper and harder, their lips pressed together and tongues searching for one another with more urgency. Suddenly he broke away and licked the tip of his finger. She knew what was coming, and exhaled heavily as she felt the little lightning bolt of electricity as his moistened finger made contact with her clit and started to rub it in teasingly slow circles, his warm saliva making it glide over her soft skin.

They resumed their exploration of one another’s mouths. Without breaking the kiss she snaked her hand beneath the blanket to the place where his morning glory was pressing insistently against the top of her thigh, almost with a sense of urgency, as if begging her to grasp it. She curled her fingers sex hikayeleri around his hard cock and started to stroke its impressive length, moving her hand up and down slowly and hearing his breath quicken. She opened her legs wider, giving him unhindered access to her swollen clit and altering the sensation a little, making her moan slightly. Noticing this, he sped up his movement a fraction, working her clit harder and faster. ‘I want to fuck you, hard’ he whispered in her ear, his voice low and gravelly, almost a growl. ‘I want to be fucked hard, and I want to fuck you back hard’ she replied, a burning intensity in her eyes as they locked contact with his, although they both knew that now wasn’t the time, that would have to wait until tonight.

She felt his cock harden further beneath her fingers as she stroked it. They continued to kiss as they pleasured each other, their tongues engaged in the dance of two lovers who know one another’s mouth almost as well as they know their own. Her hips were starting to sikiş hikayeleri rock a little now as she built towards her orgasm, and he broke the kiss to suck and lick her neck. She threw her head back and moaned, enjoying the new sensations, and as she did he sped up the movement of his fingers. Her breathing grew faster as she bucked her hips under the intense pleasure that was building in her pussy, but there was no let up on this occasion as he continued his onslaught at her clit and her collarbone, her legs now stretched open as far as they would go. Her orgasm suddenly hit her, crashing over her like a tidal wave. Just as it reached its peak he commanded ‘kiss me’, but she was lost as her body writhed beneath his hand, so his mouth claimed hers and she moaned into his as she rode out wave after wave of pleasure.

For a few seconds she rested her head back on the pillow, catching her breath. Her hand had stilled as she came but still held onto his hard, hungry cock. Now, she gripped it tighter and mischievously sex hikaye whispered ‘your turn’, moving her head towards him to graze the soft skin just below his left ear with her teeth. He exhaled sharply as her hand expertly worked his cock, stroking harder and faster as she sucked and bit his neck, sometimes a little painfully but never quite hard enough to bruise the skin. She felt his cock and body stiffen, and then he groaned against her neck as he came, firing shot after shot of hot cum onto her abdomen and pubic mound and making her gasp in delight. She loosened her grip and slowed the movement of her hand as his breathing started to steady, feeling his cock pulse a few final times beneath her now gentle fingers as she coaxed out the last few drops of cum. They kissed deeply again as he came down from his orgasm, their limbs entwined together, savouring their last few moments now sticky in the warmth of their bed. Suddenly the quiet was pierced by the shrill ringing of the alarm, it was time to get up.

As she drove to work she replayed the morning in her mind, feeling her pussy start to become wet again as she recalled their fun, and the words he had growled into her ear. Smiling to herself she looked forward to what she knew was to come that evening, perhaps she would even wear the red crotchless body stocking…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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