The Kitty Kat

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Walking through the front door, Katrina tossed her school books onto the nearest chair. She threw off her coat and decided to head upstairs to her bedroom to listen to some overly loud music before her parents came home from work and started screaming at her to turn it down. She got to the bottom of the stairs and noticed a strange sound coming from upstairs.

David, her older brother wasn’t suppose to be home from college for several more hours. It sounded like he was having a seizer or something. Taking the stairs two at a time, Katrina’s short legs brought her to the half-opened door of David’s room. Peeking inside, she gasped when she saw David on top of a strange woman on his bed.

At eighteen years of age, Kat was old enough to know what fucking was and to be very interested in learning more. Staying as quiet as possible, she continued to watch her brother jerk and grind against the woman under him. The strong muscles of his neck stood out prominently and his muscled body had a healthy cover of sweat making him glisten. Kat had never seen him look so handsome.

He looked down intensely at the woman under him. He looked hungry and angry at the same time and it took her a couple of seconds to realize that the woman he was fucking was Mrs. Betty, her High School English teacher and their closest neighbor! He was fucking the shit out of Mrs. Betty and Mrs. Betty seemed very happy about it too, as he turned her over suddenly and started fucking her from behind in long, sure strokes.

“Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me with your hard cock!” Mrs. Betty squealed, grinding back against his crotch. Her head was thrown back and David had one hand on her hip and the other squeezed one of her pendulous breasts. The other tit rocked and swayed in time to David’s thrusts and seemed to hang almost to the mattress reminding Kat of one of those African natives she’d seen in a National Geographic’s magazine.

David’s eyes were closed and his upper chest had turned a reddish hue as he shook the entire bed. Kat wondered who he saw beneath his eye lids. Mrs. Betty was a rather plain woman with a voluptuous, some would say fat body, but she was obviously more than able to satisfy David. When Mrs. Betty screeched loudly, Kat backed away from the door. She turned and made her way downstairs and after retrieving her jacket, she left the house.

Katrina had never thought of her brother as a sexual person before. Well, honestly she had spied on him a few times while he showered. Naturally she was curious about a man’s body, about his cock and the flesh that the girls at school called balls. He’d looked strange to her, foreign, alien and she’d been strangely grossed out by the differences in his body. However, after watching him today she’d felt compelled to touch him, to taste the parts of him that were clothed and hidden.

Lots of boys at school had tried to touch her intimately but she’d never allowed it. When Christopher tried to put his hands into her jeans, she’d bit his ear and shoved him away, making him drive her home immediately. She’d been shaken and scared of what he would do. Her brother made her feel excited though and curious and aroused.

Liquid pooled in her secret places and she wanted to go back to the house and touch her body, bringing it to full peak. She wondered if David had ever had thoughts about her. She was a lovely girl after all. Everyone was always complimenting her smooth, satiny skin and her large green eyes. Even David had said she had a great figure, even though she was slightly small for her age. She’d developed early and was use to constant looks and hints about her large breasts and what Chris called, her sweet ass. Settling into the large swing in the backyard, Kat wished she could strip naked and see the look of hunger in her brother’s eyes.


Later that evening, Kat was strangely quiet and picked at her meal as her parents and siblings sat around discussing the impending holidays. Watching her brother surreptitiously, she watched his mouth chew and smile and laugh and every time his eyes met her she quickly looked away and drank from her cup. She felt her body flush and tingle from every little connection with him, Every now and then she saw a bewildered look on his face and she silently cursed her unfamiliar feelings. Already her body was growing warm and she felt the disturbing liquid between her legs.

She prayed nobody could hear the change in her breathing bostancı escort as she silently squeezed her legs together, which only seemed to make the problem worse. She coughed into her hand when she felt herself groan.

“Sweetie, are you ok?” her father’s innocent voice asked her.

“I …ah … I don’t think I feel very well,” Kat stuttered. “Can I be excused?” she asked breathlessly. Before her parents could answer, she quickly left the table and made her way hurriedly to the refuge of her bedroom.

She closed the door and quickly disrobed, yanking her panties completely off. The cool air caressed her skin like a lover’s breath. Laying on the bed, she opened her legs, drawing the knees up high, opening her flesh to the room. She moved her small hands up the insides of her legs, slowly reaching her sensitive opening. She was wet, the lips of her labia coated with a slick juice. It was her brother’s fault she thought to herself, softly stroking. She was still a virgin but she yearned to have him ram his hard meat inside her softer body.

Tentatively she inserted her index finger inside her pussy. She had long nails and gently scraped the inner flesh feeling herself grow even wetter. As quietly as possible she drove her finger inside her, as far as it would go. Over and over, her breath came quicker. It wasn’t enough and so she inserted a second finger, her cunt filled to capacity. She drove her finger inside harder, imaging her brother’s powerful cock jamming itself inside her needy hole.

She knew she was being a bad girl for thinking such obscene thoughts about a member of her own family, but she couldn’t help it. The need was so strong. She was a nasty, awful slut for having these unnatural thoughts and her pussy purred in answer. She didn’t care! Thrusting her fingers inside her cunt harder and harder, she closed her legs tightly around her hand, locking it to her horny body. In her mind it was David’s body locked inside, holding his cock inside. He was riding her like he rode Mrs. Betty and he liked her body more.

Feeling her body crest, she turned her head into the pillow and screamed her release. Her pussy continued to pulse and vibrate from the strength of her climax. Kat continued panting for several seconds waiting for that lovely lethargic feeling to creep into her cunt. She might be a virgin, but she decided than and there that she wouldn’t stay one for very long.


Kat’s father, Fred, silently closed her bedroom door. He knew that in this day and age, most people would brand him a monster. The worst kind of pervert, but he couldn’t help himself. Over the last couple of months he’d started to develop these feelings for his daughter. He couldn’t help but notice her generous curves, her milky skin, her fleshy ass. She was a tiny, perfect sexpot. He would gladly sell his soul for just one hour of hot, sweaty sex with her.

He watched her as she ran her hands up and down her young thighs. The tiny nub in the center of her cunt glistened and called out to him. Her moans grew louder and he knew he should return to the table and resume his meal, but he couldn’t drag himself away from her erotic play.

Her tits jiggled deliciously and her nipples swayed in beat to her fingers. She drove her tiny digits firmly into her fuck hole over and over. Fred wondered if she was still a virgin. Certainly most girls her age had an active and fascinating sex life. He hoped his eighteen year old daughter was untouched, but not for any paternal reason. Fred wanted to pop her cherry. He wanted to ram himself so hard and long inside her that she’d feel his dick in her throat!

Unfortunately, he couldn’t linger. His wife would question his absence and he suspected she already noticed his scrutiny of their oldest daughter. At the age of 54, Fred didn’t make a secret to his wife of how much sex he required. She also knew that if he wasn’t going to get it from her he would go elsewhere. Of course, elsewhere had never before meant his sexy daughter. She didn’t mind if he fucked a co-worker or neighbor or prostitute, but Katrina might be a different matter.

Stopping a few feet from Kat’s bedroom door, he decided that he had better visit the bathroom and take care of his current erection before returning to his family.


The next morning, David yawned loudly and stretched out his big body feeling that sense of contentment ümraniye escort bayan that only came from being home. Nowhere else on earth would people ever know the real him and still love every inch of him. He knew he was lucky. He had great parents and great sisters and the only bee in the honey was Mrs. Betty’s constant demands.

He’d began a relationship with her a couple of years ago to get an easy grade in English and two years later she was still sniffing around. She was definitely years ahead of the girls at college. She never baulked from sucking cock or taking it up the poop chute but sometimes he really wanted to tell her to fuck off. Of course, none of the girls at school interested him that much either though. He wanted to find a girl with his sister’s sexy looks and Mrs. Betty’s sexy demands.

Katrina was the girl of his dreams, no doubt about it. Of course, it was wrong and all that Christian shit. Whatever. Unfortunately, while he was jacking off in the shower or in bed or screwing some other girl, it was usually her beautiful face and whopping tits he saw. Sometimes, he could almost feel her breath on his cock and yesterday when he was fucking the crap out of old lady Betty, he wished it was her cunt he was plowing into.

Of course, he knew she just wasn’t the kind of girl that would go for some of the games he liked to play. He knew she was still a virgin, you could just tell. He liked a seasoned player, like Mrs. Betty, who was not afraid of anything and who liked a dominant male. He enjoyed making her beg, making her do whatever he wanted. Of course, that didn’t stop him from fantasizing about his younger sister.

Sighing resignedly, he knew he didn’t have time to take care of Mr. Wiggly the way he wanted to. He promised some friends he would meet them for basketball at the Y. It’d been a while since he’d seen the guys. Later on they’d probably sit around and smoke some weed and brag about all the sluts they’d bagged. Too bad none of them had scored as much as they bragged about.

Jumping out of bed he looked for his jeans and hurriedly pulled them on. Quickly walking through the hall he stopped outside of Kat’s bedroom door and watched her brushing her long silky hair. She was wearing a white, almost transparent gown and he could make out her small form thanks to the window behind her. Her nipples looked extra long. Extra juicy.

Just then, his father walked up behind him. Fred’s eyes widened with interest when he realized what his son was gazing at. Kat’s limber young body would stop any man breathing. All time stopped as they both imagined peeling away the thin nightgown and feasting on the banquet beneath.

“Oh hi guys. Good morning!” Kat chirped happily when she suddenly turned and saw her two favorite guys. She couldn’t help but notice that both men looked a little guilty. When she looked south, she realized why. Slightly embarrassed, but a little flattered, she looked away with a smile.

Fred cleared his suddenly clogged throat. “Hi sweetie! We’re just getting ready to go shopping. Your mom wants to know if you and Davie wanna come?” he stammered brightly. Shifting, he tried to ease the pain in his fuckmeat.

“Thanks anyhow Dad, but I already made plans to meet up with Jimmy and the guys,” David explained and hurried away. He had his own aching meat to take care of and figured the shower would be the perfect place.

Putting a little swing in her steps, Kat sauntered towards her father. “Well Daddy, you know me, I love shopping,” she giggled playfully. “I still haven’t figured out what to get my favorite man,” she flirted shamelessly, wounding her arms around her father’s strong body. She could feel his hard meat pressing against her belly and felt an answering spark in her fur cup. She rubbed her stomach shamelessly against his hardness and listened to his labored breathing.

“Well, right now, your favorite guy would love a kiss from his favorite girl,” he grinned wickedly at her. Fred thrust his leg high between her inner thighs and felt her heat through the fabric of his pants. She was hot and wet. He could feel her arousal as he lowered his mouth to her lips.

Kat opened her mouth and swallowed the tongue her father gave her. She wrapped her tongue around his and suckled, trying to match his actions. She could feel her juices soaking her father’s knee. He rubbed harder against her hot, moist core and she moaned into his mouth. He quickly kartal escort took advantage of her vulnerability and shoved her back into her bedroom and out of the hallway.

With a kick to the door, he sent it crashing and grabbing her again, he shoved her back against the door. Fred quickly resumed kissing her as he unfastened his pants and pushed up her nightgown. He roughly ripped her panties off and inserted two fingers high into her young snatch. Her tiny pussy held a lot of cream and he used it to lube her up. Positioning his hard cock, he shoved against her slimy crevice.

Kat moaned in helplessness. In his haste he didn’t aim right, but quickly righted himself and this time, he hit home. He slid easily into her young body, but then encountered her cherry wall. Working quickly, he shoved ruthlessly, breaking her useless hymen. When Kat felt the pain she got nervous and started to resist and push at her father. Fred was stronger though and he swallowed her cries with his kisses and resumed sucking her tongue as he thrust repeatedly into her tight hole.

His hands and body held tight to her wiggling body, but when her hips began to push back Fred knew he had her where he wanted her. He reached down and pulled one of her legs up high on his hips. Her greedy fuck channel sucked down more cock and her soft whimpers vibrated against his mouth. Releasing her lips and tongue, his tongue began to trace patterns of wetness on her sensitive neck and ears. One hand reached around and grabbed her soft ass and he ground even deeper inside her guts.

Kat didn’t know what had gotten into her. One second she was a normal girl and then the next she’s a heaving, needy whore who’s fucking her own father. Her father’s cock split her in two and she loved it!

“Fuck me daddy! Fuck me hard!” she panted. Kat arched her back and ran her hands down Fred’s back and grasped his ass. Her hands squeezed and spurred him on. He went even wilder, ramming her over and over.

“I’ll fuck the shit out of you baby,” Fred growled back. Wildly he grabbed her other leg and held both off the ground as he slammed into her tender flesh. He’d never felt so physically powerful or sexually potent before. Achieving what he’d wanted for so long soothed his inner beast and came crashing down on Kat.

When Kat’s body and expression seemed to signal her coming climax, Fred took her mouth again and swallowed her screams. He really didn’t give a shit if half his family came walking in and served breakfast on the floor, but as a known political figure, his career would be ruined. He could fuck half the women in town, but not his own baby girl.

He continued to fuck her forcefully. Her tight channel clutch and hugged his rigid pole. He pulled her head back and attached his mouth to her white neck, sucking the blood to the surface. He wanted to mark her, to see his brand on her body. She languidly held his head to her and gratefully took every plunge of his babymaker.

Suddenly, Fred’s body seemed to go rigid, then he thrust hard, once, twice, three times and she felt the hot gush of his seed enter her womb. She reacted with instinct and gripped her father’s cock tightly inside her and continued to milk his fucktool.

Fred dropped her leg and leaned into her weak body. Sweat poured from both of their bodies and cum juice trickled down Kat’s leg. Looking into his daughter’s eyes, he was pleased to see the dazed look of satisfaction. She could barely hold herself up and without his assistance, she would have slid down the door and onto the floor. Which would have put her at the perfect angle for a cock sucking. Unfortunately, Fred didn’t have the time. He’d dallied too long and would be rewarded by irritating silence from his wife.

“I think you should stay home and relax for the day Kitty Kat,” Fred murmured, lazily kissing her lips. “Daddy will take you shopping another time. Just you and me. We can buy you all kinds of things and you can give daddy the gifts he loves best too,” he whispered hungrily. Stepping away, Kat made her way wobbly to her bed.

“Yes Daddy. I think I will,” she smiled tiredly. Her pussy throbbed and hummed and she felt slightly uncomfortable, but the pain wasn’t as bad as she’d always assumed it would be. She knew she should feel sick to her stomach about fucking her own father, but she only felt a sense of anticipation for their next fuck session.

Fred grinned wickedly and after rearranging his clothes, he opened the door, scanned the hallway and left. He knew he should stop in the downstairs bathroom and wash his daughter’s sexy odor from his body, but it gave him a thrill to smell her scent. Maybe his wife would be able to smell it too. His smile broadened at the thought.

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