The Maid’s Chores – Jonathan

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Most people groan unhappily when the alarm goes off in the morning. Not me. The sheets caress my naked body as I stretch lazily. A smile spreads across my face, and a tingling starts low in my tummy, but I repress the urge to do something about it. My morning is packed full of chores, and I can’t be late.

Jumping out of bed, I take a quick shower, making sure I’m shaved and presentable. While my skin is still damp, I face the floor-length mirror and fix my hair into a high ponytail. I laugh at how my breasts bounce as I move.

I laid my maid’s uniform out last night, and now I put on the white shirt with puffed sleeves. It’s a bit tight over my chest, so I leave the top buttons open. I always feel restricted wearing a bra, and thankfully, the Caldwells don’t make me wear one. The black skirt is short–it only reaches mid-thigh–and it swishes nicely around my legs when I walk. I tie the little white apron at my back, and when I tie the top part around my neck, it almost pushes my tits out of my shirt.

Lastly, I put on a new pair of white cotton panties. I know they won’t stay on for long.

I twist and turn in front of the mirror to make sure I look all right. This French maid uniform is so much more fun to wear than the ugly, shapeless tunics I wore when I cleaned rooms in hotels. I shudder at the thought of it. I was sacked from my last employer when a guest complained about me. She had found me bent over the hotel bed with her husband eagerly pumping into me from behind. He had such a nice cock and knew how to use it too, but apparently, my work contract said that it was a sackable offense to get pleasured by the guests.

I thought I was going to have a hard time finding a new job after that, without a good job reference, but thankfully, the Caldwells hadn’t minded when they advertised for a maid. Before I started working for them, I made sure their contract kaçak iddaa didn’t say that fucking was a sackable offense.

The first chore of the day as a live-in maid in the Caldwell household is to make sure Jonathan gets off to college. He’s not as eager to get up in the morning as I am. He groans from underneath the blankets when I pull the curtains and the windows open wide to air out some of that unmistakable smell that every young man omits.

“Time to get up, Johnny boy,” I singsong.

“Go away, Jess.”

I only laugh and walk over to the bed. Messy hair and a toned chest emerge when I gently pull the sheets down. At eighteen and ten months, Jonathan is only a few years younger than me. He still has that lanky teenage body, but he’s started to fill out nicely. I bet he’ll end up having just as hot and muscular body as his dad has.

“You need to get up.”

Eyes peer up at me from narrow slits.

“Make me,” he grumbles.


“Show me your tits.”

“Jonathan!” I try to sound outraged as I track the movement of his hand under the sheet, down to the morning wood between his legs.

“Show me your tits, and I’ll get up.” He sounds a lot more awake.

“You’re such a bad boy,” I say with a pout, but my hands go up to undo another button on my shirt. I pull the apron down a bit, and my breasts easily spill out. It feels so good when I take them in my hands and start playing with them. My pink nipples harden as I pinch them. It sends little electric currents down to my pussy. I sigh happily.

“Oh God, yes.” Jonathan’s hand is moving under the sheet. “Can I touch them?”

“No!” I’m firm on this point. “You can’t touch, you know that.” He knows that very well, but that doesn’t stop him from asking, every single morning. You see, the only clause in my work contract with the Caldwells is that I’m not allowed to be physical kaçak bahis with Jonathan until he’s nineteen. The contract originally said twenty, but Jonathan negotiated down one year. I doubt there was ever a young man who was looking forward to his birthday as much as Jonathan is.

“Well, if I can’t touch them, then at least show me your pussy.”

I sigh in pretend exasperation. “You really are a bad boy.” Truth be told, my pussy is already wet–I’m always so horny in the morning, and I love the way Jonathan looks at my body with complete admiration. And until his birthday, there’s no harm in just looking, right?

I place a foot on the bed and lift my short skirt, flashing my white panties with their growing wet spot. Jonathan scoots down the bed for a better view. He throws off the sheets and gives me a full view of the glorious cock in his hand. I moan at the sight.

Jonathan isn’t the only one who is looking forward to his birthday.

He groans when I push my panties to the side. I hold my breath and watch Jonathan’s face as I reach down and run my fingers through my lips. I sigh and bring some moisture up to circle my clit. It feels so good–I’ve been wanting to do this since the alarm went off. I move my fingers faster, around and around, at the same time as I squeeze my breast. It won’t take me long to come–especially not with Jonathan looking at me with those hungry eyes.

“Jess, you’re so beautiful,” he pants as his eyes skip between my tits and my pussy. “I want to fuck you so bad!”

“Naughty boy,” I giggle, and eye his cock. Pre-cum is leaking from the tip. I place a finger at my entrance, imagining that it is Jonathan’s thick rod. It glides in easily. I add another finger. My breath hitches, and my insides clench around the two digits, slowly drenching them in my wetness. With a last hard pinch of my nipple, I bring my other hand down to rub illegal bahis my clit at the same time as I fuck myself with my fingers.

Jonathan shuffles to the edge of the bed. He is so close to me that I can feel his warm breath on my thighs. I break out in goose bumps.

“You smell so nice. I want to taste you.”

I could kneel down, just a little, and his soft lips would touch my pussy. I want to do it so badly! But I force my legs not to move. Instead, I cry out on a throaty moan, “Only two more months, Johnny! I’ll wake you up with my mouth around your cock.”

“Fuck yeah!” His hips are bucking as he works himself harder, eyes glued to my dripping pussy.

It’s so hot seeing the effect I have on him. My tummy is contracting, and I can already feel the first signs of my impending orgasm. I move my fingers faster. Light tingles spread across my scalp, and my toes curl.

“You-you’ll sit on my face,” Jonathan pants, and the image rockets me even closer to the edge.

“Yes, my pussy in your face… Ah!” I can’t wait to teach Jonathan how to use his mouth, how to fuck me with his tongue. Can’t wait to show him how to use that glorious cock, to feel how deep he’ll go. To have him fill me up, stretch me, pump into me. “Johnny…” I moan at the wet sound of my tight hole being finger fucked.

“Yes! You’ll choke me with your pussy… you’ll come o-on my faaaace…” Jonathan gasps for air as his hips jerk erratically. He closes his eyes. “Jess!” Cum shoots out of his cock and onto the bedsheets.

Jonathan’s hot breath wafts over my pussy. I cry out. My legs tremble, and my vision momentarily blurs as my orgasm washes over me, my walls spasming around my fingers.

“Oh, Johnny,” I whine through waves of aftershocks until my pussy stills. With a sigh, I pull my fingers out and wipe them on my little apron.

“Thanks, Jess,” Jonathan whispers. His cock rests, spent, on his thigh. “I’ll get up now.”

I smile happily as I cover my soaked and swollen lips with my panties and confine my breasts back into my shirt.

First chore of the day is done.

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