The Manhattan Experiement

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–This is a true story that happened over summer this year. Please comment.

My cell phone started vibrating. I reached down into my jeans, digging it out. I liked the look of tighter jeans and it was sort of a trade off since i could never get my phone out of my pocket.

“Simon! Please come over. I need someone to hang out with. Its a friday night and im all alone.”

“Dude, calm down Kenton youre vice sounds like shit when you scream at me.”

“Sorry, anyways my dad had to go to work and my mom is out all night with my aunt. Want to hang out. its all right with them.” Kenton said.

“Yeah sure let me ask my parental figures.” i said.


Kenton was my best friend for about 4 years. He lived on the east side and i was more central Manhattan. we always hung out and the summer was no exception. It was never dull going to his house. When i finally got to his building, i buzzed up to the 4th floor. His dad was some exec and they had an entire two floor loft. It wasn’t bad that he was rich, it just meant he had good food and a nice tv.

Kenton greeted me at the door. He was a an average height, dark blonde and straight hair almost to his jaw bone, 15 year old boy, built athletic but not muscular, and lightly tanned. At the time tuzla escort we didn’t have the same taste in sex, but that is what this story is about. Me and him and how we came to find each other as more than just friends. I was a little shorter than him. I had short black hair and the hereditary Portugal tan. I played soccer so my build was really skinny.

“Dude its awesome that youre here. What do you want to do?” He aksed.

“I dont care. I guess watch some tv.”

“Alright. By the way i got a new cd from the futureheads. you might like them.”

We headed for his room nestled in a corner of the first floor in his loft. He had a nice room and his parents seemed to replace the furniture every year or so. He put on the tv and we watched a DVR of Its always sunny in philadelphia. We loved that show.

What is significant about our joining is the storyline of IASIP is that the brothers were trying to chase down the homeless guy to teabag them with their ball sacks.

“I need a fix man. ive gotta get some human to eat.” Kenton barked out between giggles.

“whats with you guys always sticking your balls in other peoples mouths?” I said. He laughed.

“Its got to be different. It seems like we always just stick our balls in his mouth, why not give him pubic hairs all tuzla escort bayan over his face.” Kenton said.

We laughed and laughed and then it happened. Thinking about it i said “I think i would rather have balls in my mouth than a bunch of pubic hair glued to my face. That just seems nasty.”

“Dude. What.” Kenton looked really puzzled.

“I was just saying. I mean it seems like it wouldnt be so bad. I mean before we bash, we dont really know what it tastes like.”

“Are you trying to say something?”

“No. What do you want me to suck your dick Kenton?”

“Would you? I mean seriously no joke would you?”

“Well i mean i guess i might if you did too.” That started it. Kenton all of a sudden said he was bored and wanted to try it. He dared me to suck his dick.

“Umm ok. Should i pull down your pants?” I aksed.

“Yeah go ahead.”

He was lying down on his bed. The quilt was really soft. I felt really heavy chested. I got on my knees and crawled up to his waist, my legs spread over his wasit. I reached down and moved my hands to his jeans zipper, undid the button and pulled the zipper down. He was breathing hard as i pulled his pants down, turning my hands behind his tight butt and pulling them out from under him.

Once they were off escort tuzla i saw a bulge behind his light blue boxers. They were really short and i could see his untanned thighs, really skinny and muscualr. Then i pulled down his boxers, revealing a semi-hard penis, hairless. I kneeled down and stopped an inch from the head. Then i went for it and kissed his head. Then slipped down and took the shaft. It felt so good as i moved my head up and down, feeling the big vein along his dick as it grew harder and harder. Kenton was moanging.

“Oh Simon this is awesome.”

Then he began to cum in my mouth. it was so sweet. it felt so good. then i stopped.

“Will you do me now?”

“oh yeah ok.”

Kenton was a little awkward about the whole thing. He was still pantless bending over me. He had such a sculpted figure. He pulled down my pants and stuck my dick in his. mine was smaller than his but i didnt care about size, just what he did to it.

Kenton moved in and out, slathering my dick with his tongue. It felt so good. Then he went farther. he rolled me over, grabbing my small body in his muscular arms. He got on top of me and thrust his dick into my butt. At first there was pain. But then he started pushing in and out, thrusting against my back bone.

—Im sorry it was a slow start. PLease comment.!!!!! the next one will be about the sex i swear. This is just the intro to the whole night if you know what im sayng.

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