The Master’s Pleasure

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The Master’s Pleasure…

In Victorian times many of the poor were obliged to work generally as servants for the gentry which often meant that they were expected to please the Master or/and Mistress of the house by way of sexual favours.

For many it was no big deal, if it meant keeping a well paid job, better paid if they consented and they were being treated well they were glad do submit, especially if like it sometimes happened, they were attracted to the employers.

David was employed as a stable hand in a mansion house near Derby and liked his job enormously, although when the master first asked him to report to his bedchamber at 7pm on a given evening he was naive enough not to know why it was to be the bedchamber and not in the office, he was soon to discover, in a very painful way, the reason why and to say the master had him across the bed rail was an understatement.

His girl, Susan who worked as a scullery maid in the same house, wondered why Davis was ‘walking funny’ when she saw him the next morning.

Embarrassed and confused he was reluctant to say, but pursued by his girl and their policy to be always honest with each other, he told her that Sir Robert had him.

“How do you mean, had you?”

“He told me to meet him in his bed chamber, removed my breeches, ordered me to bend over, that it would be worth my while. But when he pressed his cock into me it hurt like hell but all the same he didn’t stop, and that is why I am walking this way. It bloody hurt!”

Going through his mind were the master’s words afterwards that it wouldn’t be so bad next time and he shuddered to think that all that horrible episode would happen again.

“Now you know what it was like for me when you first did it with me, David. But that is horrible but please tell me you wont leave beşiktaş escort David”

“I have nowhere to go, you know that, we have good accommodation and nothing is said about you coming to my room or me to yours sometimes.”

“So you will do it again?”

“I shall have to bear it but let’s hope it wont be soon.”

“At least I am safe if the master fancies you” Susan reassured herself but she didn’t know the half of it.

Master Robert was a bisexual and would fuck anything that took his fancy and Susan was next on his list.

She was told in no uncertain terms to meet him in his bedchamber at 7pm the following evening but, unlike her boy friend, she knew the consequences. However unbeknown to David, Susan had a soft spot for her master and almost longed for the meeting, she was young and although she adored David, he was young too and inexperienced and often he left her in the lurch in bed when he had a premature ejaculation, he claimed it was her fault because of her extreme oral doings but she wanted more than just the feel and taste of him, she wanted him inside her and that wasn’t a thing that was happening of late, sometimes they had only just started to make love and he’d ejaculated exhausted and no good for her at all, so she had to be content with a quick and sometimes rough massage with David’s rough fingers.

She envisaged that the master, being that much older and with a beautiful physique would offer much more than just a mere masturbation to ease her ache of passion.

She would not be disappointed and bloomers stripped down, she bent over the edge of the bed, she was soon feeling the fuck of a real man inside her which made her so wet she reached a double orgasm and when the master handed her a gold sovereign she beylikdüzü escort was more than please to offer herself both anally and orally.

But would she tell David what happened, but she didn’t have to, because the master told him, with the prospect of serving both the master and his brother together.

“But could it not wait a week, Sire?” The stable boy plead, I am still so very sore.

“I know , I was too rough with you, but I adore a virgin and you were just that, you have a beautiful stance which needs to be cultured lad and I will see to it, and my brother is an expert so you will be duly prepared tonight. But you must aim to please both of us because remember that girl of yours, whom I had so pleasurably last night, has three ways to please whereas you only have two, comprehend?”

Poor David was at his wits end, to think that Susan was with the master too, where would it all end, the three of them together, worse than that, the master’s brother too!

That evening though David did find some comfort in being ‘ suitably’ initiated – as the master’s brother, Mr Peter – enjoyed stretching his aperture with a range of dildo’s from small to large, and finally, when it got to trying the largest inside him, he yelped a bit but given a deep massaging of coconut oil and more gently working in and out David felt the comfort and thrill bestow him, and then he felt also that he was well stretched and Mr Robert said, after having pushed his face between his crack, licked and tasted him, that he was well ready for fucking.

“Well don’t be long, I want a poke to” chuckled his brother “you were absolutely right about telling me the lad had an excellent backside.”

“Now young David, you know what I said about pleasing Mr Peter.” Mr Robert beyoğlu escort said as he easily slid beautifully into the stable boy.

David, bent well over for the master’s serving, looked to his left and saw that Mr Peter was gently massaging a huge thick cock and now knew why he had used the biggest dildo to stretch his hole considerably, to the point that he thought it would tear, but somehow with the application of the oil it had become numb and pleasant to the point that he looked forward to the fuck of both brothers.

But in the meantime, with Peter directing his appendage towards his mouth he knew what he must do, to that point something he had never done before – to suck cock, like most guys he would have sucked his own if only he had the acrobatic ability but could only imagine, but if his girl friend’s lusty efforts were anything to go by he was in for a treat or ripe throbbing and very pliable cock prompting his suck right now!

“Now you know what you must do, lad” Mr Robert said as David felt the full length of his cock wedged inside – he closed his eyes, sensing the scent of Peter and soon the taste the nectar too of very erect and prompting stiff cock..

It was good how it all came together, the fucking and the sucking, for David it tasted good and felt so good too, He explored it with his tongue, sensing the tip with gentle probes and wrapping his busy tongue around the appendage which, judging my his moans of delight were very pleasurable.

David sucked and sucked as Mr Robert fucked and fucked and so the three of them were well served, but not before a fucking from’ the big one’ which was so wonderful and the sucking of Mr Robert..

As for David’s girl friend Susan, it came to pass that she and David realised they were both happy with the new setup and the foursomes proved to be a success, and to watch her receive the three of them at once was such a wonderful thing, the guys took turns, one in her warm wet pussy, the other with a bit of positioning, in her ass and the remaining appendage of course anally, it was all so very thrilling and wonderful and they were going to have such wonderful times together.

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