The Model

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The model, I’ll call him Adonis, likes to come to my office, eat me and run. He’s the perfect fuck buddy but we had never actually fucked until the day he im’d me to be ready for his visit. He had a surprise for me.

He came in the door precisely at closing time as usual. The lock clicked as he bolted the door.

I always get a rapid heart beat when I see him. He is just so drop dead gorgeous.

Adonis arrived in his work clothes. Is there anything sexier than a lean man in denim and shoe boots? Well, I am certain there is but not on that day. He also has a particular scent about him. Not a body odor but an ozone smell from the chemicals he works with. I get wet and my pussy starts to swell now every time I smell it. The scent was strong on him that day.

Without a word he turned me around and marched me to my desk chair. He told me to kneel on my chair. While I leaned on the desk with my knees on my chair he reached under my skirt to a surprise of his own. No panties and fishnet thigh highs.

I loved the way he touched me. His hands and lips told me how much he wanted me and appreciated my surprise. My wet pussy and moans told him how much I enjoyed it too.

“I am going to put my cock in you now.”

“Really?” This would be a first. Something I had desperately wanted.

“Yes, but this time I will only give you a taste of it. No fucking. Just a taste.”

I agreed. Anything. I just wanted to feel his cock inside me. Secretly I thought he wouldn’t be able to stop at just a “taste”. I would later realize how much I misjudged his self control.

I heard him unzip his pants. Up to Escort Bayan Esenyurt that point I hadn’t even seen his cock. He eats and runs. I spun my chair to look but he turned out of my eyesight. I was only going to be allowed to feel it once and in my pussy.

I was getting very hot and impatient for his cock. Not being allowed to see it sparked a moment of fear. Why wouldn’t he let me see it? Yet, being denied something always makes me want it more.

He fingered me till I was arching and pushing against his hand. Then I felt it. The hot smoothness of the head being slid down the crack of my ass and then he slowly entered me.

I melted. It filled me up and felt unbelievable good in my swollen pussy. I moaned. He gasped. He grabbed my hips and slammed into me half a dozen times. Then he was gone. I had been so close to cumming and he just pulled out!

I stepped out of my chair and spun around to him just as he was zipping up. I still didn’t get to see it. My chest was heaving. My pussy was throbbing. Crazed with desire, I was ready to pounce him to the ground!

“I told you just a taste. Next time.”

“Next time? I need you now!” I could hardly breathe or talk. I was in so much need.

He kissed my forehead. “Next time.”

I had to sit. My legs were shaking. “You haven’t eaten me or sucked my tits.” I couldn’t help whining. I was desperate!

Adonis lifted my sweater to scoop a breast out. He sucked one then the other till I was squirming and ready to cum. He stopped again.

“Not this time.”

I had finally caught on that I wasn’t Escort Bayan Avcılar going to cum this time.

“May I suck your cock?”

He looked at me with tenderness and shook his head no. “Next time.”

I was near tears when he turned to unlock the door.

“How soon till next time?”

“A week from today”, he said as he left.

The week was the slowest of my life. Despite all my toys and morning masturbations the sexual frustration never abated. Driving home from work I would suddenly feel the urge to rub my clit as I remembered his last visit. I needed real cock. I needed Adonis cock.

Friday arrived and I was a complete bitch all day. I needed Adonis. If I didn’t get him I thought I might drive off the overpass on the way home.

At precisely 4:47 pm he im’d me. He would arrive at 5pm sharp. The relief I felt left me feeling weak. I shouldn’t feel like this. No one should have this power over me. He was like an opiate to me. Very dangerous, oh so pleasurable and extremely addictive.

I closed the blinds at 4:58. I fidgeted for two minutes. The door opened. Adonis stepped in and gave me his trademark smile. I nearly creamed in my chair. Fuck if he doesn’t rock my world like that. The bolt flipped.

I stood and walked around my desk. Holy Smokes! I wanted to devour this man. I was half scared this would be another tease. Another day of control and frustration.

Adonis kissed me. “You were something else last week. I thought you were going to attack me.”

“Oh fuck! I wanted you like never before. I can’t believe you left me like Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü that.”

“I told you it was only a taste.”

“You won’t get away so easy this time.”

“I almost turned around and came back to you. The look on your face as I left almost melted my resolve.”

“What?! If I had known I would have shed some tears!”

I led him by the hand to the boss’ office. When I turned to him he was already starting to strip. Sweet relief! I knew we would consummate this time if he was stripping.

I had no patience for foreplay. I wanted him. I wanted his cock and I wanted it immediately. I don’t remember what I was wearing or how I got naked but I do remember lying back on the desk and spreading my legs.

He came to me hard and ready. I closed my eyes as he entered me. The feeling of his cock is still sharp in my memory and makes my pussy swell as I type. His cock head was like marble. I could feel the ridge of the head all the way in and out. The smell of ozone was in the air which only made me wetter.

As I rubbed my clit, Adonis fucked me hard with a steady rhythm. As I started to cum I knew I was being too vocal but my legs were shaking uncontrollably and my arms were seizing. I had no control. I couldn’t stop the deep guttural groans. The orgasm ruled and I was gone to that primal place where only the bodily functions are in control.

I don’t remember him cumming or stopping. I only remember coming to with my head hanging off the back of the boss’ deck. My whole body was splayed and limp except for my hands which were painfully gripping the edge of the desk. I watched him speak but I don’t know what he said. My body was not mine to control. His body was unbelievable beautiful. Even Michelangelo would have wept as I did at that moment.

Adonis pulled me up and held me. He kissed me tenderly. I felt depleted and whole. Satisfied to a completely new level. My weekend was off to a fantastic start.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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