The Monster Pt. 04

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The Monster Part 4

By Charlie Flemming

Copyright 2022 Charlie Flemming

Author’s Note: All Characters are over the age of 18

This story begins in 2022

Main Characters

Jack-18, 16″ cock, light brown hair, blue eyes, 6’3″ tall

Sara-Mom-36, GG-sized tits, black hair, brown eyes, fit but very tone and curvy.

Rita-Aunt-37, FF-sized tits, blonde hair, blue eyes, similarly amazing body to Sara but not quite as hot

Josephine (Jo)-sister, 18, EE-sized tits, twin to Jack, red hair, green eyes most popular girl in school

Clara-Cousin, 18, EE-sized tits, brown hair, kinda dumb but very kind

Beth Ryder-teacher, 28, FF-sized tits, redhead

Naomi Moore-38, doctor, FF-sized tits, African American

Rose (Ro)-18, DD-sized tits, Jo’s best friend and a popular girl in school, brunette hair

Week 3: Crazy

Sunday, September 18


Jack was woken up by his mother. He looked up into her beautiful face, her gorgeous brown eyes, and he immediately had a boner while he pictured what her face looked like painted with his cum.

God dammit! He thought to himself, I can’t cum on my own and I keep getting erections everywhere I go! It really doesn’t help that I’m lusting after my own mother! Which only made him think of his sister Jo and how crazy she’d been acting lately.

Sara was surprised at her son’s almost immediate erection under his blanket right as soon as he woke up but she chalked it up to morning wood. My husband used to get those all the time before he died. She thought as she gawked at the massive tent her son’s boner was making in his blanket.

“Did you want something?” Jack asked after a few more moments of silence. He was feeling embarrassed about his erection, knowing full well he couldn’t hide it from his mom. And he could plainly see she was staring at it. That was another thing…Mom! Why is she acting this way? I mean, when I came on her face she acted almost like she wanted me to do it, and she enjoyed getting covered in my cum. But that can’t be, this is my Mom we’re talking about here. She’s just not like that…right?

Jack still really didn’t know anything about girls though and it would be obvious to anyone else that Sara was obviously very horny as she stared at the tent in her son’s blanket, Jack just assumed she was disgusted by it, “I’m sorry if this bothers you, let me put on shorts.” He knew that wouldn’t help but it gave him an excuse to sit up.

“Um, right.” Sara said as she shook herself out of her cock-lust and remembered why she came in there, “I was just going to tell you that Rita’s been called to work again and Jo and Clara went off to the mall or something. So I guess it’ll just be you and me going to church today.” She smiled and then walked out of the room before she became so horny she couldn’t stop herself from ripping all her clothes off and raping her son. I don’t know what’s getting into me lately… she thought and then remembered her son’s amazing dick once again and what she wanted to get into her very soon.

But she berated herself for thinking that way, this is my son. Stop it! Stop thinking of him like that! He’s not some sexual object! FUCK! She thought as she realized that her pussy was getting very wet. She decided she needed church more than ever that day.


While Jack and Sara were at church, across town, Clara and Jo met with their friend Rose.

“So, Ro,” Clara said, the three of them called Rose “Ro,” as a nickname sometimes, “Did you know that Jo broke up with all of her boyfriends?”

Rose dropped her fork into the salad she was eating, “What? Why?” She asked turning to Jo.

Jo wished she could stare so hard at Clara that her head exploded and then turned her Rose and said, “I did. And it’s really not any of your-“

“It’s a new boy isn’t it?’ Rose said, eager to learn why Jo would do something so crazy, “Who the hell could be good enough you’d dump everyone else for him.”

Jo glared at Clara again, seeing if she was about to spill the beans. Clara looked back at her cousin cheerfully. Jo knew she just loved torturing her. “It’s, um, no one. There isn’t a boy. I just wanted to take a break from all that stuff for a bit.” Jo said, unconvincingly.

Rose looked at her friend suspiciously, “Fine, don’t tell me. You know I’ll find out eventually.”

Jo ate the rest of her salad in miserable silence. She knew both that Rose was probably right and she would find out about the…thing… or whatever she should call it, that she had for her brother. Jo also knew she could never ever let that happen.

Monday, September 19


Jack was dropped off by his mom, alone. This was normal since Jo and Clara usually drove in together, but sometimes they all road in mom’s car, or Jack road in Jo’s car. They road in silence since both mother and son were having conflicting feelings about the kurtköy escort other person.

Jack got to his first period class and saw Beth, his teacher. She came up to him, “Could you meet me here in 3rd period?” She asked, “I want to talk to you and I know you have a study hall then.” She had checked his schedule on the school’s network.

“Um, sure,” Jack said, confused about what that could be about. But he had a feeling it was probably something to do with what she saw him doing with his cousin.

He was close, when he came back in her empty classroom, aside from Beth, there were no students. “I have a free period now,” She explained. Once the door was closed behind Jack she got right into it, “I know you can’t cum while masturbating, it said so in your doctor’s excuse.” She explained.

Jack blushed, “Yeah, it’s a really stupid problem to have.” He admitted.

“I bet, especially for a man your age.” She said, Beth was actually feeling very horny right then, but she didn’t want to show it. She need not worry since Jack wouldn’t know what he was seeing anyway, “But I was wondering what you do when you, um, get an erection then?” She asked, that had been on her mind, especially after she got stoned on the hill the other day.

“Um, well, nothing really.” Jack said, very embarrassed, “I just wait for them to go away.”

“I guess what else can you do.” Beth said, “Have you had any luck finding a girlfriend?”

Jack cringed and looked away from her. That was answer enough for Beth.

“Hey, Jack,” She said, “It’s okay! A lot of guys have trouble finding-“

“I’m really unpopular.” Jack said then, “And I know it. I mean, I don’t think there’s any way I’ll find someone until college, and then only if I’m really, really lucky.” Jack, after berating himself and now feeling pretty bad about himself, turned and walked out of the room.

Beth realized that Jack didn’t know anything at all about girls. She was right in the assumption she had when she thought she saw him making out with his cousin.

Tuesday, September 20


Jack and his mother sat in the doctor’s waiting room. It didn’t take long before Naomi came out to get them.

“Um, should I really come back this time?” Sara asked the doctor, worried about what happened last time.

“Absolutely,” Naomi said, professionally, “I’m going to need your help today.”

And like before, Sara soon found herself with her naked son standing in front of them in the examination room.

“Okay, today we’re going to try an experiment.” She said as she wheeled a television up to them. “We’re going to try to get Jack to have an orgasm on his own. First, we’ll try with pornography.”

A steamy porn started on the screen. Sara had never seen porn before ever, and she could feel her pussy getting very wet as she watched the big dicked man on screen plunging his cock in and out of a hotter older woman’s tight pussy. She began to picture that it was her getting fucked and that her son was doing the fucking.

But Sara’s attention went completely off the porno once her son started jerking his thick, long dick right next to her. She stared at him spellbound, hoping that maybe this time he’d be able to cum, his constant erections would become a thing of the past, and she could go back to being a normal mother who didn’t lust after her only son’s humongous cock.

Jack jerked his dick with both his hands like he always did whenever he tried jerking off again. He stared at the screen, hoping watching others fuck would actually help this time. But after 20 minutes everyone could see nothing was happening.

“Ugh, this isn’t working.” He said, “And both my arms are tired.”

“Hmm,” The doctor said feeling like maybe she had something there, “What if you look at my body instead?” She asked as she wheeled the TV away.

“Um, what?” Jack asked.

“Well, if I can jerk you off and get you to cum, maybe you can jerk off and cum if a real woman is with you?” She suggested before removing all her clothes. She loved how Jack, and his mother for that matter, stared at her hot brown body. “Now jerk off and cum. Oh and Sara?”

“Hmm.” Sara looked up at the doctor’s eyes or would have if they didn’t stop on her amazing tits instead.

“Could you get a sample cup? We want a semen sample this time.”

Sara grabbed one from the nearby table.

“If your son starts to cum, please make sure to catch as much of it as you can in the cup.” Naomi told her. But Naomi was lying, she didn’t really need a semen sample, but she really wanted Sara to touch her son’s cock and hoped that her getting closer to it would help make that happen.

As Jack began jerking off again and his mother got in front of him with the cup, Naomi started to pose for him.

She bent forward to show her massive boobs, grabbing each tit in each hand and holding them together for him, She turned around and bent over to present her asshole and pussy to him, she rubbed her nipples and pussy when aydıntepe escort she turned around again. And that’s when Jack began to cum.

Sara was quick and his semen flew in the cup, but one shot filled it completely and the rest went all over her face and clothes again.

“Oh wow!” Naomi shouted as the boy came all over his mother’s body again and again, “He came with his own hand! But he needs a real woman to do it? Hmm, we’ll talk about this next week.”

They drove in silence back home and Jack stayed in his room after that feeling very conflicted about what happened in the doctor’s office…

Wednesday, September 21


A few things happened on Wednesday. First off, in school just before the third period, two jocks came up to Jack in the hallway and beat him up.

“Whatever, mast-no-bater!” One said as he kicked him in the chest, obviously not the most creative.

“Yeah, you gonna masturbate at home! Oh yeah you can’t!” The other one said who also wasn’t the most thought-oriented person.

“What are you doing?!” Jo said to the jocks as she came up to protect her brother.

“What? You broke up with us so we’re breaking your bro.” The first one said.

“Yeah!” The other added.

“You both know that I know stuff about both of you that could ruin your lives if it got out, right?” Jo pointed out to them.

“Um…” The other said, stupidly, and then went to punch Jack on the ground again but the other guy stopped him.

“How about we go to the gym?” He said.

“Um…” Guy

said, “Okay!” And they walked away.

Jo helped her brother up from the ground, “Thanks.” He said to her.

“Don’t mention it.” She said, very concerned for her bruised brother.

The teacher, Beth Ryder, came up to them, “What happened, is he okay?” She said suddenly very concerned.

Jo put her brother’s arm around her shoulder to help him walk “I can help him.” She said.

“Still,” Beth said to her students, “Take him to my classroom, I don’t have a class in there right now.”

A few minutes later Jo was helping her brother sit in Beth’s chair behind her desk. Beth got some hydrogen peroxide from her back office.

While Beth was out of the room while she looked for that, Jo put a hand on her brother’s cheek as she turned his head to look at the bruising, “You know, they only pick on you because you don’t fight back.”

Jack felt especially upset right then, “If I fought back it would be twice as worse.” He said bitterly. “I’m not like you, Jo, I don’t have anyone to back me up or anything.”

Jo scowled at her brother as she dabbed some of the blood off his face with a paper towel, “You have me.” She said.

“Yeah, how long has that been true?” Jack put in, obviously getting angrier the more he thought about it. “Today only, right?”

Jo suddenly hit him in the chest, not hard, but it hit him right in one of the worst bruises on his body, “OW! WHY!?” He shouted.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” Jo said, realizing what she did, “Here, let me see.” She grabbed the bottom of his shirt and took it off over his head.

This was right when Beth came back into the room. She blinked. Jack was usually wearing baggy clothes at school, with a penis as bulky as he was, she could understand that, but she’d never seen him without a shirt on before. Not being a PE teacher, this wasn’t exactly something that came up. She did not expect him to have, well, any muscles, let alone a six-pack, but she saw that Jack was actually pretty in shape, even though he wasn’t overly muscular like the jocks who had just been beating him up.

Jo ignored her teacher coming back into the room as she started to rub the bruise she hit on her brother’s chest to soothe it, “I’m sorry for hitting you.” She said as she tried not to let the fact that she was also fondling one of her brother’s chest muscles distract her, “And I’m sorry I haven’t exactly been the best older sister.”

“We’re twins,” He said, “You aren’t older.”

“I’m like a full minute older than you!” She pointed out as she stuck her tongue out at him.

Beth came up and started dabbing a paper towel with hydrogen peroxide. She started lightly touching it around the cuts on Jack’s face.

Jack knew this would hurt and only cringed a bit as she started to do it.

“You really shouldn’t let them treat you like that,” Beth said, not thinking.

“I really couldn’t help it,” Jack said, bitterly.

“It’s true, he couldn’t.” Jo said, she hadn’t been there at the beginning of it, but she already knew what happened, “Two football players jumped him, there’s nothing he could have done.” Jo was getting a bit distracted and started running her hand all over her brother’s chest under the guise of doing it to comfort his bruises but this was becoming more and more overtly sexual by the second.

Beth noticed that Jo was being a bit more touchy-feely than one might expect, “Um, can I ask you something?”

Jo only then realized what she was doing and tuzla içmeler escort put her hands back in her lap on the floor where she was sitting, “Sure, what?”

“What were you really doing with your brother at Make-Out Point the other day.”

Jack gulped and looked to his sister with a look that said, “You better not screw it up” on his face.

Jo smirked, “Oh, that’s easy. We were teaching Jack about women. That’s all.”

Beth bit her lip, she glanced at Jack, for one thing, she was very concerned for him. He always seemed fairly innocent. She was only worried that he might be being corrupted by his sister and cousin. She decided to voice her concern, “were you teaching him, um, something sexual?” She asked.

Jo shook her head, “No, just the dating stuff.” She glanced at her brother’s face and noticed him blushing, “Why does it matter?” Jo asked her teacher getting a bit annoyed.

“Because it’s incestuous, to say the least.” Beth put in, feeling that much was obvious.

Jo laughed, but really this was to cover up her otherwise shocked expression as she felt she was almost figured out for a moment, “Haha, what? This is my brother!” She said, “What we were doing was innocent enough… Um…”

Jack started thinking about the “date” then, mostly about kissing his cousin or moving his hand down his sister’s belly. The cock in his pants was starting to rise. Which was very obvious to Jo sitting on the floor.

Jack tried to hide it with his hands but Beth quickly noticed it too. Jack wished he was wearing a shirt because then he could at the very least throw the bottom over his crotch to hide it. Instead, he sat in that chair, a hot older woman to his side, his even hotter sister on the ground, both women staring at his steadily rising cock in his pants.

“Umm, maybe we should…” Jack started to say, only wanting to get out of there before he got more embarrassed, but it didn’t matter because the bell rung right then.

Jack grabbed his shirt and was out of the room in seconds.


That evening, Jo was out until late again. Mostly because Rose was hanging out with her all the time now as she tried to figure out who Jo’s “mystery man” was. It didn’t help that Jo was getting exceptionally hornier and hornier as well since she dumped all her boyfriends.

That was pretty dumb of me, Jo thought as she lay on her bed. She picked up her phone and considered unblocking one of those meatheads, ugh! They all just bore me! She thought as she dropped her phone on her chest Most of them won’t even go down on me and none of them care if I cum anyway!

That made her think of her brother, I wonder if Jack will be a generous lover… Ugh, he’s too immature to even handle a woman like me! I can’t believe we’re twins most of the time… Jo felt her pussy clench at the thought, I don’t know why I find us being twins so hot! It’s like… “We’re made for each other.” She said her final thought out loud.

But would Jack find it hot? Jo went on with her thoughts, Ugh! No! He’d probably find it disgusting like I’m sure Rose will if she ever finds out about it…God, Jack had such a huge boner in school today! Jesus Christ I’m so stupidly horny!

Jo picked up her phone and started going through her blocked numbers again. She decided she was going to text someone after all…


Jack was up late doing school work but was just about to turn in for the night and finish it in the morning when his phone beeped.

It was from his sister, which he found odd since he couldn’t remember her texting him so late at night before.

Jo: Hey. U up?

Jack shrugged to himself. He guessed after their “date” that perhaps she was feeling friendlier than before.

Jack: Yeah but I’m gonna go to bed soon.

Jo texted back immediately.

Jo: Sure you don’t want to spend some time with your sista?

Jack thought, that’s weird? She’s never wanted to spend time with me before… well, not before that date anyway… That made him think of that awkward kiss she gave him, and him catching her in bed with him the other night… he decided he wasn’t sure what was going on with his sister but he didn’t think he wanted anything to do with it.

Jack: I think I should probably just go to bed.

Jo: Come on! I just want to ask you something. 😉

Jo put her phone down on her chest again, wondering if the winky face was a step too far. But Jack texted back only a moment later.

Jack: Can’t you just text it to me?

Jo scoffed as she read it. He really doesn’t get it. Doesn’t he know that when a pretty girl tells you to jump you should say “how high?” She pondered it but decided her brother was just too inexperienced.

Jo: No. It’s too personal.

It took her about a minute to reply to that and when her brother didn’t answer right away Jo realized he must have gone to sleep.

She tossed her phone on the shelf of her bedside table. And laid on her side to feel bad for herself, but only for about 30 seconds before she decided to just use the dildo in her bottom drawer and forget about the fact that she didn’t have any boyfriends anymore, or that her brother didn’t like her the way she liked him, and just masturbate and forget about the whole thing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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