The Monster Pt. 12

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Copyright 2022 Charlie Flemming

Author’s Note: All Characters are over the age of 18

This story begins in 2022

Main Characters

Jack-18, 16″ cock, light brown hair, blue eyes, 6’3″ tall

Sara-Mom-36, GG-sized tits, black hair, brown eyes, fit but very tone and curvy.

Rita-Aunt-37, FF-sized tits, blonde hair, blue eyes, similarly amazing body to Sara but not quite as hot

Josephine (Jo)-sister, 18, EE-sized tits, twin to Jack, red hair, green eyes most popular girl in school

Clara-Cousin, 18, EE-sized tits, brown hair, kinda dumb but very kind

Beth Ryder-teacher, 28, FF-sized tits, redhead

Naomi Moore-38, doctor, FF-sized tits, African American, nymphomaniac

Rose (Ro)-18, DD-sized tits, Jo’s best friend and a popular girl in school, brunette hair, kinda mean

Tuesday, September 27 (cont.)


Sara changed out of her clothes and into a robe. She was going to take a shower but decided to give Jack and Jo their phones back.

Sara was really worried about facing Jack so she walked further down the hall to her daughter’s room. She knocked on her door.

“Who is it?” Jo said from the other side. She’d been working on homework, hoping she could get it done soon so she could take a nap before dinner and wouldn’t be too tired for her basement date with her brother that night.

“It’s me,” Sara said, “Can I come in?”

Jo scoffed but said, “Yeah, whatever. Seems like you do whatever you want to.” She was still angry at what she thought she walked in on the other day in the bathroom.

Sara came in and closed the door behind her, “That’s not true.” She said, feeling she’d been doing a decent job of keeping her feelings for Jack in check, even if that wasn’t the case earlier that day.

“Sure, whatever you say,” Jo replied, her words dripping with sarcasm, and not looking away from her homework as she spoke to her mom.

Sara could feel her anger rising at her daughter again but she stifled it as she reached into her robe’s pocket and took out Jo’s phone and put it on the desk in front of her, “There, you can have that back. You’re still grounded but I shouldn’t have taken away your phone.”

Jo looked at it then up at her mother standing next to her desk, “Are you giving Jack back his phone too?” She asked before she could think about who she was asking what to.

Sara glared at her daughter darkly, “Yes, and yes go ahead and text him, or even call him, but you’re still not allowed to be in the same room as him until further notice, except at meals.” Sara took a breath and a softer tone, “But really, remember Jo, he’s your brother! You can’t do things like that with him,” Sara said this just as much to herself as she did to Jo, “You have to remember that’s your relationship, first and foremost, and doing something as, as,” Sara could feel her anger rising again, but it was more for herself than for her daughter at that moment, “Vile as fucking him. It will only fuck up the relationship you already have. It can’t happen, Jo. It just can’t.”

Sara felt disgusted in herself at her incestuous feelings for Jack and left Jo as she left her room.

Jo spent some time doing homework, but then left it unfinished as she grabbed her phone and began texting her brother…


Sara was feeling so down on herself, she walked into her son’s room, said, “Dr Naomi called and she’s probably going to call you tomorrow so here’s your phone back.” She handed his cell to Jack and walked out of the room to go take a shower.

“Oh. Uh, thanks,” Jack mumbled but his mom was already gone.

He unlocked his phone, only really expecting his game apps to have sent him notifications while he hadn’t had it. Instead, he had 7 new conversations open in his messenger app. 3 from numbers he didn’t recognize.

The first was from his mom right after she took his phone away.


Mom: I can’t believe you would do that with your own sister!


Followed by:


Mom: Oh right, you don’t have your phone.


Jack didn’t know how to respond to that and didn’t really want to start a conversation with his mom right then so he moved on.

The next one he read was from Clara. One she sent just moments ago.


Clara: Hey cuz! Jo just texted me and said you both had your phones back.


Three dots at the bottom of the message indicated Clara was typing something else. Jack waited for it to come in.


Clara: Are you still on for our date tonight? I have something planned 😉


Jack grandbetting yeni giriş groaned. After everything that happened to him that day he had all but forgotten about the basement plans they made yesterday. He decided to skip that one and come back.

The next was from Jo and just after Clara’s message came in only moments ago.


Jo: So, Mom gave us our phones back but I guess we’re still grounded.


Jack wrote back right away.


Jack: She didn’t tell me anything. Just gave me my phone and left.

Jo: Well, she told me, like, fifty times that I shouldn’t text you or even talk to you, so of course, I’m going to 🙂


Jack smiled at that but then frowned as he thought about the fact that he had made out with Beth, Rose, and their mother that day. Fuck… he thought as he realized, I feel like I’ve been cheating on my sister all day… He then laughed at how ridiculous that thought was but still felt bitter at himself. Even though I don’t think we should continue… it still doesn’t feel right.

He thought about telling Jo all about it but felt like such an asshole he decided to move on to the next message. It was from his aunt from Sunday. He realized as he looked at it that it must have been after she came into his room and he felt her up.


Rita: God, you got me all worked up…


The next message made Jack’s eyes bug out of his head. It was a picture of Rita’s chest, though her head was cropped out of it, but Jack knew it was her. She wasn’t wearing a shirt and her beautiful breasts were on display, large bouncy tits without a hint of sag to them, big pink areolas, and large hard nipples showing just how turned on she was as she lightly pinched one with the hand not holding her phone. Jack was drooling after looking at that for a few seconds.

He shook himself out of it and saw there was another message beneath the picture.


Rita: Oh fuck! I forgot your mom took your phone! Shit! I really hope she doesn’t know how to unlock it or I’m going to be in big trouble…


Jack stared at her tits again and decided to write her back as all the blood he used for thinking rushed from his brain into his cock.


Jack: You have beautiful breasts Aunt Rita.


He moved on. There were still three messages he didn’t recognize but each introduced themselves and he added their number as he went. The first was from Dr. Naomi.


Naomi: Jack? This is Dr. Naomi. Your mom gave me this number and I just want to make sure it’s the right one.

Jack: Yeah it’s me.


He moved on to the next one, expecting that to be it from Naomi. It was marked just a few minutes after Jack had his lunch at school that day.


Rose: Hey, boy toy! This is Rose’s number, I got yours from Clara, hope you don’t mind.


Then from a few minutes later.


Rose: This is Jack’s phone right?


A few minutes after that,


Rose: God dammit Jack! Talk to me! I know I’m not always the nicest to you but fuck! The least you can do is answer a poor girl!


It was then followed by about 25 messages calling him various names, the last one being about five minutes ago. It read,


Rose: You can go fuck yourself keeping me waiting for your fucking reply like this! You big dicked piece of shit! I hope you are at home fucking your sister and making a whole horde of incest babies right now!


Jack wasn’t going to reply but saw those three dots at the bottom of the screen again. He decided that he should just reply.


Jack: My mom took my phone and I just got it back.


He moved on to the next one before she could write him back. It was the last number he didn’t recognize and the one he was the most surprised by who it was. It was Beth Ryder, his history teacher from earlier that day.


Beth: Hey, is this Jack? It’s Beth, your history teacher.

Jack: How did you get my number?


As he was waiting for a reply, Jack got another message from grandbetting giriş Jo. He stayed with her messages as other replies came in but he ignored them until he and his sister were done with their chat.


Jo: Are we still on for tonight?

Jack: I think so. Is Clara going to be there?

Jo: Clara basically does whatever she wants, so probably. Do you want her to be there?

Jack: Well, I think I’ve said already that I don’t think we should be doing any of this…

Jo: Uh-huh. But do you want her to be there tonight? I can ask her not to be if you want…

Jack: Do you want her to be there?

Jo: Of course not, I want you all to myself 😉


Jack realized when he read that that he probably shouldn’t tell his sister that he’d been kidding multiple other women that day…


Jack: Well, then tell her not to come.

Jo: OK!


Three dots…


Jo: I can’t wait to see you again 😉

Jack: I kinda can’t either. Even though I know it’s wrong.

Jo: Doesn’t it being wrong make it more fun?


Jack laughed at that.


Jack: Lol. I’ll see you then 😉

Jo: ttfn Every boy wants to be my boyfriend. Don’t tell me you’d rather fuck your sister than a hot girl that you won’t get arrested over. Incest is illegal, you know.

Jack: At least Jo is nice to me. Can’t really say the same about you.


Rose sneered at that in her bedroom at her house where she was texting him. She was a bit angry at herself, because she knew he was kinda right. She had been unnecessarily a total bitch to him. But that was before she knew what Jack really was: a man who was made to please women. She knew what she wanted, she wanted Jack to be in her pocket, and she was willing to do some really awful shit to get it.


Rose: What if I told Jo you made out with me today? What would she think about that?

Jack: Please don’t. I think she’d be just as angry at you.

Rose: What would you do to keep me from telling her?

Jack: I’m not going to be your boyfriend if that’s what you mean.

Rose: What if that’s what it took to keep it from her?

Jack: Then I’ll text her right now and tell her what happened.


“Ugh,” Rose said as she rolled her eyes. Calling my bluff already? Jack’s smarter than he looks… She thought as she typed her response.


Rose: Fine I won’t tell her. But you owe me!

Jack: I’m still not your boyfriend!

Rose: Whatever. I don’t need another boy toy anyway. I got something else in mind.

Jack: What? Keep in mind I’m grounded and can’t leave the house.

Rose: Meet me in the locker room at lunch tomorrow and I’ll tell you then.

Jack: Fine.


Rose didn’t respond after that but Jack had moved onto the next message.


Naomi: Did you and your Mom have fun today?

Jack: Is that what you wanted to ask me?

Naomi: That’s one of the questions I wanted to ask, yes. So, did you?

Jack: I don’t like thinking about my mom like that.


Naomi was sipping wine on her sofa, fully clothed now, and watching an old movie. She cocked an eyebrow at that. The way she and Rita talked about Jack, like some kind of sexually explicit porn star or something, popping boners all over the place, Rita practically drooling over him despite him being her nephew, Naomi had never considered Jack wouldn’t actually want to fool around with his incredibly hot mom and aunt.

Naomi sipped her wine as she thought about how to take this. I don’t want to force anyone into anything they don’t actually want to do. I mean, Sara is obviously lusting after her son like the sexually starved woman that she is, but what about Jack? He did kiss her like he meant it, and didn’t hesitate to cum all over his mother’s face… No, he definitely wants it, he’s just even more in denial than his mother is!

Once she realized that she thought of a good reply.


Naomi: Considering grandbetting güvenilirmi how much you came on her today, I would beg to differ.

Jack: …I thought that was just a medical thing.

Naomi: Medical or no, that doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to enjoy it. And did you?

Jack: …yes.

Naomi: There you go! Do you want to do it again soon?

Jack was getting a boner again as he thought about it. But he answered:

Jack: No. I don’t think I should ever do it again.

Naomi: You’d rather do stuff with your sister instead?

Jack: What? How…?

Naomi: Rita might have mentioned something about it… Don’t tell her I told you, please. She’ll be mad at me.

Jack: Fine. Though I’m kinda mad at you to be honest.

Naomi: I’m sorry 🙁 I’ll make it up to you.

Jack: How?

Naomi: When would you like to jerk off on your mommy again?

Jack: Like I said, I shouldn’t do that again.


After he sent it, he thought about his and Jo’s basement date again. He decided to add another message.


Jack: Maybe I want to but I know I shouldn’t.

Naomi: A lot of people do things they know they shouldn’t do. I know I shouldn’t be texting one of my patients while I’m already three glasses of wine deep, for example

Jack: Is that not allowed?

Naomi: I’m not allowed to illicit romantic relationships with a patient.

Jack: Is that what you’re doing?


Naomi realized she may have had too much wine. She sipped her wine while she realized that.


Naomi: Don’t get a big head. I hardly know you. Just thinking through text.

Jack: Gotcha.

Naomi: I kinda hate it when people send only one word responses, just so you know.

Jack: Oh?

Naomi: Yes, like that, ass.

Jack: Sorry.

Naomi: Ugh… no mommy pussy for you!


Naomi laughed and tossed her phone on the couch beside her to finish her movie. Jack didn’t text her back then anyway. He moved onto the final conversation that was active.


Beth: Hey, I got your number from the school registry. It had your cell. I hope that’s okay.

Jack: Yeah, it’s fine. What’s up, Miss Ryder?

Beth: Well, it’s about our special class today…

Jack: I remember.

Beth: Right, of course. So I think things got a little out of hand.


Jack recalled how they’d made out for the entire class period on her desk. He considered Beth his friend, even if she was also his teacher, so he tried to keep the conversation light.


Jack: I don’t remember anything disruptive happening. Maybe you’re confusing me for someone else?

Beth: Oh, ha ha, Jack. I’m being serious. Teachers and students can’t be doing things like that.

Jack: Sorry. I didn’t been to get out of hand today.

Beth: No. It’s my fault. It won’t happen again. I just wanted you to know that.

Jack was disappointed but he expected that

Jack: Okay, so no more meeting third period.

Beth: No, we’ll still meet then. You need more help after all. I’m just going to make sure we learn through books and such. No more hands-on experience.

Jack: Okay thanks for texting me.

Beth: And since we have each other’s numbers now, feel free to message me if you have any questions about women. 😉


The winky face confused him since Jack thought that usually meant flirting but he didn’t text enough to be sure.

Jack considered texting Beth “what if your sister really wants to fuck you but you’re not sure if you want her to?” But decided that probably wouldn’t work out the way he wanted it to.


After Rita’s conversation with Naomi, she got off work and drove straight home to talk with her sister. She found Sara in her room. She was brushing her hair after her shower.

“Hi, Rita,” Sara said, her mind elsewhere, “How was work?”

“Fine,” Rita said as she came up to her sister. She didn’t want to beat around the bush but also didn’t want to get Naomi in trouble. “How was the appointment with Jack today?” She asked.

Sara sighed, “Truthfully, I’m desperate to tell somebody about all of it. I’m sorry if this freaks you out, just know that I’m also freaked out by it. In fact, I feel like I’m driving myself insane with it.”

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