The Nixon Girls Ch. 01

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I would start with a warning: Never, Never, NEVER! Allow your partner to have a computer memory stick which is the same as your own, no matter how good that “two for the price of one” offer appears to be! The frustration that you feel when you’re a thousand miles from home and realise that you’ve got your wife’s; is as nothing compared to the feeling of horror which descends once you realise that she therefore has yours! This nightmare befell me one Tuesday last November. Half a lifetimes ‘secret’ diaries and journals were saved and scanned onto that little purple wand and the more I contemplated Jane viewing them, the deeper became my realisation that ‘I WAS FUCKED!’

When I returned home the following Friday evening, it was a relief to see Jane’s car was there and the house-lights on; I’d seriously considered the possibility that she may have left-me: perhaps she’d never opened them? This optimism proved short-lived; I was greeted by Jane, her mother Moira and ‘favourite aunt’ Sarah; three of the four Nixon Girls being there could not be a coincidence.

As I tentatively looked around for the fourth it was Jane who spoke “Don’t panic Rob, Eve’s not with them; I didn’t want any blood on our new carpet” I was forced to smile, albeit a weak and uncertain effort; if Eve had been here, blood on the carpet would have been a probability rather than possibility.

I slumped into a chair whilst Moira proffered a large scotch and a reassuring grin; once I’d recovered some degree of composure, the girls updated me on what I’d missed: –

Jane had discovered the ‘Robs Journals’ folder on Wednesday evening and spent a sleepless night reviewing its content. By the time Jane called her mother, on the Thursday morning, she had got beyond the initial shock of her discovery and reached a stage of being ‘fighting mad’, though exactly as I’d predicted many years before, not with her mother. Moira then advised Aunt Sarah of the disaster and together they’d immediately driven over to sort things out. I gather that my having strayed had been ‘no surprise’, what had perhaps shocked and certainly angered Jane, were some of my chosen partners; the lion’s share of this rage being directed at her ‘Bitch of a Sister’ and that ‘Whore who calls herself my Aunt’

I gather that on arrival, Sarah had not been received very warmly; but as you will come to appreciate, she’s not a lady whom you can stay angry at for long. The issue was apparently settled with Jane offering ‘half-an-apology’ in response to Sarah conceding that “I’ve never disputed that I’m a slut; but don’t you dare call me cheap! On the few occasions that there’s been some financial consideration, I was invariably very bloody expensive: though I still like to think that I provided good value for money.” As I said, Sarah’s irrepressible.

I’m told that this cessation of hostilities, prefaced ‘the mother and father of all girlie sleep-over parties’ During which they ‘reviewed and dissected’ every word in my journals; fuelled by chocolate, Pringles and takeaway pizzas, washed down with brandy and a whole case of very expensive Chablis. By Friday evening, even Eve had been forgiven, though there are obviously facts that the girls now all know and that I clearly don’t? During their discussions, Sarah came up with ‘this great idea’ of publishing the stories and introduced the other two and later me, to the Literotica Site. Moira had pointed out that if Eve should ever read them, she’d probably recognise herself and be none too happy – Believe me, a disgruntled Eve is to be avoided at all costs! However the majority opinion prevailed: – “Eve would never visit a Site like Literotica and if she did, then good; as that would mean the frigid bitch has finally loosened up a bit”

By the time I returned on that Friday, even Moira was in outrageously good humour and laughing about the whole affair. Moira and Sarah stayed over until the Sunday afternoon and despite my being the butt of a million jokes; it was an unbelievable weekend. One that’s been added to my Journals already and might one day make it onto Literotica too?

Before commencing proper; the girls insist that I include a short introduction of myself, but as I ‘can’t be trusted’ with this task they’ve drafted it for me and I shall as promised quote verbatim: – Almost everything about Rob is normal/average, the only exception being his ‘Paul Newman Blue’ eyes. Personality-wise, he’s just lovely; Rob projects this hard, cynical, jack-the-lad image; which he’s absolutely appalling at and what he still fails to appreciate, is that if he did actually carry it off; then we along with all the other girls who’ve fallen for him over the years wouldn’t have gone near! The reality is that he’s cute; an overgrown schoolboy and at heart; just an old fashioned romantic. Equally important though is the ‘rogues smile’ which he’s had ever since he was a kid and whilst he knows that he’s got it he still doesn’t comprehend it’s effect. We would defy any girl between the ages illegal bahis of nine and ninety not to give a little shiver when he hits you with it full beam.

Sarah, March 1984.

I suppose I first met Sarah in 1978, when my family moved into the Wyre Valley. It was much later that she became Jane’s Aunt and Moira’s Sister. Back then she was just the mother of my best mate David Weir and his kid brother Alistair; though to be strictly accurate, Sarah’s their step-mother; Dave and Al’s natural mother having died when they were very young. Sarah had been employed by their father Campbell as a nanny/housekeeper and three years later, they were married.

On the subject of accuracy, Sarah Weir (nee Robinson) is not strictly a ‘Nixon Girl’ either; but being so heavily involved she can’t be ignored! The lady herself is ‘free, white and twenty-one’ with ‘film star’ blonde hair which she claims is natural but which I’d note, has not varied by one iota in shade during the 25 years that I’ve known the lady. Sarah has the same Blue/Green eyes as my wife Jane, though if anything they’re perhaps even more voracious; she’s 5’5″ tall and swears that ‘in her prime’ her body was ‘even hotter than Eve’s’ it certainly impressed to this callow youth in the mid 1980’s. Sarah’s weight is ‘not for public disclosure’ and her breast size has ‘never been complained about’ I would guess at 34/36B and to be fair, they’re still quite remarkably firm. Whilst no one else agrees; my chosen simile is and will always remain; the actress Angie Dickinson, in the “Policewoman” TV Series of the late 1970’s. Whilst the girls, threw up innumerable discrepancies, I maintain my opinion; though this is perhaps tainted due to Sarah and Angie being the two foremost fantasy figures of my adolescence? Sarah’s personality is manic, effervescent and at times just plain crazy! She’s a perfect friend and lover, but I don’t know where Campbell’s found the energy or tolerance to manage to stay married to her for almost forty years!

By March of 1984, I’d become semi-resident in the Weir household at the weekend, so it wasn’t unusual for me to be staying over; what was different was that rather than sleeping off last nights excesses on the settee, I’d bagged David’s bed for the night. I don’t recall what the party had been for, but by the time we’d got home, David was wasted and fell sound asleep in the lounge; so rather than wake him, I threw a blanket across him and nabbed his bed instead. Hence when Sarah came looking for Dave early next morning, she was no doubt surprised to find me there instead.

Campbell Weir had a dairy farm, so their day started early and this morning was no exception. Once his alarm clock rang, he roused Dave and Al; made a quick coffee for all three whilst the lads surfaced, then together they headed out to face their herd of dairy cows. Whilst I too occasionally helped out; all three agreed that I was worse than useless so early in the morning. I’ve always maintained that a day only starts after the second coffee and third cigarette; so as usual, they left me undisturbed.

Sarah too was awake and had noticed that David’s footsteps hadn’t followed Al’s along the landing; there’d still been no movement by the time the front door opened and Cam headed out to start the milking. Knowing that either of his two sons failing to turn out in the morning was guaranteed to put Cam in a bad mood for the rest of the day, she got up herself intending to give Dave a second and none too gentle call.

I heard Sarah call out as she marched along the landing and never considered the fact that she was unaware that David had been sleeping downstairs and was now out milking cows with Al and his father; so was in fact heading my way. Seconds later, the door banged open and the bed covers were unceremoniously pulled off me. I was naked, which was the norm and sporting a rigid erection, which first thing in the morning was also not unusual. Sarah gasped with surprise, whilst I kept my eyes firmly shut and pretended that I was still sound asleep; I thought that this would be less embarrassing for both of us.

I’d expected the covers to be carefully drawn back over me, or that at the very least Sarah would quietly withdraw from the room; but there was no further movement or even a sound beyond the two of us breathing. This persisted for five and then ten seconds; I risked easing my eyelids open a fraction and peering out beneath them. Sarah was standing over me, looking as sexy as I’d ever seen her in a very short, black lace nightgown and was quite openly staring directly downwards at my erect prick. Still I didn’t stir, perhaps another twenty seconds passed; the suspense was killing me. I’d re-closed my eyes, so I sensed rather than saw Sarah begin to move, before feeling her fingers brush delicately across the tip of my cock, then a second later gently stroke along the length of its shaft. Sarah had always been a feisty woman and invariably projected a very racy image; albeit not illegal bahis siteleri quite so raunchy as I had often conjured for her during my adolescent fantasies; but this was reality and so beyond even my expectations.

Feeling no further contact, I pretended to wake up; ensuring that this was a very obvious and protracted process; giving Sarah ample opportunity to discreetly withdraw. I was further amazed by the realisation that she wasn’t going to take it. When I could drag my awakening out for no longer I opened my eyes and immediately expressed shock and surprise at Sarah’s presence. The smirk she was wearing grew even larger “Don’t lie, I saw your eyes moving; you’ve been awake the whole time”

Sarah had often teased me before, though never in such a compromising situation. I thought the reaction she was expecting would be for me to grab the covers and try to hide my nakedness? I wasn’t prepared to give her the satisfaction. “Nope, I’ve been sound asleep; up until ten seconds ago I was having a marvellous dream”

“So I can see.” Sarah nodded toward my rampant prick and gave a most lascivious smile. “I hope I merited at least some small part in this dream of yours?” She obviously wasn’t backing-down either.

“I thought you’d realised that you take the leading role in all of my best dreams”

“I’d heard that was Angie Dickinson?”

“No, she gets into some of them and obviously and I have to allow Princess Leia a turn too now and then, but you’re my favourite leading lady by far”

“And which of us was it you favoured this morning?”

“Sorry but I’m a gentleman; we never tell”

“Well, it certainly must’ve been an energetic encounter for you to kick all the covers off”

“No, they were fine until you pulled them off”

“Now how could someone who was ‘sound asleep’ know that I wonder?”


Sarah laughed uproariously at having caught me out “As we’re both now agreed that you’re awake, I’ll go and put the kettle back on” then nodding toward my still rigid erection as she turned to leave; Sarah added “It’s doing well to stay upright without the heating on, but you’d best cover it up again, before you get frost-bitten”

“Hang on, you’re the one who uncovered it; it’s only fair that you should wrap it up warm again”

“Only in your dreams young man, only in your dreams; besides you’re the one who’ll get frostbitten, not me” She was almost at the door.

“But it’ll be you that I ask to kiss it better for me when I do!” Sarah stopped and half turned at that comment; whereupon I gave her my most winning smile.

My smile was returned; though Sarah’s was just plain dirty and she waltzed provocatively back towards the bed, reaching for the discarded covers as she arrived. “I’d better keep you warm then; we don’t want to risk that do we”

By now I was completely oblivious to the fact that it was my best mate’s mother with whom I was verbally dancing. “It may be too late already; I might be suffering the early effects of exposure”

“And how do we deal with that?”

“Shared body heat, it’s the only way”

“I see” Sarah’s smile that accompanied these two simple words was if anything even more suggestive.

I can’t remember where I’d expected our game to go next; but Sarah’s response took me completely by surprise. Whilst locking her gaze with mine, she dropped the covers from her hands; climbed purposely onto the bed beside me, swung her left leg across to straddle my thighs and then reached forward with her right hand to grasp my raging erection whilst using the other to lift the hem of her nightgown. I just lay there, stunned and silent; I was gob-smacked. Sarah issued another of her lascivious grins, shuffled forward, and directed my cock toward the entrance of her pussy then without further hesitation sank down; impaling herself to its full extent in a single thrust. “There now, she gasped “is that warm enough for you?” I could only nod in reply. I was beyond clever reposts and knew that this was no longer a game…

That initial entry was an incredible culmination to my teenaged fantasies and whilst I was never fortunate enough to score with Angie, or Leia, I seriously doubt that they could’ve got close to Sarah for astonishment factor. Penetrating Sarah had felt like sliding into a vat of warmed grease and once she began to moving; a very gentle fore and aft rocking motion: it just got better and better. Though not a virgin, I wasn’t far from it; the permissive society, like everything else in life takes a long while to reach the Wyre Valley. But the encounters I’d had before, were with girls of my own age, all of whom were no more experienced and even more apprehensive than I; this was a whole new world that I’d entered.

As I began to recover my equilibrium, I tried to move in tandem with Sarah; though my timing was none too successful. She pressed her hands against my shoulders, smiled down at me affectionately and slowly shook her head “Don’t move, canlı bahis siteleri save that for next time; just enjoy.”

The thought that there was going to be a ‘next time’ too, notched up my delight still further. But just in case Sarah changed her mind, I wanted to make sure that I discovered her breasts whilst the opportunity was available. I reached forward to caress them, making delicious albeit perhaps clumsy contact through the silky material of her nightgown; they felt better than I’d ever dared imagine.

Sarah pressed me back once more, repeated the affectionate smile and whispered “take it easy, I’ll help” she then leant right forward and we shared a very warm, moist and lingering kiss.

I wanted it to last forever, but Sarah soon eased back upright and I presume noticing a look of disappointment flash across my eyes; whispered “Don’t worry lover, I’ll be coming back.”

Sarah’s next temptation was to rake her fingers luxuriantly across my chest and belly, before lifting them up to and dragging them through, her own hair; rapidly shaking her head as she did so. I knew it had to be a practiced rather than spontaneous gesture, but that made it no less emotive. “Now then, what was it you wanted? Another smile, this time it was both sexy and suggestive: I don’t think I’ve ever met a women with a greater repertoire of smiles.

“Ah yes: now I remember” She very overtly and progressively slipped the narrow straps of her nightgown from each shoulder, gave a brief shimmy and it slid evocatively over her breasts, to drop in a soft circle around her hips. I was knocked for six and could only gasp my appreciation.

I had never seen such an exquisite display; indeed few since have matched it either. I was in hindsight very unfair to the girls who’d been generous enough to expose their breasts to me before then. For whilst some might’ve matched the vivacity of Sarah’s and a few had no doubt possessed equally pert nipples; they were just teenaged girls, not fully matured and wholly complete women. I was entranced; this being enhanced by Sarah’s subtle pelvic thrusts having restarted; the motion from which was being quite delightfully conveyed to her full breasts. Sarah too, could see how my eyes; as if magnetised, tracked the gentle movements of her gorgeous nipples and was I believe equally aroused; she certainly accelerated and became more forceful in the action of her hips. “God, they’re beautiful” was the best I could manage.

Sarah’s movements eased; I was gifted a contented smile as she leant forward once again, allowing our mouths to meet in another hungry kiss and those objects of my fascination to fall gently within my grasp. We stayed in this position for several minutes, our lips and tongues discovering each other more fully as my fingers, traced circles around her coarse areole and tugged playfully at her erect nipples. I was saddened when Sarah eventually pulled away from our kisses, the action also taking her breasts beyond my eager grasp; thankfully this regret was swiftly assuaged by a realisation that she was only pressing further forward; to present those luscious orbs to my lips instead. “Thank you” was my I mumbled response.

Sarah continued to ride me for perhaps ten minutes, easing or accelerating her rocking motion in a seemingly random manner; interspersing these with a hard, circular grinding of her groin against mine. This was a world away from any of the previous experiences that I’d enjoyed; hurried and nervous fumbles on the back seats of cars or quick and muted couplings on the lounge carpet. This slow climb toward gratification brought a whole new meaning to the word pleasure and I now realise that there was nothing random about it. With the benefit of experience, Sarah was constantly aware of my state of arousal and had skilfully tempered her motions to enable this protraction of our coupling; though at the time, I’d presumed it was my own self-control and after ten minutes or more, had begun to congratulate myself accordingly; though unfortunately a few moments too soon.

Sarah began to speed-up once more, her breaths were coming noticeably faster and her skin shone with perspiration “Enjoying yourself” she gasped.

“Wonderful” I replied; equally breathless

“Better than with Angie or Leia”

“I told you, I don’t tell tales out of school; suffice it to say that I wish this could go on forever”

“I hope not, I’ll get sore as hell; two more minutes will be more than enough for me lover”

“I’ll try not to be too far behind you”

My smile grew even wider; this humorous and open banter during sex was also a new experience, I was feeling on top of the world; a real ‘super-stud’. Unfortunately, my relaxed and confident response caused Sarah’s only miscalculation; she squeezed the walls of her pussy tight around my turgid cock and bore down once more. The Joe-cool façade instantly disappeared and I responded I’m certain; no differently to any other eighteen-year old who’s been given the chance to fulfil his deepest adolescent fantasies. I ejaculated. No hesitation, no warning and no control, just stream after powerful stream, spraying deep onto Sarah’s receptive womb; whilst I gasped, swore and thrashed around on my back.

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