The Office Ch. 08

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The rest of the day went by in a haze of anxiousness and meetings. I found myself staring at the office clock incessantly. Like anyone else, the act of watching time slip by is torture. The more you want the clock to move the slower it goes. Eventually, however, the clock wore down and with ten minutes left, I decided to leave early. Grabbing my stuff, I head out through the office and in the parking lot I see Melissa. Waving, I walk over.

“What’s going on? Is something wrong with the car?” I ask as we stand watching the tow truck beginning to lift the back end of her car.

“Nothing new, it’s always the same thing. Something to do with the engine, one of the belts, I think. Really, I just need to get a new car sometime. But I’m so attached to this one,” she replies wistfully.

“Why’s that?” I ask.

Smiling, she looks over and says, “Lots of good memories.” I notice a twinkling in her eyes and grin.

“Ya don’t say. Well, if you need a ride you can come with me if you want.” Taking one last look at her car, Melissa nods. Pointing towards my car, I continue, “You don’t mind if we stop for some shopping do you? I still need something for Friday.”

Smiling back at me, Melissa absently adjusts her bra as she state in a no non-sense manner, “The mall it is then!” Grinning, I beep my car and the two of us get in. Sitting down, I can feel the cool leather of the seat high up on the underside of my thighs. Turning the ignition, I find the soft purr of the engine to be a subtle reminder of the recent violating I received earlier in the day. Looking out the mirror as I back up, I notice that Melissa is looking at me curiously. I just continue to smile as I recall the sensation of the twin’s semen flooding into me.

Exiting the office complex and navigating towards the highway, Melissa asks me if I had something in mind for what I was going to wear. Shaking my head, I reply, “No, not really. I haven’t had the time to think about it. But I don’t think I’m going to have much time between now and Friday to pick something up.” Melissa nods along with me as I weave in and out of traffic, “I think I’ll just look around and see if any thing strikes my fancy.”

“Sounds good to me,” replies Melissa. About fifteen minutes later we exit the highway and after a few streets, we pull into the mall parking lot. I park the car and the two of us grab our purses before heading up the slope to the entrance. Walking through the always-delightful blast of conditioned air, Melissa and I are chat about work and about Friday night when I steer us towards Banana Republic. “I think, I’ll get a skirt first and then plan everything out from there.”

“That would be smart. I think we need to find you something halfway between business and slutty.”

Laughing, I reply, “I’ll ask the sales clerk for that.” We enter the store and the greeter says, “Hello,” as Melissa and I casually look around the store. Feeling the fabrics and commenting on the current designs. Circling around after a few minutes, I pick out a few different styles. I make sure to grab a few petite styles to make sure they end up slightly on the short side. Melissa pulls a cute strapless taupe dress of the rack before we head over to the fitting rooms. She sits down in one of the waiting chairs and starts to check her phone. I stand waiting in line until the fitting assistant motions me over. Walking over I watch as the girl as hastily pulls the left over clothes from the fitting room. I notice suddenly that Melissa is standing next to me, having just jogged up to the front of the line.

“Are you coming with me?” I ask jokingly.

Nonchalantly, she answers, “Yeah of course. And the line was starting to get a bit long,” she says with a backwards glance towards a girl scowling behind her.

Walking into the room, I put my purse on the bench and the skirts I hang on one of pegs. At the same time, my mind suddenly has a panic attack. Under my dress, I’m completely naked. I don’t even have a bra on. Moments before, I was feeling delightfully sexy and basking from the whole idea of how slutty I had been and that my pussy still had cum inside it. I had never thought Melissa would come with me. Looking back, it was absurd to assume otherwise. We were both young and friends. Girls go to the washroom together, putting on clothes was boring by comparison.

Behind me I hear the lock click as Melissa closes it. Turning half around, Melissa hands me her purse and the dress. “I really do hope this fits,” she says. “I think it’ll look killer if I can squeeze into it.” Laughing at the joke, I find myself scrambling to think of how I should handle the situation.

Slowly putting her purse down, I look at Melissa as she takes off her jacket and then pulls up her blouse. A solid black bra confines her round and shapely breasts. Hanging the shirt onto one of the available hangers, Melissa asks me. “What are you waiting for? We have lots of shopping to do. Come on! Try on your skirts. We gotta figure out what you’ll wear tomorrow.”

I’m poker oyna still watching Melissa unbutton her jeans when I see a flash of black lace, a moment before I consider myself in the mirror. I look completely composed, for the most part. Maybe I could play it off as just being adventurous. My fingers grab the bottom of my dress and then pull it upwards with a deep breath. A moment later, I hear a whistle.

“Damn Janice. Is that how you normally dress for work. Melissa was looking at my reflection, my trimmed pussy and perky tits plainly visible. It takes a few moments before she looks away.

Laughing slightly nervously, I say, “No, not usually. But you know, sometimes things get a little boring.” Pulling the dress up and over my breasts, I turn towards her. She is stepping out of her jeans and looking almost straight at my vagina. Getting the dress up and over my head, I shake out my hair for a moment and then pose, my glasses almost tumbling off. I notice almost at the same time as Melissa that my nipples are pink and perky. “Why? Are you scandalized?” I ask. I try to add enough bravado to my voice to mask the hammering anxiety in my head.

Stepping out of her jeans, Melissa runs her hands through her hair in an alluring manner and then purses her lips at me. And then in a spot on Puerto Rican accent, she says, “There ain’t no way you better than all this.” The last bit was punctuated with a perfect roll of her hips and ass. I notice the cute black thong she is wearing.

Grinning and slightly more at ease than a moment ago, I reply, “Well, aren’t you confident. Guess we’ll have to find out tomorrow then,” I say slyly.

Chuckling, she said, “You’re funny, trying to challenge me like that. It’s almost cute,” at this she smiles broadly. “But it’s cool. We’ll see what happens.”

As Melissa folds her jeans, I take in the view. Her hair is a good deal longer than mine, almost down to her waist. She is more curvaceous than I am, but in a very sensual way. While my body is more slender and classical, hers is more reminiscent of a Latina low rider model, great tits and a wonderful ass. As I grab the yellow skirt I had picked out from its hanger, Melissa is pulling hers up her legs. Despite my nakedness, I feel some how out-classed. Melissa still in her underwear exudes almost pin-up quality sensuality.

Zipping up the skirt along my thigh, I admire the cut of it and how nice the yellow looks on my skin. Behind me, Melissa is taking hers off with a satisfied smile. “So who do you want to get with tomorrow?”

Without even thinking, I say, “One of the twins. I’m not sure which one yet.”

In the mirror, I notice Melissa’s eyebrows arch as I start to take my skirt off. “Really, those two?”

I look back towards her, my nipples having in the meantime fully stiffened. I’m curious to hear what she has to say. We’ve been on generally good terms, but this is one of the few times we ever really brought up the subject of dating. I knew Melissa was single and since I was as well, we hadn’t much to talk about during our lunch conversations beside the usual office gossip and about our projects.

“Yeah, I think they’re kinda cute. But, I don’t know too much about them. You work with them, what’s your opinion?”

“Well, they’ve always kept to themselves, but I hear them talking every now and then.”

Sliding out of the skirt, I catch Melissa looking at me again. I feel almost timid as I hold the skirt in front of me. My legs feel awkward in my boots. The whole situation has me confused. “Oh, yeah? What have you heard?”

“Just a few interesting things. You know, lots of dirty office gossip.” I try desperately not to blush at this. I look down at my feet as I grab my sweater dress. The effort of keeping any emotion off my face is almost killing me. When I pull on my dress, I’m unable to see the sly grin spreading over Melissa’s face.

Grabbing up our purses, I reply nonchalantly, “That’s hard to imagine, I always thought our office was rather tame. Or maybe I’m just not in the loop, I guess.” Laughing at this Melissa takes her purse from me and then opens the door. We head off to the counter and standing in line, Melissa continues.

“But, if you really want to snag one of them, I know exactly the way to do it.”

Raising my eyebrows, I ask. “And what would that be?”

Handing over our credit cards, we wait as the clerk rings up our clothes and Melissa leans towards me. The tip of her breast is brushing against my hand as I hold my purse. “Well, I’ve had to use their design computer a few times and I happened to have checked their Internet history.” Our bodies so near each other are radiating heat it seems to me, as she quickly and conspiratorially whispers into my ear. I can feel her breast pushing slightly harder against my hand. I turn my head to bend my ear closer, “You just need to cater a little to their taste.”

We reach for our cards and take our bags as I say, “Hmm, any ideas how I could do that?”

“Of course I do. What type canlı poker oyna of friend would I be if I didn’t?” Before her next sentence, she stops, her hand on my arm. “But! But,” she pauses, “you have to trust me.” Infamous words for sure, but I loved how he had felt inside me and it had been so empowering these last few days being completely uninhibited. Nodding, I smile and say, “Fine, but if it doesn’t work, I’m going to kill you.”

Melissa smiles wickedly at me and replies, “You might do that anyways. But follow me, first!” Curiously, we wander off through the mall and then stop at a lingerie boutique. At the door, Melissa says, “What size bra do you wear?” Her matter of fact no nonsense tone made it seem as though she was on a mission.

Taken aback, I stumble for a moment before saying, “34C. Why, what are…” A finger warningly cuts me off and then almost comically, Melissa prances into the store leaving me almost dumbfounded. During the ten or so minutes, I wait outside the boutique I make a few phone calls and all the time I become more and more curious. From the store, I figure it’ll be something sexy and cute. Maybe the twins are into girls that dress young, or wear something special. I had given them my panties, but maybe one of them really got off on a special type. Trying to puzzle it out soon started to drive me insane, but a little bit later, I see Melissa walking out but now with an extra bag.

Grinning from ear to ear, she says, “Let’s go get your top and then we’ll be all done.” As we walk towards Bebe, I try and look at the bag but Melissa easily avoids my amateur attempts. “Just wait until we get there. Until then, no peaking! And I mean it,” she says while looking at me squarely. I smile and try to erase any signs of curiosity from my face.

“Sure. I doubt it’ll even be all that shocking once I do see it,” I reply haughtily. I spend a few minutes snapping up different style black tops before telling Melissa, I’m going to try them on. She follows me to the back of the store with her own selections. This time the clerk separates us before either of us says anything. I walk to the farthest one, and Melissa is shown to the one next to mine. Sliding the lock on the door, I start to put my things down when I hear Melissa’s voice.

“Excuse me, can you give this to my friend. It’s hers.” The assistant agrees warmly and then knocks on my door. I open it and smile as I receive the bag Melissa had brought out with her from the lingerie boutique. Inside, I was dying to know what Melissa had picked out. I close the door behind me and put everything down on the bench.

Opening the bag, I pull out a large black box and untie the red ribbon wrapped about its corners. The box is larger than I expected for some lingerie and heavier too. Inquisitively and almost apprehensively, I crack open the lid only to see lots of pink wrapping paper. Reaching into its middle, I pause, shocked by what I’m just feeling. It’s definitely not cloth. Taking a hold of it, I pull it out. My hands feel an unexpected coolness and slipperiness. Lying there demurely and almost innocently is something that is anything but that. Lifting it up slowly, I watch in shock as the length of vinyl material unfolds itself. Gleaming against an oil black are small round metal studs and a number of gleaming O-rings. Holding it by the shoulder straps, I stare blankly at the vinyl harness. I was going to have to kill Melissa.

All at once, I’m blushing, outraged, shocked, and almost embarrassingly randy at the thought of letting one of the twins see me in it. Dangling it in front of me, I look at it almost comically trying to figure out how to put it on. A moment of consideration later, I begin by unbuckling its four main straps. I then unhook the front clasping bra before once again considering it.

If Melissa is to be believed, then it’s rather obvious what tastes the twins have. Also, it helped explain why everything they did was so controlled. Or at least, whichever one of them had ordered everything to his liking. I start to wonder if the gossip Melissa had talked about included me. If the twins had discussed me then she would have overheard only what I had done. I doubt they would have mentioned me by name. She probably just thought one of them was fucking some slut and then she put together what she had seen on the computer. She probably had no idea that it was I, they had been talking about, and she probably had no idea how far I had already been bent to their will. In my hands was a symbol of what they wanted, and Melissa had unknowingly provided it.

Almost ritualistically, I take the vinyl fabric in my hand and place its silk crotch against my pussy. The sensation of where the vinyl border is touching me is cool and slick; the red panty lining is soft and slightly warmer.

I look down at my hand and try to contain my mounting excitement. The vinyl is a completely foreign experience to me. Pressing my hand harder into my pussy, I feel the crotch molding to my labia. Reaching behind me, my hand internet casino snakes between my legs and grabs the thong. I pull it up into the crease of my ass before taking one of the hip straps and buckling it. I do the same on the other side and as I tighten the second strap I watch as the vinyl tightens over my vagina. I further tighten each hip strap until the thong is tight against me and my pussy turned into a vinyl cameltoe.

I slip on the shoulder straps easily. The harness is beginning to enclose my body as I hook together the cups. I know immediately, that Melissa purposely undersized the cups. The effect of it was that my tits were held tight to my chest and looked as though they would pop out at any moment. However, they were quite secure. The last section of the harness was the back and neck. It ended in a tall choker and was connected to the front by a vertical strip. The choker even had an O-ring meant for a leash dangling at my throat. It took only a moment to finish fitting the harness.

When I stopped the image was captivating. I’d never seen my body bound so tightly before nor had I ever worn anything so fundamentally erotic.

My eyes were fixated on my tightly cupped cunt. The image of me bound in such a taboo type of clothing seemed to exude a feminine sexuality that I had no experience with. It was at once liberating and objectifying. Looking at myself, I try to ignore the self-doubt and anxiety that tells me I’m somehow an imposter. Focusing, on my face, I force myself deeper into this new sensory experience. Slowly a smile eases onto my face, as I grow accustomed to how the lingerie is displaying my body. Spinning around, now almost carefree, I admire myself for a few more seconds before opening my other shopping bags so I can try on the new outfit. I know that tomorrow I’ll be able to figure out which twin was the one who watched me and who fucked me. And when he sees me in this, I’ll definitely be able to give my pussy and myself what I desire.

I chuckle inwardly at how easily aroused I am lately. Before all of this, I had always been rather horny and was steadily becoming more adventurous with my sexuality but the last few days had moved it to a completely different level. Though I still maintained a healthy attitude towards my body and sex life, a week ago I wouldn’t have dreamed I would be doing the things I’ve done nor that I would be planning something even more outrageous.

I’m pulling out my skirt and thinking about how my top should best compliment the harness’ choker when Melissa slips silently into the fitting room. Looking up from the hanger with a black top on it, my eyes go wide in surprise. Directly behind me is Melissa in her new top. I remember I had forgotten to lock the door a second time. From her expression, I can tell she had no expectation I would be wearing the harness. I’m sure she had thought I would have seen what it was and would of stormed into her room in shock. She surely hadn’t expected me to slip it on the moment I had a chance. Dropping the top, I hear it bang off the bench as I turn around. My hands absent-mindedly run down my sides as if I were smoothing out a wrinkle in a suit.

Absurdly, my hands stray towards my breasts and vagina attempting to cover them. Her mouth is slightly open as she takes in my appearance. Almost automatically, she closes the door behind her. I notice jealously that her new outfit looks wonderfully attractive before she whispers slyly. “I knew you’d like it. I didn’t think you’d put on in here though!” Taking my hands away, I make shushing motions at her. Her voice much louder than it should have been. I see that she is ignoring my hands and is instead focusing on my cleavage. “Damn girl, I didn’t really think you’d even wear it.”

I feel my face go instantly warm as her eyes drift down to my cameltoe. “I’m… I’m just trying it on,” I stutter. Nervously, I readjust my glasses.

“I can see that!” she whispers. “But still, I thought for sure you would’ve killed me.”

“I’m still going to!” I say. “It’s just, I’ve never worn anything like this. I just wanted to try it on once…” I trail off in a whimsical voice.

“I don’t know Janice you look like you belong in it. You weren’t ever a dominatrix where you?” Melissa asks me with a pretend innocence. But her words have a strong impact on me. Immediately, when I had put it on, I felt my mind slip into the same near trance I had been in each time I had obeyed the twins’ commands. The clothing had magnified my desires and even as I stand there all I can think about is touching myself. The tightness of the vinyl is seductively inviting me into a dangerous mood.

“Well if it’s just for the one time, let me see all of it!” says Melissa eagerly.

“No way,” I reply. “I was just trying it on. Let me take it off and get dressed. We can go then.” When she had spoken it snapped me out of my reverie. I think to myself how amazingly easy it is becoming to give into my urges.

Shaking her head, Melissa says, “Nuh-unh, I bought it. I at least get to see it. Come on! Just pose it a little. Do something!” Looking straight at me with a smile she says, “A little bit ago, I saw you naked. At least you got clothes on now…” she says with barely contained mirth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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