The Office

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Angela walked into the office dressed as usual. Her long, dark hair tied back into a bun, white button up blouse, simple black business skirt, and sexy high heels.

“Ahh,Ang. You’re finally here!!!”

With a sigh, Angela turn to face her employer of 5 years, Daniel Jones. He wasn’t a bad looking man, in his early thirties, clean-shaven, and well dressed, she thought to herself.

“I need you to run these files down to the archives. These need to have copies made and the copies mailed to the highlighted addresses here and then run down to….” Even though she knew she should be paying attention to her handsome boss’s agenda for her: she couldn’t help but lose herself in his emerald green eyes.

“Ang, did you here me?” questioned Daniel, now looking concerned.

“Uh…archives, copies…um, could you repeat the last bit?”

“I need you to check my mail, and stop by my office, say around three, to go over my appointments for tomorrow.”

“Got it boss.” she said and quickly turned to her work. Although she couldn’t help but stare at his ass as he turned and walked away.


By three o’clock, her day had turned out to be much more busy than she anticipated. For one, there were almost one hundred files to mail out, and half the addresses were wrong- so she spent half the day on the phone.

Realizing what time it was, she hurried down to the archives, the buildings bottom floor. When she arrived, she found a note on the archivists desk that read “Out to Lunch…all files must be filed yourself, or dropped off at a later time, due to inventory. Thank you.” Knowing canlı bahis she wouldn’t be here later than 5, for she had a date with her sister, she was forced into filing them herself.

She phoned Daniel to tell him she would be late, but got his assistant instead, and found he was in an unplanned meeting. She hung up at set out of filing the documents.

“I thought I’d find you down here.”

She whirled around so fast her glasses nearly fell off her face. Leaning against the door, with his tie loose and the top couple buttons of his shirt undone, revealing a muscled chest.

“I thought you in a meeting.” she stuttered. God, why couldn’t she think straight around him! He is her boss for goodness sakes…Angela thought to herself.

“I am. I am here, meeting up with you.”

Taking this as a strange comment, she turned back to her files.

:”so what brings you down here, other than meeting me? Is there more files I need to go through?” Before she could turn around, he was right behind her, his hips pressing into your ass.

“What?…”She trailed off as his lips gently kissed her neck.

“Shhh.” He whispered in her ear as his hands began unbuttoning her blouse.

“what if someone sees us!?” She relied shakily.

“The archivist is paid to be out to lunch. We wont have any disturbances.”

Her shirt hung open and her white lace bra and the tops of her 34C breasts lay exposed to her boss.

“We shouldn’t…you are my boss, this is wrong Daniel.”

He unclasped her bra and pushed it from her shoulders. He paused for a moment, to slip out of his bahis siteleri shirt, and his bare chest was soon pressed against her back once more. Daniel gently caressed her stomach, his hands barely coming in contact with the bottom swell of her breasts. Knowing by how hard her nipples were, and how deep her breathing had become, she was liking his teasing.

“Touch me please…” she whispered.

He smiled and kissed her neck as his hands squeezed her breasts and tugged on her sensitive nipples. She let out a quiet moan and he pressed his hard cock into her ass. She turned abruptly and began unfastening his belt. she slid down his trousers and took his dick in her hands. Angela gently began grabbing his balls and rubbing the head of his dick between her fingers.

He let out a loud moan and pushed her against the bookshelf, kissing her mouth passionately. She gently pushed him away after a minute.. She stepped out of her skirt and he stepped back to admire her body. Her breasts curved off her body into points where her nipples were. Her white lace bootie shorts hugged her thighs. Standing there in nothing but underwear and ladyfingers, she looked pretty sexy.

He stepped towards her again pushing against her. There chests pressed together, and they locked eyes, both breathing heavily.

Without breaking eye contact, he slid his hand between her legs and yanked off the underwear. He smiled and slid his hand between her thighs. His fingers found her pussy soaking wet. Daniel found her clit and began sliding it between his fingers. Angela let out a moan and pushed his hand away. Looking bahis şirketleri hurt he stepped back.

She laughed. “I want you to fuck me.” She pulled him back against her and began kissing his neck, and running her fingers gently down his back. Daniel moaned and his dick slid between her legs. Spreading her legs with his knee his hand cupped her breast and he slid his dick inside her.

He lifted her up began to fuck her. With each thrust, the bookshelf behind them shook and their moans echoed off the wall. His rigid, hot dick rubbed against he G-spot and her pleasure swelled. Angela’s nipples rubbed against Daniel’s muscular chest, sending them both over the edge. Daniel gripped her ass and his cum shot deep inside her. His dick pulsated as he orgasmed. Angela’s muscles held his dick in a vise-like grip as she orgasmed. Her cum gushed over his dick, and their cum mixed inside of her.

Leaning against the bookcase, spent, their lips locked in a passionate kiss. He walked over to the archivists desk and set her down, his dick sliding out of her. Angela looked down and smiled at his soft dick.

“I wanna make you cum again.” She slid off the desk and onto her knees in front of Daniel. He watched as she sucked his cock back into its hardened state. She rolled his balls between his fingers as his dick was being sucked deep into her mouth. His pleasure suddenly increases as her tongue made circles around his swollen head. He moaned as his cum burst from his dick and onto her face and mouth.

“I told you I could do it.” Both smiling, they kissed a while longer, before getting dressed. Angela glanced at her watch. 5:45. :”Shit! I was supposed to meet my sister 45 minutes ago….”

“Well since you are already late….Mind coming up to my office to…review some paperwork?”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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