The Packages Ch. 07

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The final package, thanks to my close work with Jim, resulted in a month of absolute debauchery. No hole was untouched by a dick and filled with cum. No throat went without the feeling of cum being swallowed. Under normal circumstances, having a bisexual threesome with a man is not something I would look at with fondness. However, that month was far from normal.

Once the month was over, Bill and I never felt a dick in either of our ass again. Neither of us ever had another dick in our mouth and swallowed a man’s cum. Perhaps if either of us had been even a little bisexual it would have continued beyond that month, but that wasn’t the case with either of us. For myself, and I’m certain Bill feels the same, it was never about fucking a guy in the ass or having a guy suck my dick. It was something far more guttural and we were both caught up in that moment. Hell, my wife and daughter were every bit as caught up as we were and we all egged each other on to greater heights of depravity.

It was during that month of pleasant insanity that Tammy got pregnant with her first child. In total, she had three girls and four boys, which were a pretty even mix between my children and my son’s. The oldest is Tiffany and she looks very much like my daughter did. Once she was pregnant for the first time, it became more of a free-for-all between myself and Bill. Both of us enjoyed cumming inside her pussy and she enjoyed it every bit as much.

True to his word, Jim paid us each one million dollars. After taxes, it left us pretty comfortable. We made the decision to sell the house and we bought something for more suitable for our activities. With children entering the picture, it just wasn’t large enough. We decided to keep what we do a secret until they turn eighteen, then fill them in on everything. Most of the house remained hidden behind locked doors and all of my daughter’s children made numerous attempts to enter over the years, but to no avail.

It is Tiffany’s eighteenth birthday and we have one hell of a surprise in store for her. She is very excited at finally getting to see what the locked doors conceal from her and her siblings. I unlock the door and she is lead through to the other side by Tammy. There is a rush of motion as the other children try to get through, but I stop them easily enough.

I look at them and say in a stern voice, “I told you all. None of you can enter until you are eighteen.”

They each have downcast faces, but nod and turn away from the door. I step through and lock it up tight behind me. Tiffany stops and turns at the first picture she sees on the wall and I see the shock on her face. It is a large picture of her mother sitting on her ataşehir escort grandmother’s face, while holding a dick in each hand. There is no concealing her grandfather and uncle are the owners of the dicks. This is just one of several we have of the four of us engaged in sexual activity hanging on the walls and there is no way Tiffany could miss them all.

Tammy holds her daughter’s shoulders lovingly from behind and says, “This gives you a pretty good idea about what happens in this part of the house.”

Unseen by Tiffany, everyone except Tammy starts to remove our clothes, as Tiffany says in a distant voice, “I don’t understand, mom. What is this?”

Cindy, now fully naked, takes her place behind Tiffany and says, “It’s incest and we want you to join us.”

She starts to kiss her neck lovingly and Tiffany’s head rolls to the side to allow her mouth greater access. Tammy quickly removes her clothes and starts to caress her daughter’s body. Bill and I move in and start to feel her small tits under her clothes. She starts to breath heavily as we slowly seduce her. She shakes her head as she comes to her senses and turns around to leave. Her eyes stare at my massive cock and it reaffirms her decision.

She looks up and says, “I’m sorry, but I can’t do this.”

Tammy holds her daughter’s head up so she is looking her directly in her eyes and says, “I thought the same thing when I was about your age. I think all of us had that initial thought, but I don’t have any regrets. I have seven wonderful children and I want you and my other kids to know just how freeing incest is.”

Shock returns to her face as Tiffany asks, “You mean I’m…”

Tammy does not let her finish as she says, “The beautiful product of incest between me and my father.”

There is no shock on her face, since all of her children had guessed that part a long time ago. However, this was the first time any of us had confirmed the belief. Her eyes return to my dick as her mother starts to remove her clothing without fight. It takes very little time for her to be completely naked and she is almost identical to my daughter at that age in every way.

We start to make our way to the nearest bed, but she stops cold and says, “I can’t. This isn’t right. Besides, I’m still a virgin. You always told me to save myself for someone special.”

Tammy looks at me with a pleasant smile on her face and says, “You’re right. And he is very special.”

Tiffany’s eyes follow her mother’s stare to me and her eyes get wide at the thought of having me in any hole on her body, then asks, “You mean you want me to lose my virginity to him? He’s too big. It won’t fit.”

Tammy kadıköy escort bayan slowly guides her to the bed and says, “Yes it will and it’s going to feel wonderful.”

I reach down and start to caress her clit and she lets out a soft sigh, then asks, “It will?”

Tammy grins widely and says, “It will. And you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant.”

Tiffany is turned at the edge of the bed and guided into position as she says, “That’s good. Guess there are plenty of condoms around.”

Tammy’s grin widens as she and Cindy spread her legs, then says, “No condoms. We want you to get pregnant by him.”

I am working my way on top of her as she says, “I’m too young to get pregnant.”

Tammy says, “Nonsense, Tiffany. We want you to have lots of kids, just like me. The earlier the better.”

The tip of my dick makes contact with her pussy and I slowly push myself inside of her. She moans from the pleasure as I make contact with her hymen. I easily push past it and she lets out a slight yelp, but returns to moaning quickly as her tight pussy wants more of my dick. A virgin pussy isn’t exactly the same as a virgin ass, but both feel wonderful in their own right.

She closes her eyes and moans while all eyes focus on her face. As I slowly work her pussy with my dick, for no other reason than to make the velvet glove press pleasantly on my hard shaft for as long as possible. My daughter moves her head so her lips are touching Tiffany’s and they begin to kiss passionately. Their lips part and she moans loudly for just a moment, as my wife’s lips are now pressed firmly against hers. A moment later they part and a far louder moan erupts, only to be muffled by my son’s lips.

He takes his time, since he knows he has to wait for anything else. It was agreed I would take all of her holes first and then Bill can have her mouth or ass as he desired. Tiffany’s pussy is all mine until she gets pregnant.

I increase my speed and am very close to exploding inside of her. Her moans remain muffled by my son’s lips and I grunt as I start my release. Waves of pleasure course through my body as I deliver as much cum into her pussy as possible. Once the waves have passed and I pull out, Tammy goes to work with her mouth to clean my dick off. She works diligently to get everything her daughter’s pussy left on me and I am very pleased to know she will teach her daughter well.

About a year passes and Tiffany never told her siblings about the secrets. We fucked several times after that to ensure pregnancy and I have already taken her ass. I am reminded again of just how nice it is to have a teenage girl so willing to take everything we escort maltepe throw at her. The fact that she looks so much like her mother is an added blessing and they put on one hell of a show when they sixty-nine.

Tiffany looks up at me with her beautiful blue eyes while sucking my cock. Her mother and grandmother have taught her well. I let out a soft moan and she engulfs my shaft into her throat. Her tongue is working my balls, which feels incredible.

She is the only one of her siblings that have reached legal age and we started right away. It is nice to have access to another petite teenager who looks so much like my daughter did at her age. When we told her about our family on her eighteenth birthday, she was excited to join in. She was my first virgin and I loved popping her cherry.

She slowly moves her head up and frees my dick from her lips and says loudly with a massive smile, “I’m pregnant.”

I grin and say, “Guess we’re having a baby.”

She asks, “Are you happy?”

I smile and say, “Yes, Tiffany. I’m very happy. You know who else is happy?”

She shakes her head and asks, “Who?”

I look up and see my son walking towards us, then say, “Your Uncle Bill. He’s been dying to fuck your pussy and now he can. Now get your ass up, since he is right behind you.”

I see her ass move into position and Bill enters quickly. She starts to moan, but my dick is forced into her mouth. He starts to fuck her hard and fast, which causes her to take my dick the same way. Each gag on my cock sends pleasure coursing through my body and it has been quite some time since a blowjob felt this good.

Cindy and Tammy enter the room and know the good news as soon as they see Bill fucking Tiffany’s pussy. Cindy reaches under Bills ass and starts to caress his balls, while Tammy places her hands behind the long blond hair of Tiffany and forces her to deepthroat my cock. The feeling of her throat as it gasps for air is even better. She starts to release her and I blast cum down the back of her throat. From the look on Bill’s face, he is cumming just as hard.

The waves of pleasure pass with most of my cum in her mouth. As we both finish and pull out, Cindy’s head moves quickly so she can get Bill’s dick in her mouth. Tammy lifts her daughter’s head and starts to kiss her passionately. Even after all these years, Tammy prefers the taste of my cum and gets it into her mouth through any means necessary.

There is another reason to celebrate her pregnancy. Tomorrow she has a brother that turns eighteen and there will be no hole off limits. At the thought of bringing him into the fold, I have a strange desire to return to the week of debauchery and wonder if Bill feels the same. After all, the only virgin ass he has ever known is mine, so he may be very interested in another. I don’t think either of us look back at that experience as a negative at all and certainly want to share it with him and his son.

The End

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