The Perfect Student Pt. 07

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It was getting late on a Thursday night and Rebecca was trying to finish up on a final paper she was writing. Well just a couple more pages and I will be done. I will have time to finish it in the morning after my final in professor Case’s class. She thought to herself as she closed her laptop and was getting ready to turn her light off. As she covered herself up with her thin sheet she started to think about Professor Case and how he had not called her or text her to meet him anywhere in almost three weeks. She knew that he had been very busy with making sure that all his students had everything they needed for his final. People can say what they will about him being a complete dick towards them but he was one of the few that really cared that students learned what they need to learn in his class. Even though she had learned things in the class more than just, she enjoyed being an older man’s dirty little whore. She thought as a smile came across her face and a little twinkle in her eyes.

It wasn’t long before Rebecca was sound asleep but it seemed like a very short night as her alarm woke her up for the last day of the semester. She stretched and got out of bed, took a shower and got dressed. She put on a short black pleated skirt with a thin short sleeve button up heather grey top. She packed her laptop into her backpack for later when she was going to go to the library to finish her paper. She walked down the short hallway past her roommates bedroom and in the very small kitchen where she made a couple of pieces of toast with butter on it like she always did every day. She grabbed her new black Sperry top-sider sandals that she had just bought that last time Professor Case gave her money to go on one of her shopping sprees. She fastened them, stood up, took a look in the mirror by the door and thought with a smile. I would fuck me. Then laughed a little and walked out the door to go to class.

Rebecca walked through the door of the classroom, one of the very last ones to get there as usual. She walked past Professor Case. “Good morning” she said to him with a very happy smile on her face. He looked up at her and smiled back. “Good morning to you also.” He replied. She walked to her seat which was clear in the back of the room but was a straight shot from his desk so he could see her anytime he wanted. After all the students had gotten there a total of fifteen, sixteen counting Rebecca ten guys and six girls in all. Rebecca remembered Professor telling her that this was the small class of all his classes. He said that no one in their right mind wanted to get up that early for his class, so that meant that there were sixteen people that were not in their right minds on campus, Rebecca thought. Professor Case stood up in the front of the room and walked over to where he was in the middle of the long white boards. He looked up at the class which was all staring at him with pencils in hand ready to take what most of them called the “Final from Hell”. Professor Case looked over at Rebecca.

“Rebecca will you come up here, please.” He said. She stood up slowly and walked up to where he was standing.

“Turn around and face everybody.”

She did as he told her. Moving her eyes from one face to the next quickly and them just staring at her wondering just like she was. I was standing there in front of them and what was he going to say next. What he said next was nothing close to what she thought he would ever say but he said it.

“This class is probably the smartest class I have ever had the honor to teach, so I’m pretty sure everyone here has figured out. I have been using Rebecca here as my dirty little fuck toy for this semester.”

Rebecca’s jaw dropped open as she heard these words come out of his mouth. What was he doing she thought to herself as she turned to look at her. He didn’t even turn to look her way, he just kept talking to the class.

“Last night I was thinking to myself how unfair that is to the rest of the class, that she can just spread her legs like a dirty little whore and she gets an A in my class. So I decided you will have a choice as a class. You can either take my two hundred question test or you can gang fuck my dirty little whore right here for the next two hours. Your choice.”

Still not believing what she was hearing Rebecca was just frozen there, speechless in front of her classmates wondering what they would decide.

“I say we fuck the hell out the little whore!”

One of the guys spoke up from the back of the class. Then one after another including the five girls there all agreed that was what they wanted to do for the final exam, Rebecca.

“Alright, it looks as if they all want to fuck you.” Professor Case said as he turned to Rebecca.

“Take your clothes off and let everyone here see that delicious little body of yours!” He said with that authority in his voice that she had heard many times in the past year. Rebecca slowly unbuttoned her top and bursa escort slid it off of herself then her bra revealing her perky tits and her hard nipples from the cool air hitting them. Then she bent down and loosened her scandals, slid them off her feet and placed them with her top and bra in a pile on the floor. She then slid her skirt over her hips and thighs letting it fall down to the floor. She bent down and picked it up, placing it with the rest of her clothes.

“Walk that hot little body over to my desk by my chair facing the class.”

The Professor instructs her. She walked over to where he had ordered her to stand and stood there for a few minutes as he gave the directions to the rest of the class on how they were going to be graded on their final.

“Guys in order for you to pass this final you will need to fuck her like the whore she is and cum either inside her wet pussy or her hot little ass. If you do that you pass and are free to leave if you wish. Ladies in order for you to pass you will have to cum on her slutty little face. You can get yourself started, if you know what I mean but you will have to let her use her tongue to finish you. You can even have her lick your ass as you finger yourself but no matter what you have to cover her face with your cum. Does anyone have any questions? If not I would like to get started but before you get to have your fun with her I would like to do something I think everyone here will enjoy.”

Professor Case picked up one of her scandals off the floor and walked over to where she was standing. “Bend over, put your hands flat on my desk, and look at the class. I want them to see your face as I spank the tight little ass of yours and you count for me.”

Rebecca did as she was told and without hesitating he drew his arm back with her scandal in his hand. He swung it forward with a loud smack that echoed there the classroom it smacked her right ass cheek. “One, thank you sir”.

The look one the Rebecca’s classmates ranged from total shock to completely excited. Then came the next smack, this one across her left ass cheek.

“Two, thank you sir”. She said without even thinking about it. The smacks came in rapid pace one after another alternating from her right ass cheek to her left then back, but she kept up with her counting. When Rebecca had finally said “Ten, thank you sir.”

The professor put the scandal down on his desk and told Rebecca to move to the other side of the desk so the class could see how red her tight little ass was. As she followed his order she saw that four of the five girls had their hands down inside their shorts rubbing or fingering their wet pussies.

“Look at that red little ass. Only a true whore would let me spank her in front of her class until her ass was as red as yours is.” He said with a little bit of a laugh in his voice.

“Turn around and face the class!”

She turned around and no sooner had she gotten turned he grabbed her hair and pulled her back against his desk. She practically jumped upon his desk as he pulled her head down by her hair until she was laying on her back on top of his desk.

“Who wants to be first?” Professor Case asks, looking at the class.

In no time at all there were four guys almost sprinting to get between Rebecca’s sexy tan legs. One of the guys moved her legs apart and pulled them up with his hands underneath her knees. In almost one motion he had done that and slid his hard cock inside her wet pussy. He started just fucking her like there was going to be a tomorrow. He didn’t last very long before he pushed his cock into her as far as he could get it and she felt his cock throb a couple of times as he shot his warm thick cum into her pussy. Rebecca let out a soft moan knowing this was just the first of many loads of cum she was going to receive today in class. He was quickly replaced as he removed his still hard cock from Rebecca’s wet pussy. He wasn’t as thick as the first cock that was in her but he was longer than the first guy. As he was fucking her pussy one of the girls in the classroom walked over to the desk where her head was at. She placed her left hand on Rebecca’s forehead and gently pushed down on it so that her head was hanging over the side of the Professor’s desk. The girl then unfastened her shorts and with her panties slid them both down her legs. She then moved herself so that her legs were spread open and her pussy was right above Rebecca’s face. Rebecca knew just what she was to do moved her mouth up to her classmate’s pussy so she could use her tongue on her pussy. As she slid her tongue into this pussy she couldn’t help but to notice how wet it was and the sweet taste on her tongue

The girl reached down with her left hand to help support Rebecca’s head and to push her face tightly against her pussy. She took her right hand down to her wet pussy, with her middle finger tip started to rub herself with a quick pace. This was more then the guy between görükle escort her legs fucking her could take to witness as he shoved his cock deep into her wet pussy and unloaded several wads of his warm thick cum inside her. When he had finished cumming he slowly started to slide his now semi hard cock out of her. The mixture of the two guys cum that was inside her wet pussy was making its way to the opening of her pussy as he slowly removed his cock from her. When his cock was out of her she could feel the cum start trickling out of her, moving between her ass cheeks and across the entrance of her ass. Just then she heard the girl that was using Rebecca’s tongue to get off make a soft moan. She could feel her arch her back slightly rotating her hips moving her pussy so that Rebecca’s tongue was where the girls fingers were at. Rebecca felt this girls cum start to trickle across Rebecca’s tongue, over her cheeks and down her face towards her eyes because of the way her head was laying. Rebecca continued to use her tongue to lick her pussy until she was done cumming. Her classmate finished cumming on Rebecca’s face and just simply backed up, pulled her panties up then her shorts, and walked away.

Rebecca was paying attention to the sweet tasting pussy she was licking that she didn’t even noticed that there was another guy between her legs fucking her cum dripping pussy, but she noticed him just as he shot his cum inside her to mix with the cum she had already inside her. He was quickly replaced by another guy which only took a couple of strokes in and out of her soaking wet pussy before he also let loose and emptied his balls inside her. By this time the cum from the four guys was a warm wet pool mixed together deep inside her pussy. After he had pulled his cock out of her he was replaced by another. This one was just as long as the second one but it was also very thick. She could feel the ridges and veins as he worked the huge cock in and out of her cum soaked pussy. Every time he would push it deep into her it felt like he was pushing her inside up to her chest and every time he would pull it back she thought her insides were going to be pulled out with it. She could help herself as she started to moan like a complete whore in heat. She could feel the pool of cum that was deep inside her being pulled to the entrance of her well fucked pussy. With every stroke of his huge cock more cum would flow from her pussy down between her ass cheeks and drip onto the floor beneath her.

Two of the other girls walked over to where her head was hanging off of the desk. They had already taken their shorts and panties off before they walked over to her and were rubbing their wet pussies. Rebecca just placed her tongue inside one of the girls pussy when she started to cum on Rebecca’s tongue and face. When she was done she slowly moved away and was replaced by the other girl’s pussy which was on the verge of cumming as well and did so covering Rebecca’s face with her cum. The huge cock that was fucking her cum soaked pussy finally gave way and dumped more cum deep inside of her pussy. When he pulled his cock out of her for the final time, cum started to flow from Rebecca’s pussy in a steady stream. One of the two remaining girls walked over to where Rebecca had her head grabbed her wet hair from the cum of the other three girls. She placed her wet pussy right at Rebecca’s mouth and Rebecca started to lick her pussy and it didn’t take long before she was cumming on Rebecca’s tongue and face giving her another coat of cum on her.

The last five guys all decided they wanted to fuck Rebecca’s hot little round ass, so they told her to stand up and bend over the Professors desk. As she stood up and bent over his desk she could feel more cum start to trickle down the inside of her legs and run down the full length of her tan legs to her feet.

“Pull her ass cheeks apart!” One of the guys said.

Rebecca felt two hands go on her ass cheeks one on each side of her. They pulled her ass cheeks apart as far as they would go, she could feel her whole open up. Then she felt a hard cock enter her ass for the first time today. She could feel it slide through the entrance of her ass and go deep inside her until she felt a set of balls against her cum dripping pussy. Then the ass pounding began from this guy that was behind her. He just started fucking her ass like this was the last time he was going to get to fuck anyone the rest of his life. After about five minutes of this assault he had a loud moan and stuffed his cock all the way inside her ass. She could feel his cock throb a few times as the warmth of his cum pooled up deep in her hot little ass. When he was finished he removed his cock from her ass and was quickly replaced by another one which only lasted a couple of strokes before he was cumming inside her ass as well.

The last three kept taking turns with her ass trying to make it last as long as possible. escort bayan Meanwhile the last girl in the room walked over to where Rebecca had her head, she was a very attractive light skin black girl. She reached down with her right hand, grabbed Rebecca’s hair and pulled her head up so she could see her eyes.

“You are going to use that slutty little tongue of yours and put it so deep inside my little black ass that you can tell everyone here what I had for breakfast this morning!”

With that the girl let go of Rebecca’s hair, turned around, pulled her short sundress up above her waist, and pulled her panties down her legs. She then backed up, reached around and with her hands pulled her ass cheeks apart.

“Lick it bitch!” She demanded.

Rebecca stuck out her tongue and slowly started moving it up and down the crack of this girl’s ass. She stopped a couple of times and used the tip of her tongue to circle her tight little hole and to slip it inside her. This was more then the three guys fucking her ass could handle one at a time shot their cum deep inside her hot little ass, but she really didn’t pay that much attention to them. She wanted to make sure she pleased the girl’s ass that was in front of her. She started to dart her tongue in and out of her ass as fast as possible but something else was now bidding for her attention, it was some kind of familiar beeping noise.

“That’s it get the slutty tongue deep in my black ass, whore!” The girl said with a stern voice but what was that noise. It sounded like…like her alarm in her bedroom.

She opened her eyes and realized that the whole entire thing was a dream. A very exciting wet dream as she realized she had her right hand in her shorts and that her bed was soaking wet underneath her. She got out of her bed slowly and took the bed sheets off of her bed through them into her clothes hamper. She then took a shower and got dressed. She put on a short black pleated skirt with a thin short sleeve button up heather grey top. She packed her laptop into her backpack for later when she was going to go to the library to finish her paper. She walked down the short hallway past her roommates bedroom and in the very small kitchen where she made a couple of pieces of toast with butter on it like she always did every day. She grabbed her new black Sperry top-sider sandals that she had just bought that last time Professor Case gave her money to go on one of her shopping sprees. She fastened them, stood up and took a look in the mirror by the door. Walking to class she could get the dream that she had out of her head. Rebecca walked through the door of the class room, one of the very last ones to get there as usual. She walked past Professor Case.

“Good morning” she said to him with a very happy smile on her face. He looked up at her and smiled back.

“Good morning to you also.” He replied. She walked to her seat.

As everyone was working on their final exams Professor Case couldn’t help himself from looking at Rebecca and thinking to himself how good she looked today and that he might just have to take time out of his schedule just for her. Rebecca was the last one to hand in her exam, not because it was hard for her, she was completed with it in the first hour. Even if she was guaranteed an “A” she would have been fine, she really wanted to learn the sex part was just a bonus that she loved. She just wanted to always be the last one in the class so they could be alone for a short time and so that her paper would be on top so he could see that she remembered to put her new name on it just for him “Whore”. Before she left he commended on how nice she looked and she mentioned to him about the dream she had. She couldn’t go into details because she really needed to go to the library to finish her paper.

“Why don’t you text me the details of it? I would be interested in hearing it.” He told her.

“Ok I will as soon as I get to the library.” Rebecca told him

Rebecca walked into the library, it wasn’t as busy as she thought it would be. It was easy for her to find a seat at a table where she could spread her stuff out so she could work on her paper. She got all of her stuff out and started to work on her paper and was texting Professor Case about her dream like he asked her to. She made a short list of books she needed to go for her paper as she was finishing telling him about the dream. She got up and walked over the desk so she could ask the person where she might find the books that she had written on her list. He pointed towards the general area, told her good luck, and try not to get lost because they were way in the back. She sat off on her journey to find the books thinking to herself they can’t be that bad to find. She found herself wandering down almost every aisle book until she finally found them clear in the far corner of the library. As she was moving from one book to another reading the table of contents to find the ones she really wanted to use. She heard a noise behind her, as she turned to see who or what it was; her head was jerked back by her hair and a familiar voice gave her a command.

“Reach around and pull those hot little ass cheeks apart!”

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