The Picnic

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We had been camping out in the middle of nowhere for three days, desperate for a reprieve from our day to day lives in the city when the sky chose each and every one of those precious days to open us and shower us with buckets of torrential rain. This left us confined to our tent most of the time save for one delirious moment where we said “screw it” and ran around outside, splashing into puddles, getting filthy and laughing at the mess we made of ourselves.

On the last day the clouds disappear, the sky brightens to its usual blue and the sun sparkles through the trees warming the atmosphere around us.

“Well look at that.” my long-time boyfriend Oliver observed after straightening up from pulling out the tent’s metal stakes to take it down to be packed.

“Huh?” I startled, his warm deep voice grabbing my attention.

“The sun’s out.” he smiled.

Being my focus was on his juicy peach of an ass I hadn’t bothered to notice that the sun had made an appearance.

“Of course.” I laugh. “On the day we’re leaving, of course it is.”

I pretend to pick up a little, gathering any trash we may have left behind but my eyes are still glued to Oliver’s tall, lean, muscular build. “Perfect man body.” I often tell him while my eyes roam over his broad shoulders, down to his narrow waist and strong legs. After eight years of being together, I still find him insanely sexy.

An hour later we’re pulled over on the side of the highway for a break from driving canlı bahis şirketaleri and a picnic. Both of us are stretched out on a blanket among a field of thick green grass, bellies full of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, delaying the rest of our trip home.

As I prop myself on my elbows to look around, I notice that the breeze that has been sweeping over us has pulled Oliver’s t-shirt up over the waist of his jeans exposing a sliver of creamy flesh. He catches me staring at him and shoots me a mischievous grin. I take this as an invitation, inching closer to him until my lips land on his temple and travel down the length of his face as my hand begins to roam over that sliver of belly, finger tips grazing the inside of his waistband.

He turns to face me, soft lips gently meeting mine, over and over until he delivers his tongue, igniting the butterflies in my stomach. I feel them sending heat from my belly to the delicate parts residing beneath my sun dress. My tongue pushes harder against his. I feel his body turn to face mine. My legs part, one moving over his so I can feel his hardened cock press against me. His lips leave mine and travel down the length of my neck, teeth grazing the base of it sending jolts of electricity through my entire being. A barely audible moan escapes me when his hand reaches into the deep V of my dress, exposing the pink of my nipple and presses his mouth to it. As he licks and sucks my excited flesh, his fingers slide canlı kaçak iddaa underneath my dress, tugging at my scant, lacy thong until I’m free of it. My dampened crevice fervently accepts his roaming fingertips as they encircle my clit.

His mouth leaves my nipple. His body moves over mine as he lifts my dress above my hips and his tongue is pressing into the slippery place his fingers were, spreading me apart, lapping up the juice from my body making my legs twitch with ecstasy.

“C’mere.” I whisper.

His head turns to kiss my inner thigh, then my belly before pulling again at my dress to get at my other nipple while I maneuver myself to unbutton his jeans, hurrying to yank them off his body. Once I have his hard cock in my hand I gently pull him closer to me, hips lifting so my eager opening can swallow him.

“Suck me.” he quietly instructs.

My eyes look up to meet his smile broadening across my face. “Gladly.” I return, delaying the instant gratification of fucking him.

I kiss him deeply, pushing his body over so he’s resting on his back before climbing on him, rubbing myself against his cock feeling the familiar twinges of an orgasm bubbling inside of me. He knows what I’m up to and pushes at my hips, wordlessly instructing me to do what he asked.

I grin and get to it, letting my tongue slide over the smooth, velvety texture of his rock hard cock. Over and over I lick him until every inch of him is glistening before enclosing canlı kaçak bahis my lips around the head, tongue pressed against the ridge that separates the delicious part from the rest of his thick shaft. I suck and lick, moving further down to continue lubricating him. When my mouth moves back up to the head my hand grips the base, sliding up and down until I hear his breathing become more hurried. I stop, lick my lips and look up at him knowing that I am interrupting his orgasm.

I move to kiss his mouth again while my hand takes his cock and pushes him into me, feeling every last delectable inch of him slide between my willing slit. Propped on my palms, my hips rock back and forth alternating between grinding against the base of his body and moving every inch of him in and out of my body. He pulls me down to meet his mouth, kissing me hard before abandoning my lips to suck on my nipples, hands grabbing my ass so I grind harder against him. It is then that the sound of my voice erupts from my throat as waves of sheer pleasure wash over me, drowning me in the most fantastic delirium I have ever known. Maybe it’s him. Maybe it’s this moment, or being out here in the middle of day in a wide open field feeling completely exposed that has me practically screaming with pleasure as my vagina contracts around his cock, over and over until the waves turn into ripples but not before Oliver’s own orgasm erupts. Warm, thick liquid gushes into me making me want to come all over again.

My body collapses onto his, lips delivering lazy kisses onto his neck before sliding off of him to lie on my back. Before we know it both of us have drifted into a satisfied afternoon nap among a field of thick green grass, the sun smiling down on us.

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