The Portfolio Ch. 02

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In my haste to get the last part of this story posted before I moved. I may have glossed over some editing…It was my fault not my editors.

A special thank you for OMEGAZONE for his editing.

If you enjoyed the last part of this story, I implore you to read this in its entirety. It may seem familiar at first, but you will be rewarded in future stories of the paragon clan.

As always I appreciate your votes, feedback and comments. They and You motivate me to continue.


Part 2, Perspective.

I’ve done this a million times, and yet, I can’t even begin to know where to start… I often find it cathartic to write my thoughts down as if I’m speaking to someone else. I feel that if I purge myself onto paper I can get what is bothering me; out of me. I may need a lot of paper for this.

My name is Veronika Paragon. I’m a relatively young, single Mother…Mother?

I don’t know if I deserve that title anymore. I tried to be the best mother I could be, and now I feel I’ve failed. Maybe to understand my actions, you should first understand me.

I was a wild child, a veritable hellion. I was beautiful and I knew it. Hell; I had been told everyday since my earliest recollection.

“Oh my, she’s so pretty”, “Oh she’ll be a heartbreaker”, “My, she’s so beautiful” So what did I do? I rebelled of course. I used my beauty to my advantage.

I could get anything I wanted and I wanted it all. I left home when I was young. I was going to conquer everything.

The world slapped me in the face, and said there are a million beautiful people out there, what makes you special?

Not one to give up, I turned to modeling. I paid to have a portfolio put together, only to learn what rejection was. “You’re too pretty for what we’re looking for” ” I’m sorry your look is just too exotic for are purposes” “You’re incredibly beautiful, but you’re not tall enough”…etc…etc…etc…

Here I was, still willing to take on the world, but now my one advantage was a hindrance.

A modeling friend of mine, under a similar situation turned to nude modeling and suggested I do the same.

I had to eat, but it was with great reluctance that I did my first nude layout.

I was an overnight success! I had photographers throwing money at me. I had male and female, celebrities vying for my attention. I was finally conquering the world. I partied endlessly. It was the eighties and everyone was in a non-stop party.

My agent suggested I needed to expand my portfolio. She suggested that I start doing hardcore porn. I said absolutely NO!

She suggested I do soft-core porn. I said absolutely NO! She suggested I do a Photo layout with a nude male model with absolutely no penetration.

I said I’ll think about it.

My agent arranged for me to meet the male model, and my GOD, was he beautiful! He was from Eastern Europe. His dream was to come to America and be a famous movie star, but he had a heavy accent and in the eighties, during the cold war, heavy eastern European accents weren’t highly sought after in Hollywood’s leading men.

I said I would absolutely do the layout. We saw each other casually from then on. We partied, we screwed, we wouldn’t see each other for months, and then we would screw and party some more. It was perfect for my lifestyle, and then I got pregnant with my first child, Caprice. I named her Caprice because I was whimsical and I wanted her to be as well. I didn’t see her father at all during my pregnancy; he was busy building a career of his own. I stayed in shape during my pregnancy so I could continue modeling and waited patiently.

The father got word from a friend of a friend weeks after our Daughter was born and

surprisingly showed up immediately. We talked all night about how he wanted to be a father and he had enough money to open a gym, and we should quit this lifestyle and devote ourselves to our daughter.

I said “Whoa! You’re outta your fucking mind!” I hadn’t yet conquered the world, I still had big plans. No daughter was going to change that.

He made love to me that night with more passion than I had ever experienced. I never saw him after that, but I was pregnant again.

I had twins. Another beautiful little daughter, Jadyn arrived first, and my baby boy Priest followed right behind. I named them shortly after the doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to have children anymore. Jadyn because I felt jaded by the world and Priest because I originally wanted to name him Deacon, but didn’t want him to aim so low in life, and Pope and cardinal just didn’t sound right.

Upon the news that I was sterile, something primal snapped in my mind. My surfeit

was gone; my only concern was for the welfare of my children.

I took most of the money I had made modeling and started buying properties. I built up a nice little empire, always keeping busy never staying idle.

This seems like a good place to start my story:

It was Thursday around 10am. I had been up since six, but found myself sitting in the family room staring at the ceiling. For ataşehir escort bayan some reason I was very contemplative that morning. I sat there, as I considered the fact that all my “Babies” were young adults now. My oldest; Caprice, who people often think is my sister, had already spent a year away at college.

Priest, turned down two athletic scholarships and accepted a science scholarship out of state. I suspected it had more to do with the fact that his girlfriend already went to the same school, but I was proud never the less.

My little girl Jadyn was undecided. She went to Europe with Caprice a few days earlier to “clear her head”, so she could decide about what she wanted in life. She was stunningly beautiful, more so than I had ever been. I looked at her and I saw my mother. Jadyn had been an awkward teenager, Skinny with braces and glasses, but she soon bloomed into one of the most gorgeous young women I had ever seen. I was careful not to compliment her, or any of my children for that matter, on their looks. Remembering the path my ego had lead me I concentrated on there education, and though Jadyn didn’t get a scholarship and hadn’t decided yet if she wanted to go to college, she was very, very smart. I had no doubt she would make the right decision and be successful at whatever she did.

All of my “babies” would soon be gone. God I felt old and tired as I thought back on the last eighteen years. There was no man in my life, there hadn’t been since my children’s father. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a “man-hater”. I would often see men that caught

my fancy, but the children and my good peaceful life would flash in my mind and I would get a feeling that a relationship just wasn’t worth the effort.

I could always go “Funshopping” with the girls and get an ego boost and then come home to my box of “Toys”. My needs were met and my children never had to see the “Wild me”. A sudden terrible dread took hold.

“No more Funshopping?” I pouted to myself. With the girls gone it would just be shopping.

Something riled me from my stupor, as I stood up, made a show of dusting off my lap and said.

“I’ll procrastinate: tomorrow.” It was sort of my motto and it got me through the last 19 years.

I grabbed my car keys and sunglasses as I made my way to the kitchen. My son was surprisingly already up and just sitting down with breakfast.

As he hadn’t yet seen me, I decided to have some fun with him. I got up close behind him and stated loudly.



I cringed at his expletives. Not that I was a stranger to them. I used to cuss like a sailor, but was always careful not to cuss around my children and told them I expected the same respect.

“Nice mouth!” I shot back. “Didn’t I raise you better than that?”

“Sorry” he said meekly “but you did scare me.”

Well, Yeah! That was kinda the point. I thought to myself. I wasn’t done having fun with him though.

“Ha!! I exclaimed. A big strong boy like yourself scared by a little girl like me.” He was huge, standing nearly as tall as the door jamb and almost as wide. I was marveling at how he could have ever come out of me, when he responded.

“Well it was so quiet in here, how was I supposed to know there was a little old lady lurking around?”

I cringed as I remembered how old I felt earlier, but I knew he was playing and I responded, pointing my finger at him.

“Ahh!! Mr. Smart butt, I hope you don’t mind cooking for yourself, because I’m feeling a little feeble in my old age.

And for your information wise guy, I’m not that old. I’m just seasoned.” I actually told him how old I was going to be, but for the purposes of this story.

YOU don’t need to know.

The house was quiet though, as I felt the absence of my daughters.

“You’re right though hon.” I said absently. “The house does seem empty without the girls home doesn’t it? I miss them, I hope they’re safe.”

“MOM!” My son exclaimed. “They just left two days ago, give me a break! Will ya.”

“Hey mister! I’m allowed to miss my own flesh and blood if I want to.” I said defiantly.

And that’s when it happened. My son still playing around said.

“Hey old lady, you’re looking a little grubby today”…” You’re not going out in public like that are you?”

OUCH! I thought. As I looked down at my “painting outfit” which consisted of a pair of black high-tops with paint splattered on them, a baggy pair of black sweat pants and a Hand-me-up black and white soccer t-shirt I got from Priest, tied at the side. I started remembering my contemplative state from earlier, and suddenly felt very unattractive.

“Do I look that bad? …Should I change?” I said more to myself than to my son.

Priest started stammering. The glee in his eye turned to shock, as he started to mutter.

“Ummm no mom I was just kidding, you look fine.”

Hmmm! I thought to myself with a devilish glee. I could still have fun with this boy.

“No; you’re right, I should go change.” escort kadıöy I said as droopy and forlorn as I could muster.

Priest quickly went into used car salesman mode as he explained to me, this really odd theory of seeing me in a burlap sack. I have to admit seeing him scramble for words to stop my, “oh so obvious pain” was cute as hell.

“…really!? …the prettiest?” I pouted. Hell, I needed an ego boost anyway.

“Of course the prettiest” he confirmed, still expertly channeling the used car salesman; which frightened me.

My prey, sufficiently toyed with, and my ego soothed. I was ready to strike.

“Ohh you’re too sweet.” I said. “And you know what?”…

“What’s that mom?”

“YOU’RE JUST SO CUTE WHEN YOU’RE GULLIBLE!” I said as I patted his head and squeezed his cheek.

He looked a tad embarrassed, but I wasn’t done with him yet. I conjured up a rather impressive “Scarlet O’Hara” as I made a pseudo-public speech.

“Sweet tarnation boy! You know if it wasn’t for your twin sister, I do declare, I’d swear you were switched at birth; but alas, ladies and gentlemen meet my poor gullible son. I do love him so.”

“HA HA HA!! You know Mom you’re pretty funny…too bad looks aren’t everything…. I’d keep your day job.”

I enjoyed that my humor went over so well, and that gave me the queue I needed to get my procrastinating butt out of the house. Still searching for my academy award, I told Priest.

“And that my fine sir is what I intend to do.” as I curtsied. “I’ll be at the El Panoche street house all day prepping it for new tenants. If you need me, I’ll have my cell. Okay?”

“Umm…okay….umm…do you need…” He managed to get out.

I actually did, but the facts that he didn’t sound all that enthused, and was on what may be his last summer vacation I decided to give him a reprieve.

I was only painting one room anyway. I suggested that he call his girlfriend Anastasia and get out of the house.

“ANASTASIA!?”… “We haven’t spoken in months.”

Hmmm. maybe I was wrong about his choice in colleges. I thought to myself. I was saddened to hear about Anastasia, because I really liked her, but if that was the case and he didn’t have anything better to do. I soothed his feelings and reminded him of a promise he made when he asked me for money.

“Ohhh! That’s too bad, I liked her. She was a nice girl. She was like someone I used to know.” I couldn’t for the life of me remember who.

“Well in any event you can clean the garage like you promised me last week.”

“That’s right! I did promise to clean the garage didn’t I? Ummm okay I’ll get started

after Gilligan.”

Oh he was slick alright. I thought to myself, as I remembered my fears of him becoming a used car salesman.

“Gilligan’s a rerun buddy boy. Why don’t you get started after you eat your breakfast!?” I said looking out the top of my sunglasses with a hint of menace in my voice.

“Why… don’t… I… get… star…ted… after… I… eat… my… break… fast.” He repeated between chews. Making sure I saw the nasty-gross chewing of his cereal.

“Charming baby doll… Charming…I raised you Soooo well…and with that I bid thee farewell to my adoring yet ill-mannered fan…adieu.”

“HEY!! Adieu to you to!” He yelled after me.

I went to “BIG BOX” hardware and lumber to pick up some paint and extra supplies I would need for my chores. As I was leaving the young, bored looking cashier asked me in a dead-pan monotone if I needed help to my car. I looked at the five gallon bucket of paint and said.

“You know what, that would be great.”

The young clerk got on the intercom and paged for “Mauricio, to checkout five”

Hmmmm. Mauricio? I thought to myself. Suave sounding name. This could be interesting.

“Sounds like one of the stud names from a bad romance novel” I joked with the clerk.

“He wishes,” came the monotone reply from the cashier “I don’t even think it’s his real name” “Here he comes now”

I turned to see “Mauricio” as he walked towards the check stand. He was combing his bright red curly hair and I was reminded of a picture I had seen on one of my son’s MAD magazines. He could not have been more than my son’s age and was about as tall, but skinny as a rail and was currently having skin problems. I will admit that he had some striking coal black eyes, but unfortunately on this young man they just made me think of a rat.

He looked at me, raised an untrimmed eyebrow and he actually started to Swagger.

I tried my best not to laugh; I think it came out as a smile. Which may have encouraged “Mauricio,” who looked more like a “Ralph” or “Herbert,” to say the next.

“Hey babe, you need a hand with that?”

I imagined Mauricio in a few years with an Open polyester shirt and a big gold medallion; hanging around a nightclub till 2:15am. I think I smiled again as I politely said…

“Yes, sir” “That would be wonderful”.

Mauricio followed me to my car, constantly staying behind me. I thought he might maltepe escort be asthmatic, because he was breathing hard while pulling the lumber cart. I turned to ask him if he needed a hand with the cart and the little Grease-balls eyes were locked on my ass. I turned back around and smiled as I muttered to myself “Boys will be Boys.”

“Mauricio” finished putting my supplies in the back of my S.U.V. and I closed the door. I absently checked to see if there was a scratch in the red paint as I shut the rear window. Mauricio was standing near the corner of the car looking at me. I gave him five bucks and he still stood there looking at me.

“Was there something else?” I asked getting a little freaked out.

“Ah no ma’am, ah… I mean babe; I just wanted to say you’re like: ah… one of the hottest chicks I’ve ever seen.”

So the little grease-ball; had balls. He was actually making a painfully bad attempt to pick me up. I’ll admit I was flattered enough that I didn’t want to be mean. So I asked, as seductively as I could muster in my “Grubbies” and no make-up.

“So, Mauricio, mmmm… I do love your name; you like older women, do you?”

I don’t think he was prepared for me to turn the tables. He looked flummoxed as he managed to say.

“I…uh… think, um, I think Milf’s are hot.”

I had no idea what a Milf was, but I got the idea it was something he liked. “So stud, what is it about me you like?” as I made a show of presenting myself. He looked me up and down, stopping at my breast for a little longer than was comfortable and stammered.

“You…ah, have like; the most incredible…” he started “…green eyes” he quickly finished.

Good save you little creep. I thought to myself. I then asked if Mauricio had a pen. He quickly rummaged through his green apron and pulled out a pen, grabbed a piece of lint off it and thrust it at me.

Well stud, if you think you can handle me; well then use this. I jotted down on his palm (call me….Jenny…. 867-5309) It hadn’t worked since the eighties, but I thought it would be an easy letdown.

I thought he would lose his load right then and there, as he quickly ran off with the number and an excited look on his face. Leaving me there asking.

“Do you want your pen back?” No use he was gone.

I started heading to the Panoche St. house. The previous tenants, a young couple, kept the place in good repair; however they were expecting a baby and had asked if they could paint a room. I said of course.

They moved out before the child was born, but apparently did not want to waste the paint they bought, or take it with them. It was obvious they did not know the sex of the baby, as it appeared they took pink and blue paint mixed it together in a God awful purple and painted the room. I didn’t mind though, I could easily afford to have someone paint the place for me, but painting gave me a sort of Zen like peacefulness…

So…I’m rocking out to “SEX I’M A……” by Berlin as I spread the last roller of white paint over the god awful purple mess. I step back to admire my work, pull my headphones off and the hair on the back of my neck stands up on end.

You know the eerie little girl laughter you hear in bad horror movies? Well that’s what I thought I heard. I looked around. Concern that I couldn’t rent a haunted house flashed through my mind. Then I heard it again.

Oh thank god! I thought to myself. The giggling was coming in from the window I had opened. Having finished my painting, I gathered my tools together and went to close the window.

“OH MY!” Was the only thing I could think to say, as I looked out over the neighbor’s yard from the window.

They; were clear on the other side of the yard and in the shade of a tree, so I couldn’t make any details out, but the act, was unmistakable as the two lovers were busy pleasuring each other.

I dropped to my knees and peered over the window sill.

A young looking blond girl, I could only see her back and the fact that her red dress was bunched up around her waist. Sat in a swing with her head back and her legs wide. In between her legs was a well muscled man with slightly salt and pepper hair on his chest. The man’s head was obstructed from my view by a low branch.

As I secretly watched the couple I started breathing hard. My nipples were poking into my shirt, snagging on the fabric. I brushed at them while I watched the couple and gasped as it sent a shockwave to my womanhood. “Oh my god.” I thought to myself, as I felt myself getting wet.

I watched as the man held the girl by her knees and pulled her to him as she dangled from the swing. I imagined a hard cock sliding in and out. I watched as the girl swung up and encompassed one of the man’s nipples into her mouth. I watched as the girl threw her head back joyously and the man took one of her nipples into his mouth. She giggled again. I reached up and gently tugged on my nipples in concert with his actions. God I was getting hot. Hotter even; knowing I was getting away with watching the couple undetected. I reached down and tested the wetness of my steaming womanhood, and gasped as I made contact. It sent a wave to my brain; my brain in turn sent a command to my hand to continue by all means! I sat there tugging on a hardened teat as I reached under the waistband of my sweatpants. I was so incredibly wet.

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