The Professor’s Bride Ch. 02

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Andre Levin’s cock felt an intense heat from the tightest of Tamara’s holes. His newest bride wasn’t merely an anal lover: she was a fanatic for butt sex. Since she had become his third wife, she appeared to almost have schemed with her sister-wives to drain his balls every night before bedtime. Then again, that was no ground for a complaint, especially they had agreed to try limiting their sex lives to the four of them.

The gorgeous Korean BBW met Andre’s thrusts with undeniable eagerness, enjoying the power of her husband’s dick inside her bottom. It was her turn to fuck him, and she wanted to keep up her end of things. Of course, it was far from a duty in her mind. This was a visceral joy, taking it in the “bum”, as she put it.

She also liked it in her cunny, as well as her mouth, but getting fucked in the arse was her favorite sexual kink. She wasn’t leggy like Jessica, nor was she as busty as Melanie. Her voluptuous buttocks were her major attraction, not counting the exotic quality that her Asian looks represented for people in the West. She gladly and unabashedly milked them for what she could get in bed, and now that she was married to Andre, she wouldn’t behave any differently.

The fact that Jessica and Melanie were presently engaged in stroking their own clits while they watched their husband fuck his last wife also exhilarated both the professor and the Anglophile babe underneath him. Each woman got a kick out of the scene in her own way, though for Tamara, it was mostly an exhibitionist thing. Jessica was more of a voyeur, while Melanie was equally both. Andre was also a mix of the two fetishes.

Jessica’s mind got dirtier by the second, as she imagined herself sucking Andre’s dick straight from Tamara’s butt hole. She also pictured Melanie rimming their co-wife until all of the jism was cleaned up from her sphincter. She even imagined using a strap-on dildo to bugger the former Ms. Chun while Professor Levin slammed his cock into her own asshole. Images of Melanie getting her pussy eaten by Tamara at the same time had the first wife squirting a great deal without even focusing on her clit much at the moment.

“Andre, honey, can I try ass-to-mouth after you’ve cum in Tamara’s butt? I know that she’s clean enough, and I would love to give you head directly out of her tush. Maybe Melanie can toss her salad, too. What do you think, Mel?” Jessie pouted before locking lips with the Southern belle next to her.

“Sure, I’d love to do that, as long as you agree to kiss me like you just did afterward! Tamara has a nice and tasty rump, after all. Besides, I love the flavor of a man’s seed leaking from an ass!” Mel consented, winking devilishly at her sister-wife.

“Fuck, gals, that kind of nasty talk is going to make me spill very soon! Sorry, Tamara, but here it goes!” Andre warned, though he wasn’t one to gripe about how delightfully hedonistic his wives tended to be. That beat being married to prudes, though he knew that wasn’t a danger under the present system.

“Okay, Melanie, you promised to lick my arse, so do it!” Tamara urged her in an English accent that would surprise people who didn’t know about her British mother. It was an extremely attractive contrast to her equally delicious Korean flesh.

As ataşehir escort the Georgia Peach landed her tongue between Tamara’s buns, the latter shivered with a massive sensation akin to the instant thrill that many people got from their first kiss or heavy petting. Her pucker squirmed a bit from the contact with the slick, wet tongue against it, overloading the Anglo-Asian girl with delight. It was pure sensual bliss, a trip to carnal Paradise, if one believed in such a thing as Heaven.

On yet another plane of erotic existence, Andre’s shrinking dick soon stiffened to full hardness under the unmistakable touch of Jessica’s warm throat. Her moist lips moved back and forth from almost his lower belly to the head of his enthralled cock. His swarthy beauty of a first wife let her eagerness show on her face, as her earthy hands manipulated his balls to a point of ecstasy. If there was one thing that Jessica took more seriously than most, it was keeping Andre as happy as possible, especially through fellatio. She had mastered the act of sucking a man off to the point of being an art, if not a science.

It was already an unwritten rule among the wives that their primary goal for each day was to wear Andre out in the sexual department. He was their husband, and while they didn’t mind sharing him with each other, they liked having him around in the evenings. It was an enjoyable task, after all, that they had set for themselves, and all 3 of them were by now committed mentally to continuing Tamara’s proposition of keeping their sex lives within their group marriage.

Polygamy had replaced swinging as their chosen lifestyle. That they were all at least somewhat bisexual, except for Andre, made it even more ideal. Among four people, they could surely keep everyone satisfied without any need to pursue extramarital liaisons. That way, they wouldn’t have to worry about catching any STDs from anyone else.

Luckily, the Family Affairs Commission didn’t chose mates by accident, even if they were random. It calculated the likely compatibility of each potential mate, based upon not only sworn statements on record by the participants, but also their sexual histories and their tastes in pornographic materials. It also interviewed people who knew the prospects well enough, to get a further sense as to what each person truly enjoyed. It was a program that adapted and learned to improve its accuracy.

This was why Andre had 3 wives whose main desire in life was his happiness, sexual and otherwise. The women were selected from among those with a marked tendency to embrace sexual deviations and to seek to please their man. Those chosen had high sexual drives as well, and they also possessed a strong need to belong to a man whom they could not only respect, but indeed admire and even adore. They weren’t women whose chief interest was to be the center of attention or the focus of the marriage. In fact, while they wanted enough flaws to keep the man in question relatable to them, they sought to enhance his ambitions by complementing those weaknesses.

This was why it had taken a long time to find the final bride: the FAC was very precise and demanding in its search. It was also why a respected academic was the choice of the matchmakers for bagdat caddesi escort the women. In a world without violence and poverty, intellectuals were highly prized spouses. He also had stable enough finances to not see a need to defraud or grovel to his wealthiest wife. His principles would presumably aid in that as well, as it would be reasonable to assume that such men were likely to grasp ethics better, and hopefully follow good ones.

None of this was on Professor Levin’s mind, of course, as he saw Jessica and Melanie kiss each other ravenously on the mouth. Nor did he think about such things when Tamara joined them for a heated, three-way Sapphic tongue exchange. Naturally, his mind was distracted by the events in front of his eyes. He might have been an articulate and rationally minded scholar, but he was also still a male of the species Homo sapiens. No man with much of an interest in the opposite sex could ignore the sheer eroticism of the activity that he witnessed on his own marital bed, among his three lovely wives.

“Alright, hon. Do you want more, and if so, from whom? Bear in mind that we’re all still quite horny, my dear,” Jessica Levin teased her hubby with a wink. The other Levin wives snickered at that point.

“How about I rotate? It has always seemed to work for us so far,” Andre offered, confident that his wives would accept such a proposal.

“Most of the time, I love that idea. I like having you in charge of the sex, as you know. This time, though, I have a different suggestion for you. Would you mind if we ladies took control for the night? Don’t worry, darling. We won’t harm you, since we love you and your body. We just want to use you as our plaything, sexually. There will be no need for ropes or scarves. We’ll just use our superior numbers to basically rape you. That’s what we want to do tonight,” Melanie countered with a playful smile. K

“This would just be for tonight, and maybe a few others down the line, if you enjoy it. It wouldn’t be a regular thing, as Mel said. We normally prefer to yield the power to you. We like having our smart and stern professor in command. This time, however, we want to just have our way with you. We want to use you until you’re exhausted, and then make you watch us lick each other until we’re wiped out as well,” Tamara agreed, grinning with mischief.

“Okay, I could go along with such an idea for the night. It has its…attractions,” Andre assented, not having any certain idea of what would happen, but trusting his wives to treat him well.

“Wonderful, honey! Me first, then! I’m your senior wife, after all,” Jessica exclaimed with enthusiasm, before she pushed her husband onto his back.

“Don’t think of this as women bossing you around, dear. Just think of it as your wives working hard to satisfy you, without making you do as much as you normally do,” Melanie blew a kiss to Andre, and then she sat on his face.

The good professor didn’t have time to worry about Tamara, as she soon began sucking his toes. In moments, his dick was surrounded by the walls of Jessie’s cunt, while his tongue penetrated the warmth of Melanie’s pussy. The additional senses tickled by his newest bride and her hungry lips were further provoked by bostancı escort the experience of analingus. It wasn’t every day that a man got his ass licked by his wife. He was very proud of himself for having washed his anatomy well that day.

After a long series of thrusts by Jessica, who moved her hips with her usual vigor, Melanie took her place in welcoming Andre’s stiff cock. Now, it was Jessie’s turn to indulge the debauched pleasures of a man’s lips and tongue on her pussy. Professor Levin darted in and out of her wet folds with delight, every bit as thrilled by the pure sensuality of cunnilingus as his beloved first wife.

This routine continued for another quarter of an hour, with Mel and Jessica swapping places every other minute. They each reveled in the wonderfully loving tongue and potent dick that entered and claimed them. Even though their supposed dominance was soon revealed for a sham to even themselves by the degree of their husband’s talents, they weren’t precisely displeased. In fact, they loved the idea of playing with a reverse gang-bang, even as they realized who really ran things. With each turn, both women felt cherished and ravished at the same time.

Nor was Tamara left out of anything. It didn’t take long for her to encourage her sister-wives to go ahead and lie down on their own backsides. Andre took a hint and gladly followed his considerate third wife’s advice. He began thrusting into both gals, energetically partaking in this primal twist on the old “missionary” position.

There was something atavistic about fucking two women on their backs, with their legs in the air to take turns on his shoulders. It was perhaps that he essentially reenacted the consummation of his marriages to both of them in this way, yet he also felt some raw heat from deviating with the raised legs.

It was at this stage that Tamara instigated her own twist on things, by getting on all fours between her co-wives. She presented her ass to Andre, obviously inviting him to sample her bottom and return the favor that she had shown him earlier that night. Not one to show ingratitude or a lack of appreciation for a kinky side in his wives, her husband acted on the impulse to munch on her luscious buns and pucker.

As he rimmed his fantastic bride, Andre also knelt to keep pounding his sweet second wife and his loving first. This was almost the perfect sex act, in his opinion, as he knew that few could possibly beat this arrangement. He got the best cunts wrapped around his cock, and he also tasted the juiciest backside ever, in his perspective.

“Damn, that is outstanding!” Jessica shouted, shortly before she climaxed. She was soon followed by Melanie and Tamara.

Under the influence of so much satisfaction and pleasure, there was nothing that Andre could do but empty his seed into Mel’s silky sex. He didn’t even complain when Tamara slumped in front of him. He just let his head rest on her buxom behind, while his two other wives lay down next to him on either side of the new, “jumbo” bed.

It was one of those so-called “emperor-size” beds, designed with poly marriages in mind, and it more than fit the bill in their case. The foursome all drifted to sleep with ease and relief, not worrying about the fluids that they could wash off their privates later. They also didn’t think about the sperm that were about to penetrate some eggs, as they weren’t aware of that, nor was it exactly something awful from their point of view.

Melanie would get the great news soon enough, but that would have to wait several weeks.

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