The Project

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Tina and I had worked on the same team for the last two years. Our team would create small computer programs for the rest of the company to use. Tina was one of our assistants that would run many of the programs and helped us when we’d create it. We had never been on the same project together, but had worked close enough to become close friends during that time. During team meetings we would get there early so we could talk about what was going on in our lives. Since she had a boyfriend that she had been living with for the last 7 years and I was married, the friendship remained just that, a friendship. At 37, Tina was a few years older than me, and was quite attractive, but dressed very conservatively. Now that it was summer she was wearing some skirts and some tops that showed a little bit of cleavage that I would sneak a peek at when I got the chance.

It was at one of the team meetings that summer; our supervisor assigned a two week project that Tina would be helping me with. We were both excited that we would finally get to work together and spend some time together. The first couple days went really well with Tina spending most of the day in my office. We talked and laughed and really didn’t get much done on those days. At the end of the first week I looked over our progress and realized that we were way behind. So come the next Monday we had to get to work.

We worked that whole day, trying to get caught up but we were still behind so I asked Tina if she could stay late and she agreed. After 5 almost everyone had left, and the Air Conditioning was turned off. As it got warmer, Tina slipped off her outer shirt so she was just in the tank top she had on underneath. When she would stand up and lean over the desk to point at something on the computer screen, my eyes would steal a glance at the outline of her breasts under her tank top. A couple of times she leaned just right for me to get a peek down her top and see down to cups of her bra. We ended up working until about 6:30 that night and finally decided to quit and go home and have dinner. That whole night I kept thinking about Tina leaning over the desk, and getting to see as much of those tits as I could.

We ended up working until 6:30 or 7 the rest of the week. Each night after the AC would go off, Tina would repeat her actions from Monday and slip her outer shirt off and work the rest of the time in her tank top. Each time I would sneak a peek, for as long as I thought I could. I had many times I had to adjust in my chair so she wouldn’t see how excited I was getting. By Friday we were pretty caught up, the only thing left was to finish writing the instructions. I looked over at her just before we were going to go, my eyes glancing down to get the last glimpse of the week of her tits, then looked up into her eyes, I told her that I would do the instructions over the weekend so they would be ready by Monday. She responded by saying she would help me and that we could do them at canlı bahis şirketaleri her place on Saturday. Her boyfriend worked weekends so we’d have the place to ourselves to focus. I agreed, thinking it would be nice to have one more day working with Tina.

I arrived at Tina’s house about 10 Saturday morning. I was pleasantly surprised when Tina answered the door in a tight Tshirt and short jean shorts. Normally in long pants or a long skirt, I thought her legs looked great. For being only 5’4″ her legs looked remarkably long. As my eyes made their way up, I thought I saw her nipples poking through her shirt, but I couldn’t stare too long without her noticing. I stepped in and she led me to the dining room table. I set the laptop up and brought out the pages of instructions we had set already. Tina pulled her chair close to mine and I could smell the slightest hint of perfume. I knew it would be difficult to work with her as a distraction, but it was a great distraction.

We ended up finishing everything up around noon and I had Tina take one last run through everything. It all worked perfectly. With that I looked over at her with a big smile and told her we were done. She then stood up and leaned over and gave me a big hug. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in close to me. It felt so good feeling her against me.

Tina told me to wait there as she stood back up and turned and walked into the kitchen. She came back with a little bottle of sparkling wine and two glasses. She said that she wanted to celebrate our first project completed together. I put the laptop and papers away as she poured us each a glass. We stood there in the dining room and clinked our glasses together and toasted what we hoped was our first of many projects together. We each took a sip, and then walked into the living room and I sat on the sofa. Tina sat down next to me and we kicked our feet up on the coffee table. We sipped on our sparkling wine and talked. After a couple minutes Tina leaned in and rested her head on my chest. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her in close. She said she had really enjoyed working with me and I quickly agreed with her that this had been an enjoyable time. She then looked up at me and gave my cheek a little kiss.

I looked down into her big brown eyes staring back up at me and I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers. It felt so good finally getting to kiss her. I had wanted to do that for so long, but had held back so many times. We sat and kissed for a long time, our lips parting and our tongues dancing over each others, with soft smacking the only sound in the room. After a moment, Tina broke the kiss, sat up, turned and straddled me. She cupped my face with her hands and leaned in and we continued our kiss. My hands were running up and down her legs, taking in the soft smooth skin. Tina started pushing back and forth slowly and began making very soft moans. I slid one hand up under her shirt, sliding canlı kaçak iddaa higher until my hand was cupping one of her tits, feeling the lace of her bra. My other hand started pushing her shirt up and she leaned back and stopped me. Tina stood up and took my hand and had me stand and told me to follow her.

We went upstairs turned and stepped into the bedroom. Seeing her stand there in the bedroom felt so wrong, but I wanted her so bad at this point. Tina sat on the edge of the bed, still holding my hand. She pulled me on top of her as she laid back. I lay on top of her, kissing her, my hands pushing her shirt up until it slid off. My lips only left hers long enough for her shirt to come off. My fingertips brushing over her body, tracing the lace edge of her bra. I slowly started to kiss down her neck, down between her breasts. My lips were gliding over her soft, warm skin. I felt a tugging at my shirt and looked up and saw Tina pulling on it, I slid up and helped her get it off of me. Her hands ran over my back as I sucked on one of her nipples through her bra. My teeth were even gently tugging on it. Her body looked and felt so amazing under me, I had to see more and I continued my kisses down it. I was taking my time, making sure to kiss as much as I could as she was beginning to writhe under me. Her hands were now in my hair, running through it and even lightly pulling it on occasion.

I kissed down until I reached Tina’s shorts. I kneeled between her legs and my fingers unbuttoned her shorts and I worked the zipper down. I looked up into those sexy brown eyes as I slid those shorts down, finally off one leg, then the other. I looked down and saw the little black thong she was wearing. She kicked up her legs and rested them on my shoulders, my hands ran over them, toward her thong. I turned my head kissing the inside of one of her calves while my hand gently rubbed over her thong. I saw Tina bite her lip as she grabbed the covers on the bed. Her hips were starting to buck slowly as my finger gently stroked her pussy through the thong.

After a moment, Tina sat up, sliding back on the bed, she kissed my lips and then pushed me so I was lying on my back. She was kneeling, straddling my legs looking down at me as she unhooked her bra.

“Oh yes” I moaned when I finally got to see her 36C tits.

My hands immediately reached up and started playing with Tina’s tits. With my fingertips, I was tracing circles around her large nipples. Her fingers were opening my pants, and sliding them and my boxers down. She slid back, until she was standing at the foot of the bed, and my pants fell to the floor. She stood there, slowly swaying back and forth as I lay on my back and watched her slide her thong off. I saw she had a surprisingly full bush, which looked so sexy and made my cock stand even straighter. She slid back up to lay on top of me. We kissed a very quick kiss, my moans were growing louder. I, whispered to her that I wanted canlı kaçak bahis her so bad.

Tina sat back up, straddling me, my cock resting between us as she took her hand and held it tight to her bush. She started rubbing her bush with my cock.

“Yes, I have to have you” I said.

I watched as Tina leaned over and opened the nightstand drawer. Her tits were bouncing with each little movement. She pulled out a brand new box of condoms, that she opened and pulled one out. I laughed a bit and said, “You must have had something planned”

Tina replied with a big smile, “You’re not as sneaky with your glances as you think.”

Tina handed me the condom and I opened it and started rolling it on. As I did, Tina slowly moved back and forth on my legs. She took her breasts in her hands and rubbed them, taking her nipples and rolling them between her fingers. Once I had the condom on, my hands replaced hers and she took my cock in her hand and guided it to her pussy. I could feel it start to slide inside her as she lowered herself down on it. I pushed up slightly and let out a long moan. Once I was all the way in, she leaned over me; her long auburn hair was framing both of our faces. “Oh God, Tina, that feels so good.” I cried out.

Tina’s response was a long lingering kiss. We moved slowly together, my cock buried inside her. My hands were taking as much of her tits as they could, and massaging them, squeezing them and rubbing over her nipples. We fucked slowly for a few minutes, kissing and touching each other. We started to go faster and faster as my hands ran down her back and grabbed her sexy ass, spreading her open as I tried to get deeper inside her. Feeling that, Tina started pushing back harder and we started going faster and faster. Our moans were getting louder with each thrust. Finally, Tina sat up, her hands pressing down on my chest as she rode me hard and fast. I pushed up as deep as I could inside her and she looked up and her eyes closed. Her tits bounced in my hands each time she dropped on top of me. Then I felt it, her pussy tightened around my cock and she let out a loud cry, “Oh yesssss!” as she came to a climax.

Feeling how tight she got, proved too much for me and I pushed up as deep as I could inside her felt my cum start to fill the condom. I looked down and watched my cock push up harder into her as I released jet after jet of cum. Moaning with each release, and telling her how amazing it was feeling.

As we both came down from our orgasms, Tina collapsed on top of me. We resumed our kiss and I started to slowly pull out of her. We ended up laying together, her on top of me, for another hour. We kissed and touched each other’s bodies. I looked over and realized it was getting late in the afternoon. I gave Tina one last kiss and let her know I had to be going. We stood up and got dressed, held each other and kissed one last time. She led me downstairs and I gathered my things and walked out.

Due to the success of that project, over the next few years, Tina and I worked on many more projects together. Every one of them was wonderful to work on with her. Each project we worked on together, I couldn’t wait until we were finished so we could celebrate.

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