The Queen’s Pleasure

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His majesty has thus far disposed of his previous queens for reasons which I have never fully understood, and probably never will. I, however as Queen Victoria II, have no intentions of becoming another one of his beheaded memories. Since his sexual appetite tends to sway with a frequency that is unfathomable, I always try to avoid displeasing him at any cost. I consider myself to be a bit of a voyeur when it comes to sexual matters, and probably because of that, I have been quite successful in avoiding the guillotine.

With his approval, and apparent delight, I have isolated myself in one of our summer residences, and when summoned, always, but reluctantly, make my self available to him. Since his second wife provided him with an heir to the throne, he no longer seems to have any use for a woman’s company and I now believe that he prefers men to women. That too is a matter of convenience which is to my advantage since I am quite the opposite. Or perhaps not. I have no real preference so long as I am satisfied.

I must confess that I consider myself a very attractive and desirable lady, a very well endowed lady, I might add. My hair is quite long and blonde. My bosom is supple with nipples quite sensitive to anyone’s touch. And my waist quite thin . Coupled with my flawless complexion and blue eyes, I glean admiring glances from all the men in waiting at my milord’s court.

It was my appearance and standing within the royal community which attracted him to me in the first place, but since he prefers to dally with his own circle of concubines and fops I have been forced to amuse myself with those I bring into my own circle, my ladies in waiting.. Currently I have ten ladies in waiting, four are ladies of the privy chamber and two are ladies of the Bed chamber and all are of noble breeding and quite beautiful..

And thus it is that when his lordship summoned me to his court at the Villa Marcelone, I went with great expectation,. For there I intend to visit his very special guest. I have been informed that he holds the Prince De Martinique hostage within the guest suites of the east wing. The prince’s willingness to remain is primarily because his lordship holds his entire entourage prisoner and he is a man of honor and would never permit them to be disposed of because of him.

The princes reputation as a rogue has brought a flush to the faces of many young ladies, or so I’ve been told. And I am prepared to convince my husband to allow him to reside at my summer home. More as repayment for my services as a consort for some visiting princess from a neighboring country with which he has a mutual treaty of protection.

I know his highness undoubtedly will request that I entertain the princess, Marquis De Ponte and be glad to resume his dalliances with his own concubines.

The princess is referred to by her more intimate subjects, simply as Polly. She too has a reputation for being rather daring in her demeanor and her sometimes risqué behavior, and I fully intend to explore the prospect that she may be more then just an obligation, but may also be the object of my affections.

Immediately upon parking my landau under the porte cochere, the carriage was removed, and my ladies in waiting followed me to my Privy chamber. There I was prepared for my visit with my beloved husband.

Sarah, one of my two “Ladies of the Bed Chamber,” bathed me and shaved my pussy. It is a requirement of mine and I insist all my ladies in waiting are shorn of all pubic hair. Then came the ungodly task of dressing.

Standing before the mirror, I pirouetted and took delight in my body. I was tempted to rouge my nipples but decided not to. That would have soiled my undergarments. Sighing, I stood still as first my chemise was pulled over my head, next my corset was laced snugly and my breasts were encased in its front busk closure. Next came the hoop petticoat and finally the over petticoat. Finally my dress, with its Fan front bodice, with capped close fitting long sleeves, and cartridge pleated flounced skirt.

Normally I would wear a bonnet and gloves but his imperial highness does not permit head covering in his presence.

Entering the throne room I curtsied as required, and took my place by his side. Within moments the Princess entered, curtsied and was introduced. My husband made a brief but curt introduction and without further ado advised the young lady that she was to be my consort for the duration of her visit. Then she was led out to her Privy Chambers, where her ladies in waiting had been deposited.

Being alone with my husband I made quick, my proposition to take prince De Martinique with me and separate him from the group who were being held hostage. In addition I induced him to sign a release for the Duke and his men since the ransom had already been promised and would be forthcoming within a few weeks.

This was to be my bargaining document and I promised that it would not be presented until the ransom had been delivered. With the erenköy escort signed release in hand I departed and my Ladies and I paid a visit to my new acquisition. Max, the prince of Lichtenberg.

I was announced and upon entering his chambers he bowed low. Then he stood. We all gasped. He was beautiful, or handsome, whatever your choice of words might be. He stood a bit over six feet tall, he was lithe and handsome beyond belief. His hair was shorter than most men would wear it, but still a bit longer than a pages cut would be. His mane was straw blonde and his eyes were a piercing dark blue. His gaze seemed to expose my sudden thoughts of taking him as a lover. He wore a ruffled shirt, open almost down to his belted waist and his muscular, bare chest seemed to ripple with each movement he made. Then his most exciting attribute became extremely obvious, the large bulge in his snug breeches.

Gwen stood by my side and gasped as her hand tightened on my arm. Then leaning towards me she whispered. “My Highness, he’s enormous. Will he be coming with us? I mean, did your plan succeed? Can we have him?”

My mouth was dry, and I was at a loss for words. All I could muster was a nod. Oh my god I thought, he’s built like a bull. I must admit I felt faint at the prospect of having him slide his erect cock into my body. I wanted him more than anything at that moment and then I felt my pussy begin to contract and the resulting warm flow of my own fluids slowly run down my inner thighs.

I simply turned and ordered: “Prepare him!” With that having been said I returned to my Privy chambers and prepared to escort Polly back to my summer residence. Initially my anxiety had been to have three hours with her in my carriage but now I couldn’t get Max out of my mind and I was becoming more needy to be satisfied.

When the carriage was delivered I entered and moments later Polly took the seat across from me as was custom. Once we had left I told her to join me on my seat and for perhaps twenty minutes we chatted about nothing in particular. I had truly lost interest in small talk because I couldn’t get Max out of my mind and my cunt was churning with its need to be satisfied.

For long moments we were quiet, and the coach jostled us back and forth as it swayed along the rough roadway. I desperately wanted to lift my chemise and let my fingers enter my pussy, but that wasn’t possible, Or possibly it was. The next jolt in the road thru my visitor into my lap and my hand reached under her bosom to right her. Inadvertently, my hand had slid into her front bisque and I clutched her breast.

To my amazement she accepted my help and held my hand against her exposed breast. She lifted up and her pale blue eyes stared into mine. It was instinct I think, that I moved my lips to hers and softly drew her lower lip into my mouth.

At that point she removed her hand from mine and moved to slide her hand within my dress and returned the caress. My breasts are rather large, and my nipples extremely sensitive and as we sat with our mouths tightly pressed together, our hands were busy fondling one another. I was beyond myself with need and she too seemed to be beyond what would be normal desire.

I must confess, I initiated the next and more intimate action, fully expecting her to return the favor in like kind. I lifted her Chemise and its covering and rested the crumpled fabrics on her lap as my hand moved down to cover her pussy.

She too was clean shaven and my fingers gently squeezed her soft pussy, allowing my fingers to enter, one at a time. Polly immediately responded by forcing her tongue into my mouth so I could suck it and she reached down to lift my own Chemise up exposing me for her more intimate attention.

She was good. Even my Gwendolyn could learn from this young temptress. She did as I had done. First one finger probed into my slippery cunt, then another and yet a third. I spread my legs wider to accommodate her hand, and to my delight she now began to wiggle her thumb back and forth across my swollen clit. I was ecstatic.

With thoughts of Max in my mind, and this beautiful woman toying with my pussy I strove even harder to insure she had her orgasm at the same instant I did. I think she was a bit ahead of me however. Just a few seconds and it was of no consequence. She suddenly sucked my tongue into her mouth, moaned and began to hunch upward, forcing my finger deeper and more rapidly into her hot opening.

An instant later, her lips released me, her head tossed back and she cried out. “Oooh my god. My dear god, it’s so good. I’m cumming for you. Yes, oh yes, yes, there, just like that!” and she ejaculated into the palm of my hand.

My Ladies are very vocal and I do enjoy watching their pleasure, for that gives me pleasure. But this young woman was fanatical in her need to be satisfied and immediately upon gaining her breath she fell to the space in front of me and replace her probing fingers with her mouth.

I göztepe escort had been trying to resist cumming until she had been recovered, but once she had fallen to her knees and her lips pressed to my pussy, I too lost my ability to contain myself. While her lips explored my cunt, her tongue danced within each hot wet fold of my swollen portal and I was gasping for breath, I reached within my dress and began to pinch my nipples. The slight pain I was causing myself, coupled with her tongue taunting my pussy, caused me to begin my journey of exquisite satisfaction. I lifted my self, thrust my pussy firmly against her face and as she moved her lips to encircle my clit I screamed out.

“Yessssss, Oh yess my dear Polly, take it! Take my juices and drink me! Taste me! Lick it up! Drink it down! Oh god yes. You are sooo good my little one.”

Finally she returned to her seat and I helped her rearrange her clothing. She returned the favor and arriving at the residence, we each went to our privy chamber to bathe and wash the smell of sex from our bodies. Tomorrow Rex would arrive and I had such delightful plans to make in preparation, for both my own enjoyment, as well as Gwen and Sarah.

As Sarah bathed me, she seemed upset. I assume that she was miffed that I had been pleasured and she probably suspected that I had enjoyed either Gwen or my own fingers to the exclusion of her attention. Quite frankly I was not yet satisfied sexually because Rex and the promise of his sliding that hard cock into me, was ever present in my mind. At that point I told Sarah to fetch my favorite ivory dildo and prepare it.

Sarah took the carved ivory piece from its ornate container and placed it in a tub of warm scented oils. When it was the right temperature she held it before me, as if showing me what was soon to be deep inside me. My favorite toy was of ivory, perhaps ten inches long. A replica of a penis with a serpent wrapped around its base. The head of the dragon was reared back as if it were looking up at the head of the shaft and it was that pose which delighted me so.

I lay on my bed and parted my legs. Sarah approached and gently parted the portal to my pussy. Slowly she slid the sleek ivory device in and began to twist it. The process was well rehearsed and she began to manipulate it ever so deftly in and out. Now fast, now slowly, as it entered then was drawn back. As I became more aroused, she began to twist it within my pussy as if stirring some magical potion. “faster,” I commanded, “Harder now!”

At that point the protruding dragons head began to pummel my clit, and as I began to sob aloud, she held the toy deep inside me, and her wrist shuddered as she twisted the dragons head back and forth across my clit. Cumming, I bolted up and began to coat the diabolical devise with my own syrupy fluids. Gasping for breath I fell back down and bade her leave it in me for a moment. I might need it again before putting it away. The evening came and went.

Having been satisfied four times the previous day, once in my coach and three times using my little ivory toy, I was again thinking about Rex. He had arrived hours earlier and I was anxious to enjoy his company and all it promised.

Lacking accomplished valets for Max I was forced to use three of my most trusted stewards. However they would suffice, if supplemented by several of my more accomplished concubines. These young ladies would serve as his personal attendants to provide whatever services he required except sex. Those services would only be provided upon my personal approval and most likely by my favorite Ladies or myself. Since I always took my meals in my chambers I had Max brought to me at mid morning.

Our first informal encounter was to be one during which I would exert my authority even if it might humiliate him to some degree. He entered, bowed as required, and remained standing just within the doorway. To either side of me were seated six of my ladies. Immediately to my left was Gwen, and to my right, Sarah. The remaining four maidens were of lesser noble backgrounds but quite accomplished in those arts which I so much enjoyed, Music, interesting conversation, and sex.

I had instructed each of my female consorts to arrive exposed from their waists up. I wanted to watch Max’s response to their lack of attire and their exposed breasts. Each lady was well endowed and their attributes varied from rather small and petite to those ladies with larger and more succulent breasts. Each had rouged aureoles and upon his arrival, their nipples became obviously erect.

Normally the women would have been comfortable exposed thusly, but when Max was brought in, I noticed a decided change in their demeanor. Some of them flushed, but almost all gave a gasp as he stood after his courteous bow and strode across the room to take his seat. With my permission he stood before his seat, and before he sat, the magnificent package bulging between his loins was gazed upon by all and the room kadıköy escort seemed to echo with their gasps.

Conversation was lacking for the most part because they seemed in awe of my guest. I had intended to notify him of my requirements in exchange for his pardon, but decided against it because of the others in the room. Instead I invited him to stand and visit each of the ladies to be introduced and suggested that it might be appropriate were he to present each with a tender kiss. Not on the cheek, nor the lips but rather upon their exposed nipples.

He stood and glared at me in incredulous disbelief of my suggestion. I gave him my sternest stare and he began to circle the table complying with my order. He approached each from behind and leaning over the left shoulder of each, they turned slightly to accept his gift.

I was thoroughly enjoying both his discomfort and that of my ladies. After each had been kissed and he came to me, I reached to my throat and opening several buttons, drew my dress apart and invited him to lift my breasts from their resting place above my corset. Strangely he seemed very adept and knew precisely how to accomplish their removal without fumbling. He is experienced, I thought, very experienced.

“Both! Not just one my dear Max, and your queen requires that you suckle each and not merely provide a peck as the others had received.”

I hadn’t expected my own reaction to be quite as exciting as it developed. When his warm hand lifted my breast out and up, his warm breath gave notice of his lips arrival. And Oh yes his lips did close hotly over my nipples and he did draw them into his mouth, but he unexpectedly used his tongue to lash their erect surfaces as they were being sucked. And releasing one, he moved to my other side and repeated his taunting.

I began to ooze my womanly lubrication and began to contract. I nearly swooned before he was finished, and the heat within my body made my cheeks feel as though they were afire. As he returned to his seat, we stared at him. Apparently my breasts had not been the only thing to be aroused. His shaft now had swollen to nearly twice its previous size and though still hidden within his breeches, it strained for release.

The remainder of the brunch was more about small talk and quick glances at Max. I assumed that my Ladies were getting rather excited and wished to retire to their respective rooms. Polly had not attended my little breakfast but instead preferred to remain in her quarters. I was anxious to visit the secret passageway that ran the length of her bedchamber. It has a secret opening in one of the hangings thru which I could secretly observe.

I gave leave to my guests and returned to my quarters where I donned my riding attire. I found it much more comfortable than the formal attire necessary for entertaining, and it was much easier to do other things while thus attired.

I slid the door open to my narrow passageway and entered. Closing the panel quietly, I moved to the chair placed before the small viewing port sat, and gazed in. Polly was unclad and seemed to be restlessly tossing about on her bed. Her hand frequently reached down to stroke her pussy and return to her supple breasts to tweak her nipples. Finally she sat up and went to one of the settees and removed a bolster. It was covered in silk of the most exquisite texture and matched the motif of the settee. It was rather firm and was probably four feet long and a foot in diameter.

I watched her toss it onto her bed and align it from the foot to the head of the bed. Then she straddled it and leaning forward slightly, began to hunch forward and backward, similar to the motion one would enjoy while riding a mare. Becoming more excited she now lay atop it and placing her hanging breasts on either side, she began to hump the bolster, Slowly at first, with measured strokes then more rapidly as she obviously neared her satisfaction.

With each thrust of her pelvis, she moaned. I knew the silken covering was now becoming coated with the slippery mucus that exuded from her swollen cunt and I was anxiously awaiting her satisfaction. She shifted positions, she moved faster, and began to more forcefully press her spread vagina over the silken pillow.

She was stroking her clit with the gooy material and suddenly she paused, lifted her head up and wailed aloud. “Yeah, Oh yes, unh, unh, unh, yeah.”

I had thought her satisfied and was about to return to my Privy when she began again. She rolled off the bolster and I could see her exposed womanhood. Its labia were swollen, and with her legs spread wide apart, the hot inner membranes seemed to glow like warm coals. Her clit, still swollen, seemed to be a pink pearl, smooth, and glistening in the morning light.

Looking at the bolster, it was truly coated with cum of her own creation and now she began to fondle her pussy again. I marveled at her insatiable need to be sexually exhausted. Her fingers plunged in and out of her exposed pussy and when she began to near satisfaction she pulled the bolster over her, wrapped her legs around it and again began to thrust her hips up and down against its slippery surface. Now with her arms wrapped around the upper portion she began to saw it up and down her tummy.

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