The Ride Home

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Female Ejaculation

He pushed the head of the vacuum across the dirty floor. It was wood; there were lots of cracks for dirt to get in. Better yet, it was hardwood, nearing two hundred years old. Continuing to slide the vacuum against the floor, but his mind was still back at hardwood. All this square footage, getting its nightly intimate rub down, Derik was jealous.

On top of still having half the store to clean, it had been a long day in general. First, there were two rushes, instead of the typical one. They had just caught their breath when forced to hold it for another two hours straight. Long hours, yes, but the tips reflected the night for once!

Derik had been lucky enough to have great company for the night, however busy it was. Kendall was sweet, and petite. She had come from a bartending job in town and knew how to get it done. We had slopped sandwiches side by side while swapping scandalous jokes about this customer and that.

She was cleaning in the kitchen while Derik made his rounds. He heard the dishes being washed back in the sink, but saw that Kendall had dodged the job for the time being and was intensely cleaning the industrial sized meat slicer, facing away. Derik pushed the vacuum a little closer to the front counter so he could get a better look down into the kitchen.

There she was, up on her tiptoes, wearing cute flats; now stretched to their lengthiest. He stopped moving to fully appreciate her ass as her tight jeans pulled the fabric taut. The pale denim creased sharply, extending like the holy cross from its center.

She leaned over the machine, bending her back away from Derik. Kendall’s shirt was pulled up and Derik could see some frill of otherwise concealed panties. His pulse was quickening, but he didn’t feel it in his neck.

He quickly re-assumed his vacuum position as Kendall turned back to face his direction. She looked up quick enough to see Derik still looking at her, but he had been quick enough to divert his gaze from her ass, where he was hoping to gander a minute bounce of her cheeks, and was looking her in the eye.

Playing it off, Derik flashed his wide, honest smile and looked back at the floor. He glanced backed at Kendall a moment later and she was working at the slicer again. The length in his pants never really abated as Derik finished the floor, his last duty, and looked around for last call type things to do.

He was neatening around the register at the front counter when Kendall came up to him.

“Hey Derik, can I ask you a *really* big favor?” She looked up at him; at least a foot shorter, her big green eyes opened up and took all of Derik’s sovereignty in one fell swoops. Of course he would do her a favor, he would do anything for a woman of her stature. He suppressed his rampant desires to explore fantasies of his hands around her waist.

“I’ll see what I can do.” He gave her a cocky smirk, contrary to any true feeling in his body. “What kind of a favor needs doing?” His smirk settled into an empathetic and curious casting of the eyes; trying desperately not to stare down Kendall’s blouse for the duration of their exchange.

Kendall’s hands went behind her, one holding the other, and she swayed back and forth a little while continuing her mesmerizing gaze of, “please.”

“Could you give me a ride home?”

Derik’s heart stopped.

“My cars in the shop…” Her voice trailed into a question after her unnecessary explanation. “And I think I’m on your way home? I’m on Cedar Brook.” It was on his way indeed, but that was a detail he could really care less about.

Derik paused, feigning a decision before him, when really he was trying to remember how clean his truck was, and if he needed to pop out and purge super quick before this all went down. He was taking a heavenly being home; he could by no means subject her to the occasionally septic conditions of his passenger seat.

“Sure, I can do that.” Some force inside him allowed his cool countenance to remain as he scrambled desperately for clever things to say. “Just let me know when you need to head out, I’m finishing a few things up on my end and should be good to go about whenever.” He smiled broad.

Kendall smiled back and thanked him profusely. Her exhilaration soon dissipated and she went back to her tedious work of rendering the kitchen sanitary, or as close as she could get, while Derik made a beeline for the back storage room to grab a trash bag. He was out the door a second later, and a plump bag of refuse expediently found its way into the garbage bin beside the parking lot.


When he got back into the store, Kendall was still busy, but looked near the end of the standard nightly routine. He piddled around until she came up from behind and gave him a confident poke in the back.

“Hey Hun. I’m ready to go!” She had a charming smile as Derik turned and got out of his chair. He finished folding the last few towels on the table in front of him, and took the pile to the kitchen; ready canlı bahis şirketleri to be soiled again. Grabbing his jacket, the two made a break for the back door.

Stepping in front of Kendall as they approached, he opened the it for her, garnering an appreciative and slightly embarrassed expression as she passed through the threshold. Seeing the opportunity for a strategic tease with her embellished embarrassment; Derik struck.

“I missed the threshold, but I can still carry you to the truck; if you wanted.” He raised an eyebrow mischievously, and smiled excitedly, his lips parting and teeth flashing. He waited for her response, curious.

“Maybe not this time Derik. ” She paused and reflected his countenance to perfection, “But you never know.” It was enough to give Derik’s demeanor the fuel it needed to continue the strenuous critique his manhood was putting him under this glorious night. Derik shrugged indifferently, but had gotten more of a response, and far more favorable of a response than he had expected. They sauntered across the small parking lot and again, Derik opened the door for his charge.

“Up you go, Ma’am.” It looked like Kendall blushed lightly with the comment; she was four years his senior, being twenty-five; but it was also dark. He carefully closed her door once he was one hundred percent sure, three times over, that Kendall was clear of any pain causing scenarios. Derik crossed in front of his vehicle and hopped in the driver’s seat.

They were quiet as Derik quickly located his keys and turned on his aging white Xterra. The engine gave a meek roar as it came alive and the heat blowers started blowing out chilled air. The commotion caused by the cold air startling both of them eased the tension for Derik, and he was able to proceed with his task confidently.

In gear, and backing up, Derik turned and put his right hand on the shoulder of Kendall’s seat and noted her reaction. As he was staring at her, his arm lusting to be closer to her being, wanting to brush her hair to the side and make love to her neck. He saw Kendall’s head turn slightly toward him and felt her eyes on his arm, the lust she exuded was almost palpable, but still far to muddled for Derik to act on impulsively. He finished backing up and going just a few yards, turned down the road they both lived off of.

Their conversation mostly centered on work and the day they had just dominated with their joint enthusiasm. Derik was relieved the ride was going smoothly, despite the numerous curves between the store and home. He knew his time with Kendall was drawing to a close as he pulled up her driveway. For what it had been, Derik had greatly enjoyed it.

“So, you wanna come in for a bit?”

Derik’s heart stopped again.

Come in? COME IN!? Holy shit; yes! Yes he would like to come in. How many times can he come in? Just this once? Twice? Maybe make it a trilogy? Aww shit, it will hold its place among his precious memories by just sitting on her couch, fuck the rest. Fuck? Oh my gosh…

“I’d love to!” His voice was a smidge giddy, betraying the lack of oxygen in his body. He shifted to Park and discretely took a few deep breaths to regain his composure. Come in?! Oh golly…

The got out, and started down the path to Kendall’s door. Derik wanted so bad to put his arm around her as they walked, but instead followed semi-awkwardly behind until they were there. Derik’s composure was dwindling, but the hormones slowly filling his veins powered him forward.

Kendall turned her key and simultaneously apologized for any mess inside. Derik assured her that his place was far worse, but would take her words into consideration; a wink following with the last bit. She pushed the door open and walked through; warm air greeted Derik as he followed a step behind.

Derik tossed off his jacket, and was again in his simple political tee and faded jeans, with black leather chucks. He saw Kendall take off her shoes, so he followed suite; grateful he had chosen to wear socks that morning, and adornment that was often overlooked.

He size thirteen Chuck Taylor’s nearly swallowed her tiny shoes; they would have easily fit inside them. The observation got them both chuckling, and Derik sighed inwardly, as the situation was still relaxed.

Kendall invited him into what was obviously her living room. The four walls were adorned with various eastern looking tapestries, and had several notable talents hanging among and between them. The couch faced the back wall, opposite a modest flat screen TV with an appreciatably larger sound system. A big comfy looking chair with a foldout footstool was stage left, opposite the door, and a bookshelf slash movie shelf on the far right wall.

Derik was glad to see she had at least as many books as she did movies. He had nothing against movies, in fact, he watched waay too many. He just likes a girl that is well read. Kendall gestured into the room.

“Make yourself at home. I’m going canlı kaçak iddaa to go get out of this.” She made a wretched face and moved her hands over her body like she had the willies. As Derik’s eyes followed her hands, he didn’t notice her watching his blatant voyeur. He caught on, and was very quickly blushed. “Be right back.” She relieved his panic with a devious smile, spun and left the room.

Derik’s hand found its way intuitively to his crotch the moment Kendall had left his line of sight. He gave himself a firm squeeze that lasted a good several seconds, then let go, hoping for some miracle of catharsis to relieve his boner, because his cock was on par with the floor he was cleaning earlier, and there was a sexy something else in the other room far more alluring than a vacuum at its most ludicrous best.

Derik looked at the couch. Oh what to do, where to sit? Definitely not the armchair; hmm, middle right-ish looks good. There was an impression on the far right cushion, and he hoped it was her ass and not a dog or cat’s. He sat down and waited. Derik had learned long ago when there are more than three remotes present, which there were, always wait for the primary viewer, else find yourself, and your friend frustrated and in an agony… Derik got ahold of himself.

He leaned into the soft cushions and closed his eyes to take advantage of his solidarity, with absolutely no idea of what to expect from Kendall. They had worked together for a couple months, having had a chance encounter a month or so prior to her starting that was semi-sexually charged. There was no boyfriend. They were always innocently flirting with each other at the store, but everyone there did that, more or less.

There were footsteps getting louder by the moment. He took a deep deep breath, both preparing for wondrous things, and also accepting nothing was going to happen. Eyes open, Kendal walked through the doorway. They both smiled at each other and Derik kept eye contact for long enough of a moment to unconsciously bite his lower lip.

His eyes lowered drowsily; she wasn’t dressed, “sexily,” but she was, incredibly so.

Her hair was down, contrary to being pulled back at work. Curly dirty, dirty blonde, fucking adorable; it was cut midway to her shoulders. From there, a white, worn girl’s tee covered her thin torso. It was apparent she was without bra, despite the warmth of the little apartment bearing down on them both. The tee didn’t quite cover her navel; it sort of depended on where she was in stride. Standing still, it was covered, anything else, and it showed.

There was a less-than modest gap between her tee shirt and the dark blue, cotton athletic shorts riding her cozy center. She had rolled them up at the waistband, so he knew she knew he could see what he could see; the lightest impression of camel toe.

Her legs took it near to the toes; smooth skin, naturally tanned from the passing summer. Following her legs nearly made Derik jerk, he flushed a deep red. She had on thick soft socks, multiple colors and shades. Cute; cute like the rest of her heavenly sadistic tight petite delectable body.

Derik again took a very deep breath and held it for a second as Kendall walked in front of him, coming around to the right side of the sofa. Score. His head cocked to the side and followed her center of gravity as it curved around, straightening back up quickly before she caught him; not that he really cared at his point.

Kendall split the difference between him and the arm of the couch, plopping down very casually. Derik noticed her nipples were definitely hard; he was sweating.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” She looked over at him as she pulled her feet up onto the edge of the couch. Derik was stuck; mentally, physically; he was in overload. He was looking at Kendall’s face, but it was clear in his peripherals what joyous fruits were so tightly stretched upon by slick polyester and tugged at further by her cotton pants; which had ridden up so he could make out the entire valley of her nether region, without looking.

His right hand kind of spasmed; it reached out to his knee impulsively. Seeking balance and safety.

“Yeah, I could dig that.” She glanced toward the bookshelf and Derik seized the moment. His eyes reached out like a banker for gold bullion. Taking hold of the narrow strip of fabric covering her pussy from his wonton eyes and ripping it away with his mind. God; tasting that nectar which flows from within, making her rock with ecstasy as his tongue ground against her clit; his eyes rose to meet hers as she turned back to him.

“What do you wanna watch?” Derik said he was up for anything, but at Kendall’s behest he got up to pick something out. He found it funny; just moments before he had agreed with himself that he was determined to make her choose, so he could veg out on her ass for a minute or two. He wasn’t too disappointed though, still in the afterglow of what he then considered the peak potential canlı kaçak bahis of masturbatory material in his lifetime. He had just witnessed a moment that would live in him for over seventy years.

It was hard for Derik to shift his massive hard-on to a more incognito position. There, instead of a bulge two inches deep going horizontal, it went vertical! There we go, far more inconspicuous! He stood up and his cock almost came out his waistband. It didn’t help that his head had found its way under his leather belt, which both reinforced and showed off the raging erection, pulling it a good inch away from his body. Derik’s shirt wasn’t very long either.

Fuck it.

He stood up straight and let the hormones that were at also at peak levels do their work. Instead of going around the table, Derik moved to squeeze between Kendall, folded into her spot, and the table in front of the couch. It wasn’t much of a squeeze, but afforded Derik the opportunity to have his cock directly in front of Kendall’s eyes.

“What are *you* in the mood for?” He started looking at the bookcase during the pause before Kendall’s answer; surveying the many options.

“Hmm… How about something steamy?” Derik literally gasped. It was embarrassing. He played it off with an awkward cough, furthering the embarrassment.

“Uh… okay… Hmm, steamy?” His eyes scanned the many titles but it was all a blur. Kendall soon started to pick up on this and intent on snapping Derik out of his reverie, stood up beside him at the movies. Derik kinda looked over at her, both confused and wonder-struck. It was elementary, but he was acting on sub-primal instinct at the moment, so all things considered, our boy had just recited a poem by Lord Byron.

Kendall was amused with his behavior, and was getting turned on by it. She knew full well why Derik was suddenly an idiot. She had done it on purpose. The poor thing froze like the tin man when her legs came up, so she felt a sense of responsibility to guide him back to his seat with a steamy movie starting to play.

Choosing to be silly, but also putting a key piece of the night into play; Kendall suggested a movie.

“How about Volcano’s, by the Discovery Channel?!” She looked over to watch Derik’s rampant confusion. However, inside, he knew exactly what she was up to, and he very much liked it. Documentary. SEX!

“Steamy!” He laughed and reassumed his sensible way, getting a jumpstart from within. Derik sat back down on the sofa, this time closer to the arm than he had before. Kendall went to the TV with the movie and bent down, at the knees ::sigh::, to put in the disc. Stopping mid sigh, Derik saw she was still wearing the same pair of scanties from earlier. His breathing became slow and regular.

Kendall joined him on the couch, taking a spot in the corner, furthest from Derik; throwing him into a mini panic. He was instantly relieved when she lifted her legs to the sofa once again. She held them in the air and looked at Derik.

“May I?” Her eyes gestured at his lap. This wasn’t helping his penis get aaany smaller. Derik nodded his approval, and her calves came down on his thighs as her ass pushed into his leg. She was squishing against him far more than necessary. It was all Derik could do not bust a load right then and there.

Sheepishly, Derik half-glanced over at Kendall, and saw her concentrating on getting the TV on and the DVD playing, juggling the remotes with skill and precision. He played it cool, as cool as he could for the time being. Kendall relaxed into the sofa and commented on how volcanoes just blow her away, and shortly thereafter how hot it must be in the center; holding herself dramatically as she said it.

Kendall was pining now. Derik could feel it. *She* was wanting him; and getting closer to needing him by the heartbeat. Derik expressed his fascination as well, which was honest, as volcanoes had captivated him his entire life.

Dude, it’s like the earth reproducing. Think about it. Volcano, boom! Magma shoots into the air, creating life against the surface’s hold. Lava flows, cools, and becomes land. Land reigns for a time, but eventually gets covered, pushed back down below the surface, and winds up full circle, coming out of a volcano again. Groovy, man!

The narrator droned on for a few minutes while the pair rested in relative silence.

Derik felt it was time. It either happened now, or he had blown it… a different kind of blow, you.

Her legs weren’t fully perpendicular to his body; her ass was closer to his ass than her feet were. His right arm had been close to his crotch, trying to conceal the apparent monolith below. His left hand lay beside his right, needed. Raising his left hand in a loose and inquisitive way, Derik slowly moved it closer to the exposed thigh resting hard against his.

Kendall’s gaze instantly shifted to his hand, and she made no move to stop him.

Frankly, she was curious was the kid could do, and super hot to find out. He was a stud; tall, dark and handsome. She regularly noted the bulge within Derik’s shorts or jeans, consistently enough to know it wasn’t him being hard, else poor him. Thinking about how much it had grown got her flowing profusely.

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