The Risks We Take

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I watched in horror as the fire erupted. My men had barely reached the beaches before bullets began ripping through their ranks and cannon fire forced them down against the sand. The surf battered against the rocks of the shore, painting them crimson with the blood of my troopers. I slammed down my fist as I watched another wave be repulsed. With a silent curse, I issued the order to end the attack. It seemed that the islands of Great Britain would not fall to me today.


And my mother couldn’t help but laugh. I had never seen such a lucky series of dice rolls in all my life! I glanced up at the smirk that had spread across her face.

“Stopping so soon, Will? I’m having a good ole time chewing up your armies!” My sister began to laugh as well, and I allowed a grin.

“Oh, don’t worry, Ma… you’ll get yours soon enough!” I took my dice and passed them along the board to my sister. It was now ten o’clock at night; we had been playing for almost two hours, and I could tell this game would continue long into the wee hours of the morning.


To offer you a little bit of an explanation, it had become a family tradition, nearly an obsession, to whip out Risk and try our hands at world domination. My mother, sister, and I were all wickedly competitive. I guess you could say it was quite literally in our blood. The game Risk had come to the forefront of our repertoire probably because of the German blood that also ran through our veins. Every few weeks we started a game, and typically finished it in a night, with each of us equally dividing ultimate victory. Where it became interesting was the betting that almost always marked our play. Typically, it involved the winner being able to have the first loser as his or her bitch. Doing chores, running errands, the mundane activities we wanted to avoid. Whoever finished second was free from these chores, but couldn’t order anyone around either. It fueled quite a desire to win amongst us all. However, it was this game that would mark a massive change in our play, and has been forever burned into my memory…


I had grabbed a soda and rejoined the game, plopping myself down next to Jessica, my sister, on the couch. We had spread out the board on our coffee table so that we could all enjoy the comfortable seats of the living room. It may have been late, but none of us showed even a single sign of fatigue or willingness to call it a night. It was now my sister’s turn.

“Well, Mom, I really don’t think you’re appreciating North Africa quite enough… I’m just gonna have to take it from ya!” In one of my typical strategies, I had seized most of Europe, except Great Britain of course, and my mom had been trying to liberate her besieged forces there by coming north through Africa. My sister was cutting off her advance in hopes to expand west from her now fortress-like hold over South America. Little fighting was going on elsewhere at the moment; we all knew what each other was thinking, and my sister and I glanced at each other at almost the same second. Her quick smile told me of her devilish plan. We had teamed up to take out mom before. My mom was a vicious tease, and sometimes she needed to be taught a lesson, if just for spite.

My sister looked down at the board and began her attack. I continued to stare in her direction, contemplating my next move. Her bun of dirty blonde hair bounced up and down as she willed the dice to help her. It was late, and she had long since dispensed with her makeup, but she was naturally blessed with striking features, and was undoubtedly one of the more attractive girls on her college campus. My eyes trailed down her figure, as they had done many times before. I felt no shame in my occasional inspections of my sister’s body. As a male senior in high school, I was entitled to the glances at such an attractive woman, so long as I didn’t vocalize it to anyone. Her sweat pajamas were bulky, but I could still trace her outline through the material. She was not what one would describe as skinny, nor really all that plump. Her legs were curved in all the right places, her hips were perfectly rounded, slanting inward to her stomach and upwards to by far her most endearing features. Like my mother, Jess had been blessed with very large breasts. One of my more curious adventures, I had investigated her underwear drawer, and her bra tags had read 40DD. She wore a bra that held them tightly against her skin, and they created a shelf of pleasure to the eye. She knew they were her greatest asset, and more often that not, wore clothes that emphasized this figure. At only 23, they were still firm and tight to fit her curvaceous motif.

The play continued, but my mind began to wander. The thought of breasts had appealed to my hormonal mind, and my eyes drifted to my mother. It was on far rarer occasions that I examined my mom, but it happened every once in a while. And it mainly started in the same place each of those times. My mom far surpassed my sister pendik escort with an ample breast size of 44E. At 49, they were not nearly as perky as my sister’s, but quantity can be a quality of its own. They were simply enormous, and as tasty a piece of eye candy that a teenager could hope to see on a daily basis.

“Attacking Brazil, Jess…” My mother’s lips wrapped around the words, but they fell on deaf ears. I had become caught up in my gazing. Her mouth was painted a shimmering red, my mom wore makeup much more often than my sister in an attempt to fight off the aging that had so far not noticeably ravaged her face. Her hair was a darker brown than my sister’s and much shorter as well. It bounced across her face as she rolled the dice against my sister. As far as features went, my sister was the spitting image of my mother. From the waist up, they had been undoubtedly chiseled from the same piece of marble; however, my mother did have two children under her belt, and her wide hips and plump ass reflected this. But she carried her extra weight in a way that appealed to a primal urge which declared the more woman the better. Her jeans and a t-shirt were tight, and forced my eyes to visually caress every one of these curves, and completely distracted my mind from the game playing out in front of me.

“Will?” My sister tried to get my attention. “Your turn, babe.”

I glanced down at the board. The tables had turned quite considerably in my mental absence. Mom had defended North Africa quite valiantly, and used this momentum to blow through Jess’ armies in Brazil. She continued her rampage through Peru, Venezuela, but bogged down in an attack on Central America. My sister was now gathering her rag tag forces in the United States, but her days seemed numbered. Especially when I saw a hole on her northern front. I smiled as I planned my attack against her last main force.

“Hey, how about we take a quick break?” My sister suggested this, and I looked at the clock. It was closing in on midnight.

“Sounds like a good idea to me,” said my mom. “Say fifteen minutes if none of you little weaklings wants to go to bed.”

We laughed and agreed to reconvene in fifteen. I walked up the stairs and went to the bathroom. On my way out, I saw Jessica waiting for me.

“Now, Will,” she started. “I know you aren’t going to attack me… that just wouldn’t be the brotherly thing to do.”

“Suure, Jess,” I chuckled. “All’s fair in love and war.”

She put her hands on her hips and sighed. “Well, what do you want to keep me in the game, then?” I thought for a minute.

“Any territories you can give me?”

“You know I don’t have any I can give without making my situation even worse!”

“I’d say your situation is pretty bad off already, and if you can’t give anything that I want… well, you’re up shit creek then, sis.”

She stared at me for a minute before approaching.

“Oh, Will, I’m your big sister, you know I want to give you what you want…” Her arms extended over my shoulders and wrapped around me. She pressed her body against mine, and I could feel her large globes press deep against my chest. My eyes widened and my cock twitched. This was a little too tight for a sisterly embrace. She wiggled a little and pulled away.

“I’ll give you a bit to figure out what that is… then we can make a deal.”

Perhaps out of shock, when we returned to the game, I focused my attention away from North America. With a new vigor, my sister held her ground, and established a defense that pushed my mom back. Her armies even managed to march down into South America and take back a territory. My mother, ever the diehard gamer, was flustered at this change of tides, and got out of her chair.

“I’m gonna go brew some coffee… it’s obvious I’m not awake enough at the moment.” She winked as she walked into the kitchen. Jessica rose as well.

“Ma’s got the heater turned up a little too much, I’m gonna go change.” She darted upstairs and I sat staring at the board. I had gobbled up some neutral countries in Asia and with little loss had taken almost all of Australia. I was clearly becoming the most dominant player in this game, but for some odd reason my sister and mother continued to slug it out over the Americas. Sooner or later they might realize they would have to gang up on me to stand a chance, and I began to brainstorm ways of taking them both out in case that happened. I finally got my head back into the game when the two sat back down. My sister had slipped into a tight pink t-shirt that showed every curve of her large tits. It was still rather cold, but when I glanced at her chest I saw that she had removed her bra, and her nipples were jutting out stiffly. I nearly dropped my jaw.

Jessica just smiled at me, I could feel an erection rising in my pants, and I tried desperately to hide it. It was my sister’s turn once again, and she began a campaign to reconquer South America from my maltepe escort mother. It was going well, and my mother was becoming even more annoyed at her luck. She occasionally glanced at me, and I think was beginning to wonder why I was not intervening in a situation where I could have quickly gobbled up their battle torn armies. Instead, I built up my forces in Australia and sat quietly, fighting an erection at one moment, and dreaming of my mouth wrapped around my sister’s sweet tits at another. It was becoming too much to bear, I had to excuse myself again.

“Be right back…” I leapt up the stairs and locked myself in the bathroom, staring at the mirror and trying to compose myself. Sure, she’s attractive, I thought, but you can’t pop a boner in front of her! Ok… ok, calm down, no harm was done… it’s not like she could’ve noticed… unless, unless she had done it on purpose. More thoughts began to run through my head. Was that the bargain she was making with me? It had worked quite well, I was distracted and not really focusing on the game. And now she was back in it, building her forces back up when I should’ve been destroying both of them. That tricky bitch, I thought, she’s been playing me for a fool. I tossed some water on my face, took a deep breath to make sure my cock was returning to rest, and walked down the stairs. My sister and mother were whispering to each other and broke their conversation quickly when I emerged. My mother immediately stood up.

“We’ve been going at this so long, I’m gonna make some sandwiches, ok?” She walked past me with a glint in here eye. I couldn’t help but wonder what that conversation had been about. “You two go watch some TV, get your mind off beating me,” she laughed and entered the kitchen. Jess stood and lead the way downstairs to the TV. We both plopped on the couch. I picked up the remote, but Jess snapped it out of my hands and set it on the table.

“No TV, Will. We have some strategizing to do.”

“Oh, we’ve got something to discuss, I’m not sure it’s strategy though.” She continued to smile at me. “What? What are you smiling about?”

“Oh,” she sighed. “I just think it’s amusing that I’ve finally discovered your competitive weakness. Something you value a little higher than winning.”

I wasn’t quite ready to admit my lust for my sister, so I played dumb.

“Oh yeah? What’s that?”

She raised her hands to her chest, “These… I mean I knew I could manipulate little college boys with them, but my younger brother? I thought you were immune… I was wrong.” She chuckled at me. I didn’t know whether to be turned on or enraged.

“Come on, Will, don’t hide it. I saw you staring at them, and I saw your, uh… reaction to them as well.”

I went cold… oh, God, she had seen it. I had long feared having my sister or mother catch me with a hard-on, but I had never been able to grasp the true embarrassment that was going to follow. It was enough, thankfully, to kill the growing erection I had been feeling.

“But now,” she said staring at my crotch, “it seems to be gone. That’s not gonna do… I want to win.”

“I, uh… don’t know what you’re talking about.” I shifted in my seat, looking away from her.

“Look at me, Will. It’s very simple. I keep you horny, and I win the game. So the question becomes, how do I keep you on the edge until we’re done?” She scooted closer, her hand now on my leg. “I think I have an idea.” Before I could react, her hand was now working the zipper on my pants, and diving into them. I was stunned, I couldn’t react, I couldn’t speak… but apparently, I could get hard. Because the minute my sister’s warm fingers touched my cock, it sprung upwards. She pulled my foreskin down, and my throbbing head emerged.

“Hmm, impressive, Will.” And she wasn’t just being nice. I was blessed with a nice cock, thick and appealing to a woman’s eye. She began to stroke me gently, and she bit her lip as she gazed at me. My mouth was open, and my head was floating in pleasure. I had no idea what to do or think. Here was my sister, sliding her hand up and down my cock, her fingernails scraping me lightly, her wrist flicking in long, slow motions, driving me wild. She cupped my balls with her other hand, and began to breathe heavily as her movements became quicker and quicker. I could feel myself boiling inside, and grunted. Suddenly, she pulled her hand back, and rose from the couch.

“Now, I don’t want you cumming until this game is over. But just keep that in mind, ok?” She smiled once again, and licked her lips, dark red with recently applied lipstick. She walked upstairs, and I tucked myself back in. I walked for a moment before my hard-on became less noticeable and then climbed the stairs to have a roast beef sandwich.

We went back into the living room, each with a paper plate and a sandwich, ready to once again tackle the game of world domination. As I thought of this, I couldn’t help but feel like I was kartal escort being dominated. Why would my sister go to such great lengths to distract me from a game? It was after all, just that… a game. I knew she was competitive, but to jerk off your own brother, just for the possibility of winning… seemed rather over the top. I began to think there was something else going on I wasn’t aware of.

I decided to take action. It was my turn, and using a powerful group of forces I had massed, I struck at Jessica’s western flank. I blew through Alaska, and began to wedge my way into North America. The look of amusement drained from her face. She was becoming annoyed that her plan was failing. Which was enough to bring a smile to my face for a change. I would just have to show her who was boss… so long as I could keep the thought of her delicious body out of my head for the next hour.

My armies marched across the board with no hope of stopping them. I was in my element, my spearhead penetrating deep into enemy territory. I saw I was making a classic mistake, with not effectively covering my flanks and securing my occupied territory, but I thought to hell with it. I could finish this game within the next two turns, and I was damned sure gonna end it… then I’d see what Jessica did. Hell, she had said I was impressive, maybe I could work out a deal after I won… anything was possible. But things never quite work out the way you plan.

My mother rose again, and declared she wanted another sandwich. Both my sis and I handed her our plates and asked for another ourselves. Ma walked into the kitchen, and began to work. My sister quickly approached me.

“Well, little brother, is my plan not working?”

“Sorry, Jess, I just had to show you I wasn’t so easily manipulated. I’m not gonna be stuck being the bitch this week.”

“You aren’t, eh? Well maybe I’ll just have to raise the stakes a little bit.” What she did next took me completely by surprise. She unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock in one fluid movement and dropped her head into my lap. Giving me a handjob in the basement was one thing… a blowjob ten feet from my mother was quite another! I protested.

“No, Jess,” I whispered. But she didn’t take any notice. She wrapped her fist around the base and licked all the way up the length of my now rigid shaft. She toyed the head with her teeth, and then gently kissed it, causing me to tense, and grip the cushions of the couch. Electricity was coursing through me, the kind of cold pleasure you get when you know you could be caught at any minute. I wanted her to stop, but I wanted even more for her to continue. Her tongue slid along my cock, wrapping around it, as she slurped on the head, her warm saliva trickling down my pulsating veins. She wrapped her lips around me, and then began to bob up and down on my cock, her hair bouncing gently, my hands running up her back and neck to her head, guiding it. My eyes rolled back into my head and I began to shudder. She continued to suck my cock, pumping her hand up and down. I was close, damn close, and my pre-cum had already stained my sister’s lips. I could no longer watch her, my eyes closed in intense pleasure. I could only hear the gurgle of her throat as it took in the full length of my cock, and the moans that escaped her mouth as it bobbed upwards. I felt her hot breath from her nose cascade down my cock, and I heard a loud smack as she broke the vacuum seal her lips had on my dick.

She still had one hand on my cock, the other wiping her lips, when my mother walked into the room.

Shit… that was the only thought running through my head now. My mother stared blankly as her daughter gave her son head.

“What is this?” My mother asked. I stumbled over my words, my lips trembling, and my cock immediately went flaccid. My sister, however, wrapped her lips around my soft cock once again and sucked it vigorously. I had no idea what the hell she was doing.

“Jess, I thought you said you had him under control…”

My sister stopped her slurping, leaned back on her knees and brushed back her hair.

“He was being difficult. I had to up the ante.” Jessica returned to her seat. I start to tuck my semi-hard and wet cock back into my pants.

“No need for that, Will,” my mother started, “we’re all family here.” She grinned.

“Wha… what’s going on?” I asked.

“I guess it’s time we let you in, Will,” started my sister. “We have been playing with you. I saw your hard-on early in the game and I told Mom about it.”

“You did what?!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, don’t be a prude, Will, I still get a few kicks out of those things even at my age,” said my mom. What was I hearing? This was getting crazy.

“I told her how big you were… and might I say, I’m very proud of you little brother, you’re hung pretty well!” I couldn’t believe my sister was saying this. And my mom just stood there smiling at hearing it. “So anyway, I tell Mom I think we need to make things more interesting, which is why I’ve been tormenting you so much. And now that things are out in the open for everyone, I don’t see why we have to pretend anymore, do we?”

My mother shook her head. I didn’t do anything.

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