The Saga of A Family Ch. 03

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TODAY – The Girl

She was about to ring the door bell when the door opened.

“Hi, mom! Off to your music classes?”

“Hi, baby. Yes, I’m running late. How come you are back so soon?”

“No classes today afternoon. No lab.”

“Great. Lunch is in the fridge. I’ll be back in the evening.”

Her mom was dressed in her music class attire. A dark blue sari, worn just below the navel, the border draped over her chest and pinned to the blouse at the shoulder.

“You look great, mom,” she told her.

Her mom laughed. “Go on, inside. Vinny has just had his lunch.”

“I hope he is still hungry,” Sonia grinned.

Her mom was still laughing when she got into her car. Sonia waited till the car disappeared around the lane, and then entered the house, shutting the door behind her.

“Vinny!” she shouted, throwing her purse on the sofa and stepping off her shoes.

“Yo ho, honey, I’m up here!” He was in his bedroom, and she could hear the soft strains of The Moody Blues from the stereo.

“Yo ho yourself, you lout! C’mon down here. I need company.”

She walked to the kitchen, opening the fridge and lifting lids off the pans, peering inside them to inspect what was there for lunch. She heard him coming down the stairs as she selected a plate of chicken with freshly cut salad garlanding it.

“Hey, how come you are in so early, baby?” he asked her, flopping down on the sofa, automatically reaching out for the TV remote.

She slid the plate in the micro oven and set the timer.

“No lab. The last two classes were off. It isn’t like you. You always seem to be having long vacations.”

He laughed, adjusting a channel on the TV. Then, he got up, walked over to the TV and pulled open the drawer below it.

She walked into the sitting room carrying her plate and lowered herself on the sofa. Sliding the plate onto the table in front of the sofa, she watched him rummaging through the drawer.

“What are you looking for, Vinny?”

“Dad brought a new tape yesterday, baby. It must be somewhere over here…ah, gotcha!”

She laughed, picking up the warm chicken and taking a small bite at it.

“Mum was looking real great. You guys make out in the morning?”

He laughed, sliding the cassette into the VCR. “You bet! And I am sure you got Dad at his office.”

“Well, nights like yesterday, and you know that I usually do.”

“No. You always do,” he said, walking to the sofa and lowering his large frame beside her, the remote in hand.

He pressed a button and the TV screen came to life. Casually, he lifted his hips and slid his shorts down his legs. He wasn’t wearing any under wear, and his semi-flaccid cock jumped out.

Nibbling on the chicken that she was holding in one hand, she reached out for his cock with the other and fondled him. “You are always horny aren’t you?”

Get out of your clothes, Sonia. I hate watching fuck films fully dressed up. It’s like a blowjob without losing the juice.”

She giggled, and then putting the piece of chicken back onto the plate, rose. güvenilir bahis Deftly, she undressed till she was stark naked and took her place on the sofa again.

He slid one arm around her shoulder and palmed her naked breast, feeling the nipple stiffening. She reached down and took his cock back into her fist.

The movie on the screen was shot abroad a luxury yacht. On board, were eight people, including the crew. Five men and three women.

“These fuck queens always have big tits and big asses,” he commented, caressing her breast.

“Just like those porn kings have large cocks,” she answered.

A red faced man and a Negro were apparently the crew. A sandy haired bull of a man with a busty brown haired girl sat around an oval shaped table, talking to a slightly built Italian guy who had a raven-haired girl sitting next to him. Sitting around another table, a few feet away from the foursome, was an exquisite couple; they looked like either South Americans or Egyptian. He was a handsome, tall man with long black hair, parted in the center; she was blonde.

Sonia slid closer to her brother, gently manipulating his cock with her hand and pressing one tit against his shoulders.

“How was it today morning?” she asked. He knew how much she liked to hear about such details. Also, she loved relating her episodes to him.

“We fucked in the balcony. I got her pussy from behind, and then she rode me. Wow, it is simply great the two of you fuck!”

“I gave a tit job to Dad.”

“He’s crazy about tit fucks isn’t he? Well, with those boobs of yours, I wouldn’t blame anyone wanting to sink their cocks there.”

“Ever since he saw you fucking my tits, he always insists on doing that to me,” she laughed.

He leaned into her and grabbing her hips, he swung her legs over the couch. He pushed her till the small of her back rested against the over stuffed arm of the sofa. She lay there, watching him with glazed eyes as he positioned himself on the sofa so that he was facing her.

He slid forward and she spread her long legs, drawing her knees up, accommodating him between them. He sank down on top of her, burying his face between her tits and licking her cleavage. She hunched her shoulders, leaned down and grabbed his now hardening dick in her hand, beginning to stroke him as he focused on licking one nipple with long, gentle strokes of his tongue.

“Ahhhhh, Vinny, lick them, baby, suck on my nipple…” she told him.

He took her swollen nipples into his mouth and began to fondle both her tits, occasionally squeezing them, and then pinching the nipple that wasn’t in his mouth.

She twisted her head to look at the TV screen and when he felt her doing so, he too glanced at it. The camera was showing a sea storm gathering in the background; and even as the sounds of the howling wind increased, the players were beginning to get into an orgy.

She pushed him back so that he was lying sprawled out on the sofa, and then she rose. He looked at her naked body as she stood beside him. He smiled at her, fondling his cock, watching türkçe bahis her as she now, languorously lay down on top of him, her head at his feet, her pussy settling on his face.

She moaned when he buried his tongue inside her cunt, grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling her body closer to him. When the tip of his tongue rubbed against her inflamed clit, she opened her mouth to take his cock inside.

“Oh, shit,” his voice was muffled as she began to grind her pussy against his mouth. “Suck my cock, baby, oh god, yessss…”

Her head began bobbing up and down as she swallowed him till his balls touched her lips. His tongue speared inside her cunt when she drew back.

They thrust their bodies against each other, engrossed in the sixty-nine. He began to lift his hips up to shove his cock deeper and she ground her pussy harder against his face to let him slide his tongue inside her. He reached down and grabbed her tits; she groped for his heavy testicles.

“I want to fuck you, Sonia,” he muttered, “Before I fill your mouth.”

Swiftly, she got off his body. He sat up, exactly at the center of the sofa, spreading his legs apart. His cock was engorged and fully erect now, the glans glistening with her saliva.

She straddled him, placing her hands on his shoulders, her knees on either side of his body. She shifted up, adjusting the height till she felt the tip of his cock rubbing against her pussy. She reached behind her, grasping the base of his cock and guiding it to the opening of her cunt.

With a sigh, she finally lowered herself. He groaned as he felt his cock sliding into her till it was completely embedded inside, right up to the hilt. His hands never stopped mauling and squeezing her tits.

She began to move up and down on him. It began slowly, with her, rising up until just the tip of his cock remained inside, and then gently sliding down to sit on his knees, his cock completely buried in her.

“Oh God, Sonia, you are so hot and tight, my god, take my cock inside you deeper, baby, ooohh yessss…like that honey, fuck me, fuck me…”

He leaned forward to run his lips over her bouncing tits, squeezing the mounds from below. She let one hand crawl down over his body, fingertips grazing his skin, till she was cupping his testicles, gently, pulling at them, and then running a finger over the underside of his cock when she rose.

Slowly, ever so gradually, she began to increase the speed, clutching his shoulder with one hand, the fingers of the other, now fluttering over his cock. Her long hair fell over her breasts, flying back to reveal his face when she came down on him.

“Give it to me, Vinny, fuck me back,” she shouted.

He began to move his hips, synchronizing their movements with hers. Their bodies slapped against each other.

“Oh yes, like that Vinny, shaft me, oh yes, fuck me,” she pleaded.

He slipped his hands over her breasts and grabbed her shoulders.

“Here it comes, baby,” he muttered, rolling her over the sofa. She squealed as he pushed her onto her back on the sofa, without disengaging, güvenilir bahis siteleri and then he was between her.

He grasped her legs, pushing them apart and she lifted them high above her. His hands slid down till he was holding the back of her knees. He now crouched over her as she held her own tits, head thrown back to rest against the sofa, her eyes riveted to the spot where his cock had penetrated inside her.

“Yes, yes, Vinny, oh my god, yes, now, now, fuck, fuck, fuck me.”

He started to ram into her. There was no slow build for him; he simply started to fuck her in short rapid strokes. He had to bend slightly at his knees since the sofa was low, but he still banged into her effortlessly.

“Oh yes, baby, play with your tits, oh yes, squeeze them for me, god, I wish I had another pair of hands so I could do that too while fucking you, oh, yes, baby, I’m going to fuck the crap out of you.”

She assisted him by pushing her buttocks up when he thrust in her and letting them rest on the sofa when he pulled back, but soon gave up because she couldn’t match his speed.

The TV speakers were blasting out the sound of wind, now interpolated with the screams, moans and groans of the people partaking in the orgy. She managed to look at the screen.

The brown haired girl was on her fours, kneeling over the blonde. The black man had stuffed her mouth with his large dick, while the Egyptian was fucking her from behind. The blonde was licking the brown haired girl’s tits. Additionally, the girl also was jerking two cocks, one in either hand. By their side, the two other men had sandwiched the remaining woman between them, their cocks buried in her pussy and ass holes.

Sonia turned back to look at her brother. He was sweating profusely now as he slammed back and forth into her. She felt her orgasm beginning to rise and with a loud moan, wrapped her legs around his back. He realized that she was cumming and began to jab into her in fast and furious jerks.

“Oh, god,” she wailed, “I’m cumming, oh yes, fuck, fuck me, I’m cumming, oh Vinny, ugghhh….”

He kept pumping into her long after her legs collapsed off his body. Satisfied that she was finished, he drew back, pulling his cock out of her cunt. He straightened and pushed his hips at her, in effect, thrusting his cock into her face. His hands were a blur on his cock.

“Here I come, baby, here, take my spunk on you, honey…”

“Give me a bath, please,” she croaked out, reaching up to push his hands away from his cock. She held it in her hands, masturbating him. He groped for her tits, opening his mouth to let out a hoarse roar and then, he erupted.

The first blast landed squarely on her nose, the second in her open mouth and then it sprayed all over her face and hair. She kept her eyes open, watching and feeling his cock jerk in her hands.

He always came by the buckets, and she loved to bathe in his hot juice. She directed his cock over her face, trying to coax out as much of the juice as possible. All too soon, it was over.

He slumped down on the floor, landing on his back, his chest heaving as he drew lungful of air. His breathing was ragged, he knew that, but the feeling after the jism drained out of him was unbelievable.

For both of them, this feeling of emptiness was heaven.

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