The Satyrs’ Feast Ch. 04

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All characters are 18 or over.

The stars were just coming out when Dixie resumed her trip on the trail, smiling at the new memories she had made with her satyr lovers. She was sure they would be happy to see her at the feast, and would fuck her again; she couldn’t wait to feel that sensation again, and she felt her pussy spasm in want of a cock.

She could hear the splashing of a waterfall up ahead, and along with it came the slurp of the lake crashing into the shore. The crickets chirped in the trees and the wind rustled the eaves above her head, and the heat of the day had dissipated to a more comfortable warmth cut with a cooling breeze off the water.

She noted stones along the path marked with a language she couldn’t read, but some of the larger ones had pictures on them. Several satyrs were depicted offering their cocks to a buxom human woman, and others showed several men being taken from behind, a satyr fucking each in the ass. And others still had carvings of a tall, crowned satyr surrounded by his court, and all their cocks pointed to a woman being crowned with laurel leaves, her eyes fixed on the king. Dixie stared at the depiction of the king for several minutes, her pussy dripping with her own wetness at the sight of his cock. Was the size accurate or was it exaggerated for the sake of art? She supposed only time would tell.

The carvings became less numerous as she carried on, but they were gradually replaced with crumbling pillars. She even spied off in the trees a statue of the king, a human woman sucking his cock, her garb forgotten at their feet. She thought to leave the path and investigate this statue further, but voices up ahead drove her feet onward.

A stone gateway arched over the path, with small stone houses on either side. Lanterns and torches lit the area with soft, yellow light, and in the torchlight lingered five satyrs, all with spears in hand and shields at their feet. They laughed at a joke she didn’t hear, and two had wine goblets in hand, drinking freely as they relaxed at the gate.

“No humans this year, as usual,” one said, his dark gray coat gleaming in the torchlight. “I wonder if Kineas can offer his ass up like he did last year.”

“To be fair, Kineas has a lovely tight ass,” a dusty red satyr replied. “But it’s not even midnight, Hyperides, so relax. A human may come.”

Seeing her cue, she rushed forward, nearly skipping to the gate. “You should listen to your comrade, Hyperides,” she said with a chuckle, coming closer to the troop. Some reached for their shields, but once they realized who had come out of the shadows, every satyr dropped their weapons, their shoulders relaxing as their cocks rose in interest.

The dusty red one laughed, punching Hyperides’ arm playfully. “For your doubt, you can go tell the king that a human is on her way to the feast.”

The gray satyr grumbled. “Make Leandros do it, he’s the youngest.”

A bright blonde-furred satyr with curly golden locks huffed, stomping his hooves. “I never said anything about our lack of humans, Hyperides. Do what Demetrios told you and go tell the king!” He shivered in delight. “Our first proper feast in thirteen years!”

The others smirked at his enthusiasm, but Dixie wrapped her arms around the blonde satyr and kissed his lips, gently tugging on his hair. “I can’t wait to be presented to the king, but we’ve still got time until midnight. When was the last time you fucked a human, Leandros?”

He shook his head. “I came into my manhood ten years ago, and have never fucked a human.”

“Then I promise your first time will be marvelous,” she whispered, stroking his cock with a teasing finger. “I can’t wait to have you inside me.”

Leandros shuddered in anticipation, but she pulled away with a coquettish smile and turned to Demetrios. şirinevler escort “Can I suck Hyperides’ cock before he leaves?”

The dusty red satyr nodded, and she turned to the appointed messenger and got down on her knees, reaching for his cock. He rushed forward, allowing her to take him fully down her throat, and she sucked greedily, rubbing his thighs and his ass as she worked her mouth up and down his shaft.

The others drew closer, their cocks within reach, but she focused her attention on Hyperides and his sizable rod. The cum from her previous romp had solidified her talent in deep-throating, and she could take the grey satyr’s meat all the way into her mouth without gagging. He looked impressed, staring down at her with hazy, lustful eyes, and she slowed her work, tonguing every inch of him as she retreated.

She lapped at his slit, slipping her tongue into the groove as his precum coated her lips, but she quickly returned to her previous work, bobbing her head up and down his cock as she caressed his heavy balls.

“Mmm, looks like you’ve been saving quite a bit of your cum for me, haven’t you?” she moaned with a smirk, and Hyperides nodded automatically, his hand tangling in her hair. “You can fuck my throat if you like.”

“No,” he breathed, but he pulled her back onto his cock, burying it deep inside her throat. “I want this to last.”

She moaned around his meat, nodding lazily as she squeezed his ass. The others murmured their approval as she sucked at his cockhead and laved her tongue over his shaft and tongued his ballsack with abandon. Hyperides rocked his hips in whatever rhythm she set, and once she had him back in her mouth, he thrusted gently into her throat until he unloaded his cum onto her tongue.

“Oh fuck, yes…” She stroked his cock and slurped at the head until every drop of his cum had been swallowed. “Oh, fuck, you taste so good.”

She stood, still keeping her firm grip on his cock, and she rubbed it teasingly along her slit as she kissed his lips. “I’ll see you at the feast, Hyperides, and when I do, I want to ride this thick cock of yours. Tell your king his human whore is coming to be presented to his majesty, to serve him and his court and his guard and his people for all eternity.”

Hyperides nodded slowly, and she released him with a wicked grin. He seemed to come out of a daze, though his cock stayed at full mast as he backed away and took to the trail, walking away on wobbly legs.

Everyone laughed at his retreat, but Dixie turned her attention to the others, especially to Leandros. He watched her with a keen gaze, slowly stroking his cock as his eyes scrolled over her body. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered, and she smiled at him, reaching out to embrace him.

His lips were gentle on hers, savoring the taste of her, and another satyr knelt behind her and licked at her asshole as she forced her tongue into Leandros’ mouth. He took her in with a groan, and she gently moved his hand away from his manhood so she could take over stroking it.

“Would you like for me to suck your cock, Leandros?” she purred in his ear. He grinned and stepped back, sitting down on a nearby stone, and whoever was licking her ass allowed her to move with him and kneel between his hairy legs. She took him slowly into her mouth, teasing him with her tongue, but she groaned and forced him all the way into her throat when she was suddenly impaled from behind on a thick satyr cock.

“Don’t stop,” Demetrios growled in her ear. “I want to hear Leandros scream in delight. Let him take in his true manhood.”

She pushed back onto the hefty rod skewering her ass, the cock in her mouth slipping out with a wet plop. “After this, I want Leandros to take my pussy and my ass. Let him have all of me.”

“Oh şişli escort yes, sweet maiden, I want to fuck all your holes,” he pleaded, stroking her hair as she tongued at his cockhead.

“Then you shall have all my holes.” He grinned, and she fondled his ballsack. “Would you like to fuck my throat? I’ve gotten so much better since I’ve begun my journey.”

He nodded, and she opened her mouth wide for him so he could drive his cock deep into her mouth. She closed her eyes, savoring the sensation, letting herself be lost in the feeling of being plowed from both ends. She had the sudden thought that she was like a tree deeply rooted in the ground, and the satyr seed about to spill into her was akin to lifegiving water. She needed it to survive, to grow and thrive in her new life, and she moaned around the cock in her throat, sighing in contentment. This is what she longed for, what she had always needed and never found the courage to seek.

An orgasm rippled through her as she was hosed with cum from both ends, and Demetrios caressed her asscheeks as he slowly withdrew his cock, and Leandros stood, taking his place behind her to fuck her pussy.

With one swift thrust, he buried himself inside her, and she threw her head back, moaning in ecstasy. “Oh, fuck…Leandros, you’re so long and thick…do you like the feel of human pussy?”

“It’s amazing,” he sighed, thrusting deeply into her. The others chuckled to themselves, and she forced her eyes open to look at the three of them, stroking their cocks as they waited their turn.

“You know…I have…a perfectly good mouth right here,” she told them, choking out the words as Leandros rocked her back and forth with powerful thrusts. A dark khaki satyr with an odd greenish tint to his fur took her up on her offer, thrusting his cock into her face. She took it with one hand and gobbled it down, looking up at him with lustful eyes even as Leandros seemed like he might cum a second time.

“Slowly, Leandros,” she said, reluctantly pulling herself away from the cock she had been enjoying. She turned her head to address the young satyr, watching him out of the corner of her eye. “Slow down, my love, and enjoy this moment with me.”

“Do you guzzle prized wine like it’s water?” the greenish satyr added, and she went back to her task of sucking his cock. “Give her deep, deliberate thrusts. Feel the wetness that she made for you, that others gave to make your passage smooth and silky. Luxuriate in the sensation of her hot, velvety walls enveloping you in their sweet embrace, molding themselves around your cock to stroke every inch of you and make you cum.”

It seemed his words had the opposite effect on Leandros than they intended, as even as his thrusts slowed down, she could feel his cock twitching inside her. He moaned, gripping her hips tightly as he emptied his balls, and the others laughed again, patting him on the back as they teased him.

He made to slip his cock into her asshole, but the last satyr (his fur a dusky brown like a walnut) shoved Leandros out of the way. “Here, let me show you how it’s done, boy. Don’t let the feeling overwhelm you. Savor it. Keep her lingering on the very edge of orgasm until she’s begging for your cum. Watch and learn.”

And he thrust his cock hard into her, making her squeal around the manhood between her lips. “That’s right, little kitten, you like my cock drilling into you. How many satyrs have enjoyed your holes?”

She moaned again as a nondescript answer, but the greenish satyr pulled her off his cock. “He asked you a question, love, now answer.”

“I…oh fuck, I can’t think with your cock inside me like this…fuck!”

“Name them all and we’ll count for you.”

“There were six,” she gasped, nuzzling her nose into the cock twitching suadiye escort in front of her face. “Pytheas and Nestor and Amphyx – fuck me! Oh fuck that feels so good!”

“You’re making me look bad,” Leandros sighed, and she glanced over at him. “It’s my first time with a human.”

“And you felt amazing inside me,” she assured him. “I can’t wait to feel you in my ass. You’re so long and thick, I know it’ll feel fantastic!”

“See, boy, she doesn’t hate you! Buck up, and have her ass once I’m done. Oh, the king is going to love this one.”

“I wonder if Hyperides will be back in time to fuck her?”

“I doubt it. He always was a little slow in the hoof,” Demetrios said with a smirk, but she hardly had time to ponder their conversation as her mouth was shoved back onto the greenish satyr’s cock. She hummed contentedly, forcing the rod down her throat and applying suction, and a few minutes of her work had the satyr spewing into her mouth. She swallowed greedily, pumping him for all that he could give, and he sighed, stroking her hair with a gentle hand.

“The gods have truly blessed us with you, little human,” he purred, his cock sliding slowly out of her mouth. “I am pleased you have come to us, and I’m sure my comrades feel the same.”

“Oh, I’m very glad to be here too,” she whispered, kissing his chest. “Would you like to take my pussy after Leandros has my ass?”

“I think Kleomenes would like to have your pussy while Leandros takes your ass,” Demetrios explained, cupping her chin as Kleomenes slipped beneath her. The walnut-colored satyr slowed his thrusting, and his comrade pressed his cock to her occupied slit.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned, spreading her knees further apart; Demetrios took a seat on the stone in front of her, letting her suckle on his cock as Leandros straddled her backside, waiting for Kleomenes to penetrate her before he tried to spear her ass.

“Amazing, isn’t it?” Demetrios purred, and she squealed as Kleomenes stretched her pussy, joining the other satyr deep inside her, nearly touching her cervix. “The lengths the human body can go to accommodate a cock? It’s been so many years, but I know a human woman can take two cocks in each hole. Maybe even three in her ass, if we position ourselves right. How about we make a game of it at the feast?”

Leandros took that moment to thrust into her ass, and she breathed in sharply through her nose, her eyes practically rolling back into her head. The sensation of being so full of cocks nearly made her pass out, but she took deep breaths, squirming in delight as Leandros sunk deeper and deeper into her back passage.

“Four satyrs, stuffing all your holes.” Demetrios growled as she licked at his balls, his cock nearly making the corners of her mouth hurt. “How does it feel?”

She simply moaned, and he thrust deeper into her throat. She could hardly think what with all the cockflesh skewering her, but they took things slow, savoring her body as she shook with need. In and out they weaved, their rods pumping into her like pistons, as one would thrust into her as the other two retreated, and then two thrusting ever deeper into her pussy and ass as one pulled out, and a few times they managed to thrust into her at the same time, and she squealed around Demetrios’ cock.

All at once, hot, thick cum spurted down her throat, and into her pussy and ass. They all groaned in contentment, all of them retreating, and Demetrios pulled her up to standing, kissing her lips.

“You’d best be going, love,” he growled at her, squeezing her asscheeks. “It’s only a little while to midnight, and we wouldn’t want you to be late.”

“Oh,” she whispered, her voice a low whine. She reached for his cock and looked up at him with pleading eyes. “Just one more time?”

The four satyrs laughed. “No, my dear little slut, you’d best be off. The king would be most displeased with us if we kept his prize from him.”

She sighed and nodded, and after giving each satyr a deep, longing kiss and stroking their cocks a few times for good measure, she set off down the path, their cum dribbling down her thighs.

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