The Science Teacher Ch. 2

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Group Sex

Bud Walker was so proud of his daughter Kelley, the little cock slut threw a fuck into her teacher that had the poor guy shaking! By the time his family had worked the teacher over, Bud was amazed that the poor guy could even walk, much less survive the drive home!

Kelley giggled and smiled to her mother when Bud called her in to the den. A blanket of heavy cigar smoke permeated the room. Kelley inhaled deeply, knowing that for the rest of her life she would associate cigar smoke with her dad, and of course, hot sex!

Jake Taylor sat quietly, still naked in his chair, as Kelley strolled in. She quickly glanced around the room, finding her father first. Her pleading eyes let Bud know that she was ready. Ready to fuck her teacher like the whore she was!

“Kelly, Jake here tells me you finger your exposed, hairless pussy when you’re in his classroom! Is that true?” he asked, as if he didn’t already know the answer.

“Yes sir, that’s true!” she replied without shame.

“You know you have to be punished now don’t ya’?” he replied casually.

“Yes, daddy!”

“Well get your clothes off and stick that sweet cunt of yours right in his face so he can get a good smell and finger it a little!”

“Oh, sure daddy! Is that my punishment?”

“Hell no! He’s gonna fuck the shit out of you and your whole family is gonna watch!” Bud growled, his donkey dick beginning to swell.

“Bud, it really isn’t necessary for everyone to……………”

“Shut the fuck up, or I’ll come over there and fuck you myself!” Bud promised, his eyes meeting those of the science teacher.

Jake Taylor knew that Bud was just the man to do it too! He gulped hard as the watched the girl undress. Even with her dad watching, his dick thickened and stretched to obscene dimensions.

“No, daddy, please don’t. Let me fuck him first!!”

“See Jake, I told you she was a cock slut and that she would fuck you the first chance she got!” Bud laughed, fisting his own meat.

Kelley scurried over to her dad, and on tip toes reached up to kiss him on his stubbled cheek. Bud bent down to her and took her head in his right hand. Their lips locked together as he thrust his tongue into her mouth. She pressed her hard, firm tits into his furry chest and stomach, now breathing hard. He cupped her tits and nipples with his free hand, pinching, pulling, and tweaking them like only he could. güvenilir bahis For a moment he considered throwing the meat to her himself, but he had plenty of time to do that later!

“Thank you, daddy!” she whispered in his ear.

Kelley moved quickly and silently until she stood facing her teacher. Her eyes poured over his erect prick and she unconsciously licked her lips at the sight of the healthy red penis.

“Baby, show good manners now and throw one foot up on my desk so he can get a good look and taste of your pussy!” Bud remarked, as if he were teaching table manners.

“That’s right sweetheart! Yeh, that’s good! Just look at her cunt Jake, the damn thing is oozing already!”

Jake Taylor’s heart pounded in his chest. He was sweating profusely. He couldn’t remember being so horny in his life. Everything seemed to happen so fast since he arrived here! My god,he thought to himself,these people were as perverted as he was!

“You gonna fuck her cunt or her ass old buddy?”

“Damn,…I…….I ….don’t know!” Jake managed weakly.

“Can’t say that I blame you! Tell you what, I’ll have her brother get her all warmed up for you so you can do either! Jim, get in her and stick your big, hairy dick in your sister’s holes! Maybe watching you will help him make up his mind!” Bud yelled.

“Personally Jake, you might wanna consider plugging her in both holes, they’re both mighty nice!” Bud laughed, studying the teacher’s face closely. “Hope they’re just not too sloppy for you!” Bud laughed, winking at the man.

He knew that if the man didn’t get up and leave right now that he had him as a sex slave for the entire family! He had decided that adding Jake Taylor to their little games wouldn’t bother him at all, in fact, Mattie would probably enjoy having a smaller cock to suck and fuck with!

“Hello again, Mr. Taylor,” Jim said, nodding to their guest, as he entered the room naked already.

“Dad, you said both holes, right?”

“Fuck yes son! Get her good and hot for Jake here, but don’t cum in her, do you understand?”

“Hell, yeh! Just like I get her and mom ready for your big cock!”

“That’s right son! Now do me proud and show coach Taylor what a big cocked stud you are!!”

Jim smiled broadly as he bent his sister over his dad’s desk and slammed his throbbing meat into her doggy style. Her pussy was already hot on the inside, türkçe bahis and very wet. The quiet of the room was interrupted by the sound of his heavy, cum filled balls slapping his sister’s ass cheeks. Kelly groaned and grunted as her stud brother slammed in to her. She liked her sex rough, and she could always depend on her brother to really pound his cock in to her with all his might.

Kelley’s red hot pussy lips stretched at first as his proud manhood slipped in and out of her. Bud watched intently and smiled. He really loved his kids when they were so close like this! Suddenly he thought about Mattie, she would want in on this too!

“Mattie, dear, come in here and suck Jake’s big hairy balls and cock! Use your talented lips and mouth to stir up another big batch of gonad gravy from his nuts for your slutty daughter!”

Mattie didn’t need to be asked twice. Nearly before he could finish speaking, his wife was kneeling in front of the coach. Her mouth and lips were very talented, her tongue curving to fit around the thick cock head. Mattie made funny little humming noises just like Bud had taught her as the thrill of another man’s wife taking his cock down her throat sent waves of delight through Jake Taylor’s body.

Bud felt a string of precum dripping from his cock head and slid the shaft down the coach’s throat. He moaned as Jake sucked him like a maniac, twisting his head on the stud dad and flittering his tongue like a professional cock sucker.

The movement of Jim’s hard body in his sister’s ass nearly sent Jake Taylor over the edge. Mattie had slipped first one, and now two fingers into his rectum as she stretched him out. The science teacher’s body was tense and trembling, his muscles shaking like leaves in the wind.

Bud sensed that the family had Jake right where they wanted him now, and pulled his swollen, pulsing prick from the coach’s sore jaws. The science teacher sat transfixed at the sights, sounds, and smells that surrounded him. He wondered for a moment if this were only a dream, a dream of fantasy and perversion that he had pulled up from the depths of his psyche. He shuddered violently as Mattie Walker inserted her entire hand into his rectum and twisted gently.

“Alright Jake! Decision time! Everybody take a break and rest!” Bud suddenly announced, pulling his bright red fuck stick from the teacher’s hot mouth. Bud was close to blowing his wad güvenilir bahis siteleri himself, and knew Jake must be close too!

Bud looked down to see the look of disappointment in his wife’s eyes as she looked up, slurping noisily on the teacher’s swollen ball sac. He chuckled to himself at the look of ecstasy on Jake’s face as his whorish wife withdrew her petite, slimy hand from the depth of the teacher’s ass!

Bud and Jim grinned at each other, knowing that each of them had filed away this important bit of information. This bit of info would come in handy real soon, they both knew!

Jake Taylor, science teacher, football coach, husband and father was suffering a sensory overload. His mind whirled and his eyes danced around the room at the depravity he had seen and been a part of. He honestly tried to tell Bud that he wanted Kelley’s asshole, but the words came out as unintelligible, incoherent, gibberish. Bud made the decision for him.

“Baby, coach is gonna fuck the shit out of your asshole, so get ready!” Bud barked, the orders flying fast and furious. “Momma, you get ready to squeeze his balls when he cums, and Jim light us a cigar and get ready for me to gobble your thick, creamy cum down my throat!”

Everyone went to their assigned area as Jake took his place behind his student. Mattie held her daughter’s ass cheeks apart as Bud grasped the man’s thick pole and lined it up on her gaping rosebud. The last thing Jake remembered before he passed out was Bud telling him, “OK you cock sucking bastard, fuck my girl and make her cum!”

He awoke in the dew of the grass in his front yard. Sitting up quickly, he looked around to see where he was. It was still dark out, and he saw that it was nearly 4 o’clock in the morning. He felt something in his hand and opened it as he stood erect. He walked slowly toward the garage light that shone down on the driveway. Jake glanced around quickly, surveying the neighborhood. He wouldn’t want any of the neighbors to see him like this! He unfolded the paper and read the hand scrawled note:


Sorry to dump you like this, but Jim and I didn’t know if you had an alarm on your house or not! Your car is locked up in the driveway and the keys are in your right pocket. You’ll find that nothing is missing from your car, and there is a reason for the plastic covering in the front passenger seat. After you begged Jim and I to fuck your ass, we didn’t want to get blood and cum all over your seats! I’ll call you sometime tomorrow buddy!

Jake groaned and was suddenly very tired, but, he had to admit, it had been the most exciting evening of his life!

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