The Sex Shop

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We have two sex shops in town, both chains, one smack in the high street and one down a side road.

I have always wanted to see inside them, especially as one of them advertises all its films constantly in my newspaper and I do so love my porn. I never had the courage to go in, though, until one day I was just walking down the side road, no-one about and I thought, bugger it, it’s now or never.

I was totally shocked to find a young woman behind the counter, I always assumed it would be seedy blokes, but she told me it was her franchise and she really liked porn too and loved being surrounded by it.

She showed me where all the films I might like were, some lesbian, some gang bang, black on white, just the usual stuff, and very soon I had a stack of films building up on the counter.

I still couldn’t get over how the place was run by a girl, and not a bad looking one too, long dark hair, trim body and the most gorgeous butter-wouldn’t-melt type eyes, all wide eyed and innocent! (Though obviously a lie)

She sifted through my choice, remarking on each film as she did so.

“This one’s got a great scene, this guy’s so big even Candy has trouble taking it all in and then he goes and shoves it up her ass and she then takes on another huge guy in the front. Spunk everywhere, yeah you will love this one.” And so on. She seemed to dig the lesbian ones just as much, loved the girls with dildos and strap-ons, I just couldn’t believe I was having this sort of conversation with a girl I had only met half an hour before. And all the time just fluttering her big brown eyes at me. I’m sure I bought way too many films, I’d go blind by the time I had watched and wanked my way through all of them.

“As you’ve bought so much stuff, I can give you a discount on our sex toy range if you like” and she pointed at the shelves behind her, and pulled some stuff out from under the counter to show me. “I think you might like these,” bringing out a box with some rubber thing looking like a mushroom gone wrong. About 4 inches high and conical it spread to about 2 inches diameter before thinning to a stalk and then a wide base.

“What the hell is that?” I queried.

“It’s a butt plug” she replied, me none the wiser. “It goes up your bum and fills you up, just seems to make sex better.”

“And is this for me, or my wife.”

“Either, but I mainly chose it for you, I reckon you would get off on it quite a lot.”

What on earth this said about me I didn’t know, but before I could think too much about it, she carried on, “Ok, for certain clients I like the look of, I have a try-before- you-buy room at the back. No, don’t worry it’s all new gear, I have never had anyone try and not buy. And I doubt you’ll be the first.”

She grabbed a few boxes of stuff, and headed towards the back, “Come on, what have you got to lose?”

Put like that, what could I do? Well I could have turned and ran, but that was never going to happen!

I followed her into the back room, where there were a couple of chairs in front of a big screen T.V. She told me to strip and go and sit on the edge of one of the chairs. She then turned round and closing the door slipped one of my new films into the DVD player and presses play. Flicking through the scenes she came to the one she had described by which time I was totally naked, quite a bit nervous but also thoroughly turned on.

She pulled a box of rubber surgeon gloves off a shelf, and slipped them on. She then delved into the boxes she had brought with her and came up with a couple of bottles in different sizes.

“First you are going to need some lube,” she said looking down at my already hard cock. “Oh, a lot of lube, it looks like” and put the smaller bottle down. Great sales girl that, whilst I’m not hung too bad, definitely nothing on the two guys I could see out of the corner of my eye getting sucked off by Candy on screen.

She knelt between my legs and poured a load of lube into her hands. She gently took my cock in her hands and started to wank me slowly. Each stroke was wonderful, right up the length over the head and back down, polishing the head, banishing any nerves I might have had.

Suddenly she grasped the base of my cock really tight. My cock sprang up even further, gained about an inch in girth and half an inch in length. She continued to grip him like that, and I watched his head swell immensely and the feeling was really intense.

“Do you like that?” Oh boy did I? “In that case you will be wanting one of these cock rings,” she said retrieving a small piece of card with a hard rubber ring attached. Peeling it off the backing she then slid it down my knob, where it gripped me just as tight, with that same great feeling I had just felt. I could really feel my knob throbbing now, especially as she started stroking him again, catching her hand on the bell end each stroke, it had gone so huge.

Her other hand slipped under my balls and started massaging them, before sliding Ankara escort a finger further back and pushing it straight up my arsehole. I almost exploded then and there but the cock ring held me in place and my dick just throbbed even more, feeling my come working its way up my shaft.

She stopped wanking me then, and pushed another well-lubed finger up me. This time I was ready for it and took it without losing my load, but boy I wanted to let rip then and just spunk all over her.

She looked up at me with those big brown eyes again (how on earth had I thought she looked so innocent) “I think you’re ready now. Which one do you fancy? This is the starter, which she had already showed me, this one if you are feeling really daring (which I wasn’t, it was huge and frightened the life out of me) and this one vibrates, but is another £20 more.”

“I think I’ll stick to the starter one please” I replied, still totally unsure if I really wanted to do any, but my cock was so hard I couldn’t have thought of stopping now and maybe not getting the release I so needed.

Moving me forward on to the very edge of the chair, she took another load of lube and greased the whole thing stroking it like she was wanking it off. Then with one hand back on my cock, the other hand guided it into my hole, pushing it steadily up until I felt I was being split in half. Each time she felt me tense she would stop for a while wank me a little more until I relaxed and then continued to push the monstrous thing inside me.

“Look at the screen, see what Candy has got up her arse, that’s twice the size of this and she’s only a little girl. What sort of man are you if you can’t take a little pain for a whole lot of pleasure.” Her tone had changed from sweetness and light to domineering and a chill went through me, but I knew I would carry on, I couldn’t stop now.

Suddenly it popped all the way in and the relief was huge and it stopped hurting immediately. “See you were being a big girl, it went in fine. Now you can relax and enjoy what follows, I promise it will be better than you have ever had before.”

And she was right, the intensity of sensation coming from my ass and cock was like nothing I had ever known. The ring was stopping me from coming but the pressure from behind was so much that I felt out of control, which I suppose I was.

Just when I thought I could take no more, a buzzer sounded. She stopped wanking me then “I just have to see to that, I’ll be back soon, don’t come though, I have one more thing I know you will like, and you’ve got to give a girl a chance to earn a living!” Back to innocence personified, boy she was a hard one to read.

I sat there on my own watching Candy get banged first in one position then another, always two cocks in her at any time, loving every minute of it. I wanked him slowly whilst watching, not wanting to come without discovering what treat might lay in store, not wanting to disappoint my little shop girl. By now I was used to the feeling of something huge penetrating my ass, and almost wished I had gone for the vibrating model

Quite a few minutes passed, before the door opened again, but this time as she entered another woman carrying boxes of dildos and vibrators followed her.

She didn’t seem at all surprised to see me sat there totally naked, huge hard on sticking up to greet her as she came through the door.

“Eve’s just come to try out my new range of vibros,” and then to her “you don’t mind me finishing off this gentleman before I get to you?” Not, “Did I mind her watching me shoot my load, with a plug up my ass.?!!”

As it was, I was so far gone I probably wouldn’t have objected, anyhow, and secondly if anyone was going to watch me, it might as well be whilst my cock was the biggest it had ever been.

” Now this is what I thought you might like,” business like again, “It’s based on Candy’s mouth, the one you can see dripping spunk out of it right now, and is the best blow job simulator I’ve got.” She brought out a box with a large plastic pipe in it, ending in a pair of luscious red lips, parted expectantly. Not exactly like the ones in front of me but fairly close I suppose. “Now this is expensive, about £45 but I’m guessing you are not going to worry about that right now are you?”

Putty in her hands, she was right I wasn’t going to worry about that now, just needed that release more than my next breath.

Unboxed, I could see it was moulded to fit in your hand, the rubber was ‘real-feel’ apparently, but all I was interested in was, would it bring me off.

Another load of lube on the lips, some more on my cock, and then she agonisingly slowly slipped its lips over my bursting head, again the feeling as he popped through was utterly intense and worth the money just for that. But it got better, as the lips went down my shaft, the insides of the tube kept gripping my head as it eased its way right to the end, the lips buried in my pubes. But when she started to pull Ankara escort bayan it back up the suction on my bell end was the most intense feeling I have ever had, he must have grown to twice his normal size, before she let it sink back down, my knob filling the thing up once more. Slowly, she continued in this fashion, pulling it up sucking me so hard, and then releasing for me to bury myself in its throat. The look on my face must have showed all my feelings then as both women laughed “He’s not going to leave without buying the lot, I reckon”

I looked over at the new lady, to find she hadn’t waited for me to leave, but had opened one of her packages and had this huge vibrator buzzing away at her clit through her panties, legs wide apart, definitely flying high right there.

As she eased her knickers aside and plunged him deep inside her, I could take no more, I could feel the spunk rising in my cock, knew there was no way back, and thrusting my hips high in the air shot buckets of spunk down the fake throat of my new best friend.

“No stay like that,” I heard Eve shout “Don’t move,” as she thrust her dildo as far up her as it could go, turned it up to max revs, and let rip into her own orgasm, turned on so much by watching mine.

I watched her come fascinated by the throes of her cumming, my cock continued to pump semen out time and time again until she had finished hers.

The shop girl handed my another box, “Sex wipes,” she said “I think you’ll be needing these. Just like baby wipes but twice the price, but I don’t think you’ll be complaining.” And she was right.

It turned out later that Eve was a close friend and always got a call when Sally (the shop girl) had someone new in, as she just loved watching men come like that.

“I think he’ll become one of our regulars, don’t you think Eve, there’s a whole shop full of stuff I can sell him, I reckon”

And yes she was right, again.

Part Two

Months later, sitting at work, the email came through. You will want to see this, log on as normal.

By now I had become one of Sally’s top clients. I must have bought pretty much every toy she sells for males and several for females as she was prepared to demonstrate those on herself if I was prepared to buy them. Eve had become a fairly permanent fixture at these events too, and whilst no actual sex took place, there wasn’t much left that we hadn’t done to each other as long as it only involved Sally’s merchandise.

Anyway, the email arrived and I logged on to the website immediately. This too had become a fairly frequent occurrence. After a couple of months, I had been through every masturbation device, had every butt plug, or Thai beads used on me. They had picked me well, once those surgical gloves were on, wrapped around my hard dick, I was putty in their hands. No suggestion seemed too bizarre, I was up for anything they wanted, and they seemed to want to push the boundaries to see how far they could go.

This particular day had started as normal. Me naked in front of the large screen TV , an orgy going on in some foreign ancient city apparently, Sally’s hands wrapped around my bulging cock, massaging my full erection, another cock ring applied to the base of my prick, forcing the head to swell immensely, she judges the moment perfectly.

“I think you are ready for the next stage,” and with this Eve walked in, carrying not her usual array of vibrators, but one large dildo with a harness attached. She stripped quickly, and donned the strap-on. Kneeling between my legs, she lubed him up, and placed the tip against my anus.

“You know once you have accepted this, you will be our bitch for good.” I nodded afraid, but too turned on to refuse,

“I think we passed that moment ages ago.”

As she pushed her knob into me I could feel it was a lot bigger than anything else they had tried, but just when I thought I couldn’t go ahead, Sally bent over and slipped her hot, moist mouth over the end of my knob. However great all her masturbation devices had been, they still weren’t a patch on the real thing. Her lubed hand slid up and down my shaft, whilst her lips clamped around his head, her tongue dancing over the glans doing wonderful things that I could only guess at. Every so often she would suck him in, and lick him with harder, driving me wild with excitement.

So totally involved was I with this unexpected sensation that I didn’t notice that Eve had shoved her cock’s head inside me and was continuing to push the rest of him up me too. My eyes flicked to the screen to see the same happening to some tiny thing, the cock in her ass pounding away whilst she sucked his mate off. I realised if she could take it so could I.

Before long Eve had settled into a rhythm sliding him in and out until I actually started to enjoy it, certainly along with the expert sucking I was getting, and I soon noticed the tell tale throbbing in my own knob, the swelling up that accompanies the feeling of Escort Ankara spunk rising, until just as it reaches the top my knob contracts and then suddenly explodes shooting my semen straight into Sally’s eager mouth.

She continued licking and sucking, as I continued spurting my seed, each shot an ecstasy until that point when he becomes too sensitive. Sally didn’t stop then, neither did Eve, driving past the pleasure into a land where the pleasure was too much to take, the nerve endings too raw. I had always wanted to see what that was like, and now I found the conflict to be exquisite. All too soon though they stopped, and things began to calm down.

It was around this time that they told me of the web cams, one in the screen, one in the ceiling and one in each of the side walls. There was a secret website only known to those who passed this test or similar, and whenever the room was being used an email was sent to all of us to watch..

It was one of those invitations that I now received. I inputted my password. A choice of camera angles awaited and I chose the one on the TV as this was normally best to start with.

This time it was a woman, sat in front of the screen. Attractive with long red hair wearing a short dress, black pantyhose, long black boots and no knickers! I knew this last bit as I knew her very well, it was Anne, my wife. What the hell she was doing there I didn’t know, but she was definitely watching something on the screen, and judging by the absent minded way her fingers were lightly running up and down her thighs, she was enjoying what she was seeing.

Totally fascinated by the scene in front of me, I watched as the door opened and in walked Sally carrying a selection of boxes, containing vibros, dildos and I thought I caught a glimpse of a harness. Surely not for a first timer.

I saw Sally remove a vibrator from its box and show it to Anne. She inserted some batteries, turned it on and rested it on one of her thighs. Circling, slowly but surely she started to work her way up Anne’s thighs, following the line where they met, up to where her dress stopped and down again to her knees. Each time it seemed to go a little further, each time Anne’s thighs seemed to part, just a little bit at first, then more noticeably. It took a while but eventually gained Anne’s confidence until her legs were far apart enough for Sally to reach all the way up. Anne’s dress was rucked up now by her hips, covering nothing, her pelvis had thrust forward and the vibrator had reached all the way up between her legs.

I love the way her long legs look in pantyhose, it makes them seem even longer than in stockings, and I love the thrill of almost seeing everything but not quite. I switched to the ceiling cam, which was focused just right to see Sally manoeuvre the toy, buzzing Anne’s clit through her tights. Moving it up and down her slit, then back to her clit was obviously doing it for Anne, as she leant forward and pulled her dress off all in one motion, before laying back more to allow Sally full access.

It wasn’t long after that before her hips were bucking, her body tensing and I knew she was only moments away. I switched again to a side camera, as I knew what Anne coming look like and didn’t want to miss a bit. Her face screwed up in ecstasy, her body stiff as a board, her hands grasping her breasts, gripping them so tightly I was always sure she was going to pull them off, and then over the edge, relaxing into it, spasms hitting her again and again for well over a minute.

I knew she would want more and was not wrong, as soon as she was calm, I saw her point to the other boxes and pick out the biggest, one I knew to be called the Lex, after the black porn star on whom it was based.

Sally withdrew this huge black dildo from the box, Anne stood up took her boots and tights off and lay back, this time holding her knees to her chest. Her bare quim was exposed to the world, and I switched camera again, just in time to see Sally ease the first inch between her eager lubed lips. My own dick, hard all this time, finally became too much to bear. I unzipped him, let him out gratefully and whilst I watched my wife take this enormous dildo, wanked him hard and fast.

Sally just kept on pushing it in, every inch or so pulling him out but then pushing again still further, until it was buried deep inside her. With the other vibrator back on Anne’s clit, Sally fucked my wife in front of the cameras, slowly at first then building up speed until it looked like a large black piston raping her cunt. I flicked angles again, holding back my own orgasm, until that last second when I watched her arch her back, push hard down on that cock and launch into her second full cumming.

My cock spat at that same moment, pulsating relief at last for him and me, almost as long as Anne’s.

I stopped watching then to go and clean off, and by the time I came back “Lex” had been hooked up to the harness and Sally clad in just bra, panties and the strap on was riding my wife, driving her to orgasm after orgasm. I was still transfixed for the whole time, until finally she could take no more. They dressed and left the room, no doubt to pay for all the toys Anne had just bought.

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