The Shower

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With a stretch and a small yawn, I awaken to the sounds of the shower being run in the bathroom. Wiping the sleep from my eyes I move from the bed and stumble towards the sounds. Bare feet pad softly upon the carpet and then the tile of the bathroom. Stopping for a moment to graze your silhouette with my eyes. Just watching you. Perhaps you sensed me there, or saw my other silhouette from you side but in either respect the shower curtain is pulled back. There you stand. Body glistening with beads of water in the dim light of the bathroom. Licking me lips. Gods you are beautiful. With a simple motion of your finger you beckon me to join you. There is no second though, no hesitation. Quickly slipping off my night gown then stepping into the shower with you.

Again I take a moment to look over your body. Soft gasp as you take me swiftly and pressing my form to yours. Eyes locking. “Good morning my Love.” You say. Before I have a chance to give my good morning back, your mouth is to mind. Ravenous. Hungry. Slipping you tongue quickly against mine in a passionate good morning kiss. Hands running around my lower back to keep me crushed against you. Subtle grind of your hips to let me know that more than just the water is hot. Raking my own fingers canlı bahis down your arms. Slick with water and steam. Taking me tighter for a moment in execution of a move to bring me under the cascading water. Slight feel of cool air upon my body as we part. Looking to you with question that is silenced as you take the wash rag and soap. Once again my eyes are upon you. The way your hands work the soap in the rag bringing it to a rich lather. Even though I watch you, when you bring your hands back to my body I gasp. Soapy rag and warm wet hands touching and cleaning my neck. Sliding down to my chest. Grinning wickedly at me as breasts are caressed with extra care. If possible nipples harden more with every stroke of your hand. You know this drives me crazy. To feel flesh upon that sensitive flesh.

Tilting my head back to capture the torrent of water upon my hands. Still lower you move. Washing around stomach and hips. Tensing as you stop right about that special spot. Only to go around. Looking down at you and my response is a soft chuckle. Legs are next and then you surprise me more but scooping my left foot in your hand. Running that rag along the pad which bring twitching muscles. Oh now that tickles! Attempting to pull my foot away bahis siteleri you press in quickly. Tongue flicking out mere centimeters from my sex. Sending me shuddering yet frozen at the same time. Setting that foot upon the tub wall. Parting my legs a bit to give you a good view of my shaven area. Hands go to the walls in the back and side of me. Anticipating next move. Heart slamming into my chest with that familiar feeling of need and want. Dropping the rag into the pooling water you fingers seem to be the wash rag this time. Parting my lips, trailing a finger along my clit. Inner thighs quiver and I do my best not to squirm. Even as you keep trailing up and down. Slow, paced steady rhythm. Soon wet from water and my own desire.

My bottom lip is sucked between my teeth. After long moments I’m unable to contain myself. Small whimpers turn into throaty moans. Especially when two finger slide up and in. Penetrating the dark hole with meaty digits. Pulling in and out in time with the rising and falling of my chest, the lust filled moans. Body tingling to warm coursing buzzing as that point nears. Toes curling into the bottom of the water soaked tub the same way that fingers dig into the tile walls. Eyes pop open as you just stop. Gripping bahis şirketleri me tight again to rap my lips. The hardness of your manhood is felt as we close again. Another quick turn but for me only. Hand pressing upon my back to dip me down. Fingers digging into my lips. One thrust sending a cry of pleasure from my lips. There is not easy. You own me with quick, fast, hard strokes. Pumping in and out of me with intensity. Sending me into a flurry of quivering flesh. And if you taking me hard was not heaven enough that wet hand descending down upon my moist ass takes me higher. Rushing of water in my ears, slamming of heart in my chest, pounding of blood in my veins, and your body inside mine. All these things combined bring and explosion of light behind closed eyes. Jerking my body forward as you hold tight to pull me back. A long exquisite cry as my world shifts. Another hot explosion is felt among it all. In the back of my mind I know your strokes are becoming shorter until they finally stop.

Water from the shower turns cold. Once again my body is draped against yours and together we exit the shower and bathroom. Not bothering to dry off you lay me upon the bed. Head resting upon my stomach. Murmuring against my belly “Ready for breakfast my love?” Nodding and giggling softly as you throw a sheet over us and attack my belly with nips and kisses…

* * * * *

What happens from here?

Well my dears that is another story.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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