The Story of Love Pt. 04

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I was in a fog for the next few days. K was nowhere to be seen and I continued to service the men. I managed to partition my mind – outwardly, I was loving and affectionate, but inside I was empty – dead. I worried that my thoughts could be read – that I felt that if I showed any signs of unease, Miss Akemi would know that I wanted to leave. Oddly enough, few of the men noticed my disengagement – they were so consumed with using my body, that my own response meant nothing to them. When I had first begun, I had been scared and was focused on doing a good job of making love to the men. Once I gained confidence and experience, I began to enjoy the job – it was the first time in my life I had received recognition for doing anything well.

“That Westerner broke your heart,” I admitted to myself. I felt ashamed at my stupidity. I had fallen in love with Reiko when she gave me my first orgasm and then I had fallen for the Westerner when he also brought me to pleasure. How could something so primal rule my emotions so? I resolved to be more practical, but underneath this commitment to myself, I felt a yearning to be loved. The brief moments of true affection I had received had brought me a devastating joy. Perhaps if I had been raised by a loving mother, I wouldn’t have felt this longing and emptiness.

The men began to blur together. Every time I left my room, I looked for K – I made excuses to walk by the kitchen, where he was often awaiting errands. I had made subtle inquiries about his whereabouts, but no one seemed to know where he was. “Am I stuck here forever?” I wondered to myself. But my thoughts were interrupted by the sharp voice of Miss Akemi.

“Love, we have an unusual situation for you,” she told me. Two younger gentlemen were standing next to her. They looked apprehensive, their eyes darting about the hallway.

I stood stupidly before Miss Akemi, wondering what she meant.

“These two men are very close friends and they wish to share a woman together,” she told me. I had heard stories of women who had made love to multiple men before. The idea seemed overwhelming to me – simply accommodating one man required significant concentration. I didn’t say anything and Miss Akemi led the men to me. “You’ll make love to both of them,” she told me, nearly pushing the men into me.

We entered my bedroom and I sat on the bed, unsure of how things might proceed. The men seemed excessively shy. They stood by the door, fidgeting with their hats. I stood up and untied my robe, my breasts tumbling out. “Do you want me to undress you?” I asked. The skinnier of the two men nodded vigorously. Patiently, I removed his clothing. As I removed his shirt, my breasts brushed against his bare stomach and he reached out and began to fondle my breasts, twisting my beşiktaş escort nipples gently between his fingers. Meanwhile, the other man, short and fat, began to hastily remove his clothing. By the time I was removing the underwear of the tall man, the fat man had completely disrobed. After helping the tall man step out of his underwear, I straightened up, kneeling on my knees and the fat man thrust his penis toward my face.

Obediently, I took his penis in my mouth and, not wanting the tall man to feel left out, took his erect penis in my hand and began to gently stroke it. The fat man put his hands behind his head and began to thrust his hips, moving his penis into and out of my mouth. The tall man said something that I couldn’t quite understand to the fat man and the fat man ceased his thrusting and led me to the bed. The fat man placed me on my back and straddled my face, burrowing his cock deep into my mouth. He began to thrust vigorously, fucking my face as if it were my vagina, and I could barely stifle my gag reflex as he pounded my face with his erect penis. Meanwhile, the tall man stood and watched, stroking his penis.

The fat man quickened the pace of his thrusts and then, groaning, pulled out and with his penis inches from my face, vigorously stroked himself, shooting streams of ejaculate onto my face. The skinny man clambered over and also erupted in orgasm, spraying my face. I had streams of ejaculate ranging from my chin up to my forehead and some of the semen was dripping down into my mouth. I was unsure what to do and suddenly the fat man gripped his penis and pressed it against my face, smearing the ejaculate against my cheek and nose. The skinny man began to do the same and helplessly, I closed my eyes, wondering how long this could go on.

The fat man rapidly uttered a string of urgent words whose meaning I could not decipher and backed away from me. I felt a sigh of relief but moments later, I realized that he had mounted me and was having intercourse with me – his penis again erect! The skinny man then mounted me in reverse and, gripping my breasts, began to have breasts sex with me, his scrotum rubbing against my mouth. Silently, I endured the two men – there was nothing more I could do. I didn’t even bother licking the man’s scrotum with my tongue. I was covered in ejaculate and it felt like the men no longer saw me as a person – I was just an object to gratify their desire.

I cannot tell you how long the men lasted – it seemed like hours but I am sure it was perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes. Finally, I began to moan, thinking that it might hasten their climax. Minutes later, the men once again withdrew and, kneeling on either side of my face, the men again ejaculated beylikdüzü escort bayan onto me. A stream of ejaculate seemed to fly up my nostril and instinctively, I brazenly snorted, trying to fend off the intrusion. The men’s semen was everywhere on my face and in my hair. I felt humiliated and sad. The two men dressed and left the room without speaking, but I simply lay on the bed, sobbing silently.

After a while, I heard a light knock on the door and then someone entered. I could not really see very well as my one eye was encrusted shut with semen and the light was not very good, anyway.

“Poor love,” – it was Reiko’s voice. “Miss Akemi asked me to check on you.”

“She wants me to make more money for her,” I muttered.

“Are you alright?” Reiko asked, stroking my hair. Somehow her kindness and concern saddened me further and I buried my face into the pillow and sobbed, my body heaving.

“Did the men hurt you?” Reiko asked.

“Does it matter?” I asked her.

“I guess it doesn’t,” Reiko admitted.

I shifted myself to a seated position and wiped my face with a towel. “Reiko, why do you stay here?” I asked her.

“I don’t know, Love,” she told me. “I don’t know what else I would do. I’m cared for here and I like most of the girls.” She gently caressed my arm. “I guess I just accept that his is my life.”

“Do you ever think of leaving?” I asked.

“I’m not quite done paying off my expenses,” Reiko admitted.

“How much more do you have to pay off?” I asked, impertinently.

“I don’t know,” Reiko slowly released.

“Does anyone ever pay off their expenses and leave?” I asked her.

“I guess so,” Reiko told me. “I’ve heard of it happening before. Love, I think you’ve been working too hard. You are so good to Miss Akemi, but you should tell her if you need rest. I’m going to let her know that you need to take the rest of the night off.”

I nodded and, as Reiko was leaving, I impulsively blurted out, “Reiko, I want you to do something for me.” She paused and looked at me earnestly. “Can you find K and ask him to visit me?”

Reiko closed her eyes and took a deep intake of breath. “Don’t be foolish, Love,” she told me.

“I’m not being foolish,” I told her. “Whatever affection you hold for me, please do this,” I begged of her. Silently, she left the room. I lay in bed staring at the ceiling before dropping off to sleep.

I was awakened in the early morning by someone shaking my arm. Startled, I turned and a strong hand clasped over my mouth. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw it was K and he was motioning to me not to make noise. I relaxed and he released his hand, taking a seat on the bed next to me.

“If bostancı escort bayan they find me here, Love, they’ll kill me,” he told me.

“Thank you for coming to me,” I told him, shifting position in the bed to make room for him.

“I know why you want me to see you,” he told me. “I told you that you do not have to be a prostitute all your life and you now believe me – or you so hate this life you are willing to risk your life with me.”

I nodded.

“Could you love me?” he asked.

“Yes, I can,” I told him, moving closer to him.

He stopped my approach with his hands. “Love, you need to understand me before you take such a rash step.” He placed his hands on his legs and let out a sigh. “I’m not a good person. I gamble and I use drugs. It causes me to have money problems. I want to do good things for you and to help you, but you have to understand – I’ve wanted to help other people before and I’ve only ended up hurting them. I didn’t want to hurt them, but I just don’t seem to have control over myself.” I could see his eyes welling up with tears.

His vulnerability before me filled me with such care – I wanted to mother him and nurture him. “I don’t care,” I told him. “I just want you to do your best.”

K explained the best time to leave the house and that I would have to leave nearly all my possessions behind so as to leave quietly and quickly. I looked around the room and there was really nothing that meant anything to me other than a small handkerchief that Reiko had given to me when I had cried. The thought of leaving Reiko pained me, but I also knew she had many responsibilities that kept her very busy so that she couldn’t give me the love that I wanted from her.

Quietly, we left the house – the streets were dark and empty and K led me by the hand down a series of streets – twisting and turning. I had no sense of where we were. We must have walked several kilometers when K abruptly turned into an alley and led me into a small garage. There was a coal lamp on a table and a cheap, dirty mattress on the ground. The room was dingy.

“I can’t go back to where I live,” K explained. “They will immediately suspect me and look for us there. I’m very sorry, but we’ll have to stay here for a while before setting out.”

“It’s fine,” I told him, patting his hand. K placed some blankets on the bed and we lay down together. Rain began to fall against the garage roof, making a dull and pleasant sound.

“I feel terrible to have brought you to such a dump. Do you regret leaving?” K asked me.

“No,” I told him firmly. “I would rather be dead than living at Miss Akemi’s.”

I turned to K. “I appreciate you risking things to help me leave,” I told him. “Do you want me to make love to you?”

He looked strangely at me, as if searching for some kind of truth in my eyes. “Do you still feel like a prostitute?” he asked me.

His question stunned me and I paused, considering it. “Yes, I do,” I admitted.

K leaned over me and took me in his arms. “Soon you won’t feel like a prostitute anymore and when you do, we will make love.”

I fell asleep with K watching over me.

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