The Suite Sex Life Of Zack And Cody Part 6

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Zack and Cody just got done having great sex; When they herd a knock on the apartment door. Cody got up, got dressed, and peeked through the eyehole and on the other side stood Maddie (whatever her name is. I’m sure you’ll tell me.) with a curious look on her face. Cody opened the door to greet her when all at once she asked “Are you two okay I heard moans of pain?” Cody replied “Oh, Zack fell off his skatboard a couple minutes ago; So I had to baby him.” “Oh well that sucks.” Cody let her in and she flopped down on the couch and Cody sat down beside her. “So whats up Cody.” “Oh nothin much me and Zack went to see a movie today.” “So; how did he fall off his skateboard?” “He pretended our room was a skatepark and he tried to backflip and did’nt make it.” Maddie was’nt sure if she beleved the little blonde haried boy sitting to the left of her. She was about to ask when she heared the bedroom door open.

Just then Zack walked out with a towel wrapped around him. Which Maddie took notice to. She knew that he had a crush on her and she kinda liked the idea of getting to know him a little better. And as Zack was moving toward the bathroom she could’nt help but look at his ass through the towel. She then ponderd what it would be like to squeeze it as he fucked her brains out. She then noticed a wet spot on the towel. She waited for him to close the door before she turned to Cody and whispered “Cody I have a feeling your lying.” Cody responded with. “I don’t understand what you mean.” “OH MY GOD! I just figured it all out so don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about. I Know what you two were really doing. You two were having sex.” Cody started to panic. “How’d you know?” “Well for starters your fly’s down and you’r….” She was’nt able to finish because her eyes just caught sight of the hottest thing she’d ever seen. (Cody’s penis)

Just then a thought came to her head. “I think I should tell on you.” Cody franticlly stutterd “No please don’t please no please dont tell anyone I’ll do anything.” Maddie started to laugh. “It’s okay I’m not gonna tell anyone. But I have to say thats a big dick you have Cody.” She could’nt control herself and reached out and started to rub his member until it got harder then wrapped her fist around it and started jacking him off. Cody was mezmorized; He and his brother have never really given eachother handjobs. But what maddie did next really suprised him…She stopped. Cody got upset and demanded to know why she stopped. She awnsered firmly “Because it’s not right to pleasure you while your brother is out of the room. I tell you what you come by my place and I’ll finish. But you have to bring Zack over. I wanna see you two go at it.” “When should we come?” “When? Um Nine. Look I’m sorry I can’t finish; But I just came up to see if you two were ok. But until then.” Maddie kissed Cody on the lips and walked towards th door right as Zack came out of the bathroom. She looked back and said “Bye Zack, Bye Cody.”

Zack walked over to the couch, let the towel drop to the floor, and sat down next to his younger brother. He noticed his brothers hard on and bursa escort then removed it from his pants.”Wow Cody I hope Maddie did’nt make you hard.” he sighed as he took his younger brother into his mouth. He started bobbing up and down and Cody just tilted his head back and enjoyed his blowjob. Zack released the cock from his mouth and started suckling Cody’s balls he worked them around for a good minute and then began working his tounge up the shaft, circled the head, and then plunged down on the meatsick. He deepthroated Cody’s six and half inch cock as long as he could; Then he just sucked it good and slow. Cody announced that he was gonna cum; So Zack took just the head in and stroked the shaft until it proved too much for his brother. “Here it comes.” Cody panted as he began filling his brothers mouth with sweet and hot cum. Zack felt his brothers cum splash all over his tounge and swallowed as much as he could until he let go and the last of the spurts landed on his face and chest. “Gaah; Cody your cum is habit forming. So why was Maddie here?.” “She wanted to know…if we could…come to a party at her apartment.” Zack was exstatic. He had often thought about her when he used to jerk off by himself. But he had no clue of what Cody or Maddie were planning. “So when does she want us to come by?” “She said we could come by at about nine.” “Alright sweet; I better get some good close on.”

Nine’o’clock rolled by slower than shit; But the time finally was here. The boys knocked on the door and waited for the awnser. Maddie opened the door; And the boys were stunned by what she was wearing. For starters her typical blue cotton over shirt and a super short skirt different from the one she usally wore that Zack instantly took notice to. Maddie broke his stare. “Come on in guys.” Cody already knew what was gonna go down; But played along with the charade. “Where is everybody?” “Oh, They will be late. Why don’t you guys have a seat; While I work out something over here.” Zack and Cody sat down and waited. Maddie finished up and sat down next to Zack and turned on the t.v.. Zack was getting bored and asked. “When is this party gonna start?” Maddie could’nt stand it any longer and let her hand move down to his crotch and started stroking his semi hard cock. Zack jumped in shock. “What the hell are you doing” “You asked when the party was starting; So I’m gonna start it.” Zack did’nt know what to do; The girl of his dreams was trying to jack him off in front of the boy he had been fuckin for a handful of days. “Maddie.” he whispered. “Cody is right here.” “It’s okay Zack; This is the entire reason we came here.” Zack was confused. “I don’t get it.” “Well when she came by earlier; She realized what we have been doing. So she decided to invite us over.” “Oh; Okay fucking sweet.” Zack quickly rose up and took his pants off. “Then let’s get started.” “Hold on cowboy; We still need to see Cody’s dick.” Cody got the tip and took his pants off. Maddie pretended that she did’nt play with his dick earlier and said “Wow Cody you have a pretty big dick.” Zack got angry at this comment. “Hey his dick is’nt that bursa escort bayan big.” “Zack, Your dick IS slightly smaller; Okay, no more beating around the bush.” Maddie took Zack’s cock in her hand and gently stroked it. Cody started stroking his own cock: Maddie took notice and took his dick in her hand as well. “You two have some pretty tasty looking dick’s; She thought hard about which one to suck first; So she decided to take both of them in her mouth at once. Zack and Cody moaned as Maddie played hard with the tips of thier dicks. She swirled her tounge around Cody’s tip for a few seconds and then switched to Zack’s. Cody then got an urge to kiss his brother; So he wrapped his lips around Zack’s and stuck his tounge deep inside. The two boys continued to make out as Maddie sucked their cocks. Maddie stopped and laid down on the couch and stripped down. “Cody come here and put your nice cock between my tits and Zack you stand in front and put your’s in my mouth. Zack and Cody took their positions Cody mounted Maddie’s chest and got to work on her tits. He started sliding in and out, slowly at first and then fast and hard, Meanwhile Zack put his member into her mouth. Maddie took him half way in and sucked a little bit more in,

Cody was enjoying his titfucking expirence, He felt his balls start to stir. “Maddie, I’m gonna cum.” Maddie took her mouth off of Zack. “Do it in my mouth.” With that Cody humped a bit more than got up pointed his cock towards her mouth and shot his load in her open mouth; The first spurt landed at the back of her throat, the second landed on the tip of her tounge, the third spurt landed on her chin, and the fourth spurt went on her cheek. “Wow Maddie that was awsome.” “I know and it tasted even better.” “So I’m told.” Cody chuckled. Zack got mad. “Hey you did’nt let me finish.” “Oh I’m sorry. Here I’ve got an idea. Zack get over here and put that big guy in my pussy.” Zack got into position and placed the tip at Maddie’s vaginal opening and with one small thrust pushed all six of his inches inside. “Wow Maddie your nice and warm; Just as I thought it would be.” “Well I’m glad you like it; Now get to fucking.” Zack started to fuck as hard as he could, Having waited so long to do so. He’d do the usal stuff when all of a sudden he felt his ass cheeks spreading. He knew it was Cody and looked back at his brother and said “Go ahead.” Cody then pressed his cock halfway up his brothers ass. He pulled out a little and then slammed seventy percent of his penis in. Zack continued fucking Maddie’s twat with aggresion. He’d pull completly out and then slammed all the way back in. Maddie started rubbing her tits which Zack took notice to and lean in and sucked one of her nipples into his greedy little mouth. Cody found this new position nice and comfortable; So he just rested his body against Zack’s ass as Zack would push in and out his dick would go deeper which they both seemed to like. Zack worked around the nipple in his mouth with such tenderness which made Maddie moan and purr. She started to reach her orgasm and started to scream. “Yes, yes, yes, I’m cumming.” Hearing escort bursa this Zack started fucking faster and faster until he felt his own orgasm coming; And in turn Cody felt the same thing. The three of them started to moan together in sync. Maddie started to tilt her head back in pleasure as she started to cum. Her pussy got tight so tight that Zack began fucking her harder which made Cody push against Zack’s ass so hard that his brother fell into Maddie just as she was cumming. Cody then started cumming into Zack’s ass which sent Zack overboard. He started filling her pussy with his hot cum as his brother did the same thing to his ass. Zack and Cody shot spurt after spurt of cum into their designated hole, Causing both holes to seep out.

The three of them collapsed onto one another and started to pant in extasy. And no more than five minutes Zack nudged Cody and said. “I’m ready for round two.” Cody pulled out and said. “You two go for it I’m gonna rest.” Zack got,up turned Maddie on her side and pushed into her. He started slow and remained two thirds of the way in. Then he went to town. He was fucking her like he’d never fuck again. He was thrusting in and out. And Maddie was moaning with each thrust. Cody watched as the two went at it, as his dick started to grow. Maddie saw this happening and jutted up to take it into her mouth before it got fully erect and started sucking hard; So hard that Cody winced in pain and then the pleasure returned. She then stopped sucking and looked at Zack. “Zack; Put it in my ass.” Zack pulled out and rubbed his dick between her hotass(1 word) ass cheeks, Then lined it up with her ass and with little effort slid right in. Maddie moaned as his dick reached deeper into her ass, She looked at Cody. “Ok, Cody yours in too.” “What!” Both boys cried. “Yeah, Put it in my ass next to Zacks. Cody positioned himself under her. “Ok, Lower your ass.” Maddie an Zack both got lower and Cody rubbed against Zack as he started entering her ass. He pushed hard and got in all the way. Then Zack and Cody started taking their turns fucking Maddie’s ass.ack pulled out And Cody pushed in. Then Cody pulled out then Zack pushed in.

Maddie wrapped her lips around Cody’s and stuck her tounge inside. Cody stuck his tounge into her mouth and their tounges dacnced together; Cody could taste his cum as he and her made out as he and his brother fucked her ass. Zack felt the familiar feeling of orgasm approching as he fucked. Cody stopped Maddie and moaned. “Maddie I’m gonna cum.” Zack replied. “Me too.” Maddie was enjoying her ass fucking; But moaned out “Yeah. Fill my ass.” Z and C needed no further instructions. They started going harded and faster, Until their cum left its home and was ready to begin it’s journey. The boy’s gave three final thrusts and then they both bottomed out as they started to shoot their hot,sticky,PEARL JAM into her ass. All three of them screamed out they had their moment. The three off them laid there for a while to rest. “You know you two really are’nt that bad; You can come visit any time you want.” THE inevitible END. Amni.
P.S. Thank you guys for being so supporting of my work. And you do some studying to see if i was the first to write a storie about these two. Thank you very much.

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