The Summer Feasting

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This story is utter and complete fiction. Places and institutions mentioned in the text exist in real life but the characters do not and any resemblance to anyone is simply coincidental. The author does not encourage nor condone the acts carried out by the characters in the story.


Since this is my first posting, reader’s comments are highly valued. It would also be helpful if readers point out their favorite part/s so that I’ll have a foundation for any future work. Although this is a work of fiction, I have tried my best to make this story as realistic as possible. Thanks to ravenshadow13 for editing my draft. Enjoy! (This work is copyrighted to the author, 2006).


PART 1: “Rugby can sure do a lot!”

It was almost midnight and Shelly Blake lay restless on her bed. The warmth of her body kept her awake as she reviewed her carnal plan over and over again for the last two hours. She glanced at her digital alarm clock…it was time. Wearing only her bra and g-string, she rose from her suspended slumber and turned on the lamp by the night table illuminating the cavernous master’s bedroom — just one of six in the plantation-style Southampton mansion. Six months have passed since she and her husband moved to the sprawling Long Island estate and yet she can count the number of times he shared the marital bed with her. Among the downsides of marrying a big-shot business executive like George are long days and lonely nights which, as in her case, leads to the unintended effect of wallowing in forbidden thoughts. Shelly discovered that she wasn’t like other women her age. At forty-six, she thought sex was going to be the last thing on her mind but she found herself craving it almost constantly. Shoving a vibrator up her pussy has become a boring and pathetic ritual. She was becoming man-crazy and tonight was no exception especially after seeing her two gorgeous sons for the first time in five years.

Brent and Will, who are now twenty-two and twenty years old respectively, are Shelly’s two sons from previous marriages. Shelly was a young waitress living in New York City when she married Joao Verdelho, Brent’s father, who later divorced her after only a year. She soon remarried and moved to Pittsburgh but her relationship with Fred Matthews, Will’s dad, also ended in divorce. Penniless and unable to get custody of her boys, Shelly moved back to her folks in Milwaukee. After two failed marriages, she found it difficult to commit to a romantic relationship again. With her two sons staying with their fathers, the young mother got to see them less and less. After years of hardship, her luck suddenly changed for the better when she met and married George Blake, a wealthy divorcee from Chicago. The last time that Shelly saw her sons was at her wedding to George five years ago. Now they’re spending two weeks of their summer with her while her husband was away overseas directing his company’s latest venture.

“Let’s see what we’ll need,” Shelly said as she delved through George’s closet. She got several of her husband’s silk neckties and stashed them inside a brown paper bag together with a camcorder and a red ball gag. Seeing that everything’s in place, she slipped into her black silken robe and walked out of the room clutching what she’s scavenged.

Shelly suddenly found herself engulfed in darkness. At the other end of the corridor, she noticed a faint beam of yellow light escaping from the bottom of the guestroom door — the room where Will was staying in. She felt her heartbeat accelerate as she tiptoed towards the door and pressed her ear against it. Hearing nothing, she slowly turned the latch and pushed it open.

“It’s now or never,” she muttered as the room’s interior was revealed to her; it was awash with soft yellow light emanating from a tall night lamp at the corner of the room. At the center was a four-posted bed where Shelly found her sleeping Hercules – her son Will.

Will Matthews, a sophomore Kinesiology major, is a member of the Penn State University rugby team and was recently approved for an academic scholarship. From head to toe, Will embodied the quintessential athlete. Standing 6 feet and 2 inches tall and weighting a muscular 218 pounds, he was an aspiring decathlete back in high school. His decision to switch to rugby, a not-so-popular sport, is a reflection of his individuality and his drive to stand out among his peers even though his gorgeous heart-shaped face, cut body, honey blonde hair and dreamy green eyes already accomplished that aim.

Shelly approached him quietly; he was lying on his back with the beige satin sheets pulled up to his protruding chest. She carefully pulled out his right arm from under the covers, holding his wrist as she cautiously tied it to the upper right post of the bed using one of her husband’s silk neckties. She went around the bed and did the same to his other wrist and both his ankles until Will resembled the letter X. She turned on the camcorder pendik escort and placed it on a small table facing the side of the bed making sure it recorded his every move; this was going to be her secret weapon.

With her hot jock bounded on all corners, Shelly pulled off his blanket and dropped them on the foot of the bed; what she saw took her breath away. Will’s broad pectorals, thickset arms and thighs as well as his smooth rippled abs were like carved white marble. A light patch of hair traversed his lower abdomen making a treasure trail from his navel towards his groin. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw the contoured pouch of his white hipster briefs which housed his most intimate muscle. With all his incredible manliness, she couldn’t believe that he was the same gangly fifteen-year-old who, together with his half-brother, walked her down the aisle on her wedding five years ago.

“Rugby can sure do a lot!” She thought as she undid her robe and straddled him.

She leaned over his angelic face and whispered, “Wake up, honey. Mommy needs you real bad.”

Will stirred and wearily opened his eyes which became as big as quarters as soon as he realized that he was tied to the bed with his mother on top of him. Before he could utter a word, Shelly immediately popped the ball gag over his mouth and fastened it at the back of his neck. Will began to freak out. He let out a protesting moan as he struggled to free himself from his bondage.

“Oh baby! Mommy’s so horny! I just have to have you!” Shelly pleaded shamelessly.

Will was flabbergasted. He tried saying something but it was all in vain.

“Oh Will, I’ve fantasized about this moment for too long and tonight’s the night!” Shelly exclaimed as she stood on the bed and began peeling-off her underwear with Will lying between her legs.

The hazel-eyed brunette was now standing completely naked above her wide-eyed son. Shelly still had a fairly good body for a woman her age. She’s about 5 feet and 3 inches tall and slightly on the chubby side at 140 pounds. Although her tummy and thighs have gotten bigger over the years, her breasts were still huge and perky thanks to the magic of plastic surgery. Her crotch was also shaved for the occasion; she knows men love smooth, shaven pussies.

Will was totally bowled over; he knew it was indecent for him to stare at his naked mother but he couldn’t bring himself to look away.

“You like what you see, don’t you?” Shelly asked confidently as she leaned over him again and planted a kiss on his cheek. She kissed his neck, and then down to his well-defined pecs where she furiously licked his hardening nipples making him gasped for air. She then moved her tongue to his ribbed abs, down to his navel and along his hairy treasure trail. She could feel his member grazing her neck as it grew bigger and bigger inside its cotton confines.

“I could tell from your cock that you enjoyed that little tongue bath,” she said.

Shelly held the waist band of his CKs and pulled them down until his fully-erect cock sprang out.

Her son’s impressive 7-inch tool stood out at an almost 90-degree angle from a bed of course, dark blonde pubes. His foreskin was completely pulled back to reveal a slightly tapered, thick-rimmed cock head while his plump shaft was surrounded with squiggles of embossed veins. Beneath his manhood is a pair of hairy balls which hang snuggly between his thighs. Shelly licked her lips in anticipation.

She held the base of his penis and gently squeezed it upwards causing a bead of pre-cum to emerge from the cock slit. With her thumb, she spread his nascent love syrup all over his sensitive, fleshy knob causing him to squirm.

“Get ready for the best blow-job you’ll ever have!” Shelly bragged as she took his cock into her mouth. Will’s body trembled as he felt his mother’s mouth engulfing his hard-on.

Shelly loved the hard velvety texture of Will’s cock head. It has been a while since she had a cock in her mouth but she craved every moment of it. She tried swallowing more of it but its 5-inch girth prevented her from going any deeper. Instead, she took it out of her mouth and rubbed his glans all over her lips as if it was a giant lipstick.

“Mmmmmm!” She cooed flirtatiously before sliding his meat inside her mouth again.

She twirled her lips around his cock head and lapped up every clear discharge of pre-cum that oozed out. She tickled his stretched frenulum with the tip of her tongue and played with his wrinkly ball sack even sucking one of his testicles. Although she could only manage half of her youngest son’s cock in her mouth, she clamped her lips onto his cock and bobbed her head up and down at varying speeds which drove Will almost to the brink. As she held his cock on her right had, her left fingers were busy massaging her sensitive clitoris. She would occasionally stop and complement him on his long hot cock or tell him how she couldn’t wait to taste his cum. Will just maltepe escort watched with stunned eyes as his mother continued molesting him.

Will’s thick shaft gleamed with a briny froth of saliva and pre-cum as Shelly stuffed it in her mouth, like an oversized popsicle on a hot summer’s day. At one point, she squeezed his cylinder tightly until his swollen knob turned from pink to plum bringing him to a state of pain and pleasure; his sensuous cries complementing the obscene smacking noises of lips-on-cock.

Will was in a state of bemused ecstasy. The pleasure and perversion of it all was starting to overwhelm him even though he knew that it was his mother who was sucking his cock. His muscles began to tense-up; he knew that the inevitable was about to happen.

Shelly sensed his impending climax; she began bobbing her head fervently while her fingers relentlessly flicked her exposed bud. Will began to writhe and his hips bucked involuntarily, signs that he’s nearing his lustful breaking point. He gasped loudly through his nostrils as his toes started to curl. With his vulnerable body glistening with sweat, he pulled hard on the neckties until the bedposts from which he’s bounded started to creak. He then let out a powerful cry of sexual bliss.


Will was rendered defenseless by sheer ecstasy as the essence of his being gushed forth from the depths of his pelvis. He surrendered his body to the ferocious jolts of orgasmic pleasure that blistered through his muscular sinews.

Shelly felt the first blast of his white, hot sperm explode inside her wanting mouth, and then another, followed by another one in rapid succession. She let his jism splash around her mouth as she savored its slimy sweetness before letting it slide down her throat. She was doing it, she’s actually fellating her own son — the fruit of her loins – and he’s now spurting his cum inside her mouth. The idea was just too erotic that it didn’t take long for her to feel her own climax bubbling-up inside her. After feasting on his seed, she took his cock out of her mouth and, with her right hand still clutching his shaft, shifted her hips forward and began grating his velvety cock head against her sensitive clit and pussy lips.

“Oh baby! I’m cumming too! Oh Fuck! Ohhhhh! OHHHHH! AHHHH! OHHH!” Shelly cried out as her juices exploded, bathing Will’s pulsating manmeat.

PART 2: “Is there any other name for it?”

After recovering from her orgasm, Shelly moved up her son’s body and unfastened the ball gag from his mouth.

“How’d you like that, lover?” She asked her seemingly exhausted son.

It took some time before Will could muster his thoughts. He didn’t know where to begin.

“What the hell, mom?! We’ve just crossed some weird shit here!”

“Nothing’s weird about this, baby.” “Mom, you just went down on me! You didn’t find that just a tad strange?”

“I just wanted to feel it again, baby.” Shelly exclaimed as she wiped Will’s cum off her lips with her fingers, “It’s been a long time since I pleasured a man that way,”

“Well, I hope you got it out of your system…whatever it is you’re looking for,” Will retorted, “Now could you please untie me?!”

“What gives you the idea that it’s over, honey? Shelly replied as she climbed-off him and sat on the bed, “you still have to fuck me, sweetie!”

Will couldn’t believe what he heard.

“Mom, please don’t do this, I’m your son! What about George?

“He’s my husband and I still love him, if that’s what you’re asking?”

“What about Stacey?” Will retorted, “Didn’t you thought about her?” reminding her about his girlfriend back in Pittsburgh.

Shelly straightened her back and looked at her son intently.

“You’re not breaking-up with her because of this, aren’t you?”

“Of course not! This isn’t my fault!” Will answered back.

“So what’s the problem? You still have a girlfriend and I still have a husband, nothing has changed,” Shelly rationalized, “it’s just sex for Christ’s sake! I thought men understood this?”

“That’s not the point! I can’t have sex with you because you’re my mother!”

“Well…that’s too bad because you’re going to weather you like it or not!” Shelly warned as she grabbed the camcorder from the small table and presented it to Will.

“You will fuck me or our little porno movie goes to Stacey and her folks!”

Will was appalled that his mother could do such a thing. If this video is exposed, not only will he loose his girlfriend, he could loose his scholarship as well.

“This is blackmail!” he protested.

“Is there any other name for it?” Shelly answered sarcastically.

“But why me? There’re a lot of guys out there,” Will reasoned out.

Shelly smiled lusciously, “Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?” she interrogated. “You’re one hot stud with a cock that just won’t quit. Any woman with a pulse would have kartal escort done the same. Besides, I just can’t have some random guys over here while George is away, people will talk.”

Will was a cornered man; he knew his mother had the upper hand. In an act of desperation, he offered to pair her with some of his rugby team mates as alternatives fuck buddies but she has already made up her mind. He let out a defeated sigh and uttered the words Shelly longed to hear.

“OK mom, you win…you’ll get what you want,” Will capitulated.

“That’s a wise decision, baby! I promise you’ll never regret it. Just keep in mind that for as long as you stay here you’ll be at my beck and call. You’ll have to do whatever I tell you and I get to use you and your body whenever and in whatever way I like. I know young virile men like you are horny all the time.” Shelly laid out the conditions as she undid Will’s limbs from bondage.

Will swallowed hard; he hates to admit it, but his Mom’s plan both terrified and excited him at the same time. Never in his wildest dreams did he thought he’d become a sex slave, moreover, of his own mother! Being a young sexually active man, he has his fair share of kink. But incest, probably the most taboo of all sexual acts, never really crossed his mind.

Shelly has him by the balls – literally. As soon as she was done freeing him, Will quickly got off the bed and pulled up his briefs. Shelly, wearing a triumphant grin on her face, eyed his taut bubble butt as he staggered towards the bathroom.

Will stared at his reflection on the bathroom mirror while caressing the tie marks on his wrist with his thumb — this was definitely not a dream. He grabbed a towel and began wiping-off the sweat from his forehead; he also reached inside his underwear and wiped-off the spit and cum from his semi-erect penis. When he returned to the room, he saw his mom on the bed on all fours with her shapely ass facing him.

“Let the fun begin!” Shelly declared as she wiggled her ass in the air.

Will felt tingling sensations all over his body. He nervously approached the bed; his cock expanding with every nervous heartbeat until it was hard as steel again. The lust that was coursing through his body was blurring the fact that he was being blackmailed to commit incest. He stood behind her and groped her bottom; he then reached his hands further up her body until he found her huge breasts.

“Ohhh Yeah, baby! Play with my tits!” Shelly murmured as Will slid his fingers against her erect nipples. When she felt his meaty tent resting on the groove of her ass, she swayed her body to and fro massaging his bulge with her ass cheeks. Will was so used to fucking timid girls like Stacey that he was taken aback by his mother’s brazenness. He decided to have some brazenness of his own. After fondling her tits, he dipped his right hand underneath Shelly’s ass, cupping her smooth pussy mound.

“Oh Will, honey! Yesss!” Shelly crooned as she felt Will’s fingers trace her puffed labia. She widened her legs so that her son’s fingers would reach her clitoris.

“Ohhh baby! That’s it!” She moaned as her son began strumming her exposed bud with his forefinger.

Shelly began grinding her twat against Will’s powerful hand basting it with her fluids. She has never been so horny and wet in her entire life. Will’s cock was also runny with pre-cum and he was now wondering how his mother’s pussy lips would feel around his cock.

He drew out his enraged member and started rubbing its engorged head against Shelly’s ass crack down to her pussy lips then up again to her anus. He would occasionally stop at the entrance of her vagina and slowly push his cock in only to pull it back before it even sunk in. He continued teasing Shelly until she couldn’t prolong her desire any further.

“Oh baby, please fuck me!” She pleaded.

“Tell me how bad you want my cock!” Will blurted out unexpectedly.

Shelly smiled at his words; he wanted to talk dirty and she was more than willing to indulge him. Will was also surprised with what he said. He was so hot and horny that his boner seemed to have taken over his better judgment.

“I want to feel your cock inside my pussy, honey! I want you fuck me as deep as you can! Fill me up with your fat dick!” Shelly implored.

“You really want my cock inside your pussy?” he asked teasingly.

“For the longest time, honey! There’s nothing sexier than a hot son fucking his mother!” Shelly cried out.

That was enough encouragement for Will. He pulled his briefs down to his knees and positioned his member at the entrance of her pussy. He felt the warmth of her pussy lips embracing his cock head as he pushed his tool inside the tunnel where he came out of twenty years ago.

“Ohhh fuck!” Will whispered as he looked down and saw his college cock being swallowed by the pouted lips of his mother’s cunt.

Shelly took a deep breath as her son’s rod entered her. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip; never has she felt more stretched and filled-up in her entire life!

“Fuck yeah!” Will moaned as Shelly’s rippled pussy walls contracted around his meat.

“It’s so hot and big, honey!” Shelly lustily praised her son.

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