The Taking of Chris

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I am 42, divorced and I have a teenage son, just turned 18. The two of us live together and we are close, like best friends most of the time. Since my marriage broke up I depended on Chris to help me with stuff around the house and he’s looked to me for help with homework. We are more like flat mates than mother and son.

Actually we have a lot in common; we even like most of the same music. I’ve always been into rock and metal music, so I was pleased when my son grew up to like it too and wasn’t into the pop or rap band scene. We even go to the movies together or to a concert and he’s don’t seem to mind going out with dear old mom, not like some teenagers that seem to be ashamed of their parents and wouldn’t be seen dead in public with them.

So things are pretty cool with us and life is actually a lot better now that I’m not in an unhappy marriage. The only thing I miss is the intimacy, I can’t say I miss the sex, because my husband wasn’t all that good in bed, its not that he was a bad lover, he just was kind of boring, I wanted to try new things and be experimental, but he just wasn’t interested. But I have my purple friend, which is what I call my vibe and so I got by until finally we both realized we weren’t meant to be and went our separate ways. But my lack of sex with another person did sometimes make me more aware of things around me, like I’ve noticed that my son is not such a little boy anymore but other than glancing at him now and then when he was half asleep walking around in his boxers asking me where his jeans are or coming out of the shower in just a towel, I hadn’t said or done anything. I also noticed he had been glancing at me now and then too and sometimes, unknown to me at the time, when he masturbated he thought about me but then felt guilty about it afterwards and of course didn’t say anything to me about it.

Chris had been having trouble sleeping, been studying hard for exams and feeling a bit stressed and tired from lack of sleep, so he asked me if he could have one of my sleeping pills so that he could get a good nights sleep, I’m not too keen on the idea but I know how hard he had been working for upcoming exams so I say ok and got him one, telling him to only take half of one. But he ignores me and takes the whole thing anyway because he was feeling so worn out that he just wanted to crash.

A couple of hours after Chris went to bed I decide to go check on him and make sure he is asleep and ok. When I go into his room, he is sound asleep and has kicked the duvet and sheet off, lying there on his back in just boxers. They are the kind of boxers that have a button up fly bit in the front and I can see part of his cock through the gap as he hasn’t done up the button, I try not to look at first and I was just going to pull up the covers for him and kiss him goodnight on the forehead and leave but I found myself staring and wondering.

I speak to him to make sure he is sound asleep, “Chris, are you asleep son?”

Of course he doesn’t reply as he actually took the whole sleeping pill and is out. Curiosity gets the better of me and I think because he is sound asleep he will never know, so I reach down and touch his young cock, watching to see if he would respond, he doesn’t, so I rub it a bit, feeling him and it starts to get hard, I’m nervous and I keep checking to see if he show any signs of waking, he doesn’t so I get a bit braver. I pull down the boxers over his cock exposing all of it to me and it excites me and I know I shouldn’t but I can’t resist, the urge is too strong, so I lean down and kiss the end of my sons cock. This time he makes a little sound, a slight moan and I freak a bit.

Then I speak to him again, “Are you awake? Chris?” No response.

Now I’ve gone this far, I want more, so I hold that young cock and open my mouth and suck on him, slow, deep suck and I loved it. This time he does stir and mumbles something and I stop and look, his eyes are still closed and so I go back to sucking him. I’m sucking and holding his now hard cock with one hand, squeezing and stroking slowly and now I can taste pre-cum and it’s turning me on so much. I suck and stroke a little more when suddenly he explodes cum into my mouth, it takes me by surprise and I panic thinking he will wake up and see me for sure. I quickly leave as he is starting to stir. I go to bed and I lie there pretending to be asleep. I can still taste his cum in my mouth.

Chris wakes up and thinks he has had a wet dream and he cant figure out why he doesn’t remember pulling his boxers down like that. He has faint memories of what he think is a dream of me sucking on him and when thinks about it some more, it gets him hard again and he masturbates and cums again before going back to sleep.

The next morning at breakfast, I act like nothing happened and ask if he slept well, “Good sleep son?”

“Yeah, pendik escort thanks mom, that pill really helped. I feel good today,” he said with a smile.

I feel guilty and blush a little thinking about what I did. But I say nothing and we carry on with our day as normal.

A week goes by and his exams are all finished, I can’t stop thinking about what I did to him and the more I think about it the more I want to do it again, I keep looking at him and thinking naughty thoughts and night after night I masturbate thinking about my son’s cock. I have mixed emotions of guilt and desire and I am thinking that I kind of wished that he wasn’t sleeping well so he would ask for another pill.

“How are you sleeping now son?” I ask.

“Fine now mom. Now that all the exams are over,” he replied.

The mother in me is pleased, but the woman in me wishes I could taste him again.

The next Friday night, we are both home with no plans. So we watch a movie together. I am having a drink and ask if he wants one too, and he nods. So we are drinking bourbon and coke and watching the movie, getting a little tipsy but not drunk. Then as I get up to get us our second drink, I suddenly decide to put a sleeping pill in his. I thought that last time he had only taken half, so I put a half in his drink. After the movie he says he’s feeling tired and off he goes to bed. I say I am going to bed too, but I just put on my nightie and stay in my room waiting an hour to make sure he is asleep.

While I wait the thought of getting to touch his cock again excites me and I am masturbating, fingering myself and getting wet thinking about sucking my boy again. I sneak into his room, talking to him to make sure he is asleep, when he doesn’t respond I figure he is in a deep sleep and I go about helping myself to his wonderful cock. I pull back the covers to discover he is totally naked and I smile to myself enjoying looking at his fit young body. I check again to make sure he is asleep talking right into his ear.

“Are you asleep Chris?” I whisper.

He stirs a little but seems fast asleep so feeling a bit braver I gently kiss him on his lips then run my hand down his smooth body feeling him all the way down to that tasty young cock, where I stop and start to fondle it, playing with his cock and it goes hard quickly from my touch. I can hardly wait to taste him again, so I start to lick and suck his cock while I’m slowly stroking him as I had done before. Soon I can taste pre-cum and I love it. I am just wearing my nightie with no underwear and I am already wet from masturbating while I waited for him to be asleep.

Convinced he is in a deep sleep as he was the week before, I decide to risk doing more. I stop sucking him and climb on top of that hard cock, which was oozing pre-cum, positioning myself above his cock and I guide it inside me. I gasp in delight as I feel my sons cock enter me, and suddenly he stirs, I am not sure if it was the sensation of feeling my wet pussy around his cock or the noise of me gasping.

I freeze; frightened he will wake up and find me on top of him. I am about to get off him, but he just mumbles something as if he was dreaming and he doesn’t open his eyes. I wait for what seems like ages but is only a couple of minutes, then as he didn’t wake up (or so I thought); I start to move up and down slowly on his cock, fucking him gently.

I did not know it at the time, but he had woken up and he was partially aware of what I was doing, part of him thought it was a dream and part of him knew it was real, but instinct told him to keep quiet, eyes shut and pretend to be asleep or it will all end and it felt so good he didn’t want it to end. For I had only given him half a sleeping pill and he was not in such a deep sleep as I thought he was. I am enjoying riding him so much, I start to get carried away and get faster and harder, his lets out a moan and I get scared. I stop and get off him quickly, and hurry back to my room, where I masturbate again and cum so good thinking about fucking my son.

Once I left his room and he hears me shut my bedroom door, he opens his eyes and tries to get his head around what just happened. He is still a bit groggy from the pill but aware of what I had been doing to him. He figures out I must have put a sleeping pill in his drink because he knew he wasn’t that sleepy and had only had 2 drinks, not enough to make him pass out. His mind is racing and he is still hard from me playing with him, so he masturbates to finish off what I had started, thinking about me on top of him as he brings himself to orgasm.

The next morning at breakfast, all seems normal as he greets me good morning. I ask as usual if he slept ok as I do every morning, “Good sleep son?” “Yeah thanks mom, but I had a strange dream.”

I blush wondering if he had remembered maltepe escort anything.

“Oh really… must have been the bourbon huh son. Maybe you should stick to beer?” I giggle a little trying to cover up my guilty feelings.

“It’s ok mom. It was a strange dream but a good one,” he said, grinning at me. I feel myself blush even more and turn around busying myself with the dishes, trying not to look at him.

The next night, being Saturday night Chris was meant to go out with a mate of his, but he decides to stay home with me. I’m surprised but pleased.

“I don’t feel like going out tonight mom. I’d rather just stay home with you and do what we did last night,” he announces.

I am a bit taken aback by this but think he must be talking about a movie and a couple of drinks.

“Oh, are you sure Chris? Because didn’t you say the bourbon made you have a strange dream?”

He smiles at me. “Yeah, but it was a good dream. I’m hoping it happens again. I’m going to go pick a movie mom,” Chris said as he walks off towards the living room.

So we spend another evening on the couch watching a movie and having a few drinks. I wonder if I should be daring enough to put the sleeping pill in his drink again, part of me wants to so bad and part of me feels so guilty. After my 2nd drink my desire wins out over my guilt and I put a pill in his drink, only this time he was watching me do it as I had my back to him while I was in the kitchen.

So now his suspicion is confirmed and he starts to realize none of it was a dream, he decides to only drink a little sip of his drink and then gets up taking the drink with him to the kitchen saying he had the munchies and needed a snack. While in the kitchen he tips out his drugged drink and fills it up with just coke and comes back to watch the end of the movie with me. Then he says he feels tired and is going to bed and kisses me goodnight on the cheek.

“Night mom. Sweet dreams.”

I smile at my son. “Same to you Chris. Thanks for your company tonight.” I watch him as he leaves the room.

I do the same as I did the night before, going to my room, changing into my nightie and masturbating waiting an hour before checking to see if he was sound asleep yet. This time I don’t know he is faking and I have had 3 bourbons, so I’m a bit tipsy. Also because I have gotten away with it twice, I’m feeling over confident. I’m horny because alcohol makes me horny and all I can think about even while watching the movie is how much I want to suck and fuck my son again.

I had been masturbating with my vibe and I decide to take it with me and my strap-on and lube. I was feeling very naughty and wicked, wanting to fuck my boy and thought I could get away without him or anyone ever finding out. I go to his room, checking again to see if he was asleep, not knowing he was pretending, so when he didn’t reply to my voice, I pulled back the bed covers and started to play with his cock eagerly, fondling and licking and sucking it.

He moaned in pleasure as this time he wasn’t asleep at all and he just couldn’t help it responding to the pleasure of my mouth on his cock. I stopped looking up to check if his eyes were still closed, which they were and he thought to himself damn I got to keep quiet or she will stop, so he carries on pretending to be out. I went back to sucking and stroking him, then instead of getting on top of him as he was hoping and thought I would do again, I got up and gently rolled him on his stomach. He murmured a bit and I spoke into his ear again to make sure he was asleep.

“Chris. Are you awake?” Then I kissed his cheek and whispered, “Mommy loves you.” in his ear.

Then I do something he didn’t expect, I move his hands behind his back and handcuff them together, he is confused but carries on pretending to be asleep. Then I start to lick his cute bottom, he is a little shocked but it feels really good so he keeps up the act of being asleep. I lick up and down his crack and pull open his firm butt cheeks and get my tongue right in, licking that tight little hole, it feels weird but good to him and its keeping his cock real hard, he wishes that I was still sucking it or fucking him but he knows he has to keep up the pretence of being asleep or it will all end, so he lets me do whatever I want to his body and lies still. My tongue is darting in and out of his tight little hole and the realization that his own mother is tongue-fucking his ass hits him and it excites him so much that he lets out a groan of pleasure. I stop and check again if he was awake.

“Chris?” I say in his ear. I get no answer and I’m so over confident now that I whisper in his ear, “Chris. Mommy loves you and she wants to fuck you.”

This makes him groan again and he mumbles, “Yes mommy…fuck me mommy.”

I’m not sure if I heard kartal escort right because he says it so quietly, but I’m so worked up now after licking his ass, that I’m past caring. He thinks I must be going to roll him over and ride his cock again like I did last night, but instead I am standing up putting on my strap on and I lube it up and put more lube on his tight little hole, he is puzzled when he feels me doing this but remains quiet, taking the wait and see attitude. Then I get back on his bed and spread his legs, getting in-between them and then pulling open his ass cheeks, exposing that little hole to me and I position the tip of my strap-on cock in his asshole. Then I slowly push the tip of it inside him. It hurts and he’s freaks out, he panics, forgetting all about the pretence.

“Stop! What the fuck are you doing to me mom? Stop it! It hurts!” he screams at me and tries to wriggle away.

But his hands are cuffed behind his back and he isn’t able to push himself up off his stomach. I figure the pain has woken him up, not realizing he had been aware the whole time, but I’m caught up in the moment now and there is no going back.

“Shh son. Relax and it won’t hurt,” I say calmly.

I continue to push my cock inside of his virgin ass, stretching his tight little hole more. I grab his hips and move in and out of his ass slowly, the lube is helping but it still hurts because he is so tense and scared. He struggles again and whimpers a little,

“Please stop mom,” he pleads.

I slap his ass hard. “Stop fucking fighting me Chris! Relax and it won’t hurt anymore,” I growl at him.

The slap frightens him, tears run down his cheeks, tears of pain and fear and confusion. He stops struggling and tries to relax his muscles in his butt, thinking if he stops fighting and just closes his eyes maybe it will be over quicker.

I feel him relax, his will is breaking, so I start to get a momentum going, slowly in and out of my boys little hole, stretching it a little at a time and I am moaning in pleasure, telling him that I love him and I love his beautiful young body.

Now that he has stopped fighting me and my dildo has stretched him, it has stopped hurting and it’s even started to feel good. His eyes are still closed and he is thinking to himself, oh God my mom is so kinky, she is fucking me, fucking my ass and the more he thinks about it the more it starts to excites him. He then starts moaning in pleasure each time I push my plastic cock into him and I smile knowing I have broken his will and he has given in to me. The control excites me even more and my pussy is extremely wet. Then finally I stop and pull out of him slowly.

“Oh mom, don’t stop. I like it now,” he begs for more.

“Oh, you like it now huh?” I said cheekily.

But I get up and take off my strap-on and roll him over onto his back, leaving on the handcuffs. His cock is so hard, it’s leaking pre-cum freely and it’s throbbing, aching to cum so bad.

I climb on top of him and lower my wet pussy onto his eager young cock, so hard and twitching with excitement with all this new stimulation. I just sit there for a moment looking down at him…..looking at my son wide awake and staring up at me, very excited and hard inside my wet pussy. He moans in pleasure feeling his cock deep inside his mother.

“Oh mom, free my hands. I want to touch you,” he pleads.

I shake my head. “Not yet son, I haven’t finished fucking you yet!” I flash a wicked grin at him.

“Raping me, don’t you mean mom?” he says, grinning back at me.

“Oh yes. I raped you son and you loved it. Didn’t you hmm?” and I start to move up and down on his hard cock.

“Yes mom, I did. Oh, fuck me mommy,” he moans in pleasure as I ride his cock.

Hearing him call me mommy excited me so much. “Say that again son. Say fuck me mommy!”

And he does over and over again “Fuck me mommy! Oh fuck me mommy!” he moans as he moves his hips up to meet me in rhythm with me, trying to get his cock deeper into my pussy.

It drives me wild to hear him say that and I cum. I cum so good, gushing out all over his cock, moaning and panting in pleasure. He feels my cum coat his cock, making it so wet and the sensation along with my expression of sheer bliss makes him cum too, cum hard, filling up his own mothers cunt with his fertile seed ……he grunts and moans as his huge load explodes deep inside of me…….so much cum for his mommy. I lean forward and kiss his lips and he kisses me back.

I whisper, “I love you Chris” in his ear and kiss his cheek softly.

He looks in my eyes as I sit up again. “I love you too mommy,” he responds, smiling up at me.

I get off and tell him to roll over. I unlock the cuffs and as soon as his hands are free he turns around, sitting up and grabs my hand.

“Mom, don’t go. Will you sleep with me in my bed?” he requests.

I answer with a nod and a smile, then get in bed with my son and cuddle up with him. We fall asleep in each others arms happy in the knowledge that this was the beginning of something wonderful and exciting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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