The Tale of Her Mother Too Pt. 01

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Rick had promised himself that he wouldn’t touch Susan until she was at least eighteen. However it was Susan who was hot to trot. When she turned seventeen she began pressuring Rick for sex. It took a herculean effort on his part not to give in. But now she had graduated from high school and was in her freshman year at college. Her mom had sold her house in Boca Raton and bought beachfront property about 40 miles north of Miami. The boom hadn’t hit yet so she got it for a song.

The house sat high on a bluff about 200 yards from the ocean. The former owners were sticklers for privacy. They owned all the land right down to, and stretching 500 meters out into the ocean. The state of Florida tried to fight this, but the land was grandfathered in dating back to 1678. The property had a 4 foot brick and stone wall, and higher as the land grant stretched into the ocean. The wall surrounded the property and that was topped with a 9 foot high wrought iron fence. The only way someone could get close enough to even see into the back yard was when they buzzed the house on the intercom. If the owner wanted, they could then open the gate by pressing the button on the remote. The only other way to get to the house was to drive 5 miles north and then they could get onto the road fronting the houses backing up to the ocean.

Even then the front door was 150 yards from the gate in front. So they had to use the intercom to buzz the house for permission to enter. The owners themselves had to carry their own remote, so they could open the gates, front or back. Even though the gate looked ordinary it would take a heavy tank to pull it down or a 108mm cannon to blast it away. The house itself was riddled with secret passages some of which led to a special tunnel with a train track that led to a hidden opening 5 miles away and an electric train car to ride the rails. There were rooms down there filled with cash. It was loaded on pallets, the cash, shrink-wrapped in plastic, almost 500 million dollars. There was also a big suitcase hidden in a wall containing just over a billion dollars in diamonds all nicely wrapped up in packages of one, two, and three carrot, perfect white, yellow, blue, and pink (blood) diamonds and in today’s market probably more.

Not even Audrey, the current owner, knew of these passages or rooms. This house was owned, at one time by Carlos Obregon. The Obregon family controlled all the drug trade in Central and South America for thirty years. But in the eighties the three cartels assassinated the entire Obregon family at their Rancho in Columbia.

No one ever knew that Carlos owned this house in Florida. Eventually the state of Florida took it over for non-payment of taxes. The broker Sherry Castle got the listing through a friend at the state capital. Sherry then sold the property to her friend Audrey. The real reason Audrey was able to buy the house, was because Sherry was bi sexual and was hot for the very beautiful and very sexy Audrey.

Audrey was so naive she never got any of the hints Sherry kept giving her. She virtually fell into a fabulous buy. The house was large; 12,800 sq. ft., it had 6 guest bedrooms plus the Master bedroom, and had every convenience one could imagine. It even had a large swimming pool with a hot tub and Jacuzzi. The back yard had an outdoor shower to wash the chlorine off after getting out of the pool. The decking was roughened so it was non slip.

When Rick first saw the place he said,

“Wow this looks like a drug lord’s retreat.”

He had no idea how right he was.

Audrey thought the remark was in bad taste. She was angry with Susan for inviting him down for the summer without asking her. But he was here now and she decided to make the best of it. Audrey hated to make waves she would rather let unpleasantness slide by.

Rick suspected she was a submissive but Susan never showed any such signs so he was unsure. Every time Audrey left the house to go to her many ladies clubs, Susan would drag Rick into her bedroom and they would fuck like rabbits. Then one day about twenty minutes after Audrey left to go to a luncheon Rick told Susan he wanted her to suck his cock. They were standing in the kitchen when he said this. She looked at him with all the indignation she could muster.

“What did you say? You want me to suck on your cock? You pee out of that thing. I’m not going to put that thing in my mouth; it’ll probably taste like pee too.”

“What was that?”

“I said no. I’m not going to do that.”

They had both been sun bathing in the nude for over a week now. She turned as if to go out to the pool. His hand shot out and he grabbed a fistful of hair on the back of her head. He pulled her to him, their faces almost touching.

“When I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it.”

He started to drag her over to a kitchen chair. Susan started to scream …

“Stop, stop, you’re hurting me.”

Never, had anyone raised a hand to her, let alone anyone güvenilir bahis pulled her hair, or even yelled at her. He sat down in a chair and pulled her hands together behind her back. Then holding both wrists together in one hand, he swung his leg over the back of her thighs, immobilizing her. His hand crashed down on her right buttock. She was yeowling like a cat with its tail stamped on.

No one had ever raised a hand to her. No one had ever actually struck her. Somewhere deep inside her belly she was getting this funny feeling. His hand kept crashing down on her bare ass. Rick had never dominated her like this. She was getting turned on. Her pussy felt as if it was soaked and dripping. Her screams had turned to grunts of pleasure. He pulled her up and made her kneel in front of him.

“Open your mouth, now put my cock in your mouth.”

There was no hesitation. She did everything he said instantly. She was both terrified of Rick and at the same time turned on.

His cock didn’t smell bad; in fact it didn’t smell at all. It sure didn’t taste like pee. It was velvety soft and had strange taste that she actually liked. If cocksucking was always like this, she wouldn’t mind doing it at all. She could hear Rick grunting in pleasure. He was enjoying it, now she was controlling him. He was driving her head up and down; his cock was sliding in and out of her mouth. She started to suck him even harder. She felt just like a slave girl servicing her Master.

She was enjoying it as much as he was. Every time he pushed his cock into her mouth it went a tiny bit deeper. Soon it was pushing against the back of her mouth so she tried swallowing. It slipped right into her throat and immediately she started gagging. But as soon as it passed the point where she started gagging the gagging stopped. So she started swallowing and Rick was groaning in pleasure. His cock soon slipped deeper into her throat. She had taken his whole length.

“Oh god, Susan you are the best cock sucker ever. No one has ever been able to take my entire cock in their mouth.”

After this Susan always initiated oral sex. She loved it. She even love the taste of cum. She loved to swirl it around her mouth with her tongue. Rick had guessed correctly, Susan was a submissive. She loved being dominated. She loved feeling she was being forced to perform these erotic acts. A little smack once in a while had her pussy dripping like a leaky faucet. Rick even ordered her to remove all the hair from her pussy and between her buttocks. At first she complained that it made her look like a little girl. So he had a piercing of a small butterfly covered in pave diamonds installed at the apex of her vagina. She stopped complaining. Very soon after this, they both started walking around in the nude even in front of Audrey. Rick even ordered her to remove all the hair from her pussy and between her buttocks. Even outside in the back yard while sun bathing they remained nude. Audrey definitely didn’t like them walking around naked in front of her, but it was a rare day when Audrey didn’t have her eyes riveted on Rick’s dick. Audrey suspected that Susan and Rick were having sex. So, that Wednesday, she pretended to have a meeting and left the house saying she would be back around 3 PM.

She drove along the access road leading to the highway. This access road ended at her property and began again on the other side of her property. The former owner had paid off the planning commission so her property ended at the main highway. She pulled into a driveway of a house about 11 doors away from hers. She knew the people who owned this house were snowbirds; they only came down to Florida in October and stayed till the end of April. She quickly walked back to her house and opened the gate with her remote. She quietly entered through the front door. Very quietly she tiptoed down the hall towards Susan’s bedroom. Rick always left the doors to the rooms he was in ajar; he said to facilitate the air conditioning. He claimed the builders down here saved money by not having returns built in every room. Audrey happened to agree with him but never told him that.

As Audrey peeked into Susan’s bedroom she saw Rick naked and sitting on the end of the bed. Susan was naked and kneeling between his legs on the carpeted floor. She could not believe the size of Rick’s erection. When they started walking about naked, Rick’s penis was always soft. She had never seen it like this; this monster looked at least a foot long. Susan was running her tongue up and down the shaft. She had a big smile on her face. Rick too was smiling and he said….

“You love sucking on my cock don’t you?”

“Yes Master, you’ve trained me well. I do love sucking your cock. It’s always so very delicious.”

Audrey was taken aback. “Oh my god, she’s his slave.” She mumbled…

Ever since Rick had dominated her and spanked her, Susan always addressed him as Master in private. It always gave her a thrill to say that word, ‘Master’; türkçe bahis almost as much as when he called her slave.

Susan opened her mouth and guided the end of his penis back into her mouth. She began making wet sucking sounds. Soon she had about half of it in her mouth. Audrey was wondering how she was able to do that. It had to be in her throat. She was moving her head from side to side and suddenly another three inches disappeared into her sucking mouth. Then just as quickly her nose was in his closely trimmed pubic hair. She had a look of complete bliss and she withdrew his cock several inches and then pushed forward burying his thick long cock completely in her mouth. Rick was leaning back on his arms; a look of ecstasy of his face. After only two weeks of training, Susan had become a world class cocksucker. She even learned to hum while cocksucking and it drove Rick to ecstasy.

“Oh baby, you’re the best cock sucker ever. No one has ever been able to suck my nine inch dick all the way in. You are the greatest.”

“Oh Master, please fuck me now. I just love the feel of that big cock inside me. It makes me feel so completely full.”

Audrey let out a gasp; she couldn’t believe what she had just seen and heard. She quickly covered her mouth with her hand. She thought she saw Rick looking directly at her. But when she looked again he was looking at Susan and smiling.

“When my little slave girl wants my cock inside her she gets my cock inside her; deep inside her pretty bald pussy.”

Audrey quickly tiptoed back down the hall and quietly let herself out the front door. She drove out of her area and a few miles north to a public beach. She parked her car and sat staring at the ocean.

My god, she was begging him to fuck her. I have to get him out of my house. No, today is the twelfth Susan has to be back on the twenty second to register for her sophomore year. That means she will leave on Sunday the twenty first. I don’t have to do anything he’ll be gone in nine days.

She couldn’t get the image of his long thick cock out of her mind. Her late husband wasn’t even half his length or girth. I also never had an orgasm when he fucked me either. Men, they are so selfish, they never consider their partners. In six years of marriage if he screwed me three dozen times it was a lot.

I’m sure they’re all alike. Why was Susan begging Rick to fuck her? Does he do something different? I just can’t forget the look on her face while she was sucking on his dick. It was pure bliss. Is that the difference? Does sucking on a cock change something in you? That’s nonsense. My gosh, I’m really hungry. What time is it? Oh my goodness it’s a quarter past six. I don’t want to have dinner with them. I know, I’ll stop and have dinner at that little Italian place in the next town.

She felt so much better. She drove to the restaurant ordered a bottle of wine and had a lonely dinner. She couldn’t get the picture of Rick’s monster cock out of her mind. She went to pour another glass of wine and found she had finished the bottle. After parking in her garage she found the house empty. In the kitchen on the counter she found Susan’s note. (Mom, we waited till 5:45 PM. Then we figured you’re out with your friends. So we went out for dinner and a movie. Love Sue.)

She managed to take a shower even though she was feeling very dizzy. She put on her robe and tried to watch some TV. By 10:00 PM she kept dozing off as she watched the evening news. By 10:30 PM she turned off the lights and went to her bedroom. She stripped off her robe and got onto her bed naked, sliding smoothly between her satin sheets. Audrey was still thinking about the size of Ricks long, hard, cock. She wondered what it felt like to Susan when the whole thing was inside her pussy. She was turned on big time. Finally she turned over towards her night table and opened the draw and withdrew her vibrator. She just had to have some relief. Just as she was about to turn on her vibrator she heard the front door open and Susan and Rick came in. Susan was talking about the movie they saw.

“I really enjoyed that movie. I missed seeing ‘Titanic’ the first time it came out. I had no idea it was that good.”

“Yeah, it surprised me too. It wasn’t bad at all.”

“Mom’s probably sound asleep, so be quiet going down the hallway.”

“Oh my god, Rick what are you doing? Stop or we’ll wake her up.

“Jesus, Rick that feels so good.”

“You’re the one making all the noise.”

“Okay, come into my room. I have a present for my Master.”

Suddenly a faint light glowed in the hallway. Susan must have turned on one of the lamps on the nightstands on either side of her bed. Audrey was straining to hear what they were saying. She slipped out of bed, forgetting she was totally naked, and tiptoed down the hall towards Susan’s bedroom. She could hear slurping sounds coming from the bedroom.

“Oh my god she’s sucking his cock again.”

Audrey peeked through the slightly güvenilir bahis siteleri opened door.

Rick was seated at the foot of the bed and Susan was kneeling between his spread knees. Her head was bobbing up and down with his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Slowly she slid his dick out of her mouth and she licked his shaft up and down.

“I don’t for the life of me know why I thought I wouldn’t love sucking your cock Master. I love the taste of your cock and I especially love to swallow your cum. It’s so delicious. I wish there was a way for me to suck on it all the time. Every time I swallow your load I can feel your love throughout my whole body.”

“I’m cuming Susan, swallow it all.”

Audrey watched as Susan’s cheeks hollowed as she sucked harder trying to get every drop of the love juice. She didn’t want to waste any of it.

“That’s enough sucking for you; Susan, you’ve already cum five times today. I need some pussy now. This time I’m tying your hands to the headboard. You’ve been scratching my thighs and back so bad, some of them still haven’t healed.”

“I can’t help it Master, that cock of yours drives me wild.”

Rick lifted Susan on to the bed and arranged her with her legs spread wide.

“Wait, before you tie me up, I want to guide your cock into my pussy myself.”

She took his cock in her hand and guided it right to her opening.

“I love it when you have the head of your cock in me.”

She held her hands out so he could tie them together.

“I don’t know why it gets me so hot when you tie me up.”

When she was securely tied to the headboard, Rick reached back to the draw of the night table and withdrew a ball gag. Immediately Susan started to struggle.

“No, I don’t rrriiikk rattt rraakk rittroot …..

“Stop struggling; this is just so that you don’t make too much noise.”

When she didn’t stop he slapped her. Not too hard. But just enough, so that she would obey. She did. He grabbed her legs and spread them wide and then draped her knees over his shoulders. He leaned forward bending her in half and at the same time shoved about five inches of his cock deep inside her pussy. She grunted in pleasure as he slowly sunk deeper and deeper into her. So that when his pubic area touched her pubic area an orgasm hit her with the force of a runaway freight train.

Audrey watched her daughter’s body shudder and twitch. It didn’t stop after a moment or two, it continued for many, many seconds more. Susan was trying to scream but the only sounds that escaped were groans of pleasure.

Rick was sawing his cock into and out of her pussy. On every stroke in, he rubbed against her ‘G’ spot and on every stroke out, his long shaft rubbed along her clit. Susan was caught in a never ending orgasm. Suddenly Rick pulled his cock out of her. He flipped her face down and ran his arm under her hips pulling her to her knees. Her head and shoulders remained on the mattress but her ass was high in the air. He immediately shoved his dick back into her, fucking her now from behind. Susan began to orgasm over and over again. Now on every stroke in, his cock stroked her clit; and on every stroke out, his big cock head rubbed against her ‘G’ spot.

Audrey had watched her daughter sucking cock and then being thoroughly fucked. She was turned on like never before in her life. She was fantasizing that she was the one being fucked and was cuming just as hard and as many times as Susan. She was grunting and moaning just like her daughter. Did Rick hear her? She turned and ran back to her bedroom. She climbed back onto her bed and collapsed. She was still twitching from her many orgasms when she finally passed out.

Susan had passed out too. She had had more than twelve orgasms in less than ten minutes. Rick knew she was out for the rest of the night. He quickly untied her and removed her ball gag. He tucked her into bed, gave her a kiss goodnight and went to his room. He was sweaty from all the exertion. So he took a shower. He was still turned on because he had only cum once when Susan sucked his cock. He thought of Audrey, who was watching them out in the hall. The bedroom light had illuminated her perfectly. She was franticly masturbating as Susan was cuming. He heard her groaning as she came over and over. Now was the perfect time to get her. He was positive she was a submissive just like her daughter. He slipped across the hall and into her bedroom. Audrey was sound asleep and she was naked. She had kicked her cover almost completely off. He got onto the bed and gently spread Audrey’s legs. She didn’t wake up. He lay down between her legs and started to eat her pussy. Audrey was having a wet dream, her lover was eating her pussy and she was about to cum. Audrey had never had an orgasm caused by a man; even though she was thirty four. She had plenty of orgasms, but always by her own hand and the use of a vibrator.

Suddenly she was having the most powerful orgasm of her life.

“Oh my god, she screamed I’m cuming AAAAHHHHH…and then AAAAHHHHH” …

“Not so loud Audrey, you don’t want to wake Susan.”

“What are you doing here? You can’t be here. Get out. Get out please. I don’t want this.”

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